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You Can’t Touch Yourself When I Control Your Cock

Tease and Denial Phone Sex

Strapped to the St. Andrew’s Cross, you have absolutely no way of touching yourself. Your cock is getting so hard just looking at my sexy body in a see-through bra and panties. Just the view of my nipples and pussy are making you so horny. It is going to be so easy to break you. I like using a feather at first, applying the lightest of pressure to your nipples and your cock. You love the way the feather feels as I glide it over your body. I crouch down low, remove one of my tits out of my bra and rub your cock on my hard nipple. Doesn’t it feel nice to feel my nipple on the head of your cock? Doesn’t your cock feel like it is throbbing and you are about to explode all over my chest? I bet you want to cum on my face too. I let go of your cock right as you are about to cum. No one gets off before I do. You’re just going to have to be strapped up for much longer.

Tie My Tits and Use My Pussy

Bondage phone sex


You tie my tits and wrap a rope around them like they are your present. This is not too far off as you completely own me. I cannot do anything without you and it is impossible for me to get off without your guidance. I need you to play with my nipples when you tie them like this, twisting and rubbing them. This makes my clit so hard and you know exactly what to do with me when I get this horny. You take your cock and rub it against my pussy lips, making me moan and grind my hips so I can rub my clit against the head of your cock. Then, you tie my hands to the bed so I can’t move. You are going to use my body as a fuck toy so you can get off, which makes me so horny that I cum all over your cock. That only makes you fuck me harder. We are done when you say we’re done. 

Sexy Coed Fucks Half the School

Sexy college girl porn


I love fucking guys all over campus. From the professors to the athletes, I can never get enough. College is where I can be a slut and my parents will never know. I get to be a Daddy’s girl while I suck my professor’s cock to pass the class. I remember fucking one of my professors in a closet because we did not want to be caught alone with each other. I also remember getting gangbanged by half of the football team. They loved shoving their cocks inside my ass as one guy was trying to pound my pussy. So many cocks were shoved down my throat that the back of my throat became numb. By the time they were done with me, I was completely covered in cum. I wish I had been used even more by them and had become their little cum whore. My parents can’t know how much of a little whore I am. 

Hypnotizing You With My Sexy Breasts

Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex


I’m going to put you under my spell. Once you are completely under my control, I will use you to do my bidding. I’m going to use my body to hypnotize you. Look at my sexy tits as they bounce up and down in front of you. That’s right, pull out your cock and rub it to my beautiful tits. You know that by looking at them that you will lose all control, but you are too horny to care. Watch how I rub my nipples as I bounce them in your face. You are now falling deeper under my hypnosis. Now, watch me move my hands down to my pussy, spreading out my pussy lips so I can get to my clit and my fuck hole. Look at how I transition between rubbing my clit and fingering my pussy. Your cock is hard and throbbing. You cannot resist my influence. I want you to be mine forever, serving me and being my personal little bitch for the rest of your life. Don’t you agree? Good. Now, cum for me. 


Does Your Wife Know How Much Cock You Suck?

Blackmail phone sex


Does your wife know that you have been paying me so that I can pimp you out to big cocks? I’m sure she doesn’t know how much of a pathetic loser you are. Here’s another thing: did you know that I’ve been documenting your exploits this entire time? I have pictures and video of you fucking and sucking an array of cocks. You know what? I don’t think what you’re paying me is enough, especially with this extra work I have just done. You have to send more money now or else I will send this evidence to everyone that matters in your life. I bet you wish you didn’t give me all of your personal information now, don’t you? You were so cock hungry that you were willing to tell me anything for the chance to take a cock between your lips. Give me the money now or your wife and your boss will get these videos of you worshipping cock! 

Make Me Your Breedable Whore

Breeding Phone Sex

Can I let you in on a little secret? I love being bred. Every day I take cum loads in my pussy hoping to be bred by one of the many cocks that I fuck. Does that make me the biggest breeder whore in the world? Maybe. I just don’t care. I need to be impregnated and I’m going to ride as many cocks as I can to do so. I learned this new sex trick where I can milk the cock so that I can get every drop of cum out of a guy’s balls. Isn’t that amazing? Every time a guy comes inside me he has more of a chance of breeding my pussy. Now my pussy is filled with ten times more cum. I hope I get a positive pregnancy test soon so I know that a superior man’s cock has made me a fully bred whore. Say, are you horny? Do you want to fuck me raw and breed my pussy? I promise to squeeze every drop from your cock. 

Devil-Worshipper Priest Fucks My Ass Hard

Blasphemy Phone Sex


I was just fucked in the ass by a priest yesterday. Yes, a priest! A local church was having a food drive and I came there to help out. When I got there, I saw the priest who was older than me but still very tall and good looking. I am not a woman of God so I flirted with him while I was there, trying to lead him to sin. He finally stopped working when I grabbed his ass and whispered that we needed to go somewhere private. He takes me to his office and you do not believe what is there. This priest had a big Baphomet statue on his desk as well as other Satanic imagery. He told me that he didn’t give a fuck about God and that all he wanted to do was please his Master Satan by fuckigng as many women as possible. I take off my clothes and tell him to take me in the name of Satan. He bends me over, putting his cock inside of my tight ass. He tells me to scream “God is dead! Satan is my god now”. I moan it for him over and over, telling him that God is Satan’s bitch just like I am his. That sent him over the edge and he pounded my ass deeper and faster until he creamed inside of me. Who knew that a priest would be a devil worshipper who loves to fuck women in the ass?

Surrender to Me or You Can’t Cum

Cock control


I love having control over your cock. You can barely keep yourself from jerking yourself off when you see my sexy body in my tiny bikini. Too bad I do not give you permission to touch your cock. I take off my bikini top and push my breasts together, pinch my nipples and bounce them up and down in front of your face. You watch the way my breasts jiggle and are desperate for release but I decide to tie your hands behind your back so you can behave. Then I take off my bikini bottoms to reveal my beautiful pussy. I start playing with my pussy right in front of you, telling you to beg for release. You refuse to surrender so I take my breasts and rub them on the sides of your cock a bit. After that I straddle you and rub my pussy against your cock. This takes you over the edge and you beg for me to allow you to cum. I ride your cock hard and fast, making you cum hard in my pussy. I own your cock now.

I Licked Coke off a Guy’s Cock at a Party

Drugs Phone Sex


I am a party girl and I love to go to parties at big mansions with my girls so we can have a good time. This one time we end up at a rich guy’s house who is having a huge Halloween party. All the guys looked like studs and all the girls dressed like whore. We got inside and we saw a bunch of people dancing, doing jello shots, and, in one corner, a few people snorting some coke. We go over to the table and offer to let them snort some blow off our tits. They get a $100 bill and snort the coke off our tits. Afterwards, they let us have a hit of their coke and it made us so horny and ready to party. We danced on the dance floor, covered their cocks with coke and sucked it clean off, had them lick coke from our tits and let one very generous guy snort lines off all of our asses. What a fun night!

Forced Intox with a bit of Blackmail

Forced Intoxication Phone Sex


I have your whole life in my fingertips. Wow, you are such a pathetic cock hungry slut. I have video after video of you sucking cock in public places. Big cocks, small cocks, thick cocks, it did not matter to you. You are so cock hungry that you didn’t even want any money. You just love being a whore for free. Now, I am going to expose this footage to your friends, family and coworkers if you do not drink that alcohol. That’s right, keep drinking it. You don’t want me to expose your entire life now, don’t you? Keep taking more shots. That’s it. I want you to be completely drunk. Do not stop you faggot whore. You were too cock obsessed to keep your mouth off their cocks and now you’re under my command. Keep taking shots and drinking for me. Oh, you are completely intoxicated. I can see that you are so drunk that you need somebody to take care of you. Let me see what I can make you do.