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I’ll admit I’ve been craving for daddy to fuck my ass for weeks now. I’ve noticed his cock get hard every time my tits would brush against him while I hug him hello or goodbye. I told him today was enough- I wanted him to tare my shirt off and stick my tits in him mouth while I pull his cock out and stroked it with my smooth hands. I pulled my tits away got down on my knees nd slobbered all over his cock getting it nice and ready to pump my ass. His moaning kept getting me wet until it dripped down my thighs. I pushed him down to the ground- climbed on top and slowly began to stick it in my tight little hole. He was surprise I didn’t put it in my pussy- But God the look on his face made me feel so good. I rode his cock like a good little girl, then slipped it out and through my cunt. Daddy got me so fucking wet that switching between holes was something I knew pleased him-no time wasted. Letting him fill my ass with all that cream made him so proud, I never thought I would see him smile and rest so well after fucking his babygirl.

Moist Mistress

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It’s been at least a month since I’ve seen Michael, he’s been having some issues with his girlfriend- no matter how I’ve tried to help she refuses to fix anything. A woman can’t always expect a man to stay faithful coming at his neck 24/7. So I let him cum down mine hehehe. Gosh how much I’ve missed him! He walks with such confidence and he uses his cock in such a sensual way, I beg for more. The thickness he holds, how smooth it feels wrapping my tongue all around that rod, feeling it pulse as I suck and twirl my mouth up and down to his balls. Licking between each nut than slurping them into my mouth while stroking his cock. Mmmm I love gliding my tits around his dick too, watching his eyes roll back as he calls my name. I could care less if she even found out because I know she can’t take care of him how I can. He picks me up, puts me onto his counter and kisses me like he’s in love all over again. Eats my moist pussy like the dessert he’s been waiting for. I have him sit down and I slide on top of him- slow strokes, making sure he feels ever motion he’s been missing. He turns me around and continues to kiss me as my hips move to the rhythm of his playlist in the background. Oh I can feel him coming close because I am too. Without pulling it out he bends me over and fills my cunt with all his sticky seeds. Gosh how I still crave and miss him-but I was proud that I could be his safe haven for all the times he would need.