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No minute men please


hot ass sex

What gets me off is guys who have a clue what they are doing. Boys my age are just that boys. They have no clue how to hit the g spot and make my toes curl. I want a full fuckathon and want to be rammed. My juicy pussy loves to be stuffed with jizz cream. I want rough hot ass sex, and I want it now.

I’m one horny slut that will do whatever it takes to get off the right way. Older men always have this sick twisted game that turns me on more than it should. They love when I wear pig tails, and I’m their youngin. Roleplaying in the bedroom is quite hot, and that’s something I appreciate with guys that know what to do. They take their time and fuck me right. That’s what real men can do, unlike the guys my age who cum too quick and are minute men. I like guys that can actually take their time to explore my body and make me orgasm hard.

The Professor’s Slut

Fantasy Phone SexI have been busy being a dirty slut I have slacked on my school assignments. As I walked into the professor’s office, I could see he was wound up. I decided I would help him relax and that would help me get on track with school. I got really close to him and started rubbing his cock and told him I’m there to turn in extra credit. I got to my knees and pulled his cock out and started kissing it and sucking it. As he got hard, I played with his balls and I could feel my pussy getting wet. He lifted me up and bent me over his desk ripping my panties off in the process. He spread my legs open and plunged his hot deep in my dripping cunt, pump after pump he told me how I would be getting an “A” in class. He also was moaning how I belong to him and how he would make sure of it, before I could respond he grabbed my tits and pulled them then started pumping his cum in me. I visit The Professor every week now he makes class so much fun.

Young bald pussy is so addicting

young bald pussy

Time to give in to your desires. Don’t deny them, you know, want this young bald pussy so badly. Get ready for one wild night. You call me up to tell me your wife is working an extra shift, and you know that I will be the ultimate fuck slut. I come over in the sluttiest outfit ever, ready to turn your wild fantasies into reality. It’s time for you to get treated like a real man. No more missionary and boring fucks. It’s time to feel this young tight cunt and let yourself delve deep and make your cock feel so good. I want you to slide into me and make me yours for the night. My wet pussy is dripping all over you, and you can’t stop begging me for more. You love as I ride it and take total control of your dick.

You’ve never had any girl make you want to lose control as this hot sexy slut has.

Cyber Sex With Your Elegant Typist

Cyber Sex Phone SexCyber sex or sexting session have been noticeably growing much to my delight. I love playing with words, and describing my actions in written words in the moment has surprisingly led to a few intense moments clutched to my keyboard. During this time when a lot of us are stuck at home, with our families, room-mates, and occasionally stuck in extremely boring zoom meetings. The risk of being caught on the phone dirty talking with your naughty little slut is higher than normal, so some bring that old school naughty back. Setting up a no limit cyber sex session with me and my delicate fingers while you rub one out to my words, or nasty woven story. Discreetly touching yourself under your desk during a meeting or with your partner in the next room, always gives that extra thrill. Can’t wait to chat soon with you naughty boy.

Hardcore Phone Sex For Sub Slaves

Hardcore Phone Sex

The sting of the flogger across my skin made me scream out again like the submissive pain slut I am. Master was really wailing on me, welting my porcelain thighs and my poor, tortured pussy lips. Speaking of pussy, mine was soaked. Even though my lips begged Master to please, please stop hurting me so badly, my cunt was telling him exactly how much I truly enjoyed what he was doing to me. The answer; a fucking lot. Nothing gets me going like a little forced, violent sadistic masochism.

I love to be hurt; whip me, flog me, beat me, slap me, bite me, scratch me, fist me. I can handle whatever cruel activity you throw at me. Master knew this, and he kept biting into my poor little hide. “Please, please no more Master!” I was screaming, but it wasn’t going to do me any good. The look in his eyes told me he intended to use me until he grew bored of my pathetic whimpers.

Knowing I was completely at his mercy in itself was nearly enough to make me cum hard enough to make myself pass out. I needed my juicy pussy used, but I could tell Master only had eyes for my tight anal fuck hole. I was going to be his torture dolly tonight.


Adult Phone Chat

2 hot chicks and a guy make 3

bisexual phone sex

I had a 3-some last night that included some bisexual phone sex. My girlfriend and I went out looking for a hot guy to join us and finally found one that fit our needs at the casino. It was a quick decision to take it back to our place and as we arrived clothes were being thrown off at the door. My girl was down on her knees tugging his pants down and his cock out while I was kissing every part that she exposed. Soon we were both French kissing the shaft and head of his cock while he was holding a head of hair in each hand. We made our way to the bedroom and as soon as he hit the bed on his back my girl was up sucking his rod down her hungry throat. I used that time to bury my face into that dripping snatch of hers and tried to lick her dry. She moved up to fuck him reverse doggy and we kissed and I squeezed her tits while she rode him like a deranged rodeo cowgirl. He was trying to buck her off but she held on like a champ. We switched and she licked my cunt while he fucked me from behind. It was a great night and I can’t wait to repeat it!

Coed phone sex slut

coed phone sex

What man hasn’t wanted to have hot coed phone sex? Having a sexy college girl out for sexual exploration find your hard cock waiting. Maybe you meet this little slut at the bar and she is grinding on you all night while you are on the dance floor. Starts whispering how hard your cock is and how she cannot wait to get you back so she can see it in the light. Licking your lips when you bend down to tell her that you are ready to take her back to your place to finally lay claim to that tight twat of hers. Get to your place and she immediately falls to her knees and takes your cock out and slurps all over your pocket rocket as she starts rubbing her own sweet slit while swallowing you. You get tired of waiting and grab her by the arm, throw her over the arm of your couch, yank her g-string off and start pounding her cunt. Slapping her ass, grabbing her hair and fucking her until you finally cum inside of that hot, wet meat socket of hers. She turns around and cleans your cock of both juices and smiles up at you while she is swallowing it all down. I am looking for my next victim- wanna play?

Nasty Babysitter Phone Sex

babysitter phone sex

Of course I love to fuck the hot dads when I babysit, but that’s not the only person I like to fuck. Sometimes these younger boys need to be taught how to treat a girl, and I am always more than ready to teach them. I know that these boys are already thinking naughty thoughts about me. I’ve walked in on several younger boys masturbating. Instead of shaming them, I always tell them that what they’re feeling is totally okay and to not stop on my account. Usually I’ll go sit next to them and encourage them to keep going. It doesn’t ever take long for the boys to ask if they can see me naked. I always say yes, because that’s just a natural thing. They always cum so fast when they see their first naked pussy up close, but luckily they have the ability to bounce back quickly at that age. Then I give them a taste of my pussy literally and figuratively. It’s always so satisfying to be the first woman their cocks are ever inside.  And needless to say, they always beg their parents to hire me to come back the next time they need a babysitter. If you want to hear more, you know how to reach me!

Beverly Beats My Ass For Cash


Cum Slut Phone Sex

Miss Beverly is a cum guzzling, big tittied, mature slut with a delicious cougar cunt. Master hired her to beat the fuck out of my ass during some hot bare bottom spanking phone sex, but Master loved the way she looked so much, that beautiful blonde bimbo, that it turned into a nasty fuckalicious threesome! Miss Beverly started with me bent over her luscious lady lap, landing hard hits to my fat little ass. I was counting out loud, thanking Miss Beverly for every strike, and begging for more. Master went from watching, to stroking his fat cock. He was so excited by the sight of her punishing me!

Miss Beverly was sort of disappointed just being paid to spank Master’s submissive slut. She loves a hot cum load. Master decided to give us both a thick cum shot since we had put on such a good show for him. He slid his thick cock right in Miss Beverly’s tight, soaking wet cougar cunt! He was fucking her, and he ordered me to sit on her face. Well, I never tell Master no! I rode her face, we sucked his cock, and traded spots. No matter how we got situated, one of my slutty fuck holes was getting stretched out.

In the end, we both shared a cum load, snowballing it in our mouths. It was such a hot fucking time. I know I’ll be begging Master to hire Miss Beverly again. I’m addicted to the taste of her cunt!

2 Girl Phone Sex

Trade you

hardcore ass fucking

This was the last straw I was out of coke and my damn dealer was down with Covid. I hit up everyone I knew and no one had any to sell me. Desperate times were calling for desperate measures.  I had to call my ex. I knew that as much as we hated each other that we also bonded over our need for blow. He said that he did have some but that when I got there I was going to have to do something for him. I agreed and quickly got to his place. We both did a couple of lines and soon we were hardcore ass fucking. I had forgotten how big his cock was and wasn’t prepared for that massive meat missile to tear my ass open. Soon he was balls deep and smacking my ass as he pounded me into the bed. I was pinned in place and could do nothing but moan as the feeling of his balls slapping my clit with each stroke. I felt him grab my hips and start fucking as hard as he could and I knew that he was ready to cum. On his last stroke his balls hit me just right and we exploded at the same time. What a night! I forgot to get some coke of my own so I guess I will have to go back tomorrow night- wonder what sorts of payment he will need then? 😉

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