Sniff, Sniff, Sniff, You love it!

Panty Boy Phone Sex

Oh, panty boy! It’s time to get on your knees and pull down these tight shorts and see what delights wait underneath! Mmm, yea just like that slide them down and check out my new rouge satin panties. Go ahead take a sniff right at my crotch! Hell yeah, I’m wet, I was just fucked so my panties are getting soaked from all the juices draining out of me. Even my clit is still swelled up, maybe if you let me ride your face I can squirt all over it. You would like that wouldn’t you panty boy?

Lick the front of my panties, and see how much of the fuck juice you can taste through the fabric. That is getting your cock rock hard I can tell. Can’t blame you, now use that mouth of yours and pull these wet panties off of me! I’m just aching to ride your face until I cum all over it. Drape those wet panties over your cock while you jack off to this cum-filled cunt rubbing against your mouth as I rub one out on your face. Mmm so fucking good, swallow everything that gets into your mouth. That’s a good boy, now fill those panties with some cum! I want to see you cum all inside them while I squirt on your face.

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