A lot of the people at my boys school look down on me. I really don’t give a shit actually. My sons are clean, clothed and fed. How I make my money to do all that is my business, not theirs. It shouldn’t matter if I work day and night trying to give the boys a decent life. Hell no! My Mamma did the same thing for me.

She worked those cocks every damn day, just like I do. My boys appreciate it, they tell me they do. Sometimes they even help out. I do have some who love those little dicks. I just sit back and watch, or sometimes I join in, no matter to me. I do whatever I am paid to do.

I look at it like I am giving my boys life skills. Sure they aren’t the type of things you would learn at one of those fancy Ivy League Schools, but I think what I am teaching them is more important. Jobs come and go, degrees do not guarantee anything, as there will always be someone coming through that door with more knowledge then the last. However, dicks, asses, and pussies will need to be satisfied until the end of time. The money is good and there is a never ending supply of cock that like fucking used up drug whores; like myself, and suck-able tiny dicks like my boys. So the school can just fuck off!

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