Hello, My name is Janelle. And I am the Fun you have always dreamed of! Life is meant to be lived to the extreme! And Extreme is how I like everything. I realized a long time ago that I deserve the finer things in life. It starts when I slip on my Dolce & Gabbana panties. My pussy gets so wet! By the time I slip on my Louis Vuitton stilettos, I am ready to explode! I have to look Fantastic! I work at a VERY exclusive gentleman’s club. The headliner actually! When those lights go on and I walk on to that stage I feel like a million dollars. I was MADE to be on stage! The pulsating pounding music as I do my routine. As I get every cock in the room throbbing hard just for me. It drives me right over the edge and makes me cum so hard inside my expensive lace panties. Right before I slip them off of course, then the bidding war starts. The guys begging to buy my expensive cum filled panties. They can’t give me money fast enough! Money and cum is the BEST way to start a night… But it isn’t over by FAR. Now that I am on Fire it’s time to pick who gets to fuck me first. Of course, money isn’t the only criteria. I mean I need to be wined, dined, and gifted of course. But you have to have a nice fat cock to finish off the deal. I do expect a pussy pounding, rock-hard, juice-filled cock to drain every drop of his cum deep inside my tight, hot, perfect pussy! There is a reason I can pick who gets to fuck me. I am the nastiest, hardcore, ball-draining, cock sucking, ass licking, fucking freak you have ever dreamed of. After all… you get what you pay for!

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    • Dave on August 20, 2021 at 8:39 PM
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    you’re a sexy slut

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