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Creampie Phone Sex With My Brother Is So Fucking Hot!

Breeding Phone Sex

Creampie phone sex is so fucking hot, but you know what makes it even hotter, if its with my brother! My brother is so fucking hot, I craved his body for so fucking long its no joke. I legit have wanted to see what he has since I was a young one. But, this weekend, I will finally make my fantasy a reality!

He is coming over and I want all of him, not just a piece. I will seduce him and show him how great of a sister I really can be. I’ll show him I can be there for him in all ways, not just some. I will whip out his cock then suck on it like there was no tomorrow. Just tasting that delicious meaty cock will have made my dreams come true, but I won’t stop there!

No, I want to feel him inside of me, I want him to give me a load so huge and fuck me so deep inside that my organs are rearranged. That’s right I want my brothers enormous load to be inside of my tight wet cunt. I want him to get me pregnant. I want his seed buried deep inside of my womb.

That way I can have a little one of my own and raise it how I deem fit. Oh, my goodness if he gets me pregnant I would scream in joy. I would love nothing more than to have his spawn inside of me. I simply cannot wait for him to come over then cum inside of me, no I just can’t wait!

Age Play Phone Sex With My Big Brother Is So Fucking Delicious!

Age Play Phone Sex

I want to let you in on a little secret of mine. I once blackmailed my brother into fucking me! And, let me tell you, it was some of the hottest and best sex of my life! His cock is so meaty and thick that he stretched me open and pounded the crap out of my tight little hole.

I told him that I had a video of him stealing from moms purse, and that he had to do whatever I said if he didn’t want to be caught. He reluctantly agreed, but he never would have suspected my evil intentions. I took him by the hand and led him upstairs without saying anything.

Once upstairs, I undressed and he was so confused, but I told him to do the same and he did. He was really shocked when I got down on my knees and started to suck on that beefy, juicy cock of his. It was so fucking delicious I can taste him now just thinking about it.

After I had him fuck my face for a bit, I had him lay down so that I could rid him until he exploded inside of my tight teen pussy. He didn’t want to cum inside of me and protested saying its too dangerous, but I refused to let him up until he came inside of my sweet little cunt.

Once I got what I wanted I left him in the room, naked and all alone wondering what the fuck just happened.

BDSM Phone Sex With Coed Hottie Cody!

BDSM Phone Sex

So, I have always been a slut, like my entire life. But when I came across BDSM everything changed for me. I found myself being more submissive and less confrontational. I found I liked listening to my master and what he wanted to do. How he wanted to tie me up then have his way with me using all sorts of toys.

That just made my pussy tingle and twitch in excitement. Feeling the rope caress my wrists and bound them behind my cack, making me unable to move my arms at all. Oh it’s such a rush being tied up, not knowing what the other person is thinking or how they want to be pleased and please me today.

It’s always so delicious being tied up and fucked by my master. He has an enormous 9-inch beefy, meaty, juicy cock that I cannot get enough of. Anything he does turns me on really. Just the sound of his smooth and seductive voice gets me going.

I especially like when he blind folds me in surprise then plays with me with whips and teases me with his yummy cock and wands on my clit constantly. He always seems to know exactly what to do to make me squirt and make a big mess all over the place that I have to lick clean in the end. But its ok, I love the way I taste, so sweet and tangy like a sweet orange. Who knows who he will have join us this time!

Accomplice Phone Sex With The Hottest Babe around!

Adult Phone Chat

I bet you are wanting some naughty adult phone chat after seeing my sexy ass pictures. My body is absolutely perfect in every way. So of course, you would want to spend some naughty time with me over the phone.

One of my favorite phone calls is called accomplice play and let me tell you, it is so fucking hot. I absolutely love becoming your partner in crime and abducting our prey to play with for the day. My favorite place to go to for victims is the mall, its right down the street and they don’t even know what they are in for. People just walk around at night, not looking where their going and bam! We take them for the night.

We quickly take our victim and go to my place right down the road then we have our way with them. Tying them up is the most fun for me. I love it! Then watching as they squirm in pleasure and surprise. I think that’s a great part too, when we find out that they actually like what we are doing it is amazing. It makes my pussy soaking wet.

Seeing the hard nipples as I play with some ice on her tits always excites me. I can see your cock throb as we play with her and make her our own and make her crave us more. I know this one will be back for more, hoping that we will abduct her again just to feel this sensation and pleasure again.

Teen Phone Sex With Cody Is So Fucking Hot!

Teen Phone Sex

Are you looking for a barely legal, hot teen slut? Then you have come to the right place, my name is Cody and I am the hottest piece of ass around. I like it rough and I like it long. My hot barely legal self is all that a man needs in his life. Anything more would be too much for him to handle.

Come and play with my hot, slutty, teen pussy!  I love it when you pull my hair and bite my neck like the dominant guy you are. I promise to be your naughty little whore tonight, forever, and always! A real man needs a woman like me to help him fufill his wildest fantasies and desires.

So don’t be afraid to come and say hi to this slutty barely legal teen whore. I am all about making it a pleasurable experience and making you long for more. I will slurp and suck on your cock until you are busting a nut all over my naked body. That hot, sticky, delicious cum dripping down my beautiful face to my tits all the way down to my pussy.

Yes, I will scoop up your cum and put it all  inside of my tight teen pussy. There your seed will find my slutty teen womb and implant inside me. Mmm I can feel the life growing inside of me now, kicking and squirming to get out and live. I long to be a pregnant teen whore, wont you fulfill my wishes?

2 Girl Phone Sex With Cody and Selena

2 girl phone sex

I cant tell you how much I enjoy a good 2 girl phone sex call. Especially when I have a friend over the day of the two girl calls. My friend Selena is new to the phone sex industry and likes to try her hand at it to see how kinky she can get with others. She, in my opinion, is rather good for just starting out.

Plus, with her over, it isn’t just phone sex, its real. She makes me so fucking horny with her calls that she makes me want to fuck her all day long. So, we do. We fuck each other all day long while on calls and in between calls. I simply can’t get enough of her. She makes my pussy ache and pulsate and long for her touch, and tongue.

She is so sweet and sensual that I think I am falling for her myself. Her pussy tastes so sweet and good that I could drink her juices all day and live off of them. Who needs water when you can just drink pussy juice? Mmm, it is so fucking good making her cum in my mouth and seeing her moan just turns me on even more.

Just writing about it turns me on, I think I am going to go and fuck her some more with my double sided satrap on. Yes, double sided so we can both fuck each other at the same time! Double the fun, double the pleasure means double the cum!

Cheating Phone Sex Is The Best Way To Breed Me!

Cheating Phone Sex

My favorite type of call is a cheating phone sex call. Cheating just makes sex and everything else just so much more naughtier. Don’t you think? I sure as hell do. My neighbor, Jake, is an older man who has been married for God knows how long. My point is he gives me some of the best sex I’ve ever had.

His cock feels so amazing inside of my tight, sopping wet cunt. I moan his name out loud and have him tell me how much better than his wife I am. I make sure to fuck him in every room in his house too. We even fucked on their dinner table while I wore some of her lingerie and had him tell me how much sexier I was than her and how tightly my pussy is wrapped around his cock.

I’m always dripping with excitement whenever I see her leave their house. I take all of this sexual tension and experience I gained by watching her with him and put it all into my sensual phone sex calls. I want those calls as real and as sensual and sexual as I feel when he is turning me into a breeding, cheating whore. Oh, did I mention that I make my cuck of a boyfriend watch as Jake fucks me? Yeah, it makes it that much hotter.

Seeing my stud of a boyfriend be cucked gets me so fucking hot and makes me just want to pounce on my prey. So, I do.

Sissy Phone Sex Is So Sensual and Fun!

Sissy Phone Sex Cody

I know what you are looking for, my love, you are longing for that oh so sweet sissy phone sex. That type of phone sex that will have you crawling on your hands and knees, is a sexy little dress, begging me to let you cum. But I won’t, because once you cum you know that the satisfaction is over for now. I know you love my sissy phone sex. Especially when I make you dress up for me and then parade you around town as my filthy little whore.

You, wearing those 6-inch heels and fishnet stockings paired with that slutty, poor excuse of a red dress. It only covers your cock, letting your balls show to the world. I make you bend over to pick up something and one of my guy friends comes rushing over to fuck your tight little hole. You moan in ecstasy as he pumps you full of his enormous cock while another one of my guy friends starts to fuck your face. Yes, my sissy phone sex will have you begging for more. And who am I to refuse you of your desires?

I know you want them to explode inside of you, it’s what you always crave, their cum. Oozing and gushing from all of your holes. You little sissy, I know you love to eat other men’s cum. It fulfills your dirty desires and completes you. So, go ahead and do what you do best, make those men fill you up then eat all that cum right out of your fuck holes. Push and squeeze every last drop out, you better not waste a single drop of that pure delicious cum.

Breeding Phone Sex with a slut like me needs desert!

Breeding Phone SexWith a cummy depth of breeding phone sex sperm and desire leaking out of my great pussy lips and digging into the sanctity of the pool, I found myself writhing in bliss, happy to have his cock so deep inside to stop it all from leaking out but equally happy no one noticed. Here’s the thing though, a real part of me wanted to get caught, and that part of me was extremely disappointed that I was apparently so low notice that even at my own party no one noticed I was having sex in front of them. Maybe it’s an old complex, maybe it’s just a reasonable ego, but holy shit did I need more. I jumped off his cock with what I imagine was an underwater pop, and felt the warm heat flow out of me while I watched him groan in surprise. Even now, no one noticed, and that had me licking my lips. “No.” I heard him warn, holding up a finger but I was in cock control. “Don’t-” I didn’t listen. I breathed deeply and dove under the water, sinking like a rock and then opening my mouth. It was hard not to take in a lot of water but not as hard as his rigid manmeat. I gulped him down mid motion, caught him by surprise despite him knowing damn well what I was about to do, and then started to bob like my life depended on it. To be fair it kind of did. I lost a lot of extra air when I opened up, and while I had a vacuum seal on his cock now that kept anything additional from getting in, every bob took a little bit more energy out of me and every suck reminded me of how little I had remaining. I wasn’t about to give up though, I’d pass out and lose it before I gave up. I needed him to cum deep into my throat, I needed him to give into me and push me harder. He did, he grabbed my head, and what happened next is his story to tell because I passed the fuck out right around the time I tasted salty delight. Cocksucking Phone Sex has consequences sometimes.

Sensual Domination Phone Sex The Right Way

Sensual domination phone sex

I know what you’re thinking, that a party girl like me couldn’t possibly give a sensual domination phone sex experience. You think that I am just for parties and getting coked up. That I would never make a good girlfriend, I’m way too wild for that. Well, if that’s what you are thinking then you are sorely mistaken.

My sensual girlfriend experience is the best there is. You could go looking for more, or something better but you won’t find it. Because I know exactly what you like. I know what makes that cock of yours throb. You want my soft, tender lips to press against that delicious shaft and plant a kiss upon your cock.

My warm wet tongue to go all around that perfect mushroom shaped head. Yes, I know what you like, and I know what you want. You want me. It’s that simple. You dream about me, and my name flows from your lips so easily. So, go ahead and take a seat because you are about to have the most sensual domination phone sex of a lifetime.

Let me take all of your worries away with just my voice. You’ll melt with my sweet voice whispering in your ear. Right as you melt, I’ll straddle you and tease your cock with my pussy lips. Teasing your cock with just my juices and warmth from my pussy.

Then, I slowly slide your rock-hard cock into my tight little cunt. We both moan together in harmony as I slide up and down on your enormous meat stick. I lean down then kiss you sensually on the lips before thrusting faster and harder. Making you pulsate within me. With my sensual domination phone sex, I can feel your cock pulsate faster and I know you are about to give me what I long for. You seed to impregnate my hungry womb.

You explode deep inside of me as we kiss passionately then hold each other tightly as your cock finishes thrusting its seed into my womb.