Footjobs Make You Squirt

Foot Fetish Phone SexHave you ever notice how beautiful my feet are? From my heels, to the arch, all the way to my toes my feet look gorgeous. Come over here and kiss my toes. Get on your hands and knees and worship my toes. Show some respect to the feet of your dreams. Now, I want to have some fun with you. Pull your pants down and take out your cock. Use some lube and jerk off to my feet. You do want to cover my long toes and perfect arches with your cum, don’t you? Pump your dick hard, emptying your balls out on my pretty feet. I can see your cock quivering in anticipation. Why don’t you let me take over? I’ll rub your cock and balls with my feet, giving you a sensual foot job. I’ll use one foot to rub the head of  your cock while the other one explores the entire length of your cock. I see that you can barely contain your cum. Don’t torture yourself. Squirt your cum right on my toes.

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