Dad Chats With Me While I Babysit His Sluts

Babysitter phone sex

I love naughty pervert fathers that don’t even bother to hide how much they want to fuck their own daughters. I was babysitting for this dad who wanted me to watch his two young girls while he had to be stuck at work all day. He was very reluctant to leave the house and I soon learned why. Turns out that when he gets them for his visitation he enjoys every bit of them that he can, it’s a bit sweet if it wasn’t so wrong. Hell if it wasn’t wrong it probably wouldn’t be near as fun though. I found it odd that the two girls were very affectionate with one another given their ages kind of assumed the little one would really aggravate her older teen sister but not at all. 

They would hug and kiss each other, at one point I walked out of the room and came back to the older one giving her little sister a topless massage. Then my phone lit up, it was their dear old dad asking me to send him a picture of what they were doing. Knowing full well there was probably a nanny cam somewhere it was in my best interest to send what they were currently doing. Waiting a few moments as I wondered if I would get in trouble soon enough my phone dings again. “Tell them they are good girls, and daddy is growing real big for them” followed up with a picture of his cock. I smiled, relieved, and turned on I walked up to the girl to show them how happy they made their daddy. They giggled and started making out right in front of me begging me to send daddy a video of them playing together. Telling me “daddy can’t cum without us playing with our little pussies for him.” grinning it didn’t take much for them to convince me to do any of that. In fact, I took great pleasure in hoping these little sluts make something beautiful for their daddy. Since he was stuck at work jacking off in a boring office was the least we could do for him. 

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