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Toy Story

adult phone chatAdult phone chat is a lot of fun! I get so turned on when I get a good call that I have to join in!
I have a pretty big selection of toys. I have double headed dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, nipple clamps, I even have a pussy sucker!
But I have been bored and was looking for something new!
So I headed to the local adult store. This is my favorite store because they also have movie place where you can go in a room and watch porn….but we all know what really happens in those rooms!
I walked in and was instantly drawn to this ribbed red vibrator, It was so thick! I was so excited that I wanted to get a room and try it out! But the place was packed and all the rooms were occupied.
I am a regular there so the guy behind the counter helped me out. He said I could go out the back door where he takes his breaks and no one will see me.
It was risky but I was already squishy. So I go out and start playing with my shiny new red toy! I slipped the fat head inside my slippery kitty and turn the vibrator on. It was so powerful I almost fell off the chair!
I pushed it deeper and deeper until I couldn’t take any more and then I started slamming that fuck toy in my twitching cunt!
I came so hard that I didn’t even notice the clerk watching me through the crack of the door.
I just smiled and put my clothes on and left.
When I got home, I pulled out the laptop to check out some of my favorite sites and I saw this picture all over the internet! I was shocked but I had to laugh! He takes a pretty good picture, don’t ya think!

Men Love Young Bald Pussy

young bald pussyMen love my young bald pussy. I bet you cannot stop staring at my cunt. I got into a little trouble yesterday. I shoplifted some panties at the mall. I should have known better. With this stupid virus, there are fewer folks out at the mall. A hot teen slut is going to have all eyes on her anyway. The mall cop had a boner for me. But that worked in my favor. I flashed him my young cunnie and he was putty in my hands. I told him he could play with my hot naked body for a few minutes if he would just let me leave with the cute panties in my purse. He was down for it, but of course he wanted me to leave the mall with his cum in my cunt too. Fucking Paul Blart the mall cop was better than getting arrested. I would not survive a night in jail. I am too pretty for that. I just thought of Justin Timberlake, closed my eyes and let the pervert fuck me. I knew he would not last long in my wet bald pussy. Men like him never get cunts like mine. I do not think he lasted a minute. It was thankfully quick. A small price to pay for not getting arrested. Being a hot teen slut means you can get away with murder most days.

Quadro Fucked On Campus

BDSM Phone SexMy fuck holes were aching, and begging for more. My initiation into this sorority was more intense than most of the things I’ve done. Bound and bent, I was attached to what the girls called the “QFM”, or Quadro fuck machine, and it was doing just that.
I was weeping with humiliation as the big bitch on campus drove us around, my holes being mercilessly pounded again and again. Every time I was close to cumming on these mechanical cocks, they’d slow to a torture worse than a whipping.
Other students, even other staff, filmed me as we rolled around. I was screaming for mercy through my ball gag while they laughed and took photos. I couldn’t take it, no sorority was worth this. But this was a ride there was no getting off of. I was stuck until these bitches were done destroying my cunt and my ass.
I was screaming as we hit hour seven of this. The girls, these demonic bitches, just laughed. They untied me finally, and I pissed all over myself. They kicked me, like the dog I was. For the next four years, it was very clear; I belonged to them.

Incest Phone Sex with My Daddy

incest phone sexI love incest sex with daddy. We have a secret love affair. My mother has been clueless for years. She is frigid. When daddy first seduced me, I did not know what that word meant, but I am all grown up now. I know that means mommy does not like to fuck. She is kind of a cold bitch. Daddy had a cute little angel under his roof and a boring wife. It was natural that he would seek out pleasure with his baby girl. Daddy came over this weekend to check on me. At least that is what he told mom. He brought me some supplies. I had to thank daddy. I got on my knees and gave him a blowjob. Daddy says I am the best cock sucker. I learned on his cock. I do not get to see daddy as much as I want, so when I do get to see him, we fuck like animals. Last time he was over he told me he wanted to knock me up. I think I would like to be pregnant with daddy’s brat. Mommy would never have to know that her grand baby was her husband’s son or daughter. That is so naughty. I came so hard on daddy’s dick just thinking about it.

Punishment Through Pleasure

Fetish Phone SexI was in the stocks, at the local BDSM Club. Master had brought me to be used by his companions. I was kneeling, with my hands outstretched in front of me; trapped in chains. My legs in stocks, with a spreader bar, and I was locked in. Blindfolded.
They came and they went, the wandering hands and the dripping cocks. They poked and prodded and probed, and filled my holes again and again and again.
I was being edged, as a community game. I needed to cum so badly. I didn’t know how long I had been here, but it didn’t matter. Minutes would have felt like hours anyway.
My cunt was slick, hot and dripping. I knew for sure that if the next cock that fucked me wasn’t careful, I would cum all over. I didn’t want that. My punishment would be far worse than this.
Sure enough, he came. He slid himself right into me, twisting the piercing on my clit, and giving me a hard slap on the ass. That’s all it took to throw me over the edge. I was milking his cock before either of us knew it was happening.
That’s when Master’s true fun began. They unchained me, and sat me down on the sybian. Master said if I wanted to cum so bad, I can spend several hours at it.
I’ve only come twice, but I am an absolute hell. It will not stop, and I know I will have hours of this torture by Pleasure. No matter where I squirm to, I cannot get away. The way that I fit oh, the way that I melt it, like clit is constantly in contact with the buzzing of the machine.
I’m screaming, but nobody is coming to help me. They sit around, drinking their martinis and laughing. What a poor little slave I am.

Fucking my ass with a BBC

hot ass sex

His cock pushed in my asshole so deep! One long hard fast thrust and he made my tiny little hole swallow every single thick veiny inch!! That eleven-inch black cock made me cock drunk! I was face down ass up, his cock was so deep in me that i swear he was rearranging my insides for real. I could press my stomach and feel that giant fucking cock bulge my belly! He fucked me harder and harder pulling my hair back and making me get up on my knees. He pushed harder his balls slapped against my body. My cunt was dripping wet! While he pounded my ass he played with my little excited clit and made me squirt all over the fucking bed! Finally he pumped his hot load in my ass deep!

Blackmailing my brother in law

blackmail phone sex 

Look how sloppy that cunt is! I lay out the photos of you cheating on your wife, my sister. This camera I have takes the best photos I can see that I am winning complete control over you with my blackmail photos. I sit on the desk and press my bare foot against your crouch and feel your cock is hard and pulsing knowing that I have you trapped. Your torn I can see it in your eyes. I rub my toes and press harder until you wince a little. I feel the wet spot growing as I play with your cock. You beg and plead to have me burn the originals and I laugh as you proclaim to do anything for me. I agree if you can make me cum just using your tongue. I spread open my legs and pull back my skirt to show off my tight bald pussy. you start by licking up my leg from my ankles all the way to my thighs. slipping your tongue across my slit sliding it up and down faster and faster. Pressing your lips into my sweet little cunt and suckling on my clit. I arch my back and cum all over your face a deals a deal I’ll delete that set but I have so many more to show, you’re going to be my bitch from now on!

Lacey’s CBT Phone Sex Fun

CBT phone sex

Are you the kind of loser who needs to feel pain in order to feel pleasure? Then you need to be dialing my number to call me for some ball busting CBT phone sex. I love the fact that I get to tell you to do all kinds of painful things to your cock and balls and you do it with no hesitation. Well, maybe a little bit of hesitation because I can be a little relentless with my orders. I kind of like it when you scream and cry, so every time that happens, it will probably make me want to torture you even more.
Actually, if I’m being honest – you’re going to get tortured even more regardless. You could be quiet or cry out and it’s not going to matter one way or the other. When you call me for cock and ball torture, you ARE going to be in pain. It’s going to be really bad. But I know that me saying that won’t stop you from calling me. You’re a pain slut and you need it, don’t you? You’re probably rock hard and throbbing just thinking about it. So what in the world are you waiting for, loser?

Sexy GFE Hope

gfe phone sexBaby I know you’re bored with your wife or girlfriend. They keep giving you the same thing over and over and only I know how to please you and make you cum and feel that special way. I have a fun little fantasy that we could make a reality. Relax and pull out your cock and picture this peek into my devilish mind. Let’s say we let her catch you and me together, have her walking in while i am worshiping your cock and balls, let her see that i’m not afraid to do that thing with my tongue that makes your little asshole tingle while i stroke that hard cock of yours. I will look her straight in the eyes as I take your cock deep in my throat as you pump your cock in and out of it like a little pussy. Imagine Pounding me from behind as we both watch her stare at us, she’s so mad but turned on watching you do things that she never let you do with me. Let’s have her watch you stretch my eager little asshole. It looks so hot doesn’t it when it puckers and quivers when you tease my brown eye with just the tip of your cock begging for you to push it in.

After she watches in disbelief that you would even dare to cheat on her we should make her eat out the cum in whatever hole you choose to fill, because now I am the top girl and she will just be getting your cum via my holes. Maybe if shes lucky i will let you fuck her again, just maybe though. I much prefer to see her little cunt get wet with need and desire just to be denied because her cock is now all mine and she only gets left overs. This fantasy is so hot to me, i hope you agree! I just can’t wait to make your cock shoot buckets of cum just for me!

Sexy Parking Garage Playtime

phone sexI had met Aaron at a company picnic with one of my closest friends. We locked eyes across a table and i felt the instant pull to talk to this sexy stranger. Something about his icy blue eyes and stubble got a instant carnal reaction. My first thought was how it would feel to run my tongue along his jawline. We had some small talk, flirty interactions and exchanged phone numbers. When he texted me the next day asking for a date i squealed with joy and instantly said yes!
I Had on a tight little black dress, my open toed heels and my hair up in a messy bun. Arron told me about this exclusive night club that we where going to go to and to dress for the occasion. I spritz on some of my best perfume and headed out to meet him outside.I could tell he liked the way i looked by the devilish look in his eyes and his erection beating against his trousers. I felt myself get excited to see him too. He took my hand and led me to this sexy little sports car. I slid in and enjoyed the feeling of the exotic leather against my bare skin.
After some flirting and light petting we pulled into a dark parking garage.He ran around and let me out. Aaron helped me out then pulled me into him for a deep kiss, pulling a moan out of my pump lips. Inhaling deeply he whispered in my ear. ” I have to take you now before the party i cant wait!” He flipped me around and pushed me forward on the hood of his car and slid his hands slowly up my legs and pulled up my dress. The cold air of the garage made me shiver.
“Such a naughty girl not wearing any panties” I could hear the smile as i felt the sharp sting of his hand coming across my ass. He smacked me a few times telling me what a tease i was letting it all hang out. After a eternity of spankings and my slit growing wetter and wetter i finally heard his pants unzip. He slid his throbbing man meat up and down my slit and suddenly pushed it all in. I gasped as he pounded my hole hard and hard the sounds of our flesh echoed in the dark garage! He let out a loud groan as i felt his hot cum spurt rope after rope of juices in me. My thighs quivered as he stepped back leaving me dripping.
I breathlessly laid against the car as he helped me up and had me pull my dress down. That was the best fuck of my life and i cant wait to get that again!

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