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Double Penetration

anal phone sex

I love being the nasties little fucking whore I can be. I love having anal sex. I mean just the thought of having a hard thick cock being pushed in and out of my tight shithole already has my pussy soaking wet. I just love how I have 2 men in my bed right now […]

BBC is The Best

black cock phone sex

I love a big black cock more than anything in the fucking world. Just the thought of having a big black man push me on my knees and force me to take his big black cock in my mouth gets my bald pussy so fucking wet. I just love having a black cock being shoved […]

Smoking Hot Slut

Smoking Fetish Phone Sex

I love having my daddy dress me like his little fucking slut. He loves when I put on my sheer pantyhose, tight skirt, see through white shirt, and my black spikey heels. He loves to drive me down to the smoke shop to buy me more cigarettes. Daddy loves that I smoke cigarettes in his […]

Daddy’s Brat

Cum Slut Phone Sex

I am such a cum slut for daddy. I love to go into daddy’s room while mommy is away and tell him to pull down his pants. Daddy likes to think he has a choice, but I tell him if he doesn’t do what I say I’ll tell mommy. Daddy pulls down his pants and […]

Fill my Mouth

Blowjobs Phone Sex

My throat was filled to the brim with meat and for a brief moment I soared so high I thought I might be in love. He was using my face, treating my mouth like a fuckdoll and the only response I could give was a hushed moan and my hands bracing on his thighs. I […]

Fill me up Baby

The feeling of paper in my hands was only matched in gratification by the gyrating of my hips on a thick cock. I counted my green one bill at a time, dripping need down tonight’s stud. Two thousand one hundred, two thousand two hundred, it was intoxicating. A warmth flowed up from below at a […]

Threesome with a Married Couple

Bisexual Phone Sex

I love to be caught in the middle of a man and woman fucking. I was at my neighbor’s house fucking the shit out of his wife. I had my fingers deep inside of her tight cunt with my tongue on her clit she was so close to cumming when her husband walked in. He […]

Living my Nightmare

Rape Phone Sex Fantasies

I was sitting at a bar for the first time in a while just drinking my life away when some very sexy man came and offered to buy me a drink. I couldn’t say no and unfortunately, I didn’t see him slip something in my drink. After about an hour I wasn’t feeling so well […]

We Love our Babysitters

Accomplice Phone Sex

My husband and I love little girls. We always put out babysitting flyers so that young girls can call us to come over. When they get here, we always go out for a drink or two so we can come home early to have some play time. When we get home my husband goes upstairs […]

He Caught me

Blackmail Phone Sex

I love sneaking around and having fun behind my husbands back. I’ve been doing it for a while, and I’ve never been caught before until tonight. I was in a hotel room with a guy that I had just met and sucking his cock getting it all wet. When we heard a knock on the […]


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