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Sissy phone sex with the hottest princess around

sissy phone sex

I know you have a thing for sissy tendencies. I see how much you love to look at my clothes and you think you are fooling someone. You aren’t. I can spot a sissy, and I know you want to be a cum slut sissy. You want to be able to enjoy yourself as a sexy sissy who goes around and fucks and sucks all kinds of cocks till you can no longer take it anymore.

I want to see you get fucked so well. Don’t deny yourself how much of a whore you can be. You need to admit it and live your truth. I will take you shopping and make you so obsessed with making guys cum all over you and in you. You’re going to be the best bottom beta bitch ever.

Enjoy the show cucky loser

bisexual phone sex

My friend is so extreme, and I love watching her play her boyfriend. Every time she has a little craving to get down and dirty, she picks a fight with her boyfriend and comes over with him and makes him enjoy some cuckold fun.

My friend is notorious for making him watch as we fucking slide our clits together and get each other off, and poor toddy boy can never join in on the fun. Sometimes he calls bisexual phone sex to let all the hot girls know

he is the biggest cuck in the world. Not only is Ariana cheating on him, but she’s also making him watch with all the girlfriends she has on the side. It is hot when a girl wears the pants the relationship.

Little Red Dress

hot phonesex

I love that hot phone sex and love to tell you all of my experiences with men who know how to please me. I’m not your average coed. I’m all about being spoiled and find the best sugar daddies possible. I’m always on the prowl for a man to show me the glitz and glam of the world. I’ve had sex in the best places. On a private plane to sex on the private island. I’m not ashamed of draining cock and wallets.

I’m sure you may have heard of certain sugar babies, but I elevate the game. My body is a wonderland, and I know you will want to explore it at any cost. It is not that I think I’m the best. It’s that I know I am because I can make any guy do whatever I want.

My hot friend

biggest cum shot

My Friend is a cute little bimbo. I’ve had plenty of fun with this slut. We have gotten ourselves in all sorts of fun. I really like to fuck with her. Our threesomes have become one of the best kinds. I thought I was a freak cum slut, but she showed me how to express my naughtier side even more. We both enjoy a good cock in our slits. I like to make her pussy so wet and slippery and love to stick my fingers inside of her till she’s screaming with pleasure. She has gotten really used to bringing over the best cock she knows to tear my ass up. Once we have both played for a while and gotten a cock to cream and shoot out the biggest cum shot, we think about other devious things we can get into, besides girls just want to have fun.

Cheerleader Phone Sex

Cheerleader Phone Sex Cheerleader Janelle is here for all of your wildest phone sex desires. It’s no secret that I have the best coed body and I make all the boys go crazy. They love to see me shake my pom-poms and watch my little ass twerk up and down. My girls and I were at a basketball game last weekend and one guy, in particular, caught my eye. Of course, he was tall, dark and handsome but it was the bulging outline in his basketball shorts that was really driving me wild. He scored the winning shot and we snuck into the girl’s locker room for a post-game celebration. My little cunnie was already dripping by the time he had me pinned against the locker, ripping apart my tiny cheerleader skirt. Two fingers in my pussy and one in my tight asshole and I was squirting like crazy! I got down on my knees and worshipped his cock like the good little cumslut I am. Who knew college sports could be so fun?

Edge Play Phone Sex Playtime


Edge play phone sex

After a long day of work nothing relieves my stress like a nice long edge play session. Its almost like playing with my vibrator and not letting myself cum gives me such sweet tension! I let my toy rest on my throbbing clit and just as I’m about to cum…. I pull it away. I repeat the cycle again and again and it drives me crazy! My vibrator goes to work bringing waves of pleasure rippling through my entire body all starting with my clit. I think of all the times I’ve been fucked hard by my daddy or the hot guy at my gym who keeps giving me looks as he works all those big muscles. Sometimes I even think about that very hot threesome I had with my college roommate and her boyfriend. All those sexy thoughts really get me close to cumming as I play with my toys. I’m so wet and sensitive by the time I cant take it anymore I have to give in to the urge to cum! My hot squirting pussy pulsates again and again, my ultimate edge play orgasm crashing over me. Mmmm…. I love teasing myself so I can cum really hard.


Hot squirting pussy





All Tied Up

bondage phone sexI’ve always loved being tied up and fucked hard, It brings me such deep pleasure to be used and abused. I knew I was meant to be a cock worshiping fuck doll from the first time I ever got tied up by my college professor who I was seeing secretly. He was older and had a wide knowledge of sexual torture tactics that could drive even the most innocent girl to become a cum slut. He tied my hands together behind my back, the ropes then wrapped around my titties and He then connected the expert knots to my ankles so I was spread eagle on the bed; my cunt exposed and dripping before him. He slowly tickled each exposed part of me with feathers until I was begging for him to touch my exposed clit. Once he started with the vibrator I was already cumming uncontrollably from being teased so long. He finally pulled out his hard cock and fucked my face; I let the engorged head hit the back of my throat, gagging only ever so slightly. I begged my professor for his dick and finally he penetrated my wet hole and I almost squirted all over him. He grabbed my ass and fucked me hard until I could feel him shoot all his cum inside this young tight twat. It was the most intense bondage play I have ever experienced and I cant wait to be all tied up again..

Getting My Fix

Hot squirting pussy


Seeing my professor was a dream come true, I had missed the way he makes me cum so much. I was bent over his desk showing him I had no panties and it enticed him to lick my cunt. He licked me from my clit to my ass, it felt so good when his tongue slid across my clit and asshole. I couldn’t help but beg him to fuck me, I wanted him to fill me up with his cock I wanted to feel it deep in me. That is what he gave me, I felt his cock pushing into me. He fucked me good until I came hard on his cock. He then had me on the edge of his desk with my legs wrapped around his neck as me licked my pussy and sucked on my clit. He wanted to drain me of all my juices and I loved it. I started squirting all in his mouth and he drank every drop. After that he got on top of me and fucked me deep and hard just like I like it until I felt him filling me up giving me every drop. He made sure to show me what I get when I am patient.  

Cum plat with my hot squirting pussy

hot squirting pussy

Whenever it’s the weekend, my friends and I become bad girls and begin to party. We love to have people over, throw massive parties, and stop till the sun shines out. I never thought I’d be such a college whore, but I am. I love guys who want to fuck a college slut like me. I want this hot squirting pussy to go wild.

I like to drink a little something and do some weed and maybe a little pill here and there because it truly makes my pussy puff up and wet. I want rock-hard cock deep in me. So I lure the guy who I think can handle the job and whisk him away to my room and begin to tease him. I want to feel that cock in my mouth too. I love to give blowjobs. Most girls are such bores. I’m nothing like that. I love the taste of cum and like to feel it everywhere in me.

My Daddy Used To Fuck Me When I Was Only

Breeding Phone Sex
My Daddy used to fuck me when I was only a young honey with peach fuzz curling so silky over my pretty pussy. Daddy used to force my door open late at night after he’d been drinking, and then force my legs apart.

I would cry, and beg for him to stop. That didn’t matter to Daddy. He was dead set on slamming his massive cock into my innocent cunt and nothing I ever did ever made him stop. By the time Daddy was blowing a sticky load into his young daughter’s unwilling pussy, I was wet from the sheer process of getting force fucked by my Daddy.

Even though he snuck into my room all the time, it was always as shocking to me as it had been the very first time. Sometimes, Daddy wanted to use my throat as his cum dumpster but other times he preferred me to be his anal cock sleeve.

Now that I’m all grown up, I can’t help but masturbate and rub my pathetic submissive PMommy pussy while thinking about the way Daddy’s massive incest fuck felt when he forced every fucking inch of himself into my fuck holes. I get soaked, and then I want to play.

Either I force my young offspring to devour my pussy and lick up all the juices, or the four legged son I keep around will help me clean my mess.
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