College coed sex with my sons’ friends to pay for it.

               College coed sex with my sons’ friends to pay for it. Now my boys went to the best private schools. To be sure fucking their friends and having them pay for the privilege of slipping those huge young beef cocks into my much older mature cunt. Mom and sons had equal amounts of pillow time. After all they are readily available. It must be remembered that all I do is for them.

          Now we have the element of fucking college students. At the same time still raking in the moola for my boys’ tuition. Those young studly cocks. Mmm…hot momma coming through. Going to be double penetrated all over the damn campus.  College coed sex

At the same time teaching those hot young girls a thing or two of fucking the guys right along with me. Most notably is when I have a teen girl at my side riding that cock as I command. While I am behind her licking his balls of her juices running down his cocks. Sucking on his balls. Twisting around to lick the base of his cock, hitting her clit.

Next pushing her on her back. Sitting down on her face. Spreading her legs as he plows into her. Blowing his wad in her as I am squirting down her throat. Making her swallow all of me.

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