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BDK makes it rain

princess phone sexPrincess phone sex is best with the living legend. There is no one in this world that can make it rain as he can. The king of all kings the walking legend. The Superbowl champ each time he graces me with his presence things only get so much better. I know I am the luckiest and I do it all to keep him happy as can be. I think I have raised the levels so high now that there is no way any other sugar baby can even come close. It was the best party ever and the only way to wrap up the summer. I had a ton of girls from the Hawaiian tropics brand over and they have had an earful all about my big daddy king. They wanted to see him in the flesh. To be honest there is plenty of anacondas to go around so why not? Not only did they see my brand new barbie pink Ferrari but they saw all the diamonds and jewels I was decked out in all courtesy of the king. When big daddy made his way you can tell the girls wanted to play. Girls calm down barbie greets king first then you all follow. It was the best summer party ever. Anaconda had fun with Miss June first then we visited the rest of the months.

BDK’s barbie




young bald pussyI am such a spoiled sugar baby. Big daddy king won’t stop showering his barbie. I am so lucky, and I know I say that all the time but I am. I can’t get over how much BDK is so good to me. I had my big daddy spoil me even more with a custom pink barbie Ferrari. Big daddy king does it like no one else — the Living legend and king of all kings. I am a bad little sugar baby, and I got my daddy’s name tatted right on my pussy. I let the world know on social media. Daddy is super famous and has such a huge following. Thanks to big daddy king, I am living my best life. I love anaconda and having him fuck my pretty white girl pussy is the best. My young bald pussy gets anaconda fully. It is undoubtedly a task, but I get it done for that millionaire nut sauce deep inside my barbie pussy. Big daddy king is my king, and I love getting all the haters jelly.


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BDK King of all kings

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2 girl phone sexPhone sex with the king is my favorite thing ever. BDK makes me feel like the luckiest sugar baby in the world. BDK rolls with only the best. Everyone on the gram is so jealous. None of the girls can amount to bdk’s sugar babies. Big daddy king is perfect from head to toe. I know that being big daddies perfect barbie is the best thing ever. I am so lucky to be in his presence, and I am glad I could call up one of my hottest girlfriends to come along and be in the presence of the legend of all legends — king of all kings. The living walking legend. Superbowl royalty.

Eden knew that she was in for the best time of her life. Being in the king’s mansion was surely a royal experience. I knew she was waiting for this for a while now. She was watching me be so lucky and show off all my diamonds and wear loud and proud that I am big daddy kings favorite sugar baby princess. Together Eden and I greeted BDK and anaconda. We couldn’t help ourselves. When you are in the presence of 14-inch perfect cock, you will lose all senses. No one fills up compression shorts like Big daddy. 2 girl phone sex with Eden and I is a pure pleasure when we are making BDK and anaconda equally happy. BDK had the best designer lingerie for the both of us and together Eden, and I made anaconda very ecstatic. Nothing like having that millionaire nut to share. There is no one like BDK he truly in a league of his own. <3

BDK’s Diamond girls

big tit photos2 girl phone sexBig Daddy king has changed my life completely. It has been the best month of my life! It hasn’t even been a full month since I have become his exclusive sugar baby. Life is better than I could have ever imagined. My big tit photos are trending all over social media. Big Daddy king has turned me into quite the socialite.
As you already know, big daddy is a hot commodity. Many try to get the pleasure of being in his presence, and if you have the right stuff, you might be blessed. Luckily we met thru a mutual friend just a few weeks ago, and in that short period, I have experienced the best July the fourth bash and exclusive business deals because of the Superbowl legend. Big Daddy is a man of riches, and he is wealthy beyond astronomical lengths. My handsome sugar daddy is the legend of all legends. Not only does BDK take great care of his sugar gang, but he also has not only big pockets but the most significant 13-inch anaconda ever! Anaconda and BDK are the best duo ever! No other man compares. Massive chocolate anaconda cock makes my tight snow bunny cunny explode each time. Big Daddy mingles with the biggest celebrities and the hottest porn stars. A busy man, indeed, but still he chose me to be his primary sugar baby. Blonde barbie is addicted to this sugar life. I am a complete bimbo for all that big anaconda meat.

Big Daddy and I make our paid appearances to the hottest night clubs and strip clubs all over the world. Big daddy king had a friend call him up and made a sweet deal for us to show up and enjoy a launch of one of the most lavish and extravagant clubs in the states. I was dressed head to toe designer and had my big daddy’s initials all over my hot body from my tongue ring to my belly button ring. I was dazzled in diamonds. The girls were out, and my sexy bum was the perfect view. We spotted a cute young but shy stripper. Janelle was a hot thing and had our focus. She came right over and gave us a dance. Janelle told us both how much of a fan she was and wanted to make the right impression. Together we unbuckled anaconda’s Gucci belt and gave anaconda kisses till that serpent gave us glossy jizz. Big daddy deserves the best girlies. My night was not over. I went and greeted another hot stripper, and she was gorgeous. When I got home with my king, I knew he was ready to for a busy week ahead. While BDK was out for business I got a message the next morning by a beautiful stripper from the club. Eden was her name, and I recognized her right away. A sexy thing with a phenomenal body. I knew she was perfect. Eden wants so desperate to worship Anaconda. 2 girl phone sex with Eden might be fun, but she has to know BDK’s barbie sets the bar high. Everyone wants a shot with big daddy’s thirteen-inch anaconda. I sometimes have to pinch myself! I am the luckiest girl in the world.

sugar life with bdk

young bald pussy

Big daddy truly is the king of all kings. A complete living legend. The MVP of all MVP’s. BDK owns my young bald pussy. I am his blonde sugar baby barbie. Big daddy surprised me once again. BDK is such a busy businessman. There is no doubt about that. BDK has one of the most significant followings on social media and all platforms. It is no wonder why daddy king gets hit up for a dozen business ventures daily. One venture even had my name all over. The July 4th bash had given me so much popularity. When you deal with the king, it comes with endless amounts of notoriety. BDK is the best sugar daddy ever, and he has made his barbie a millionaire in less than a month of meeting me. Who can say their sugar daddy has done that for them? Much less in less than a month?

Life with BDK is full of adventures. One of the latest was my wildest dream come true. Daddy king got an offer to be the spokesperson for sugar life. The leading sugar baby site in the world. At first, they offered an amount only the regular commoners would kill for, but daddy is no ordinary person. We all know daddies worth is out of this world. It took thirty seconds to nab the highest paying deal. BDK made his barbie a millionaire and got nearly 3 million for an ad that took no more than 5 minutes to make. Big daddy has changed my life in so many ways. I can never thank the king enough. Looking at the camera shooting our ad was a thrill. My hot outfit was custom as it should be. The king loves his sugar babies to wear his name all over. My hot belly ring with his initials and my tongue ring and two-piece outfit dripped down in diamonds with my MVP sugar daddy. The Superbowl legend will never have any competition. BDK is on a league of his own. I looked at the camera and told all the viewers I am a hot sugar baby, and my pussy belongs to my big daddy king. I thanked sugar life.  I let the viewers know they had to join a premium membership to see more.

After the shoot, I needed anaconda and had to worship my king some more. Cum shots on tits are the best thing ever, but BDK’s cum shots are luxurious and heaven scent. I take care of my king because I am so beyond proud and grateful. Sugar life called within a few hours with extra bonuses and a thank you letter from the founder.  The sugar life founder even made daddy king some other deals as a thank you. Membership rates went thru the roof.  Also, there was no surprise BDK and barbies clips was trending and the most sold. How could it not be? The living legend and his blonde barbie bombshell best duo ever.

cum shots on tits

We Made her orgasm

wet bald pussy

After a few hours of hanging out and catching up with one of my closest friends, we had some wine. Wine for me gets me horny, and I wanted to cut the hang out a little short. My friend Tinsley was wondering why I was in a rush all of a sudden. I let her know all about my BBC friend. I made it known the way he fucked my wet bald pussy was pretty much habit-forming. I craved his dick, and he was able to make me cum over and over again. Even make me a squirting bimbo. Tinsley was taken back and wanted to know more. I was wondering why she was so intrigued. It wasn’t until she slipped up and told me all about her boyfriend’s inability to make her cum. I was shocked and had to fix the situation. Tinsley has never had an orgasm. We changed that I got her started and my big black cock friend finished her off, making her scream in pleasure.

BDK’s 4th of July Bash

hot ass sexPhone sexHot ass sex with the MVP himself was nothing shy of amazing. You can say it was the Best fourth of July ever! I am still so shook and in shock about what happened this past fourth of July.  I got a call from the living legend himself as you can imagine how thrilled I was to hear that sexy voice on the other side of the phone. I had goosebumps, and my nipples got instantly hard. I had flashes of the fun I had with my sexy friend and anaconda.  Big Daddy wanted to invite me to Dallas for the fourth. I was nearly jumping for joy and thanking the living walking legend. BDK arranged for his fabulous private jet to pick me up from Los Angeles. I was on my way to  Dallas.
BDK has many homes and resides all over the world, but Dallas is his main headquarters. Daddy king is a busy prestigious man with many talents and plenty of friends. When BDK throws a party, it isn’t a subtle get together. BDK rubs shoulders with only the elite. Celebs, Socialites businesspeople, and successful entrepreneurs. BDK doesn’t throw an average party. Daddy king throws a bash. As I got checked in and settled into the Private jet, I noticed it was different from the last. BDK has plenty of toys, and each one is better than the next. Everything was decked out and of the most exceptional quality.

I was giddy inside and ready to see the king himself. This party was rocking and rolling already. Once I landed and made my way to his fabulous mansion, I already had a beautiful box of gifts ready for me. I greeted BDK, and I had to thank him. My cunt was soaking in his presence. Big daddy has a custom bikini for me. Diamonds all over and his initials, of course. Right beside it was a custom coach bag with 50k inside. That wasn’t even scratching the surface. BDK asked me to be part of his sugar baby gang!  Daddy king is such a generous Sugar daddy! Not only did I get showered with gifts and I was going to enjoy being his official date, but I was also going to get a quarter of a million and multiples other perks. I couldn’t think of anything that would make this day even better. I was wrong!

Things kept on superseding any expectations I had previously had. Big Daddy needed to see how appreciative I was, and I couldn’t control myself. Looking at his tight white shorts and seeing how anaconda was stretching out, I needed to thank big daddy. The living legend was going to see how much his new blonde Barbie was appreciative of being welcomed into the sugar gang. BDK whipped out anaconda, and I was in a trance. I never wanted something as bad as I wanted him and his big chocolate piece of heaven. My mouth salivated, and all I could think about was tasting anaconda. I kissed anaconda and licked and sucked. It was candy in my mouth. The best cock ever. I could feel what I thought was him cumming all over my lips and tongue. Well, it was the beginning only. See a real man precums so much that it feels as if he is shooting his load. BDK has enough million dollar nut cream to go around. I begged the living legend to give me anaconda. I was sure I could handle his magic stick. I anticipated it and wanted to feel real explosions for this fourth of July. They do say be careful what you wish for cause you might get it, Well I did. Anaconda slid in my barbie cunt, and I was in so much pleasure and dripping and thanking the living legend for gracing my cunt. I wanted the luxurious cream inside of me. Daddy king blessed me in more way than one. My social media following is through the roof. Everyone wants to be part of the living legends circle. Daddy king only accepts top quality.  Phone sex with the king and being apart of the dream team is unlike anything you will ever get the chance to experience. I can’t wait to do it again!


ethnic phone sexEthnic phone sex for all your desires. This sweet whore will have you cumming nonstop. I like working a nice big dick. My mouth is a cock magnet it has always been that. I tease men that are taken. I have been suck dick and fucking plenty since I was a youngster. I like to dress for provocative. I know how to keep heads turning. My body is a wonderland, and I want to show it off for those who have eyes. I don’t just strut around tempting men. I tempt hot girls too. I can appreciate a hot sexy slut as any man would. My sweet holes need to be pleased, and I sure as hell love pleasing as well.

To the left

strap-on phone sexI finally got rid of my ex-boyfriend. It took some trial and errors, but he’s gone. After having the best cock ever and experiencing the best fuck ever, I wanted nothing to do with my little dick loser of an ex. I had him packing all his shit and leaving his boxes to the left. My fun wasn’t a complete thought. I wanted to end things with a bang. I have always been interested in strap-on phone sex. I tried to make his loser existence bask in complete humiliation. I wanted him on his knees and getting fucked by me. You don’t have the pleasure of fucking a hot vixen like me anymore. Down on all fours, you go — time to stick this big dick in you. I love hearing how humiliated you are and seeing you squirm around.

Bora Bora with BDK & Barbie babes

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Phone sex with the king was a real blessing. I have experienced the best vacation ever. It started with a phone call I made to my hot friend Lena. Lena has told me all about her glam life. I had been with my short cock boyfriend for a bit now. Lena knew how unhappy I was and how unsatisfied I was with my loser boyfriend. A little trust fund fucker who didn’t have jack compared to the king of all kings. My loser boyfriend doesn’t even amount to the bottom of BDK’s Gucci slides. Lena has made it clear she is the sugar baby of the decade. At 23, she lives a life that only girls our age dream. Big daddy takes care of her, and she takes care of him.

Our 2 girl phone sex led to some real fun in the sun. I told Lena all about wanting a possible chance to be anointed by anaconda. Without missing a beat, Lena invited me over to meet her super bowl champ. I was nervous and giddy I knew how lucky I was to be graced by BDK. My boyfriend has a Vienna sausage. BDK has 13 inches of pure prime meat. Big daddy was everything I could ever dream off and more. Lena assured me big daddy would love me. A perfect barbie princess that comes to make anaconda release. I wanted it and couldn’t wait any longer. I was counting down the seconds to seeing the perfect duo.

Lena was ready to pick me up in her new rari. BDK gifted her with a one of a kind pink Ferrari. Lucky girl! It was so sick. All black on the inside with diamond encrusted interior. My cunt was wet as fuck. It smelled like money. Strolling around Lena made it clear she was a rich bitch. All thanks to daddy king of course. I learned the change of plans. My mouth nearly dropped on the floor. BDK was going to have our getaway in bora bora. We were to meet the king at the airport, and we were going to board on his private jet. Lena led me into the Private plane, and it was epic. All black interior and all gold accents and the most exceptional diamonds money can buy. Above everything, the most exciting thing was being in his presence. Sexy and handsome and fine. BDK was older than Lena, and I ages combined.
I am twenty-two, and Lena is twenty-three. Big daddy king needed a thank you right then and there. I was going to greet anaconda. Both Lena and I had to tame the perfect beast. Together we french kissed and sucked and caressed his balls and anaconda. We were kissing and licking all the precum. Big daddy, please!!!! Pretty please bless us with your fine quality jizz. Lena and I were cum blasted by anaconda. Perfect cum cream all over our pretty faces. Big daddy king smiled and said he loved our chemistry together. Bora Bora was a dream. I am praying BDK loved me as much as I loved him. Thank you Lena for being the greatest friend ever and the sexiest sugar baby. BDK has the best head sugar baby spoiled so much that all the haters are jealous.

BDK and Lena practically own the gram. My big tit photos and Lena ended up getting millions of hits. The life of luxury and only the most beautiful things for the MVP of all time.

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