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Delivery Dick

young bald pussy

I love fucking men in uniforms. I especially like calling up random delivery places and having them come right when I am rubbing on my young bald pussy. I knew the Coffee and Tea shop was doing deliveries. I knew the delivery boy was a cute young thing. I’m pretty young but this boy was even younger than my brother. I think this surely is his first gig. I spotted him and knew I wanted him. I waited a bit and made sure I was most likely the last stop. I wanted him all night. I waited for my delivery and opened the door in a slutty outfit. I was delighted to see his dick perched up at the sight of me. I invited him in and saw his nerves were shot. He couldn’t believe an older hot teen was giving him the time of day. I Wanted his young cock. I’m pretty sure he had no experience. This boy was basically going to have the best first fuck. I new right away he was a virgin. I wasn’t going to let that stop me. He was my prey and I wanted him. I seeked him and hunted him and gathered him. Now it was time to have what I longed for all night. He came so quick but we didn’t stop I was giving him a lesson he will always remember. By the time the sun came up he was a pro fucker.

not so innocent

hot ass sex I like seducing older men. There is something about older cock that drives me wild!! I can never get enough of a man with experience under his belt. Hot ass sex with a man who knows how to use my body and make me cum like I have never came before is the best. Sign me up pretty please. My mom hated that I preferred hanging with the boys instead. I was always my dads sidekick. I enjoyed all his friends. I like teasing them and showing my bikini off and getting them hard. I have a thing for my new stepdad too! He is well hung downstairs. My mom divorced my dad for a cock she got addicted to, I can’t blame her. Once I saw that thing I knew why my mom left my Dad. It was huge and I knew I needed some of it as-well. I purposely walked in on him one day my mom was at work and got in the shower with him. I was jerking him off and making him moan. He tried to resist me but he couldn’t it was a failed attempt at trying to get me off, Once I was on him I was sucking him lik leach. I enjoyed fucking all my Dads friends my stepdad and my professors. I have a thing for a thing for experienced dicks.

Boyfriend fucker

hot ass sex I am not the greatest example of girl code. I have stolen all of my friends boyfriends! I like to conquer them and say hasta vista! I think it’s hot when you can cause some havoc. For some reason it always makes my pussy wet knowing I am going to have hot ass sex with someone I shouldn’t the prime example of this can be when I fucked my best friends soon to be husband! It was their wedding day and I went to him while everyone was busy. I knew he had down time and he was trying to focus on writing last minute vows. I was going to make the memory special by fucking him before he went to the altar. I had on my maid of honor dress and I was going to fuck my best friends almost husband. I always get what I desire so it was easy as pie. It was hard explaining the wet spot on the satin dress but I blamed it on the champagne 😉

Girl on Girl Pussy Eating

2 girl phone sexI’ve always loved cock, but lately I’ve been thinking of trying something a little different. What would it feel like to have my pussy eaten by another girl? After class I headed back to my dorm and my roommate was already there lounging around in her panties. She was cute. A sophomore like me, dirty blonde hair, perky tits and a nice little round ass. She would be perfect for my first girl on girl experimentation. How to approach her though? I decided to be bold. I walked up to her bed and told her she looked hot as fuck in those panties. She blushed and thanked me. Then I told her she would look even hotter with her face between my legs. My pussy was already getting wet. I asked her if she would like to taste me. She stammered and blushed some more. I reached out and touched the crotch of her panties. It was predictably wet. I started rubbing her while she squirmed and started to moan. I kept rubbing her through her panties until the fabric and my fingers were totally soaked. It wasn’t long until she was cumming from having her little clit rubbed. I sat back and spread my legs and beckoned her forward. I asked her if she wanted to be my little pussy pleaser, but I already knew the answer. I pulled my panties down and pulled her face into my pussy. She immediately started lapping at my clit. Still holding her by the hair, I pressed her face even harder into my pussy and grinded my cunt on her face. I could feel my orgasm building and suddenly I was squirting on her face. Her pretty face was totally drenched in my cum.
I think my roommate and I are going to get along just fine

Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex with the DILF Next Door

naughty neighbor phone sexI love naughty neighbor phone sex calls. Why? Because I have a hot dad living next door. I love cock teasing him. I sunbathe nude when he is home, so he can see my hot teen body. I always masturbate my bald kitty in my bedroom with the window open when he is looking. Today, however, he got his revenge on me. He was such a twat tease. I had just come back from walking my dog. When I entered the back gate, there he was mowing the lawn naked. It was like he was waiting for me to come back because I was only gone about 20 minutes and he was not there when I left. I put the dog inside, grabbed my pink dildo, and came back outside. It was a tad nippy out, but I was warm in all the right places. His cock was bigger than I had imagined. I started fucking my little bald kitty watching him stroke his cock. He stopped mowing the lawn and came close to the fence, so I could see his big throbbing dick. I told him to think of my young bald pussy as he stroked his cock and he told me to think of his hard throbbing shaft up my cunt as I plunged my pink kitty teaser inside my tight pussy. We both came at the same time. It was the hottest solo action I have ever experienced. The next time, no toys. I am going to get his DILF dick up my pink hole.

Step-daddy secret

Biggest cum shotI didn’t know I was being watched by my stepdad at night. I would go and sneak the laptop and go to my room and binge watch a ton of porn. I always get lost in the hot scenes I’m watching that I never notice my surroundings. One night I guess my stepdad couldn’t help himself. My stepdad told me he had been watching me for months on end and he knew I was a nympho whore. He wanted to fuck me so bad and I was more than okay with it once I saw his huge cock. We had too much fun together we would fuck all over even when we had a full house. All it took was the biggest cum shot to my mouth and I was hooked.

Daddies bad girl

hot squirting pussyI’m daddies, bad, good girl. I like showing Daddy he is the best. Whenever daddy comes home late from work, I am waiting for him with the cutest outfit ever. This weekend was a three day weekend, so I knew I would have daddy home longer. I was going to take full advantage and make daddy feel like the king. Daddy indeed is my king. I worship daddies dick and daddies fuck. No one brings pleasure to me like my daddy. I have always been such a daddies girl since I could remember. I like to spread my legs for daddy and let him push his massive rod in me. I am his spinner willing to take his cock and spin all over it. I love having a hot squirting pussy, and I am always ready to show daddy why I am the best personal slut for him. No one teaches me better than daddy-o. Can’t wait till a fun-filled week of fucking.

I Licked a Girl and I Liked It

bisexual phone sexSo I recently discovered how into girls I really am. I was at an Easter Egg hunt event and saw this beautiful young woman bending over helping a kid pick up an egg. She had a summer dress on that the wind caught and I could see her camel print fat pussy lips through her little white cotton panties. All I could dream of was her pie creaming in my mouth. I could see her nipples poking straight through that top, I wanted so bad to glide my tongue across her supple breast, sucking on them softly, kissing my way down. Pushing her thigh up so I could twirl my tongue all around her sweet spot! Kissing her soft skin, and soft lips.

Young Blad Pussy

young bald pussyI seen you looking at my fat camel toe. Do you think you can handle it? I need a huge, hard, throbbing cock to penetrate this pulsating, fat cunny. If you dare to slide it in, you better be willing to give up all power to me. I want to take over and tease you first, make you lick all over my tit’s and play with my clit. Rub my sweet, pink, juicy slit all across your fat dick, til your pre cum is dripping down your shaft. Then I’ll slide you inside this fat, tight pussy and give you an explosion you have only dreamed about after you take care of mine. I want to juice all over your rock hard cock til I’m quivering!


Aubrey has a crush on me 


 College coed sex


Aubrey came to my house with sex on his mind. He used to call me his little innocent princess until he let the truth out about how he was feeling about me. He was having slutty fantasies of me licking the head of his cock sucking his shaft and sucking all the way to the balls. When he told me how he was feeling about me my pussy got soaking wet my cunt was full of juices. As Aubrey was telling me about his nasty thoughts of what he wanted to do to me I just wanted to hop on top of his cock and start sucking it until it gotten Rock fucking hard then I want to jump on it and start riding his mad horse cock. Aubrey makes me crazy he makes me insane he makes me want his dick so bad and I could not have asked for anything more than him just telling me he wanted my pussy too. Now I am going to get the chance to live out all of my fantasies that I’ve been having about Aubrey and the best part is he has been having those same nasty fantasies about me.


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