Pathetic Husband Cucked By My Brother and His Own Father

Impregnation Phone SexYou are weak, pathetic and can’t fuck me right. That’s why I cheat on you every day and I don’t care if you ever find out. Your cock is too small to satisfy me, and you have no idea how to fuck me right anyway. I bet you have no idea that my brother has been stuffing my pussy with his massive cock since the night of our wedding. Yes, when you were done with your pathetic pumping, I went next door to my brother who fucked my brains out. Your father’s cock is pleasing my pussy more than yours ever has. Since he came over to stay with us, his creampie has been permanently in my pussy. I’ve even made you lick it off pretending it was my cum. Now, I’m pregnant and I have no idea whether my brother or your father is the baby daddy. One thing I know for sure is it’s not yours, and you’re such a loser that you’ll care for my love child anyway.

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