Sensual BDSM From an S&M Whore

Romantic Phone SexI kneel at your feet, eager to please. Your cock is out, and rock hard; ready for my hot warm mouth to swallow it. Every steamy throbbing inch of your prick sliding so softly down my throat, even just the thought, makes me so wet I am almost cumming.Whether you’re slamming that cock into my tight asshole, pounding my pussy into oblivion, or graciously allowing me to worship your magnificent cock with my slick tongue and soft lips, I am insatiably needy of it. My cunt is soaked at the prospect of pleasing you, Master. I crave every last drop of your cum, be it an assful, a cuntful, or a mouthful. I am a good girl, and I always swallow your juicy load. Please, come in and relax. You worked so hard, Master. Let your little kitten take care of your every need.

Hot Squirting Pussy

hot squirting pussyDaddy doesn’t like it when I date. He thinks I am too young. If he knew about my babysitting adventures, he would spank my firm young ass! But he is out of town this weekend and I am looking for fun! So where does a girl go to find a nice older guy for a good time? well first things first, I need to get ready! So, I step into the shower and let that hot steamy water run over me, drenching every inch. I love the way my hands slid over my round tits when they are lathered in slippery soapy bubbles! I can’t help but play with them and pinch my hard, perky nipples! My clit gets that little twinge and I can feel my pussy cat getting wet and swollen. Cleaning that pussy is impossible when I get wet! The more I bub the soap around my lips and deep inside, the dirtier I get! So I soap up my cheeks and let my fingers slide in between my cheeks, feeling around for the rim of my tight ass. I have to make sure to get the little brown eyed puckered hole really clean, inside and out as I slide my finger deep in that ass! My legs are getting shaky as I finger my ass and I know I am going to explode at any minute! When I get this far, I can’t stop! My cunt starts to throb and I can feel it deep inside of me! It’s coming and I can’t hold back! I can’t even stand! Then my hot squirting pussy erupts like a volcano, gushing juice everywhere! All I can do is lay there in a puddle of my own come as my clit twitches and the shower washes over me and I realize, I am definitely past due for a nice hard pounding!


Hot Ass Sex with Doctors

hot ass sexMy girlfriend and I were out at a restaurant the other night. It was a girls’ night. This virus has limited how much hot ass sex we have, so we try to get together weekly while our love lives are on hold. We are hot buxom blonde beauties. We like to dress for attention. Tight black dresses that showed off our big attributes got us attention from two doctors grabbing a quick dinner. They asked to join us. Why would we say no to doctors? We picked that restaurant because it was so close to hospital. The hunky MDs could not drink, but they bought us a few cocktails. The drinks hit us quickly. I lose all sense of decorum drunk and so does my friend. We were both under the table blowing the doctors while they tried to talk to the waitress. The place was not very crowded because of social distancing regulations. I do not think the waitress realized we were under the table. These were doctors. We had to make our impression quickly. They could be paged back to the hospital at any moment. Hospitals are crazy right now. Once they came, we came up for air. No one seemed to realize what we were doing. I guess you could say we were playing doctor with the doctors. Fuck, we got the biggest cum shot quickly from them. They did get paged back to the ER, but at least we paid it forward to a couple of hunky medical professionals.  They paid for our dinner and told us to keep eating and drinking on them. One of them slipped me his business card with his personal cell on the back. I guess I made a good impression. It was an unexpected encounter, but it was the most fun either of us have had in months.

Accomplice Whore Has a Hot Squirting Pussy

hot squirting pussy

His wife wouldn’t give up the pussy anymore. I would gladly help his sexy ass out on that one. It started as a simple I need to fuck buddy that opened me up so good every time. I was his slumming side piece slut. I already knew the reason his wife wouldn’t take his cock anymore, besides her being a prude. His cock was huge and she always said it hurt her. I loved how wide and thick that trouser snake was. He always fucked me so hard and deep that I would walk funny the next few days. She really is a stupid bitch never questioning his sluts that sought him for one on one personal training. I personally knew a few bitches that had taken his fat white boy cock in on this same weight bench! But I was his favorite little dirty ghetto whore. I knew something was up as he paced back and forth in front of me after making me his cream pie, he was tired of the wifes shit, he just wanted a nice fuck before bed and there was something else too. The little red headed daughter has just started to biome a little bitch to her daddy. His little Princess has begun to back mouth her daddy.  I grinned and asked if he wanted to fuck the attitude out of both of them, forcefully. His cock came to life again, and he grinned. “But we would have to murder them both afterwards.” ( Like that would be a problem for this snuff whore.) The first thing we would have to get that first and last grade pussy set up so daddy could have his way fucking her until she went limp. And wifey would have to be made to watch to pay for her keeping the pussy away. Her fault daddy needed to fuck that daughters plump and pussy cunt until she dies. And then MY Boys would tear apart the wife in a true Gang bang torture session. ANd my cunt would be squirting all over each of them as we finished off his little family!

You know where to come to get your dirty Latina queen fix!


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Sissy Phone Sex Freak

sissy phone sex

God, I’m really in the mood to dress up a hot slut, so you really need to call me for sissy phone sex soon! I can work with any level sissy – from a beginner to a hardcore cock sucking slut. And I love really sticking it to those sissy sluts with my fat strap on or even making them suck big cock for real. But if you’re a sissy who doesn’t know exactly how to get started, I can help you with that. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call me and I’ll guide you every step of the way.

What part of being a sissy do you look forward to the most? Do you dream of getting dressed up head to toe and going out on the town so everyone can get a good look at you? Maybe you’d rather just dress in panties at home and fuck your own pussy with a dildo. Or maybe you want me to get you dressed up and find you a cock to suck and be fucked by. Whatever level of being a sissy you’re at, just pick up the phone and call me so we can have some fun!

Sexy GFE Phone Sex Babe

gfe phone sex

I love gfe phone sex calls. I love being a sexy gfe for married men. I do the things wives refuse to do. I love it too. I am very oral. I give the best head and a super-hot virtual blowjob. The pandemic has prevented me from seeing all my married lovers as much as I want, but it has not benched me completely. Larry was my lover last night. He took this sexy photo of me. He thinks it really captures my sex appeal. I am curvy and stacked and I love to fuck. I never get sick of compliments. I love to pose for naked photos, especially big tit photos. All my lovers are tit men as I am sure you are too. I have 44 EEE natural boobs. My boobs could swallow up Godzilla’s cock. Larry is not much to look at. People would wonder why I am with him if we could go out in public. Larry is not rich. He is not sophisticated, and he does not have a huge cock. He has a decent cock, but some of my girlfriends think he must have a monster cock for me to go out with him. The truth is Larry is a nice guy with the most amazing tongue I have ever had on my pussy. He overcompensates for other things with great cunt eating skills. He brings me flowers and Starbucks. He tells me I am beautiful. He is one of my favorite lovers ever and no one would ever see us together. If you see a hot chick with an average looking man and think she can do better, ask yourself if you can give a woman a hot squirting pussy with just your tongue. I assure you that women date men for many different reasons and looks is often at the bottom of the list.

Tied For Tit Torture

Hardcore Phone SexSadistic fucks like you love to torture masochistic whores like me. That is why you have me strung up and suspended from the ceiling like a piece of meat. I’m bound and helpless against your forcibly invasive hands. You poke and prod and explore why slutty teen body. I couldn’t scream if I wanted to; the ball gag is secured so well. Before I know it, you’re using me as a human ashtray, putting your cigarettes out into my skin. I’m thrashing and fighting you. Fuck it hurts so badly! But my cunt is dripping, and you know my body is begging for more. You put tight nipple clamps on me, and whip me until my nipples are dripping blood all over the floor. That only turns you on more. I see you pull out your cock, and slam it right into my sopping cunny. I moan, and then shriek in the worst pain I’ve ever had as you press a red hot brand to my left tit, and then my right. The right one said “pain” and the left now says “slut”. “Because that’s what you are. And now you’re mine until I snuff you out.” You whisper into my ear, pumping my pussy full of your steamy cum. I hang from the ceiling, begging for you to do your worst.

Let’s Play Together

Fantasy Phone SexWhat kind of hot kinky fantasies do you have baby? I bet they all start with a nasty hot slut, don’t they? Well I am that nasty hot slut. I love my job; I get to talk to horny men all day and play with my pussy. The number of times I orgasm a day is off the charts. I love when a caller gets nasty dirty too. Like the ones that tell me exactly what to do with my dildos and other toys. I have a paddle too and one guy loves to hear me paddle my fine ass as he listens to the smacks land. It is incredibly hot, and my pussy just stays wet. Of course, listening to you jack off during the call only makes me hornier. I love the sound of a wet cock rubbing against the phone as I stick my dildo down my throat and deep throat it. There is nothing I won’t do for you and if you want to hear my sloppy pussy, I will move the phone between my legs so you can hear every stroke of that dildo plunging inside of me. So baby, I know you are already stroking your big cock, so pick the phone up, give me a call and let’s play together.

Incest Phone Sex: Jack off with Mommy

incest phone sex Incest phone sex stories are something I have plenty to share. Several years ago, I walked in on my sons fucking a watermelon. My youngest boy was watching the movie American Pie. I am no Betty Crocker, so there was no cherry pie in the house. He improvised. He cut a hole in the side of the watermelon and slipped his little dick inside. His older brother walked in on him and cut another hole on the other of the watermelon. I walked in and saw my two horny boys fucking the same watermelon with their little peckers touching too. I told them to hump for mommy. They came so hard. I ate some extra salty watermelon that day. It became a family joke and a tradition to play with food. I would give them some guided masturbation tips. One time, I made some spaghetti. I poured the wet warm noodles into a mason jar. I put a cloth covering on top with a hole cut into it. I told my boys to fuck the jar because the warm wet noodles would feel like mommy’s warm wet pussy. They came so hard. That was the best spaghetti I ever ate that night too. We still masturbate together with whatever food items are in the kitchen. I loved teaching them creative jack off techniques. I love teaching my callers how to get off with common household objects and food too. Want to jack off for mommy?

How I Can Take Your Money with Financial Domination

financial domination phone sex
I am so hot and sexy that I know you have had your eye on me. Well Mister, if you want to fuck this luscious piece of ass, then you have to pay to play! Financial Domination phone sex is what I am all about taking what is owed me in order for men to use my body. Know that when you call me, I am definitely determined to take your wallet. Just lok at me – you know it will be worth every penny. You can fuck my mouth, my tits, my pussy and my ass as long as you agree to our arrangement.  When it comes to financial domination, I am the best. Get ready to fork over the crads and cash when you want to use my body to fulfill your needs.

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