Audibly Wet

Phone sexPutting on a show is what I do best. But nothing compares to the show you would see when I am on a call!

I always start out my nights in my dads office. He has the best computer and his office is on the other end of the house so I can have mind blowing orgasms without waking anyone! But he gets so mad when I make a mess in his chair!

It’s not my fault though! I just get so turned on talking to these men!

I am almost always wearing some silky lingerie in the beginning. The satin and lace against my skin makes me feel so sexy and that that phone rings and I am audibly wet!. You should try it! If you call me, you can hear how excited I am.

I love listening to my fantasy phone fucker as I play with my young bald pussy, and my fingers are almost never enough!

So, I always have a variety of toys to pick from to pretend my caller is really here, really pounding his fat cock in my pussy! Really fucking me until I cum!

Sometimes, I get carried away and you can hear the buzz of my vibrator and I have to turn it off!

But it’s too late! I start to cum and it splatters everywhere!, The chair, the floor, and we have replaced more than one keyboard.

I always tell dad that I spilt my juice and that is why it is so sticky and he gets mad and tells me 

But by the end of the night, I sneak back into my room into be more careful (ha ha).y big fluffy bed and crawl under the covers.

I smile thinking about the fun I had as I lay there pretending to sleep as my Daddy cracks the door to make sure I am ‘still sleeping’!

Married Men Phone Sex is What I Do Best

married men phone sexAlthough I am a sexy shemale, married men phone sex is one of my specialties. That is because married men are the bulk of my fans. It never amazes me how many married gravitate to me. There is the misconception that if you like a shemale, you are gay. Look at me. Do I look masculine? I took these two selfies to prove a point to a guy. Dressed up for a date, you cannot tell I have a ten-inch cock tucked in my panties. Naked, sure you see my sexy shemale cock, but I still look feminine, right? I have breasts, long hair, curves, and a hairless body. Gay men are attracted to men, not men who look like women. I am all woman but my sexy tranny cock. That is why married men love me. I am a sexy babe with a little something extra. Okay, so it is not little. The point is straight men are my audience. Maybe, I get an occasional bisexual male, but most of my fans would never date a man. They would not suck a cock attached to a man. They would not let some man fuck their ass. They would, however, let a shemale domination porn star fuck their ass and their mouths. I love married men. They always want my ten-inch cock up their tight assholes. They want that natural prostate massage. They spoil me in return. I do not mind being a dirty secret when I am the bitch in charge, and you are pampering me the way I deserve. You see, if you are married, the chances of you wanting to marry me are slim. Some married lovers get possessive, but no man calls the shots with me. That is why I am a top. Do not worry if you call me. I will never rat you out to your wife if you give me that tight asshole.

Roleplay Phone Sex Pain Slut

Roleplay Phone Sex
I was grinding up and down the pole, showing off my tight little ass at my nice perky tits when we made eye contact. There was something different about him, something that commanded my attention. He approached stage right in the middle of my set, and coaxed me down into his lap with a couple hundreds. He immediately started to grab up on me, which is usually a no-no for the patrons. I looked over at security but they didn’t move. Was this the mysterious VIP that we’ve been waiting on?

He pinched one of my rosy nipples, causing me to moan quietly. His eyes lit up as he heard me over the music, and pulled me down tighter into his lap. He took off my panties,and slid his monster cock out of his pants. It seemed like he had a different pole he wanted me to slide down. There was something about the way he touched me, the way he stared so deep inside me I know I would feel him for the rest of my life, that made me do it. I swirled my hips, letting my pussy dance over his cock.

He was throbbing, and I could tell that it wouldn’t take long for him to blow a load inside of me. I was so fucking exciting, getting my sweet princess pussy stretched out by this stranger, all in the middle of my shift? Fucking hot. The Stranger leaned forward, and bit hard Into the sweet spot on my neck. I moaned again as my set ended, but I didn’t move from his lap. How could I? Just walk off from him pumping away deep inside of me?

I was bouncing up and down on it like some common whore. When he slapped me across my face as I started to cum, I knew I was going to be addicted. When he asked me to go home with him, there was no way I could say no.

Wet Bald Pussy

Roleplay Phone Sex is a Hot Escape

roleplay phone sexI love roleplay phone sex calls. Getting to be the woman you want and need is a nice escape for me. Not that my life is boring. It is a far cry from boring. I just like pretending sometimes to not be the train wreck that I am. Does that make sense to you? I get myself into all kinds of trouble being a P mommy and a druggy whore. I love my life, but I dream of other lives too, like being your mom. My late night caller wanted me to be his mother. We age played that he was just a young boy with his first hard on. It was not how my oldest son experienced his first hard cock. He knew what was going on and how to take care of it, LOL. My caller’s fantasy was way hotter because there was a sense of innocence in our fantasy phone sex call. He came into mommy’s room early in the morning and said his peepee hurt. He was scared something was wrong because it was so stiff and would not go down. Mommy told him she had the cure to his problem. I sat him on the edge of the bed and stroked his hard dickie like a naughty mommy whore. I told him to relax and trust mommy. Not long after I started rubbing his stiff dick, he came. His first orgasm. Now, his dick was soft. Now, he no longer hurt. He crawled into bed with mommy and spooned. It was a sweet, innocent role play. It made me wet. I went and fucked my sons afterwards.  My boys are not so innocent any more, but they still like to fuck mommy. They like to role play sometimes too. I have always been into cosplay and fantasy sex. Who can I be for you today?

Rape Phone sex Fantasies : More than Fantasy

Rape phone sex fantasiesRape phone sex fantasies are more than you could ever want! You cock deserves to take the virginity of your daughter. She doesn’t want it, but that’s the plan right? Step daughters, Daughters, nieces and your wife’s sister. I know how much you loathe that very feminine existence. Her body isn’t hers, when she teases you like that! These snobby bitches who wont give up beautiful slick cunny and pussy to you! Who the fuck do they think they are! Maybe your bratty daughter doesn’t understand what she is doing to you. But she should never open her whore mouth and wear those tight shorts and skirts. That little whore is begging for it! You just need a sexy accomplice to force her into her role. He role on the end of your cock. My nipples are hard and my cunt lips swollen as I lower myself onto her screaming mouth. My hands wrapped around her throat as you rip her. Even your sister in law deserves punishment and we can take car of her too! A fuck for all in your bed with cum oozing out of every fuck hole after I break her neck. I live for snuff and rape fantasy. I need to cum on your cock over these dead whores!

Cheap phone sex slut Janie

cheap phone sex

I spend all of my free time on the phone having hot and nasty adult calls. Cheap phone sex sluts like me have to have lots of kinky stories for our callers. I like to meet lots of new guys to fuck at the gym that I work at. It’s perfect because after a shift, I always have plenty of nasty details for my calls! As soon as I walked into the weight room today, I knew that it was going to be a very wild day! There were soo many hot, sexy studs lifting weights and staring at my sexy little ass and plump pussy mound in my tight workout shorts. The biggest and most muscular guy came right up and grabbed a handful of my ass. He slid his hand down the front of my shorts and started to play with my wet  pussy. I reached down and pulled his hard cock out. I dropped to my knees and started to suck that thick, hard fuck rod. Once the other guys saw me slurping on that huge dick, they came over and pulled their cocks out. I had so many hard cocks surrounding me! I jerked each of those hard dicks as I sucked on the biggest one and made him cum right in my mouth! I let all of the others drain their balls and coat my face in a thick layer of sticky jizz! I love my job! I get to start each day with a hot facial and I get to check out all of the hot studs as they work out!

Sexy BBW Phone Sex

bbw phone sexI am a sexy bbw phone sex slut, but do not mistake me for some humiliation junkie. I do not tolerate fat shaming. I have a theory about the assholes who call and want to call me names or make me oink like a pig. I think they have tiny little dicks and are angry at the world because they cannot get pussy. They somehow mistakenly think a full-figured girl is so desperate for attention and sex, she will let any loser or asshole into her panties no matter how poorly he treats her. Wrong. Fat is where it is at. I am a curvy beauty. I rock my curves and I never settle for less than I deserve. I have plenty of men who want to treat me right, so I can kick the angry little white boys to the curb. I met this guy at a club last night. He thought that back handed compliment shit would work with me. Get this. He told me I was pretty for a big girl. I retorted, “I’m just pretty,” and walked away leaving him with a dumbfounded look on his face. I do not know why girls fall for stupid insults like that. Rejection was nothing this jerk was accustomed too. He stalked me at the club. He got in my face violating the club’s social distancing rules and got tossed out on his ass. He was yelling something about fat chicks do not reject him. Well, this sexy BBW rejected him. He was with another guy who refused to leave when his jerk friend got tossed out. He came up to me and apologized for his friend. He told me I was the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen. Someone raised that boy right. I went home with him. Made sure his asshole friend new it too. He was a great fuck. I told him to aim higher regarding the company he keeps. Let this be a lesson to you angry little men out there. You will never get in my panties with insults or back handed compliments.

Bisexual Phone Sex Is So Fucking Hot

bisexual phone sex

Being a bisexual phone sex girl is a lot of fun! I basically get to fuck whoever I want, whenever I want. If I’m attracted to a guy, I’ll spread my legs for him. If I’m attracted to a girl, I might tell her to spread her legs for me. But when I get really lucky, I get to have both of those things at the same time. If you’ve ever had a threesome, you know just how fucking hot they can be. I love being bent over with a dick in my cunt and a cunt in my face.

And you know, one of the best things about the whole experience is when the dude shoots a creamy load balls deep inside me and then I get to climb right up on her face and she eats the cum out of me. That always makes me cum all over her face and then there’s double the cum for her to slurp up. Do you have a bisexual fantasy or would you like to hear more about my experiences? Either way, I’m here – ready and waiting to get your cock hard. All you have to do is grab your phone and lube and call me!

He couldn’t do anything about it

tranny phone sexSometimes I loan people money, if they pay it back everything is great and no one gets hurt but if they don’t… well then things can get a little more difficult for them. Michael is one of those types of people, the ones that make everything hard on themselves because they don’t have the sense to just do the right thing. All he had to do was pay me back and we would have stayed friendly but he was a loser that gambled too much and so he would have to lose it all. I went to his house and asked one more time for him to pay me and he cried and told me he didn’t have it. He begged me to let it go but how could I? I decided that I would take something else from him instead, his new young wife. She is very beautiful, too beautiful for a man that weak so I decided to show him how it felt to lose her. All I had to do was show her my cock and she fell in love. She was eager to suck it and get it nice and hard. Then I fucked her in a way that he never could. Now he will have to live with the fact that his pretty wife likes me better, and he will never satisfy her again.

MILF Phone Sex: I Love Young Men Too

milf phone sexMilf phone sex is something else I do, and I enjoy as a mature woman. I know I am known as a black cock whore. Size is important, but the older I get, the more I enjoy a young cock too. Younger boys are teachable. Sometimes I get frustrated with even the biggest of black cocks because some men think they can just shove it in my pussy, and I will spontaneously cum. And because they have huge cocks, some black men refuse to take direction on how to make me cum. Sorry guys. A big cock alone does not make any mature woman spontaneously cum. Listening to what a woman says in bed is important regardless of how big or small your cock may be. That is where younger men come in handy. They listen. They want to please you. They ask questions. They take direction. I love a young stud, black or white. My neighbor boy is doing virtual learning. I went by to check on him yesterday when we lost power from a storm. He opened the door in his boxers. What a hunk is what I said to myself. Young, buff and handsome. I should have been on good behavior. I started to say something naughty and he pushed me out the door. He shut the door behind us and whispered in my ear, “cameras.” He came over 10 minutes later, and I sucked his young teen cock in my living room. He saved me. Seriously, he did because his parents would have had me arrested if they saw me molesting their teen son. In my house, we were safe from hidden cameras. I bobbed up and down on his sizeable teen dick until he gave me the biggest cum shot to my face. Ten minutes later, I was riding that surprisingly big dick as he rubbed my clit. That time we came together. Every sexy MILF should get herself a boy toy. They take direction so well.

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