I Found You A New Little Breeding Bride

Age Play Phone Sex

Good thing you came to me for my special connections I’ve found just the young fresh meat you’re looking for. Untouched, fertile, only one-year a bleeder. Perfect to start that no-limit family that lives to serve daddy. She’s a shy one and easy to break should you have an issue. Just in case why don’t you let me stick around so I can watch you take your purchase for a little test drive? I’m happy to assist while I undress her out of her soft satin gown. Watching you grow as I kiss down that slender flat body. Still small enough for me to carry over in the bed where you await us. As you jack your cock I get between those soft pale thighs licking that young bald cunt. Getting her nice and wet for your excited cock. Ready to pop her red little cherry to declare your claim forever as her true husband? Come on now, come claim your bride. 

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