Be Daddy’s Good Little Cocksucker

Home Invasion Phone SexI do not care who you are. No one is allowed to disrespect me. That’s why I rounded up a bunch of my black, male friends and showed up at your house. You were eating dinner, blissfully unaware of what was about to happen. One of them got inside through an open window, and let the rest of us inside. Once we got in, we saw your eyes grow wide and your mouth gape. My friends and I are going to have fun with your sexy little mouth as they hold you down and rip your clothes off. I get my big, black strap-on and tell everyone to clear the way so I can use you first. I slide my cock down your throat slowly, pumping in and out of your mouth, making my cock wet. After a bit, I got behind and shoved that cock inside your tight little hole. You screamed, but your mouth wasn’t unoccupied for long as one of my friends filled your mouth with his cock. You’re about to learn the price for disrespecting me.

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