Demon Sex (Phone Sex Specials with October)

It was so weird, my man and I dreamt that we were rape fantasy whores for a legion of demons. When we woke up and compared notes, our dreams were so much alike that it was really scarey. We shared how we were forced
to take demon cocks in our assholes. Were made to gag on huge demon cocks.  They hypnotized us and turned us into mindless sex zombies.  We were passed around and turned into demon cum whores.  We were tied
to the bed, collared and branded.  The demons told us that we were going to be their whores for the rest of our lives. 
They made my man watch while they took turns filling my mouth and ass with demon sperm.  They made me watch while they fucked my mans face and gang banged his ass until it bled.  They shot their demonic cum loads inside of his shit hole and grabbed me by my throat and had me lick it out.

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