Sadistic Sacrifice

Blasphemy Phone Sex

I’m not the religious type but sometimes when someone just calls me a “witch” I feel like I must show them what a real witch is. Well, at least the type they are implying. So what I got caught fucking her husband. Was the name-calling necessary Mrs. Prude of 2022? Guess really I can’t ask you at this point, now that you are nothing but burnt flesh and ashes before me. Generally, I’m cool as a cucumber but something in me just snapped hearing you call me that word. Like of all the things to call me, you assumed I had to resort to black magic to seduce your husband. Please, he just wanted to play with a tight young cunt. However, since you insisted on it. 

I broke into your house, tied you up, and fucked your husband while he was under my “spell” then as a special little treat I craved my name into his chest with a small blade. As you screamed and cried, begging him to “snap out of it”. I almost fell off his cock laughing when he told you to stop up and confessed all his affairs to you. He’d been cheating way before this harlot got on top of his cock. You went as pale as a ghost if I had a soul guess I would have cared. Lucky for me I guess that I don’t. Once I got him to spill his seed into my “witchy” cunt, I dragged you outside. Drizzled some lighter fluid on you and watched you burn up with the firewood. Mmm warm and toasty. Maybe if you weren’t so high and mighty I wouldn’t have felt compelled to sacrifice you to the night. Who knows maybe I would have just done it anyways, after all, it was a Tuesday.

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