Hot Hook-Up Blows The Biggest Cum Shot

Biggest cum shot

Had a craving to just be fucking nailed. My pussy was constantly reminding me it had been just a few days since I last got really plowed. My panties were getting soaked as all day I couldn’t stop picturing cock. Picturing myself sucking on a fat mushroom head while my hands pumped his shaft giving me a little taste of that pre-cum. Then I started just craving the taste of cum if I wasn’t already turned on enough. It was late so I put on a mini-skirt and a little halter and hit up the closest bar I could find. Betting on there being a horny man who was avoiding the mundane journey home alone. I had a few options but ultimately set my sights on the older gentleman on the end that kept having to adjust his pants. He’d been staring at my rack the moment I walk in, and was clearly having a hard time hiding his massive boner. I saw the wedding band but that didn’t matter to me. I’ve fucked enough married men to know that ring only means something if he wasn’t holed up in a bar on a Monday night. 

I came on pretty strong making it very clear if he left with me he would be getting between my soft pale thighs in a matter of moments. Like a dog to a bone, he followed me out immediately so I pulled him into my back seat. Pulling his cock out, and started bobbing my head up and down his cock. Got it warm and wet before climbing on top of him to start bouncing on top of that hard 9 incher throbbing inside me. Letting my tits bounce out of my top as he grabbed me all over moaning and begging me never to stop. I could tell as his body tensed more and more he was getting close, so I slide off him and started jacking him off all over my tits. Letting out a howl as he blew the biggest cum shot I’d ever seen all over my tits.

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