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Double penetration

Anal phone sex

I love being double penetrated. When you have one cock in your ass and one in your pussy, you feel so full and filled up down there. It always makes me cum so hard. I was fooling around with my boyfriend in his dorm when he asked if his roommate could join. He told me his roommate was a virgin and had never fucked a girl before. He’s a cute guy and this made me feel so sorry for him, so I said he could join. The three of us climbed into bed and my boyfriend started licking my pussy from behind while I sucked his roommate’s cock. He’d never had a girl suck his dick before, so this was his first blowjob. He had a nice hard cock and it was easy for my to deep throat and give him shivers. Now it was time to pop his cherry! He laid back while I straddled him and slowly slid his cock into my pussy. While I rode his cock in my pussy, my boyfriend lubed up my asshole and slid his dick into my backdoor. Both of my holes were filled to the brim. They both started pumping in and out of me while I rubbed my clit and let the roommate play with my tits and suck my nipples. Neither of them lasted long in my stretched out holes and I ended up with a nice creampie in my ass and pussy both.

Fuck me in the ass

Anal phone sex

I love taking a big thick cock up the ass. Feeling my tight little rosebud stretch to accommodate a big dick just feels so fucking good. I like reaching between my legs and rubbing my clit or stuffing a dildo into my pussy so I can feel even more full. I hooked up with a guy last night who wanted to fuck my tight ass. I bent over with my head down and my ass in the air for him and he started rimming my back hole and tongue fucking it before sliding his cock into it. When he pushed the head in it felt so good I nearly screamed. I begged him to push the rest of it in. When he was balls deep in my asshole, I took my rabbit vibrator and stuffed it into my pussy. Both my holes were full and the vibrations from my pussy drove him wild as he fucked me. In no time we were both cumming in unison and he was filling my ass with a hot load of cream.

Big tit photos were a hit

big tit photos

I sent in a ton of big tit photos to an agency and I was excited to see I got a call back. I didn’t mind doing soft core nude photo shoots. I was all in and ready to make it happen. I brought some more pictures and made myself available for the first available opening spot. I walked in and was greeted by both the talent scout and casting director. Both men were in their fifties and eager to see what I was working with. My cunt was slippery wet from playing with myself earlier during the day.

One thing about me is I can go on and on and stay ready for orgasms all throughout the day. They introduced themselves and asked me why should I get cast as a spokes model for their nude agency. I didn’t hesitate I showed them my fabulous pair and played with my twat till I climax right on the casting couch. I was moaning like a professional. It didn’t take long for them to have hard ons. I surely did get the job.

Mother-Daughter Phone Sex w/a P-Mommy

Mother-Daughter Phone Sex

Hey guys I am that filthy naughty little p-mommy of a young slutkin and we have the best time with the mother-daughter phone sex calls I get to do. She is not allowed on my phone but I always play with her and she loves to listen to her p-daddy talking filthy to her. She is always rubbing her cuny wanting to get penetrated and her little holes rape fantasy plowed again, over and over, she is a fucking demon seed of Satan’s and surely he is a proud daddy for this one. I’m the naughtiest mommy in the way she was trained in being the slutkin she is. We cannot get enough sharing of some big cocks and making them shower their cum all over our bald pussies.

Kinky Coed P-Mommy Parties Hard

Drugs phone sex

Mother fucking hell I get so god damned Horny when I’m as high as I am right now! I swear to the fuck lords of Salem that this desire to take a couple of BBC’s in my fuckholes is Strong! I am such an addict for drugs phone sex and the dirty perverts that love to indulge in it as much as I do! I’m looking forward to some hardcore fun this weekend while my stash of party fun is nice and full, kinda how I hope my holes to be also… soon! In fact I even have my dealer coming by to drop off the final item for my Holiday arsenal of party favors… a beautiful white ball of snow! For me it will be a white Christmas with a lot of Chocolate!

Keeping it in the family

romantic phone sex

My little brother was going thru a hard time trying to seal the deal and get some action. I had to be the loving sister I am and give him some tender love. I love romantic phone sex and knew showing him the ropes would get him to hit a home run. I invited him over to my apartment, After school I picked him up. I knew he was nervous about his first time. I was going to be a great sister and keep it in the family with him. I was going to show him how to please a girl. No one likes a selfish lover so I made sure he learned patience and understanding. Make sure the girl has fun and is being taken care of over all. Seeing my brother flick his tongue on clit was euphoric. I couldn’t believe how great the boy was. Thankfully he took after our grandfather on his dick size. Our dads dick wasn’t impressive. I let my brother slide in my wet pussy and let him have a blast. By the end of the night he was a seasoned pro.

Fucked in the Ass by my Step Brother

Teen phone sex

I’m home for the holidays for the next two weeks and I’ve been having some ass fucking fun with my step brother. The house is kind of crowded with everyone home for Thanksgiving and the two of us had to share a bed. Not a big deal since we grew up together and he’s like a real brother to me. The first night we were lying in the cramped little bed and I felt something hard poking into my backside. My pussy got wet immediately, but I also felt guilty for being so turned on by my step brother. I couldn’t help myself though and started to push my hips into him and grind my ass on his hard cock. I couldn’t believe what was happening! One thing led to another and pretty soon we were rubbing and grinding on each other. He was reaching from behind and squeezing my tits while I pushed my butt against his hard cock. Then I slid my panties down and begged him to fuck me. He spit on his palm and moistened the tip of his cock and started working his way into my ass. With each small thrust his cock was deeper in my ass until he was all the way in. With my step brother’s cock balls deep in my ass, I started to rub my pussy and squeeze my nipples. He fucked my tight little ass hard as he could while trying not to make too much noise, we didn’t want any of our family to hear us. I had to bury my face in my pillow when I came to stifle my moans. My step brother’s hard cock just felt so good in my ass that I wanted to scream as I came! It wasn’t long before he followed suit and was filling my asshole with his hot cum.

The holidays at my house just got even better.

Delivery Dick

young bald pussy

I love fucking men in uniforms. I especially like calling up random delivery places and having them come right when I am rubbing on my young bald pussy. I knew the Coffee and Tea shop was doing deliveries. I knew the delivery boy was a cute young thing. I’m pretty young but this boy was even younger than my brother. I think this surely is his first gig. I spotted him and knew I wanted him. I waited a bit and made sure I was most likely the last stop. I wanted him all night. I waited for my delivery and opened the door in a slutty outfit. I was delighted to see his dick perched up at the sight of me. I invited him in and saw his nerves were shot. He couldn’t believe an older hot teen was giving him the time of day. I Wanted his young cock. I’m pretty sure he had no experience. This boy was basically going to have the best first fuck. I new right away he was a virgin. I wasn’t going to let that stop me. He was my prey and I wanted him. I seeked him and hunted him and gathered him. Now it was time to have what I longed for all night. He came so quick but we didn’t stop I was giving him a lesson he will always remember. By the time the sun came up he was a pro fucker.

not so innocent

hot ass sex I like seducing older men. There is something about older cock that drives me wild!! I can never get enough of a man with experience under his belt. Hot ass sex with a man who knows how to use my body and make me cum like I have never came before is the best. Sign me up pretty please. My mom hated that I preferred hanging with the boys instead. I was always my dads sidekick. I enjoyed all his friends. I like teasing them and showing my bikini off and getting them hard. I have a thing for my new stepdad too! He is well hung downstairs. My mom divorced my dad for a cock she got addicted to, I can’t blame her. Once I saw that thing I knew why my mom left my Dad. It was huge and I knew I needed some of it as-well. I purposely walked in on him one day my mom was at work and got in the shower with him. I was jerking him off and making him moan. He tried to resist me but he couldn’t it was a failed attempt at trying to get me off, Once I was on him I was sucking him lik leach. I enjoyed fucking all my Dads friends my stepdad and my professors. I have a thing for a thing for experienced dicks.

Boyfriend fucker

hot ass sex I am not the greatest example of girl code. I have stolen all of my friends boyfriends! I like to conquer them and say hasta vista! I think it’s hot when you can cause some havoc. For some reason it always makes my pussy wet knowing I am going to have hot ass sex with someone I shouldn’t the prime example of this can be when I fucked my best friends soon to be husband! It was their wedding day and I went to him while everyone was busy. I knew he had down time and he was trying to focus on writing last minute vows. I was going to make the memory special by fucking him before he went to the altar. I had on my maid of honor dress and I was going to fuck my best friends almost husband. I always get what I desire so it was easy as pie. It was hard explaining the wet spot on the satin dress but I blamed it on the champagne 😉

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