The Dark-side with Isis

Snuff phone sex

The word taboo covers a large range because so many of us have a variety of what is taboo to us. Some are certainly more deviant in thought than others, those like myself. I hear taboo and think that’s just a good time. I’ve been called every name in the book by those that can’t even fathom doing the acts that I do. Everything from a witch, sinner, slut, bitch, and even my favorite a godless whore. None of those descriptions about me are wrong, I’m all those things and more. I lure men to explore their dark taboo thoughts and desires. Getting off on the idea of turning a saint into a sinner in a matter of moments. Even good boys can do really bad things when pushed with little motivation. So what is the evil inside you that gets you so turned on? Come on, tell me.

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