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Prostate cum fun

Prostate phone sex  When my man told me he wanted to spice it up. I ordered a bunch of toys. The other night we were watching porn and this guy was fucking his girl and then the girl started to fuck him. We both said that was so hot to each other. It sparked our interest. I surprised him with my new order (; He was so excited. He proceeds to tell me that he has fucked his ass before and he makes himself cum quite frequently. Him being honest just made me even more attracted to him. I told him I wanted to watch him play with his ass in the shower. He was in there alone for about 20 minutes getting ready. I was also doing the same thing. Trying my new toys and masturbating thinking about what he’s doing to his body.  I got in the shower he laid me down. He put his leg on the soap holder and fingered his sexy little fuck hole for me. My pussy was getting wetter and wetter every inch of his finger getting deeper and deeper. When we got to the bedroom I put the strap-on and fucked him like I had been fantasizing about for so long. I made that prostate cum really hard I could feel it. It was the sexiest feeling I had ever had. I hope he wants it all the time. Taking control of his ass made me feel powerful. My pussy was soaked more than it ever was. I used my cunt cum for lube to his ass hole!

Hot fucking sex

Hot ass sex    I love having hot ass sex. I mean who doesn’t? But some men don’t even know how to make me cum and to make it sexy. Well, last night my ex’s best friend came over. Every time he came over he made me intrigued. I just was instantly attracted to him. Wating him was an understatement.  I needed him. When my ex and I broke up, I was already ready to move on to him. I had been fantasizing about him for so long. I invited him over to drink some wine with and talk about our fundraiser we are doing together. Not knowing that I am totally into him. My cunt was wet just ready to feel his cock. I was in my silk robe as I got close to his face and leaned in to kiss him. He ran his hands over my body and whispered he had always wanted me. My body was shaking he was so rough but, sexy I hadn’t felt that in a really long time. He spread my pussy so perfectly and ate my little cunt that was already soaked. My body was shaking and ready for his cock. He started to pound me and he kissed my nipples and touched me so perfectly. Our body was just chemistry. He stuck his finger in my ass and made me cum at the same time as my pussy. I forever need to cum like this every time. I wanted his cum so he came right on my chest for me.

Naughty secrets

Cum slut phone sex  I love being a cum slut phone sex whore. Since I am now living my single best life I had to see what it was like to actually live out my fantasies. My best friend’s brother who I had had my eyes on for so long finally hot me up. I told him that if we’re to talk I strictly want no string attached. Just sex, please. He couldn’t have been happier that I made that clear. We planned a night where I would finally live out all my kinky fantasies. I put blonde hair extensions in. Well, because of him and his buddy love blondes. I want them to be as hard as they have ever been. I got naked and started sucking both of them off. I just wanted to swallow both of their warm loads right down my throat.  I took both their cocks at the same time. My holes were filled I made them feel like I was a cheap little skank. I then brought out strap-on right after I came. Fucking men is just as hot as fucking women. They love the way I pounded their tight ass holes. They are Bi-sexual just like me. I couldn’t be any wetter than I already was pounding those sexy waxed asses of theirs. I could really get used to this. My sugar daddy never let me do all these kinky things I fantasized about. I am a new me. Lets explore our hidden naughty secrets together baby,

Anal on Hollow night

Anal phone sex

   I loved being an anal whore for Halloween. Basically, I was myself. My sugar Papi already knew that I wanted scary movies, a sexy date, and some chocolate covered strawberries fed to me. I got that plus dress up. I got all laced up and I started to roleplay the Halloween movie. As we started to fuck I pulled a knife and pretended to stab away at my smooth body. I think it might be sexy to try a little blood. Shit, why not? Lady GaGa did it.. Fantastically I might have to add. He got me on all fours and ripped a hole in my fishnets. He then started massaging my ass to gape me open. He poured half a bottle of lube in my ass hole and gaped me. I love the way he stares at my ass hole and says that I am the only bitch who will let him do this for not just his cock pleasure but his eyes. He has magic eyes when holes are as deep as mine. He fucks me then nuts all over my body just the way I like it.


took a turn to sex therapy

Blowjoobs phone sex 

 My throat is always ready for some blowjobs phone sex. Dr. Holland has been very good to me. I had been feeling anxious non-stop. Depression really hit me this year. A friend of mine sent me to him. Not knowing what this inappropriate therapy would turn into much more than that. A few weeks ago he had me tell him what really bothers me and I listed everything one of them is the sexually frustrated part all the time. Because no man can please me the way I need. I also deal with having an extremely hard sex drive because of my past I guess. Dr H really helped me in ways with his words, connecting with me on a personal level and guiding me in the absolute best path. I needed to confront my fears instead of running away from them. After a few weeks of speaking with him, he stood up and took my hand. He was so confident that he would give me what I needed. The medicine he prescribed to me just started working. I woke up that morning happier than usual. He put me on my knees and let me suck away like he was a fucking raspberry sucker. He knew I was a dick sucking queen because of everything we had talked about. He got to know me and accepted me. He couldn’t hold back any longer from filling me up. I was instantly satisfied. I had no idea he also had had masters in sex education. I just knew that I couldn’t stop coming to see him. 


Anal phone sex

 So, I have been at this shoot twice. The photographer is one of the hottest I have seen. The first time we fucked it was only in my pussy. I wanted more so I came back. I came back to get his fat cock to pound my ass and pussy. I was posing and grabbing my ass. I could tell he was really liked looking at my ass. I ended up ripping the stockings so he could see my sexy little ass hole so much clearer.  I all of a sudden didn’t hear the flash and I looked behind me and he had unzipped his pants stroking his shit. Walking over closer and closer he gave me that look. He bent me over and began to trust in my ass. Gaping me who knew he had ass play in him this whole time. He almost missed out my body. Giving second chances can be a great thing.

Sex on the beach

Hot ass sex  I sure do have a romantic sugar daddy. He prepared lunch and we ate on the beach. He had a singer come and play acoustic for me. He knows that I absolutely love music. My pussy got so wet with how well everything turned out. I gave him my pussy on the beach. I just took his cock put it in my mouth and told him how much I love that he could make me smile but get me off at the same time. We don’t get to see each other that much. But, that’s ok I have my callers that make my nights so amazing. Little things like this are so worth it. My cunt got all juicy and I came all over his cock. Have you fucked in a public place before? I sure have. I have to say its a challenge but so hot.

Girlfriend experience

GFE phone sex  GFE phone sex is so fascinating. I get all the attention and usually get shown off. I love attention and getting showered with gifts. My sugar daddy and I decided to go to the beach. We walked around the city, ate out and walked the beach. After, everyone left the beach Jim dared me to take my bathing suit bottoms off. I love to show off. I really will do anything. I told him to take pictures of me rolling around on the beach and posing. Some people would walk by and just stare. I really have never cared about what people thought. We both got a hotel on the beach and it was the best view. He always buys me the best outfits to show my tight ass off in. He pounded me early this morning before the sun came out. It was beautiful and so hot how he touches my body and fucks me. My holes are always open for him to use any time he wants. After all, I am his girlfriend/ sugar babe.

Dominating me

Submissive phone sex  My friends and I got all ready to come to this drum circle. It was so captivating and beautiful. It made me feel so free and sexual. After, we danced and enjoyed out selfs a couple of us stayed. We found a spot that was clear. We smoked and talked for a while. I kept getting this sexual urge to play with myself. I was getting turned on by conversation and my friend Daniels body language towards me. He has always tried me but I have never given myself to him. But, I think this time is going to be different. We grabbed some blankets and moved away from everyone. As soon as we were away from everyone he pulled his cock out and forced my lips and mouth all over it. After, I got that dick soaked he flipped me over and started to eat my pussy from the back. I don’t know what got into me, but that mouth and tongue made me instantly feel like I needed him. I wanted to be his dirty little submissive slut friend who finally gave him the pussy because he wasn’t taking no for an answer anymore. He started to pound me and I couldn’t hold back my moans. Everyone could hear me but that only turned me on even more. When we made it back everyone said to us finally guys. They had been waiting for it. Dominating me has me ready for next time.

Just a capturing cum whore

 Cum slut phone sex 

  I am a new cum slut phone sex whore. I never really got all into the cream pies or cum filling me up until last night. I can’t stop thinking about it. My former employee came over for some Big brother a reality tv show and wine night. We have been friends for a while until recently. He has been a little extra friendly. That I am ok with. After, everyone left he stayed longer. We chatted more, finished the bottle and I all of a sudden I had a feeling about him that I never had before. He was just attractive to me. He got closer to me and grabbed my waist hard. I got kissed and wow was he a great kisser. His lips felt amazing on my lips. He stipped me down took me to my room lit a candle and dominated me. He slowly ate my pussy but with great pressure. I came into his mouth and then he kissed me spitting in my mouth. It just turned me on even more. Having his fluids mixing with mine was so hot. I needed more and I was getting more. He fucked my throat, my pussy and then my tight ass hole. Usually, I am not that type to care about the cum filling me up until he asked and begged. I loved how it felt and he had so much cum more than I ever felt. I could feel the built up cum shooting through his urethra tube, out his hole, and into my pussy. It just excited me and now I want more. I want to be your cum slut. I DESIRE your seaman filling me. 

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