Domme Doctor Loves Pricking Your Prick With Needles

Medical Fetish Phone SexMy favorite kind of victims are the ones that don’t talk. I can hear you moan just fine, but when I work I need full concentration. Dr. Janelle is here for all of your medical needs. Now, lay back on the exam table while I work your cock. I get some alcohol and jerk your cock up and down, getting you hard and prepping you for your needles at the same time. I take more alcohol on my hands so that I can jerk your cock and your balls at the same time. Once they are both sterile, I get my little needles and start sticking them along the top layer of your cock. With each prick, I watch you gasp and moan. I can see that this makes you rock hard, which makes it much easier for me to continue pricking you with my needles. Your cock belongs to me, and I’m going to torture your cock until I can watch it squirt.

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