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Black Cock Domination Husband and Wife

Black Cock Phone Sex

I love being a whore for black cock. The bigger the cock, the better that my pussy gets destroyed. I can’t help but be a submissive little slut whenever a big cock is around. I remember getting gangbanged by three black guys when my husband wasn’t home. My holes could barely take their constant hard fucking. When they finished cumming inside of me, they were ready for another round instantly. Well, my husband came home right in the middle of me swallowing all of their cum. First, he started yelling at me, and then yelling at the guys. They were big and buff, while my husband is weak. Those men took my husband, ripped off his clothes and forced their big black cocks into his little white ass. They don’t care who you are, they won’t be disrespected by someone who they can easily make their bitch. Neither my husband or I got any rest from those cocks until we both passed out.

Footjobs Make You Squirt

Foot Fetish Phone SexHave you ever notice how beautiful my feet are? From my heels, to the arch, all the way to my toes my feet look gorgeous. Come over here and kiss my toes. Get on your hands and knees and worship my toes. Show some respect to the feet of your dreams. Now, I want to have some fun with you. Pull your pants down and take out your cock. Use some lube and jerk off to my feet. You do want to cover my long toes and perfect arches with your cum, don’t you? Pump your dick hard, emptying your balls out on my pretty feet. I can see your cock quivering in anticipation. Why don’t you let me take over? I’ll rub your cock and balls with my feet, giving you a sensual foot job. I’ll use one foot to rub the head of  your cock while the other one explores the entire length of your cock. I see that you can barely contain your cum. Don’t torture yourself. Squirt your cum right on my toes.

Domme Doctor Loves Pricking Your Prick With Needles

Medical Fetish Phone SexMy favorite kind of victims are the ones that don’t talk. I can hear you moan just fine, but when I work I need full concentration. Dr. Janelle is here for all of your medical needs. Now, lay back on the exam table while I work your cock. I get some alcohol and jerk your cock up and down, getting you hard and prepping you for your needles at the same time. I take more alcohol on my hands so that I can jerk your cock and your balls at the same time. Once they are both sterile, I get my little needles and start sticking them along the top layer of your cock. With each prick, I watch you gasp and moan. I can see that this makes you rock hard, which makes it much easier for me to continue pricking you with my needles. Your cock belongs to me, and I’m going to torture your cock until I can watch it squirt.

Cucks Watches Wife and Girlfriend Fucked by Bull

Small Cock Humiliation Phone SexYou are worthless and utterly disappointing. It is no wonder that both your girlfriend and your wife want to be fucked by another man. Your tiny cock couldn’t please one woman let alone two. It’s no wonder that you have to empty your bank account just to keep us around. We have needs, however, and we don’t mind getting a young bull to fulfill our desires. You can stay in the cuck corner and play with the peanut you call a cock and watch our pussies get obliterated by this BBC. Big, thick cocks are superior to your Vienna sausage. I’d rather eat your wife’s pussy while I bounce on this bull’s dick and have a real woman than rub your feminine clit. At least now I can smell her sweet cunt while my pussy is getting the hard fucking it needs. Your wife also loves getting that hard fucking while I suck on her beautiful tits. Is your cock throbbing? I can’t even tell.

Faggot Cumslut Recorded and Humiliated

Humiliation Phone SexLet’s make a movie, baby. I’ve got my camera, and you’ve got all those cocks force fucking you into oblivion. Your family, friends, boss, coworkers and everyone else you know will be able to watch this feature. Wouldn’t you like to have everyone you know watching you be a sissy whore, wearing your tiny little dresses and skirts, begging for a cock in your tight little ass? Oh, it would humiliate you for your mother to see you bounce from dick to dick? For your father to call another man Daddy as he cums all over your pretty little face? Your mouth is filled with two cocks,  so I’m going to assume that you want them to know. You want them to see how sick and perverted you are. You want them to call you a faggot slut with a cock addiction. You really are a nasty girl, aren’t you? I’m going to show everyone who you really are. Smile for the camera, baby.

Pathetic Husband Cucked By My Brother and His Own Father

Impregnation Phone SexYou are weak, pathetic and can’t fuck me right. That’s why I cheat on you every day and I don’t care if you ever find out. Your cock is too small to satisfy me, and you have no idea how to fuck me right anyway. I bet you have no idea that my brother has been stuffing my pussy with his massive cock since the night of our wedding. Yes, when you were done with your pathetic pumping, I went next door to my brother who fucked my brains out. Your father’s cock is pleasing my pussy more than yours ever has. Since he came over to stay with us, his creampie has been permanently in my pussy. I’ve even made you lick it off pretending it was my cum. Now, I’m pregnant and I have no idea whether my brother or your father is the baby daddy. One thing I know for sure is it’s not yours, and you’re such a loser that you’ll care for my love child anyway.

Sissy Fag Forced to Sniff Poppers

Forced Intoxication Phone SexI’ve made you  my bitch in more ways than one, and you can’t do anything about it. How did I do that? I have pictures of your sissy fag ass getting fucked hard by a variety of men, and I know that you don’t want all of these pictures to be sent to everyone you know. I might even post them online and turn you into an online whore. But, since you surrendered so quickly, I have the appropriate punishment for whores like you. You’re going to keep sniff poppers for my amusement. Once you get extremely fucked up, you’ll do anything I say. You might even become my sissy whore, fucking any man that comes to see you, no questions asked. But for right now, you’d better keep sniffing every poppers bottle that I give you. You have no choice. Do you want to be exposed and humiliated? I did not think so. Keep getting high so I can use you, sissy slut!

Cheer Sluts Publicly Humiliate Tiny Dick Simp

Cheerleader Phone Sex

S-L-U-T! That is what I love to be! C-U-C-K! That is all you’ll be today!

Hey there, you pathetic little Peeping Tom. You came up to a bunch of us cheerleaders after the big game and begged for a sniff of our panties, remember? You even paid us before we even gave you anything just for the hope that we’d let you get access to our underwear. We’ve dealt with panty lovers like you who stalk cheerleaders asking for panties and socks, begging one of us to give them to you, and later wanting to fuck us. Unluckily for you, we only have one rule in our cheer squad: No simp bitches will ever get between our legs! That’s why we invited you up to our hotel room and kept you waiting outside while we fucked the whole team. Your worthless ass is jerking your tiny cock in the hallway, looking in from the peep hole. I hope you brought some lube because that’s the only way you’re getting your cock wet tonight. I bet all the guests in the hotel are watching how ridiculous you look.

Be Daddy’s Good Little Cocksucker

Home Invasion Phone SexI do not care who you are. No one is allowed to disrespect me. That’s why I rounded up a bunch of my black, male friends and showed up at your house. You were eating dinner, blissfully unaware of what was about to happen. One of them got inside through an open window, and let the rest of us inside. Once we got in, we saw your eyes grow wide and your mouth gape. My friends and I are going to have fun with your sexy little mouth as they hold you down and rip your clothes off. I get my big, black strap-on and tell everyone to clear the way so I can use you first. I slide my cock down your throat slowly, pumping in and out of your mouth, making my cock wet. After a bit, I got behind and shoved that cock inside your tight little hole. You screamed, but your mouth wasn’t unoccupied for long as one of my friends filled your mouth with his cock. You’re about to learn the price for disrespecting me.

You are Addicted to My Pantyhose

Pantyhose Fetish Phone Sex

Your cock gets hard the instant I put on my stockings. All you can think about is how much you want to rub your cock on my nylon-covered legs. You’re a nasty little pervert, aren’t you? I bet you have been in my hamper, sniffing and licking my used nylons before they’re put in the wash. I’ve also noticed that some of them have gone missing. Let me guess: You have been cumming in them while you stand in my room. You are a nasty degenerate little slave. The only way you can be worthy of even touching my stockings is to continue to serve me. Rub my feet while I’m in my pantyhose. I bet you want to jerk your cock right now while you’re massaging me. If you do, you had better give me a good massage, or else I’ll put you in chastity and you won’t be able to cum until you’ve given me 50 more foot massages.