Cheer Sluts Publicly Humiliate Tiny Dick Simp

Cheerleader Phone Sex

S-L-U-T! That is what I love to be! C-U-C-K! That is all you’ll be today!

Hey there, you pathetic little Peeping Tom. You came up to a bunch of us cheerleaders after the big game and begged for a sniff of our panties, remember? You even paid us before we even gave you anything just for the hope that we’d let you get access to our underwear. We’ve dealt with panty lovers like you who stalk cheerleaders asking for panties and socks, begging one of us to give them to you, and later wanting to fuck us. Unluckily for you, we only have one rule in our cheer squad: No simp bitches will ever get between our legs! That’s why we invited you up to our hotel room and kept you waiting outside while we fucked the whole team. Your worthless ass is jerking your tiny cock in the hallway, looking in from the peep hole. I hope you brought some lube because that’s the only way you’re getting your cock wet tonight. I bet all the guests in the hotel are watching how ridiculous you look.

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