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Fill My Pussy

big tit fuckingI love the way your hands squeeze my titties as I rub my Fucking clit fast making my pussy so fucking wet for you. I go down on my knees and grab your cock stroking it while I suck on your balls. I fit both balls in my mouth and stroke your cock at an even pace making you so fucking hard. I take your balls out of my mouth and lick all the way up your shaft. I look in your eyes as I take the tip in my mouth and watch your eyes roll to the back your head. I take you all in sucking that big fucking cock into my mouth bobbing my head up and down. I make sure that your cock is nice and fucking wet before I stand up. I lay down and let you crawl over top of me lining up your Cock with my tight wet pussy. I moan as you shove that hard thick cock into my so fucking fast and deep. You fuck my tight fucking pussy so fucking hard and cum all inside of me making my cunt full of your cum.

Cum In My Throat

cocksucking phone sexI met you at the bar tonight and I just knew that you were going to fuck me so fucking good tonight baby. I could see the huge fucking imprint of his thick fucking cock and I wanted it so fucking bad. My pussy was soaking fucking wet just thinking about his cock sliding in and out of my tight little hole. He drove me over to his house and I started taking off my little skirt and panties while he took off his pants. I laid on the bed with my head hanging off and opened my mouth practically begging for his fucking cock. He shoved it deep in my mouth, making me gag on his cock while my eyes watered. He pushed his cock in and out until he shoved it all the way in my mouth while leaning down to lick my little fucking pussy. I choked on his cock while he made me cum in his mouth. I watched him get up and pull me back on my knees and fucked my little face. He fucked my mouth harder than ever until he came all the way down my fucking throat.

Give me What I Want

phone sex fetishI love being a fucking freak, I love when you come over and give me exactly what I want. I invited you over for a little dinner and of course you wanted dessert first. Of course I was more than happy to hear that and when I saw you bring out the fucking whip cream I was so fucking ecstatic. You laid me down on the table and took off my sexy ass panties. You blind folded me and I felt the cold whip cream on my tities, stomach and eventually right on my fucking clit. I shivered when I felt the coldness on my clit and I was soaking wet. I felt you climb on top of me and start licking off all of the cold whip cream and it felt so fucking good. You made your way down my fucking stomach and it was so excited I could feel my pussy juices dripping down my fucking pussy. You got to my pussy and started circling around my clit making me arch my back and moan so fucking loud. I could feel you flicking your tongue in and out of my pussy while you pushed a finger right into my asshole. You were pumping your finger in and out of my asshole while your tongue was in and out of my pussy. I scream out as I came all over your face.

Let Me Ride You

big tits phone sexYou love the way my big tities and fat ass bounce ass you fuck me hard and so fucking fast. But first I need to make sure your are hard and ready for me. I get down on my knees in front of my floor length mirror and take out your bug fucking cock. You are so hard baby but let me make it nice and wet for you. I go down to suck on you balls and make sure to give them both a good suck. After that I lick from your balls up to your cock before going up and sucking all of your cock into my mouth. You love my pretty young mouth wrapped around your thick cock. I bob my head up and down while sucking hard and fast wanting to taste that hot sweet cum in my mouth. I make sure to squeeze your balls just a little bit to make you feel so fucking good. I wait until I feel your cock twitch in my mouth before sucking your cock like my fucking life depends on it. I can’t get enough of that hot sweet cum just filling my little fucking whore mouth. I love the way it shoots to the back of my fucking neck and drips down while I continue to suck until I get every single last drop.

Brother Fucking

incest phone sexI’ve always had the hots for my brother. He’s so fucking sexy and I just can’t help but get so fucking wet when I see him getting undressed. I couldn’t take it anymore. I was so fucking horny and masturbating wasn’t going to help, so I walked into his room while he had his huge fucking cock out. He was shocked and tried to cover up but I walked up and got on my knees and put him all in my mouth. He tasted so good and he didn’t try to stop me so I kept fucking going. I made sure his cock was so fucking wet before getting up and bending over right in front of his thick fucking cock. I needed this so fucking bad and I could tell he did too. He asked if I was sure and to answer him I grabbed his cock and stuck it right inside me. God it felt so fucking good to have my brother fuck me like a little fucking whore begging for some dick. You smacked my ass while you pounded right into me good and hard making me scream. Thank god mom and daddy weren’t here. You started to choke me as you were getting close and so was I. You sped up and started fucking me so fucking hard that I couldn’t help but cum all over. You tried to pull out but I wanted to feel you filling me up so I grabbed you and you came all inside of me.

Leaning Her Lesson

biggest cum shotI invited you over to teach my little brat how to respect men because she’s been so bitchy to the fucking men I bring over. I think she’s jealous so I called you. I told her to go to her room and waited for you to get here. When you got here I could already see the bulge in your pants, probably from the pictures I sent to you. I walked you up to her room and that little bitch was in there rubbing her little fucking clit while watching porn. You walk up to her and flip her over and start smacking her tight little fucking round ass while I get undressed. My pussy was so wet watching you treat that little whore like she should be. I watched as you slipped 2 fingers into her little fucking cunt and I walked over and put her little mouth over my pussy. I made her eat me out while you stuck your cock in my mouth letting m get it all fucking wet and ready for her tight little cunt. I made sure to get your cock slobbery wet before you took it out and spread her little ass cheeks to see both of her tight holes. I watched you shove your cock into her already wet cunt and forced her to continue licking my pussy while you fucked her so fucking rough. I told you to cum inside her so she can be your little breeding whore while she screamed on my pussy. I watched you cum inside her while I came on her mouth and laughed at her.

BBC Just For Me

black cock phone sexI have a big ass and big tits just for you baby. I know your hard 9” thick black cock is ready to be shoved into my tight little fucking pussy. I saw you looking at me tonight and I new you followed me outside and when I whispered my address into your ear I saw the big bulge in your fucking pants making my pussy wetter than it already was. I was already naked by the time you got to my house and when you came in you wasted no time taking off those pants while I got down on my knees for you. I grabbed your thick cock with my hand and started jerking your off while I sucked on your big balls. I licked from your balls all the way to the tip of your cock before taking your huge fucking cock into my mouth. I gagged as I fit the whole fucking cock down my throat. You grabbed my hair and pulled me up bending me over the end of my couch with my fat round ass up in the air. You smack my ass before ramming your thick fucking cock right into my tight fucking cunt. You fuck me hard and fast until I cum all over your cock. I tell you to fill my little pussy all the way up and you do just that.

Sweet Cum on my Titties

big tits phone sexI know that I have nice big tits and a sweet juicy round ass for you to just grab and fuck whenever you fucking want. I let you take me home after classes today because you just couldn’t take your eyes off of my fucking tits. I’m not mad though I mean no one can resist them. We got in your room and you tried to be a sweet gentleman but that isn’t what I came here for. I got right down on my knees and pulled out your huge thick fucking cock, just thick enough so that my hands fit around it perfectly. I licked from your balls all the way up to the tip of your cock making you moan and throw your head back. I sucked and licked every part of your cock making it dripping wet before getting up and bending right in front of your mirror. Your mirror was just big enough so that when you fuck me you can see my nice full titties rock back and forth with each thrust. You fucked me good and hard until you were going to cum and so I got down on my knees again and pumped your cock with my hand until you came all over my big titties.

Own my Pussy

wet bald pussyYou cant get enough of my tight wet pussy and I definitely cant get enough of your hard thick cock. You have me handcuffed to the fucking bed with my legs spread apart. I feel your breath hitting my pussy immediately getting me wet. You dive in with your tongue rubbing my clit with your nose making me gasp and moan while arching my back. When you finished drinking up all of my fucking cum you got up and put your cock in my mouth, fucking my face hard while telling me that you own me and my pussy. I fucking love it! Once you’ve had enough of my fucking whore mouth you go down to claim my pussy and I am begging for your cock. I need it so fucking bad! You waste no time in giving me what I want and you fucked me so fucking good and hard. It felt so fucking good to be used by your cock as your personal little fuck doll. You told me you were going to make me your breeding whore so no other man can have me and I never said no. I loved the feeling of your hot cum filling me up while you fuck me as hard as you can.

Blackmail Brother

biggest cum shotI got home late from a party last night and my brother was waiting up for me. As soon as I walked in he took a picture of me and laughed. I tried to take the phone away but he just held it higher until we were face to face and our lips almost touching. I asked him what he wanted and he said me. I asked what he meant, and he just ripped my clothes off and cupped my bald wet pussy. I was already wet just thinking about my brother bending me over our kitchen table where our entire family ate dinner together. I told him to take what he wanted, and he sure fucking did. He shoved me face down into the table while he thrust his big fucking cock into my tight wet cunt. He fucked me so fucking good on that table and pulled out to dump his huge load all over my face.

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