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The Photog and the College Coed

College coed sex

I needed some new pictures taken, but I have been so broke lately. Tuition is killing me and I have a few classes mates that are in photography classes. I enlist this guy I know for help, super sweet guy but not the prettiest guy. I don’t care about that kind of thing especially when you are as talented as he is.
I got to the house we were doing the shoot, his parent’s house was gorgeous and I couldn’t wait to get naked and get to work. I started to take my clothes off near the patio table and the photog asked if I would come over in front of the lens and take off piece by piece. I agreed 100 percent! He had me posing in all kinds of positions and was so creative with how he was shooting my pictures. He was so knowledgeable it was really quite a turn on. The guy in charge and knowing exactly what he wants and how to get it, talk about a panty dropping wet bomb! I love an intelligent, confident guy who knows what he needs. As the photo shoot went on he was having me touch my pussy or clit or my tight little asshole more and more. After the third time of telling me to slide my hand down my front and into my suit, I said fuck this. He gave me another position to move into, but I just kneeled there playing with my clit. I wanted to get off so I could concentrate on my work here. I stood up and went over to the patio table and chairs, sat down, put my feet and legs over each arm of the chair. With my legs splayed wide open I played with my clit begging him to come fuck me, lick me or let me watch him jerk off. He grabbed a chair and sat down directly in front of me. As he started to unzip, my eyes started to see the huge bulge in his pants. When that thing popped out I thought it was a big zucchini or something…not quite the right color I know but I was thrown off guard. He got everything out, balls, cock and was stroking it while I played with my clit. I would open my pussy lips nice and wide every so often so he could see how wet he was making me. Eventually, we got sick of watching one another and made a B-line straight for the pool house. We fucked until we were almost all fucked out, but young and full of cum you know. So we finished the shoot, ordered a pizza, Netflix and chilled for the rest of the day.

I’m not sure I was needed

College coed sex

I have a lab partner for one of my classes and we planned a day to get our notes and thought organized and see where our project was going to go. I got to his dorm room and for the next few hours we got on track and are looking good, but the whole time my pussy was so wet. I mean this guy is sexy and all I could think about was pegging him, making him moan and grunt and groan and sucking his cock and UGH! Any kind of contact with him even a small touch on the arm and I would have started on fire. Unfortunately, I don’t think he was feeling the same way, I was pouring on the charm and definitely pouring on the look at my tits move. Nothing seemed to be sparking his interest in a nice romp. We finished up our days’ agenda and I left, I left disappointed. I was about to put my car into reverse and pull out of the dorms parking lot when I realized I left my notebook in his room. I went back into the building and up the elevator … again. I had just been there so I didn’t really knock, like knock knock and wait. It was more of a knock while I was opening the door and I seemed to walk in on him. When I saw him I told him I was so sorry for walking in, and he just looked at me and smiled. “Why are you sorry? I’m glad you came back.” I have walked in on him sucking his own cock and he didn’t really care that I could see him. I’m not sure what suddenly hit me but I shut the door and got on his bed and started licking and fingering his ass while he sucked himself off. I’m not sure I was needed in this situation, but when he came, I was fairly certain he was going to shoot his load so hard it would go straight through his head. He grunted and bucked so hard while he came, my pussy was dripping from being so turned on. I hope to fuck him during this whole project, but I’m still not sure I was needed!

Foot Fetish Phone Sex With Natalie

foot fetish phone sex


I love when you’re going down on me and you do that thing where you put your fingers between all my toes and spread them apart. It kinda hurts but feels like an intense massage. Then you kiss down my thighs and legs, making your way down to my pretty pink toenails. Sucking and kissing all over my delicate tiny feet. You look up at me so adoringly and you worshiping your sweet kittens paws. Sometimes you even treat me to pedicures similar to that scene in Lolita I’ve always loved so much. Sometimes you even just sit at the end of my bed and massage them for me for hours with lotion, making your cock grow quickly and large. I then proceed to wrap my feet around your dick and give you the best foot job you’ve ever had. You explode all your cum over and onto my toes, then going down to clean them up with your mouth. Kitten’s paws hurt again tonight- can you help me out?

Sugar Daddy Dollar Is My Favorite PayPig

Financial Domination Phone Sex


My sweet sugar daddy- you are the best cash cow a findomme princess could ask for! You give me credit cards, gift cards and wads of cash- all because it just makes you feel so good to know your little princess is being taken care of. I make it worth it too. Letting you rub my feet, sending you sexy selfies all the time in the cute outfits you buy me. You even got rock hard when we went to pick up my new bed for the apartment you just bought me by the ocean! You’re more than just a human ATM for me though, you’re my rock. I know if I need anything I can ask you for it and you’ll hand it right over. I’m the luckiest fin domme gal out there and it’s thanks to you. The thrill you get from hiding the credit card statement from your wife is unmatched and you love knowing how comfortable my life is because of you. I always send you pictures of my fresh mani & pedi – you love my pretty little hands and feet, especially when they’re wrapped around Daddy Dollar’s big cock. It’s time to start decorating this place and I am going to need a lot help. Wanna ring me up tonight while the wifey is asleep so I can give you my list? 😉 $$$

Hot Gang Bang and A Cum Shower

gang bang phone sexI’ve always wanted to be in a gang bang and I finally got my wish! Some friends invited me to a college fraternity party and I had some naughty fun. Everyone was downstairs drinking, partying, and dancing. I was talking to one of the boys in the fraternity and I let it slip that I had always had a fantasy about being fucked by an entire Frat house. He took me upstairs to his room and texted all the guys to come up there. By the time they all walked in I was completely naked, sitting on his bed, and rubbing my tight pussy. They all looked surprised but they wanted to fuck me and seeing how badly they wanted to, turned me on even more. They all took turns fucking every one of my holes. I had a cock in my mouth, ass, pussy, and both hands the entire time! Then when it was time for them to finish, I got on my knees on the floor and they each walked up and squirted their load all over me. I was covered in cum! There was cum in my hair, my mouth, on my tits, running down my belly, and I could feel it reaching all the down to my pussy and dripping onto the floor. It was amazing! I’m sure I’ll be invited back to their next party and I can’t wait. I want to be a part of their gang bang fun again as soon as I can!

I’m Your Not So Innocent Little Cum Slut!

phone sexI’m a cum slut. I’ll admit it! I love that everyone thinks I’m so sweet and innocent but, I can suck cock better than anyone. I love taking giant loads of cum anywhere and everywhere on body. I just want you to fill me up. I want to suck every drop of your cum down my throat and let you pound my pussy until you explode that wet hot load inside me! I want to be your dirty little cum slut. Want to cum in my ass? Or maybe on my face and tits. I want your warm cum all over me, put me on my knees and give me a cum shower! I just can’t get enough. All day long I watch porn of girls taking load after load and I can’t wait until it’s my turn to let you and all our friends cover every inch of my tight young body with their cum. We can make it party and I’ll be the entertainment while you make me your naughty little cum slut!

College coed sex: Sorority Sister Pussy Lick

College coed sex

Getting ready to go back to school already! I would love a longer break, summer is just too short. One of the girls from my sorority came by to drop off the roster for pledges this year. We sat and talked for a little while and then she asked if anything was wrong. I told her that I’m a little crabby I haven’t had sex in a while. I barely said anything more and she was pushing me back onto the couch, putting my legs in the air and slipping my thong off. Eventually she got me completely naked and was feasting on my pussy like a starving animal. I have to hand it to my sorority sister she definitely knows how to lick pussy. She slowly finger fucked me while she licked my clit, my asshole and everywhere in between. She wouldn’t let me cum until the end; she said she was going to make me utterly explode. She was right, when I started to cum I felt like I was going to pass out. Her fingers were so deep inside my wet pussy and banging me so hard I gushed all over her hand and arm. I definitely needed that.

Summer Coed Fuck Buddy

College coed sex

I’ve been trying to spend plenty of time relaxing by the pool this summer. Last semester was a killer and I feel like I barely made it out alive. I realized though that with all my pool time I haven’t taken the time to get laid. I couldn’t believe it, maybe I was just too deep into the relax part.
I friend of mine took a pic of me next to the pool and put it out there on this college fuck buddy site. Usually, we all use it during school for tension relief when shit gets stressful. It didn’t take long and I had people messaging me to hook up for a fuck.
I gave an invite to this one guy, he was just your average college bookworm but what he described in his profile about fucking had me hooked. He didn’t waste any time after we said hello. He picked me up and took me to the bedroom. He kissed, sucked, and licked almost every inch of my body. I was on fire; damn this boy knew what he was doing. He didn’t even let me up to suck his cock, he just laid between my legs and leisurely licked my pussy until I came all over his face and fingers. He looked up and smiled and said: “I hope you can take a bit more, I need to fuck you now.” Breathless I told him I was more than ready. He stood up off the bed and took the rest of his clothes off and when his hard cock popped out I must have made an audible sound because he smiled. This boy had one of the biggest fattest cocks I’ve seen in a long time. He split my pussy wide with every thrust into me. We fucked for hours, took a drink break and fucked some more. I hope I can keep this fuck buddy for a while.

Young bald pussy

Erotic Hypnosis

Erotic Hypnosis Phone SexYou lay back on the couch across from me. Soft music in the background calms and relaxes your body. You feel all the tension leaving your muscles as my hips sway to the slow rhythm dancing its way to your ears, don’t you? Every breath I take is charged with a sexual electricity that singes your nerves and excites you, doesn’t it? I lock eyes with you and you feel yourself slipping into a trance-like state. Oh, yes, you feel my desire as I crawl in between your legs. My hand strokes your big, throbbing cock as I take one of your balls in my mouth.

Slowly, my tongue massages it around and around to the rhythm of your breathing. You feel the lust bubbling up inside you, overwhelming your senses as I awaken the fullest extent of your arousal, don’t you? Yes, and when you finally get my lips wrapped around the head, you sigh from the relief of finally getting the touch you’ve been craving. My eyes stay locked with yours as my head bobs up and down, carefully fitting every inch down my throat. The steady beat of your rod disappearing into my mouth is mesmerizing and deepens the trance, doesn’t it?

I stand up and straddle you backwards, leaning back and sliding you into my wet cunt. Rising up and down, the tantric pace of my hips drives you wild. Reaching over, you rub my clit, matching my speed. My little moans of ecstasy heighten your desire, don’t they? I spin around and roll my hips, hitting just the right spot in my slit.

My titties methodically bouncing in front of your face is hypnotizing, and you lose track of where I end and you begin. Kissing you deeply, I am overcome by an immense orgasm, making my pussy convulse and contract around your fuckstick. This sends you over the edge as you bust a big nut inside me. Cumming together, we grunt and frantically grasp at each other’s bodies. You’ve been so good to my pussy, haven’t you? I’m always up for round two!

College Coed Sex

Dinner Date Humiliation

Blackmail Phone Sex


Now that we figured out your role in the relationship as a human ATM, it’s time for us to have some real fun. I make you stick a butt plug in your ass and put on my most pretty lacy panties. it’s time to go spend some money, sissy! I’ve made a reservation at a fancy spot in downtown and you are so excited to even just be seen with me. Aw, how sweet- you got me my own credit card. This makes my Fin Dom lifestyle even better. Such a good sissy bitch you are! We sit at the dinner table and I let you touch my bald cunt but no fingering please! You have to learn to follow direction and I think the best way for you to figure out who is in charge is if I tell every pretty server who comes to the table all about you wearing my panties. They giggle and laugh at you. We all just think it’s so hilarious that you’re such a girly man who likes wearing panties and having your ass played with. Where should we go later so I can embarrass you some more?

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