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Accomplice Phone Sex Breeding Party

I greatly enjoy Accomplice phone sex calls and roleplays. Making my young daughter a total slutkin, Emily Jasmine take that daddy cock and impregnate her tiny body is super fucking hot. That bald tight little pussy spread around that big breeder tool of a daddy cock.

I love to assist and lick her sweet little bald slit and get her nice and wet. I trained little Emily to love cum and to suck cock. It’s due time she gets training for the breeding of that tight little body of hers.

I would love to see her impregnated by your fertile seed and then pump my daughters fresh cunt juices right into my pussy as you work on breeding me as well. This will be one hell of a sexy hot orgy and breeding party.

Accomplice phone sex

Perverted Age Play Phone Sex

 Age Play Phone Sex is a naughty perversion with me, a teen mommy of a slutkin named Emily. I’m such a naughty slut mommy. I party and play with my young daughters puss all day long. She licks my pussy and loves to taste cum in my naughty whore cunt.

Grinding on my slutkins mouth is the best way to wake up. Emily is my porn star in the making and a good girl. We will get on some cock together and she loves it. Licking those balls dripping with mommy’s cunt juices really makes her giggle in pleasure. Emily Jasmine is a true cum slut.

I could not enjoy a day without exploiting her to perverts. In fact she does a great job putting herself Out there for the perverts to get worked up. Personally I do love to take lots of dick and ! sure hope to become knocked up soon!

Maybe you want to practice knocking up my slutkin and mommy on the same go?

Age Play Phone Sex


Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex

This is the best fun for us, and I know you will also enjoy Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex with me. I’m that young mommy that’s always got guys coming and going. Many look well off and old enough to be my dad. At first you may have thought my father. But you keep watch and you really see many different men.

Then you realize how some park down the block, come with a taxi or even an uber. That’s when you need to find out for yourself. You stop one of the guys asking if I was really as great a piece of ass as you have heard. They get all happy and tell you hey go get it. That my daughter and I were not to be missed. He rushed off quickly and you just had to come to my door.

Little Emily was smiling and wearing a little robe. She said look mommy Mr. D from next door is here! Do we actually get to finally play with him?!

This is were you come in…

Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex

Cum Slut Phone Sex Anything Goes

My daughter is a real naughty Cum Slut Phone Sex slutkin. When I say Anything goes there really is not a thing we would say no to in this fantasy world of kink.

Last night i woke up to my little cum sucker lapping at my pussy. I had a lover over and had been fucking loudly all night. He had left and I was passed out and exhausted from such a great night of fucking. Well little miss cum slut wanted in on some of my dirty ways. SO she just crawled into my bed and started to lap up the goo left in my pussy.

Understandably she was a little upset with me for not bringing her in. Sometimes a mommy needs the cock to herself but she is always welcome to the treats they leave. We do enjoy each other so much and sharing cocks together is just so much fun.

Cum Slut Phone Sex

MILF Phone Sex Perversions

MILF phone sex is a perverse kind of thing I love. I am a teen mommy and have a sweet assed little whipper snapper named Emily Jasmine. She is truly as slutty as her mama, and that’s me! Guys think she’s my little sister all the time, and it’s kind of hot thinking about the whole sister fucking thing too. 

Honestly I love the p-mommy role most of all! A young naughty mama that uses the fresh fuck meat of my daughter to make a bit of weed cash. Well, it’s for more than just weed. lol/ My young slutkin is a true cock sucking whore and ass licker too! Guys love to have fun with the two of us and I cannot blame them!

SO like the next time you find yourself wanting to get really taboo and discuss some strictly filthy ideas you are having about young girls, then ring us up and we will moan you into a filthy fucking cum explosion. “til then Ciao!

MILF Phone Sex

Party Girls Phone Sex Pussy Patrol!

The power of the Hour is cocaine and Pussy! Get on and get off with the Hot Party Girls Phone Sex fun you crave. SO that’s my weekend announcement getting spun and fucked like mad with sweet sex pot Emily. Mommy and slutkin are the greatest sex duo for cumming with.

Daddy comes home and needs that sweet little heart shaped mouth sucking his big hard cock. Daddy works hard and deserves this. I have had to move back to my dad’s place and well he gets to enjoy Emily the same way he enjoyed me so long ago. This isn’t my bio daddy he is a friend of the family that used to spoil me. He would pick me up from school and take me shopping. I earned it all so well too. In fact he is Emily’s daddy and it’s our secret.

I had a little issue with my house mates and had to go ask Daddy D if we could stay. He was actually super excited and broke out his eight ball so we could have some fun. He is great but sometimes he is so possessive and wants Emily to himself! Let’s sneak away and party together!

Party Girls Phone Sex


Roleplay Phone Sex for Tight Holes

Let’s talk about some Roleplay Phone Sex possibilities, can we? I know you crave the tight Jasmin pussy and my little girl loves that pea pod. So it’s essentially super hot to have some kinky roleplay phonesex calls with perverts. We can talk all about the tight sweet holes on Emily Jasmin. She is my daughter and my way to make great money.

You may not reallize how many guys love to play with a young daughter and young mommy together. It’s super hot and popular. I love to party and get my little young princess to be just like me. She smokes weed and drinks with me. I even put cocaine on her holes and in her nose. She is such a little tease and whore.

Mommy and Emily Jasmin need to make rent for the new month! What can we work out big daddy? Do you have any ideas on what you would pay for this bald pussy or butthole? Or maybe to have a mommy and daughter share your cock? We promise to snowball your cum!

Roleplay phone sex

Drugs Phone Sex for Rent Payment!

The craving is real. Young dumb and full of cum is real. A hot piece of party girl ass makes Drugs phone sex a blast. I want load after load of hot jizz blasted in my pussy and ass. What could be hotter than giving my slutkin Emily Jasmine up for some hot fucking perv dicks too.

Train her with me. We will train her holes to take cock. The best part is training her to be a waddling jailbait mama. Yeah! I want to see what it would be like to be preggers with my slutty mini me. Mommy and daughter knocked the fuck up! Party!!!!

Cum blasts for all holes! Let’s fuck! I know the idea has your cock raging hard right now if you are a true pervert of my type. We can get wasted together and fuck. The secret though…. I am super fucking broke and know I can make bank off of offering up this little slut of mine.

Who ever bids the highest and pays gets dibs. You can fuck both of us even!

Drugs phone sex

Mama’s Cum Slut Phone Sex Mini

Training my little slut to be a cum dumpster is why I now advertise her for Cum slut phone sex fun. I trained her on jizz, and now she can suck the goo from your balls directly. Yeah, when she was a wee girl, she got cummies in her bottle. Sometimes my male friends gave her cummies why she slept, right on her little lips. I have even breast fed her with a guy cumming on my nips as she sucked… so yeah that was in her mouth too!

Later I even let her have eggnog laced with semen. I loved that, watching her suck it all out of the bottle. Was super exciting for the guy that jazzed for her especially! We were doing blow and drinking. Just knowing that sweet ass of hers would be rose budded really soon! Who’s going to take the pleasure?!

Cum Slut Phone Sex

Age Play Phone Sex Teen Mommy

As a naughty teen mommy I enjoy Age Play Phone Sex greatly. The other night I had a daddy that loved to come over and eat my pussy and also feast on Emily’s little pussy. He was so hungry for the sweet young cunt. He had to be persuaded greatly to penetrate my daughter. I felt so guilty making him fuck her. But boy this guy came like a damned cum champ in her tight pink bald cuny hole. We flipped her over and he took her baby girl puckered butthole too. He was a freak for those young holes once I got him past the fear. He comes back to fuck the little princess all the time. Personally I won’t have anything to do with him as he is way to small for my pleasure.

Age Play Phone Sex