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Mature Phone Sex Women Helping Out Coeds Get Some BBC

mature phone sexDo you like mature phone sex fantasies? This sexy milf is full of stories only mature women have. It is no secret I am a black cock slut and that I have a small dick white boy husband. I love my husband, but I love big black cock more. And because I love big black cock so much, I want all white women to know just how good it is too. I already converted my husband’s niece. She is now a big black cock whore like her aunt. She was dating losers with average or even small dicks that tried to control her. One was even verbally abusive.  I had to nip that shit in the bud. She is not the only young girl I have helped. Over Christmas, I met a young girl at a department store. A pretty coed whose boyfriend was verbally berating her in public for getting the wrong milf in his latte. She looked so embarrassed. When she went to the bathroom, I followed. I had maternal feelings for her. I felt badly for her, and it brought up memories of my niece. I gave her my number and told her if she ever needed help, to call me. One day she needed help Her loser white boyfriend left her outside in the middle of the night on a super cold January night in a bad part of town. That night, I decided I needed to give her an intervention. I brought her home. I had a black lover waiting on me. I had interrupted some hot ass sex to help this girl. I had my lover call up the boyfriend and rip him a new asshole and break up their relationship. I then introduce this hot little white girl to the power of the big black cock. Two weeks into being a black cock whore and she is loving life. I mean loving life. She is no longer some scared little girl submitting to some angry white loser or putting up with his shit. She is dating a black man who treats her right and fucks her better. I will always have time to help white women discover their full potential.

Female Bondage With Two Young Vics

Female Bondage

Female bondage gets my mommy cunt wet as fuck, especially when it’s done on my two young girls. I have two young daughters who sit with me while I do my calls, and who love to come with me on adventures. I was never a prude girl, though my innocent look might dispute my inner and outer sluttiness! My main goal is to be used and bred by as many PDaddy cocks as possible, because I want to teach my daughters how to be the perfect little sluts. They have perfect bodies, nice young and tight, so there’s no reason to not include them in my college coed sex.

I know plenty of men, young and old, who would pay a pretty penny to slide their cock into something way below the belt if you know what I mean. Something little, and innocent to stretch open and make scream. They love to act like they don’t like it, like they don’t want it, but I think you and I both know they do. Every plead to stop is really them begging you to do it again and again! Breed these little sluts, tear them open. When they’re old enough to enroll in Cheerleading, I think they’ll be great for cheerleader phone sex right now actually! Grab some little costumes, and we can show them what a real rape fantasy is.
College Coed Sex

Fucked On Frat Row!

Big Tit Photos

I’m naturally a nymphomaniac, I can’t stop touching myself and cumming hard all day long! I can’t lay in bed and study the way I want to with my cunt throbbing, I’ve been trying to get my cock cravings under control but thoughts of being my brothers little fuck slut are always making me wet. I left my dorm to get some fresh air and ended up walking right over to fraternity row where I saw two guys from my class sitting on their porch. I walked over to say hi and when they invited me in for a drink my cunny started throbbing in anticipation. I sipped a little and got tipsy, before I knew it, I was surrounded by hard cocks and being forced to suck them. They forced me on the bed and started ripping my clothes off, my wet pussy exposed about to be pounded hard. They took turns covering my mouth and sticking their cocks in me deep, making me cum and squirt all over them.

baby batter

breeding phone sex

I’m ready for that baby batter. I’m glad you enjoy some breeding phone sex because I am the perfect candidate for your jizz. Let me be the one to spread my legs and let you pop that cock in my cunt. My pussy hole is ready for your meat. I want to feel you slide deep and pounce that pussy like you haven’t fucked ever before. I want to make sure your cum makes me a knocked-up whore. I dream about having a big pregnant belly and getting rammed 24/7. If I could have a dick in me all the time, I would take that honor.

I want to feel the climax of being knocked up and aroused. I have heard that there is no orgasm better than someone expecting. Cum dispense your baby batter in me.

Frat Party Fucking Fun!

Cum Slut Phone Sex

Missing my brother is even more intense because I saw him only a few weeks ago and my cock cravings are out of control! I’ve been fucking myself whenever I’m not letting my roommate lick my cunt but even that is not enough to sate my craving. I was on the hunt for cock when I heard about a frat party happening over the weekend and of course I got all dolled up in my sexiest dress and tallest heels to go. When I arrived about two hours after the party started things were starting to get wild, all eyes were on me as I walked in with my roommate. We stumbled upstairs with a couple of cute guys hoping to find an empty room but instead walked into a full on circle jerk with about eight guys already hard. My mouth almost watered at all the hard cock I saw, me and my roommate walked in and immediately stripped naked ready to make them cover us in their cum. We took our time slurping on all the different cocks making the stand up even stiffer before we let them pound our pussies raw. We fucked for hours, I got so much cum inside me I was leaking hot loads down my legs by the time we headed home.

Fetish Phone Sex Innocent Teen

fetish phone sex

Is there a Fetish Phone Sex topic that has you very curious in exploring? Maybe a little kink that has aroused your interest? I’m a little curious about these things that guys get off to. I’m new here and fairly unexperienced myself. Maybe you and me can explore some kinky fantasies together? It’s been something on my bucket list to do. I came into doing this phone sex thing because I want to learn more about sex. I was a virgin until recently. I met an older guy and we became boyfriend and girlfriend. I am fresh out of Catholic school. He seems to think that my innocent school girl look and non-experience would be a turn on for guys. Is that true? 

I am super curious about everything that is sexual. I have made out with girls at school. We just kissed though. I wonder what it would be like to do more with a girl. It’s exciting to me. Can we just talk about the things that excites you? What you find hot about teen girls like me? I’m super duper curious! I want to know how to please my boyfriend and he thought me doing this would help me get more curious and comfortable with him. 

The Two Sexy Santas

Brother/Sister Phone Sex

All this holiday excitement makes me crave cock like never before! I was minding my business having a drink after finals when a sexy guy in a Santa suit came into the bar and sat down next to me. Having come from the dorm holiday mixer I was dressed in a slutty Santa lingerie set. He looked at me and smiled, my cunt throbbed again and again. “We match..” he said sexily, he ordered a drink and asked if he could buy me one, I said “Sure, I’m having eggnog” We talked for a while and I started to leave when he asked if I needed a ride. I nodded knowing that I had to see what was under the suit, we headed to his car and before he could start the engine I was stroking his cock through his costume pants. He had a huge dick! It was amazing feeling all 11 inches start to get hard. I took off my top and pushed his jacket off revealing his hard body. This Santa was ripped too, I knew I had to ride his cock. I slid into his lap and he asked “any Christmas wishes?” and I moaned “A Cunt full of Santa’s cum!”

Slutty Secret Santa!

Bisexual Phone Sex

At my school we did a Secret Santa gift exchange where we all got dirty sexy gifts! I was so excited to open my gift , when I ripped the paper off I saw that I received a new Big Black Thunder Cock Dildo! The gift was from my roommate Quinn and coincidentally I got her in the Secret Santa exchange, I decided on a practical gift, I got her a Satisfier Pro. An amazing clit sucking toy that could put the average lesbian tongue to shame. After the exchange and some drinks we headed back to our room, so excited about our new toys. I was having a particularly horny day where I couldn’t stop thinking about fucking, my little pussy was sopping wet just lying on the bed. Quinn came back into our room after her shower and I jumped on her, using her new toy to play with her clit and make her my little slut. We spent hours trying out our new toys on each other, she made me squirt with my new dildo and I really felt the spirit of Christmas!

Looking Forward To Holiday Brother Fucking!

Big Tit Photos Katy

I’m counting down the hours before I head home for winter break, Christmas is my favorite time of year because me and my brother get to spend unlimited time fucking each other! My parents are always busy attending the seasons social gatherings while me and my brother stay at home. They have no idea that while they are at formal parties, me and my brother are having a nude gathering of our own right in the living room. We drank so much wine last year before fucking all night by the fire, my brother came in my little wet cunt again and again until we were both worn out. We curled up by the fire falling asleep on the fur rug with his cock exposed and my twat leaking all the cum I drained from his balls.

Study Session Orgy Whore!

Cocksucking Phone Sex

Studying for finals makes me want to take a ton of cock! When I got back to campus this week everyone is stressed out! it’s so bothersome with finals coming up and the semester coming to a close I just needed a good fucking! Luckily I found it when I went to a ‘study group’ in the senior library, I heard this group was full of hot guys so I had to check it out! When I got there every set of eyes was on me, I was wearing my shortest little dress with no panties, as soon as I sat down, I flashed them a quick peek at my naked bald pussy. When they noticed it was like all their cocks got hard instantly, I got down on my knees and was immediately surrounded. I sucked all their cocks making them slippery and wet so they could take turns pounding my holes. The best part was when they all started cumming inside me, I was a sloppy cum covered mess by the time the last set of balls was drained! I’ll say it was definitely a productive study session!

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