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Full of Cum

My brother in law and I had a lot of fun at the family dinner this Thanksgiving. So much fun that we made a special time and place our new plan land…


Our first time meeting I had to leave my man with the smell of my pussy on his cock. I fucked my man until he drained himself inside of my pussy.


I didn’t want any of it come out, so I laid there with my legs in the air for a few minutes. Got dressed, Kissed my sleeping man on the shoulder then walked into the hotel like I owned the fucking place.


I got to my brother in law’s room. As I opened the door, I was filled with excitement and butterflies in my belly. I saw him sitting in a chair facing the door.


I walked in and dropped my coat to show him I was ready for his big beefy cock.

I had nothing on but my thigh high stocking and heels. You could see the cum dripping down my legs. 

He was sitting there with some freaky porn on the tv, rubbing his cock. I could see a few bottles and one was open. Good thing I cleared my afternoon for this hot fuck session. 


I walked over to him and got on my hands and knees, Looked up at him and told him I still had my mans cum inside of me. He slapped me hard across the face. Grabbed me by the back of my hair and pushed his cock into my mouth so hard I gagged. He fucked my mouth for a few minutes.

He still had my hair tight and tangled in his hands, he dragged me up to my feet and then bent me over the bed. He rubbed his cock up and down my pussy, He used my mans cum to fuck me.

I was wet, but my mans cum made me even wetter. My brother in law made me realize who I was, and I am a cum whore. He came in me and watched as the cum dripped out of me.

His cum mixed with my mans cum. I fucked two men with in half an hour, and I had two different men’s cum inside of me.

I think I’ll go home and have my man eat my pussy. He will think its his cum..  Oh god I am such a dirty whore! 















GFE Phone Sex with Sabrina

I am always open for new things.

I love being a gfe, It makes me feel beautiful and wanted.  I had one boyfriend who was into all these kinky things. Like fucking on the couch. If we weren’t outside, or somewhere in public we always fucked on the couch. 

He was strong and could hold me in so many different places.

I really loved being open to all things that had to do with sex between us.

Going out to a fancy place to eat, meeting in the bathroom and he would hold up against the wall in the mens bathroom and fuck my brains out. Then, we would go eat dinner, get a little tipsy  and go home and fuck on the couch again!

He wasn’t really into being romantic  but I liked him so much.

His favrite thing was to fuck me in the ass and then have me suck all of my ass juices off his cock. It was something different but I tried it for him.

He also liked for me to pretend  to be his babysitter. We would play around and then I’d strip him naked and have him suck my clit.

He had a really nice cock. I loved to suck him till his balls were dry.

There are those moments in a relationship where the girl wants nothing more than to make the guy cum. Make him feel like a big strong man! Give it to him any way and at any time he wanted her.

I am one of those girlfriends where it is always like that.

I don’t want my guy to leave my house angry, horny or hungry.

What kind of girl are you looking for? Call me to see if we can be that amazing couple!  



Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Glenda: Wanna Hear My Wet Pussy?

Ever since I can remember, I have been masturbating. I love self love! When I was a younger girl, I use to get off crossing my legs and shaking my leg up and down. I know you have seen girls, even young ones doing that. They do it because it causes friction on their clit and it feels awesome. When I first came that way, I thought I peed my panties. I was so young I did not even know what an orgasm was yet. But I did know it felt good and I wanted to keep recreating that sensation. I rubbed myself on this huge life size Pink Panther stuffed animal I had too. I got right on top of it and rubbed my little clitty up and down until I made a mess. For many years that Pink Panther stuffed animal was my very best friend if you know what  mean. Then I graduated to the shower massage. Then, I discovered my fingers and toys.

The first thing I ever fucked as in went inside my pussy was a flashlight. After that it was garden vegetables and eventually a dildo. I found one in my mother’s panty drawer snooping around. I know kinda naughty to use your own mother’s dildo, but I was a horny teenager. After I had a dildo in me, I knew I needed cock.  Even though I never have to go without cock, I still love to masturbate. When rubbing my clit, I can cum in less than a minute. I have no self control. I will literally have days where I play with my pussy all day long seeing how many times I can cum. My personal record is 45 times.

Do you jack off like crazy sometimes? I know being a guy you sadly can’t cum like a girl over and over, but I bet you can still make yourself cum a dozen times in a day. What is the strangest way you have ever gotten yourself off?  I’d love to swap masturbation stories and get off together. You let me hear your stroking your cock and I will let you hear me rubbing my wet snatch!

Makin’ love in the club

Its been a week of fighting for my bae and I.

I cant take anymore. 

I needed a night out. 

As I was leaving the house, He wouldn’t even look at me. 

I told him where I was going, and nothing more.

I think it is over..

I just need to party tonight.

I remember the days when we actually liked being in the same room together.


My sadness fades with each drink I have. 

I’m starting to feel free. 

I’m starting to fade away and dance my night away.


I feel the familiar feel of his hands wrap around my waste. 

I looked up to see my man.

He whispered into my ear ” You look so damn good tonight, I couldn’t let you leave with out knowing how bad i worship you baby, I’m sorry.”


I was done. I dropped my ass to the floor and shook my perfect ass into him.

He watched as I did my dance against him with no hands. 

He gets lost in my ass, as I’m moving.

We get lost in ourselves and don’t even realize there are people around us. 

He slips his dick right into my pussy.. 

The music changed and I stood upright. He slipped his hard cock out of me and fallowed me to the upstairs. 

It was blocked off, no V.I.P.’s tonight..

When we got to the top, in the dark he dropped to his knees and started eating my ass. 

All I could do was moan softly and rub his hair as he tongue fucked my asshole. 

He got up and kissed me, our first ass to mouth.. It was so exotic and different. 

He bend me over and I grabbed my ankles.

He took his time and slowly pushed his cock inside of my tight ass… 


It takes my breath away just writing it down!

If you want to know more call me baby, and I’ll make you feel like my boyfriend!! 

Champion eater..


Champion eater


My new man friend wasn’t at all what I expected.

He is in great shape, He is a asshole for sure, but those guys usually have really big dicks. 

That is why I fuck them.

Well this guy lets save him the embarrassment and call him Tiny.. 

Tiny has a very small dick. 

Like, a virgin couldn’t feel that tiny cock inside her untouched pussy.

Well as you can figure I was extremely disappointed. 

Then he pushed me down on the bed. 

Pushed my skirt up and pulled my panties down with his teeth. 

He kissed the insides of my thighs running his tongue so softly up and down. 

He licked all around my pussy, and let me tell you I was getting excited for this..

I felt his tongue go inside of my pussy and work its way up to my clit.

Dear fucking god.. This is going to be fucking amazing!

He buried his face in between my legs and started licking, sucking and even biting in some spots. 

I could help it but I started rocking my hips back and forth against his face.

He growled.. yes he fucking growled at me like a wild animal, pushed my legs wide open with his elbows and pulled my pussy lips apart and started sucking and flick my clit.

He didn’t stop!

As he was flicking and sucking my perfect clit and took his fingers and slid them into me. 

I screamed at how good it felt. 

He pushed his fingers up and found my spot deep in my pussy and just rubbed it.

Between him sucking on my clit and rubbing my spot I came so hard I passed the fuck out. 

I was out for about 10 minutes. 

When I woke up he was gone.

He is my champion pussy eater.. I don’t think I will ever let him go..  

Cocksucking on the Beach with Specials

Tranny Phone SexI am so tired of the winter and so ready for the spring weather to hit. Today I went shopping and picked up a few new bathing suits, I just love this yellow one the best of all those I purchased today. Right now I am sitting here just daydreaming about what we will do this summer on the beach. I know that your as big of an exhibitionist as I am and can’t wait for the beach wear weather to arrive. I have been doing some research to find some secluded beaches along with looking for where all the nude beaches are located.

Okay so now I’m tired of daydreaming and I called you to come over, I am wearing my new cute little yellow bikini and I set up the bedroom to look as springtime as I could. Once you got here I made us some lemonade with a splash of vodka and we headed for the bedroom. I sucked your cock while you sucked mine until we both shot our huge loads of cum into each others mouths so hard I felt the earth move! I talked you into staying the night so we are going out to dinner and then tonight I can’t wait to get my huge cock in that tight little ass of yours!

Fuckaliciousfreaks.com Caller Specials:

Tranny Phone Sex

Demon Sex (Phone Sex Specials with October)

It was so weird, my man and I dreamt that we were rape fantasy whores for a legion of demons. When we woke up and compared notes, our dreams were so much alike that it was really scarey. We shared how we were forced
to take demon cocks in our assholes. Were made to gag on huge demon cocks.  They hypnotized us and turned us into mindless sex zombies.  We were passed around and turned into demon cum whores.  We were tied
to the bed, collared and branded.  The demons told us that we were going to be their whores for the rest of our lives. 
They made my man watch while they took turns filling my mouth and ass with demon sperm.  They made me watch while they fucked my mans face and gang banged his ass until it bled.  They shot their demonic cum loads inside of his shit hole and grabbed me by my throat and had me lick it out.

Fuckaliciously Friendly Phone Sex Specials

Tranny Phone SexThere are so many fetishes out there, and so many different styles for each fetish.  How are you to know if you like the girl you’re calling or not.  Well, all you have to do is take the girl for a “test drive” with one of our many delicious specials designed to give you more bang for your buck!  Pun intended!  The specials are listed on the main gallery page, but I have also listed them out here for you.


The Daily Special is twenty one minutes for thirty one dollars, then we offer the Cunt Licker’s special.  That one always makes me laugh  –  let me say it again – the Cunt Licker’s special is thirty three minutes for forty eight dollars.  The Hungry Man is seventy five minutes for one hundred twenty five dollars, and there’s always the Two Girl special, and you get two girls for fifteen minutes for fifty dollars.  These specials are brought to you by the awesome management here at FuckaliciousFreaks.com!  I hope you enjoy one or all of them, but remember – only one special per day per customer, and if you are in Canada or outside the United States the prices are different.

Tranny Phone Sex

Cheap Phone Sex Whore Lacey

It isn’t every day that you find a girl as sexy and naughty as me that isn’t trying to milk you for every dime you’ve got. I know my body is sexy as fuck, and honestly I could charge an arm and a leg for the way I can handle a thick cock. My huge tits are soft and jiggly – perfect for you to bury your face in. My nipples stand up on end and you can’t resist flicking your tongue on them. You began sucking on my tits just before you take over my hot, wet pussy. You can watch me spread my ass and press my fingers into my tight little hole while my pink pussy drips right in front of you. I’ll tease you with my hot body and wet mouth until your dick is so rock hard that you lose control and ram that cock deep into my hot pussy hole. Fuck all my tight little holes until you cum hard, filling me up or coating my whole body in your thick cream (any way you want it, baby). My cheap phone sex will have you busting a nut – not your wallet.

Only One Special Per Day

The Big Black Dick-Down!!!


I love to be worshipped!  I love getting my dick sucked!  And, I love to fuck!  You love my big black dick.  You’re dying to suck my dick.  And, you’re hoping I fuck you.  I think we can help each other meet some very important needs…  I’ll let you suck my cock and balls for as long as you want.  Just make sure you’re doing it right.  When, you’re ready, I’ll lay you on your back, push those legs back, spread you wide, and pound you deep and hard!  I like watching your wonderful fuck faces.  I want you to watch me fuck you like the little cock-whore twinky you are!  Beg me to cum in your mouth, I’ll spray hot cream all over your face and down your throat.  Ready?  Call me.