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I Found You A New Little Breeding Bride

Age Play Phone Sex

Good thing you came to me for my special connections I’ve found just the young fresh meat you’re looking for. Untouched, fertile, only one-year a bleeder. Perfect to start that no-limit family that lives to serve daddy. She’s a shy one and easy to break should you have an issue. Just in case why don’t you let me stick around so I can watch you take your purchase for a little test drive? I’m happy to assist while I undress her out of her soft satin gown. Watching you grow as I kiss down that slender flat body. Still small enough for me to carry over in the bed where you await us. As you jack your cock I get between those soft pale thighs licking that young bald cunt. Getting her nice and wet for your excited cock. Ready to pop her red little cherry to declare your claim forever as her true husband? Come on now, come claim your bride. 

Why I Love CBT Phone Sex

CBT Phone Sex

Let’s take a moment to discuss CBT phone sex, why I love it and how you can utilize simple items for a great ball-crushing time. The why I love it part is easy, I’m a sadist I get off on your pain. Gives me a little happy high when I hear you whimper after being bludgeoned in the testicles. Really fuels that sadism inside me. The best part is if you really enjoy cock and ball torture you can use a lot of different items easily found around any home. 

My favorite is using a thick hardback book. So you can open it to the middle and…well I’m sure you see where I going with that one. If you can’t then I’m happy to help figure it out. Other things like spatulas, hairbrushes, hammers (if you are brave), and clothes pins. The list can go on and on some more dangerous than others. My goal is to have you shredding tears, with your sack black and blue while I enjoy the pleasure of your pain.

Hot Hook-Up Blows The Biggest Cum Shot

Biggest cum shot

Had a craving to just be fucking nailed. My pussy was constantly reminding me it had been just a few days since I last got really plowed. My panties were getting soaked as all day I couldn’t stop picturing cock. Picturing myself sucking on a fat mushroom head while my hands pumped his shaft giving me a little taste of that pre-cum. Then I started just craving the taste of cum if I wasn’t already turned on enough. It was late so I put on a mini-skirt and a little halter and hit up the closest bar I could find. Betting on there being a horny man who was avoiding the mundane journey home alone. I had a few options but ultimately set my sights on the older gentleman on the end that kept having to adjust his pants. He’d been staring at my rack the moment I walk in, and was clearly having a hard time hiding his massive boner. I saw the wedding band but that didn’t matter to me. I’ve fucked enough married men to know that ring only means something if he wasn’t holed up in a bar on a Monday night. 

I came on pretty strong making it very clear if he left with me he would be getting between my soft pale thighs in a matter of moments. Like a dog to a bone, he followed me out immediately so I pulled him into my back seat. Pulling his cock out, and started bobbing my head up and down his cock. Got it warm and wet before climbing on top of him to start bouncing on top of that hard 9 incher throbbing inside me. Letting my tits bounce out of my top as he grabbed me all over moaning and begging me never to stop. I could tell as his body tensed more and more he was getting close, so I slide off him and started jacking him off all over my tits. Letting out a howl as he blew the biggest cum shot I’d ever seen all over my tits.

The Dark-side with Isis

Snuff phone sex

The word taboo covers a large range because so many of us have a variety of what is taboo to us. Some are certainly more deviant in thought than others, those like myself. I hear taboo and think that’s just a good time. I’ve been called every name in the book by those that can’t even fathom doing the acts that I do. Everything from a witch, sinner, slut, bitch, and even my favorite a godless whore. None of those descriptions about me are wrong, I’m all those things and more. I lure men to explore their dark taboo thoughts and desires. Getting off on the idea of turning a saint into a sinner in a matter of moments. Even good boys can do really bad things when pushed with little motivation. So what is the evil inside you that gets you so turned on? Come on, tell me.

Dad Chats With Me While I Babysit His Sluts

Babysitter phone sex

I love naughty pervert fathers that don’t even bother to hide how much they want to fuck their own daughters. I was babysitting for this dad who wanted me to watch his two young girls while he had to be stuck at work all day. He was very reluctant to leave the house and I soon learned why. Turns out that when he gets them for his visitation he enjoys every bit of them that he can, it’s a bit sweet if it wasn’t so wrong. Hell if it wasn’t wrong it probably wouldn’t be near as fun though. I found it odd that the two girls were very affectionate with one another given their ages kind of assumed the little one would really aggravate her older teen sister but not at all. 

They would hug and kiss each other, at one point I walked out of the room and came back to the older one giving her little sister a topless massage. Then my phone lit up, it was their dear old dad asking me to send him a picture of what they were doing. Knowing full well there was probably a nanny cam somewhere it was in my best interest to send what they were currently doing. Waiting a few moments as I wondered if I would get in trouble soon enough my phone dings again. “Tell them they are good girls, and daddy is growing real big for them” followed up with a picture of his cock. I smiled, relieved, and turned on I walked up to the girl to show them how happy they made their daddy. They giggled and started making out right in front of me begging me to send daddy a video of them playing together. Telling me “daddy can’t cum without us playing with our little pussies for him.” grinning it didn’t take much for them to convince me to do any of that. In fact, I took great pleasure in hoping these little sluts make something beautiful for their daddy. Since he was stuck at work jacking off in a boring office was the least we could do for him. 

You Love When Your Wife Queens You

Cuckolding Phone Sex

I’m not surprised to see you here, she did tell you to report to me for some cuckolding phone sex didn’t she? Your wife has been telling me all your dirty secrets about how now that she’s hit her sexual peak your old man dick just isn’t what she needs anymore. She’s got young bulls coming in and out of your house. Those tutoring ads she’s been putting up all over the neighborhood is just her luring those young hard cocks to her. The best part is you know all about it, cause you perv from the corner jacking off while her hairy pussy turns those boys into men! That’s not the end of your juicy little secret bedroom escapades though is it? Of course not cause you are too much of a pervert to just finish and be done with it. You like when she sits on your face like a throne and drips that youthful cum into your mouth. It’s only a matter of time before she’s going to make you get your cum right from the source, isn’t it? I’ve been giving her tips on how to make that happen to make you the absolute subby cuck husband in the bedroom. Maybe you want some tips on how to prepare for the inevitable? If so I’ll tell you all you need to know, I promise.

Letting The Voyeur Perv Lurking Outside Watch

Voyeur Phone SexObviously, I’m the type of girl that when I get horny, and my pussy is screaming for a big dick. I know how to go out and get it. Turns out I have a neighbor who is also seemingly aware of my habits. He knows when he sees me leave the house in a little fuck me outfit that in just a couple of hours I’m going to be bringing a guy back to my place. I’ve known he’s been spying on me for a while, this time I decided to let him know that I know all about his voyeuristic tendencies. 

My black curtains are sheer so if your right up to my window you can definitely see in, and I also can see the silhouette of you spying in. So I know he’s been coming up every time and jacking it outside my window enjoying the show. This time however I pulled the curtains wide open so there would be no obstacle in his way to enjoying the show. I brought my stud into my room and we got to it quickly. Sucking him off, licking his balls, and even riding his face before riding his cock. And as I lowered myself down on his huge fat dick, I looked right at the window and smiled at my peeping neighbor. Letting him know right there I knew it was him jizzing on the side of my place all this time. 

Truthfully I’m completely satisfied with this arrangement. I like to be watched and he very obviously likes to watch. It’s a win-win and it almost feels like I’m cucking him, cause I bet he is just dying to get between my legs himself. Maybe I might let him at least once, we’ll see.


I’ll Make You Addicted To Wet Bald Pussy

Wet bald pussy

Come on in, I got some little sluts now that are just about ready to face their graduation. You could be the perfect volunteer to break them in for me. You don’t have to hide it, I know you’re eager to get the rock-hard pecker into a tiny wet bald pussy. Just be warned once you get a taste just once, you are going to want to be back again and again for me. Addicted to a new drug, of fresh pink pussies. Ready to take the chance? Trust me this isn’t one of those I’ll just try it once situation. 

Well, here they are take your pick, although I have a feeling you are going to be sampling more than one little fuck slut here. Oh, good choice baby, she was the hardest one to break. Such a wild spirit I imagine we can expect a bit of a fight even still. Don’t you worry about that, I’m going to hold over her legs and let you get between them. Start licking that virgin cunt, delicious isn’t it? Getting it nice and wet, she’s not going to relax very much so you are going to have to force it in there. Make the little slut really take it. I mean once you get the head in it’s going to be so hard not to blow with how fucking tight she is. The point of no return, that’s right force it in! Ha! Yeah, I certainly don’t think you are going to be able to stop at this point, your going to be back for so much more! 

Sniff, Sniff, Sniff, You love it!

Panty Boy Phone Sex

Oh, panty boy! It’s time to get on your knees and pull down these tight shorts and see what delights wait underneath! Mmm, yea just like that slide them down and check out my new rouge satin panties. Go ahead take a sniff right at my crotch! Hell yeah, I’m wet, I was just fucked so my panties are getting soaked from all the juices draining out of me. Even my clit is still swelled up, maybe if you let me ride your face I can squirt all over it. You would like that wouldn’t you panty boy?

Lick the front of my panties, and see how much of the fuck juice you can taste through the fabric. That is getting your cock rock hard I can tell. Can’t blame you, now use that mouth of yours and pull these wet panties off of me! I’m just aching to ride your face until I cum all over it. Drape those wet panties over your cock while you jack off to this cum-filled cunt rubbing against your mouth as I rub one out on your face. Mmm so fucking good, swallow everything that gets into your mouth. That’s a good boy, now fill those panties with some cum! I want to see you cum all inside them while I squirt on your face.

Sadistic Sacrifice

Blasphemy Phone Sex

I’m not the religious type but sometimes when someone just calls me a “witch” I feel like I must show them what a real witch is. Well, at least the type they are implying. So what I got caught fucking her husband. Was the name-calling necessary Mrs. Prude of 2022? Guess really I can’t ask you at this point, now that you are nothing but burnt flesh and ashes before me. Generally, I’m cool as a cucumber but something in me just snapped hearing you call me that word. Like of all the things to call me, you assumed I had to resort to black magic to seduce your husband. Please, he just wanted to play with a tight young cunt. However, since you insisted on it. 

I broke into your house, tied you up, and fucked your husband while he was under my “spell” then as a special little treat I craved my name into his chest with a small blade. As you screamed and cried, begging him to “snap out of it”. I almost fell off his cock laughing when he told you to stop up and confessed all his affairs to you. He’d been cheating way before this harlot got on top of his cock. You went as pale as a ghost if I had a soul guess I would have cared. Lucky for me I guess that I don’t. Once I got him to spill his seed into my “witchy” cunt, I dragged you outside. Drizzled some lighter fluid on you and watched you burn up with the firewood. Mmm warm and toasty. Maybe if you weren’t so high and mighty I wouldn’t have felt compelled to sacrifice you to the night. Who knows maybe I would have just done it anyways, after all, it was a Tuesday.