You Love When Your Wife Queens You

Cuckolding Phone Sex

I’m not surprised to see you here, she did tell you to report to me for some cuckolding phone sex didn’t she? Your wife has been telling me all your dirty secrets about how now that she’s hit her sexual peak your old man dick just isn’t what she needs anymore. She’s got young bulls coming in and out of your house. Those tutoring ads she’s been putting up all over the neighborhood is just her luring those young hard cocks to her. The best part is you know all about it, cause you perv from the corner jacking off while her hairy pussy turns those boys into men! That’s not the end of your juicy little secret bedroom escapades though is it? Of course not cause you are too much of a pervert to just finish and be done with it. You like when she sits on your face like a throne and drips that youthful cum into your mouth. It’s only a matter of time before she’s going to make you get your cum right from the source, isn’t it? I’ve been giving her tips on how to make that happen to make you the absolute subby cuck husband in the bedroom. Maybe you want some tips on how to prepare for the inevitable? If so I’ll tell you all you need to know, I promise.

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