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Frat Boys Make Me Squirt!

Hot Ass Sex

Waiting to see my brother again leaves me in a state of constant cock craving! At school I can’t focus on anything important, I’ve even fucked some of my professors trying to satisfy my brother-cock thirst! All weekend long I spent the day in the frat house drinking and fucking, those frat boys can’t get enough of my tight little cunny, they fuck me and dump hot loads in me all day instead of going to class. This morning I woke up surrounded by hot horny frat boys in my bed and they couldn’t wait to lick my cum filled pussy until I squirted, they sucked my clit hard, taking turns finger fucking my pussy and making me squirt all over their faces over and over again!

Fucked On Frat Row!

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I’m naturally a nymphomaniac, I can’t stop touching myself and cumming hard all day long! I can’t lay in bed and study the way I want to with my cunt throbbing, I’ve been trying to get my cock cravings under control but thoughts of being my brothers little fuck slut are always making me wet. I left my dorm to get some fresh air and ended up walking right over to fraternity row where I saw two guys from my class sitting on their porch. I walked over to say hi and when they invited me in for a drink my cunny started throbbing in anticipation. I sipped a little and got tipsy, before I knew it, I was surrounded by hard cocks and being forced to suck them. They forced me on the bed and started ripping my clothes off, my wet pussy exposed about to be pounded hard. They took turns covering my mouth and sticking their cocks in me deep, making me cum and squirt all over them.

Shoplifting Shithead

Blackmail Phone Sex


My middle daughter and I got caught up in some scandalous blackmail phone sex and you’ll never believe what we had to do to get out of it.  She is kind of a pain in the ass, cock starved and hungry for some male attention so she acts out a lot.  I took her to the mall for a bit of bonding time and that little twat got caught stealing.  The loss prevention officer forced us into the security office and strip searched both of us even though I kept insisting that I had nothing to do with it.  He told us that he wouldn’t call the police if we did what he instructed and satisfied him with some hot mother-daughter action.  We knew what we had to do so we wasted no time and got right to work on his amply portioned meat.  He gave both of our bald pussies a real beating before finishing inside of my bratty daughter.  Truth be told, he was actually pretty good, plus it’s not like this was the first time we shared a man.


Brother Fucking Christmas Day!


Brother/Sister Phone Sex
After my brother came home and fucked me hard we spent all Christmas morning in our parents bed! We spent all of Christmas eve fucking like our lives depended on it, he came in my pussy over and over making me squirt and scream. After dinner with my parents when they returned home we crawled into bed touching and kissing until they left again. When our parents were finally gone out for the evening we enjoyed some heavy glasses of brandy before he stroked his cock watching me lay in front of the fire naked. That night my brother came in every single one of my slutty wet holes, he made me his cumwhore like I had been craving for so long.

Slutty Secret Santa!

Bisexual Phone Sex

At my school we did a Secret Santa gift exchange where we all got dirty sexy gifts! I was so excited to open my gift , when I ripped the paper off I saw that I received a new Big Black Thunder Cock Dildo! The gift was from my roommate Quinn and coincidentally I got her in the Secret Santa exchange, I decided on a practical gift, I got her a Satisfier Pro. An amazing clit sucking toy that could put the average lesbian tongue to shame. After the exchange and some drinks we headed back to our room, so excited about our new toys. I was having a particularly horny day where I couldn’t stop thinking about fucking, my little pussy was sopping wet just lying on the bed. Quinn came back into our room after her shower and I jumped on her, using her new toy to play with her clit and make her my little slut. We spent hours trying out our new toys on each other, she made me squirt with my new dildo and I really felt the spirit of Christmas!

Study Session Orgy Whore!

Cocksucking Phone Sex

Studying for finals makes me want to take a ton of cock! When I got back to campus this week everyone is stressed out! it’s so bothersome with finals coming up and the semester coming to a close I just needed a good fucking! Luckily I found it when I went to a ‘study group’ in the senior library, I heard this group was full of hot guys so I had to check it out! When I got there every set of eyes was on me, I was wearing my shortest little dress with no panties, as soon as I sat down, I flashed them a quick peek at my naked bald pussy. When they noticed it was like all their cocks got hard instantly, I got down on my knees and was immediately surrounded. I sucked all their cocks making them slippery and wet so they could take turns pounding my holes. The best part was when they all started cumming inside me, I was a sloppy cum covered mess by the time the last set of balls was drained! I’ll say it was definitely a productive study session!

Flick It Up for this Slutty Stepmom

Naked teen picturesDo you get horny looking at hot, sexy naked teen pictures? Well so does this slutty MILF. Sometimes my pussy gets so wet and jumpy from eye-fucking those teeny fucktoys I just have to get one of my horny stepsons to lick it up until she squirts hot pussy juices everywhere. They have always been ready and willing to let me fuck their sweet, little faces. Ever since I married their sexy father years ago. I may not have pushed those little hornballs out my cunt, but they sure french kiss my full pussy lips like I gave them life. All I ask for in return is a few sexy teen dick pics or hot wet slit pics from their teen whore girlfriends that I can store in my spank bank. I even get their fuckhappy little friends to send me their best and biggest cum shots. They get so hyped to send me pictures and videos for me to rub my cougar-pussy to. It’s literally the hottest live teen porn this horny MILF ever watched. My juicy slit always squirts its sweet nectar in full agreement. That’s what my boys love most about my bald, bonus-mommy pussy. The way she gushes and makes a big wet mess. No matter how much I feed them, they always want more and more. You know what they say about how greedy teenagers can be. Good thing this dirty p-mommy is generous and my pussy stays hot and ready. In fact, my boys are here right now horny and waiting to be fed. They love licking my warm pussy while I have dirty phone sex. Call me so we can both give these adorable fucktoys what they want. I don’t mind feeding them all by myself, but they have so much fun when there’s someone else there for me to mind fuck while they eat. We can even look at sexy, naked teen pics when we all cum together.

My Cunt Cleaning Roommate!

Hot Squirting Pussy

This morning I woke up with my cunt leaking cum all over my sheets from last night’s fuck-a-thon! I let a few guys at a party stuff my cunny and leave me leaking their hot cum loads, I walked home and passed out in bed. This morning I woke up to my sexy blonde roommate ‘Sasha’ licking my cunt clean, I was so turned on that she was eating all the cum out of my pussy that I began to grind against her face. I had always found my roommate sexy but never thought she was into me. Clearly she was, as she was licking my folds with expert precision. She looked up at me, maintaining eye contact the whole time as I forced my hips up against her mouth again and again while she sucked my clit. It felt so good, the slippery friction of her sweet little mouth against my cum drenched clit, she flicked her tongue a few times and I lost control. I cried out, the intensity of the orgasm shook me hard, I squirted explosively all over her pretty face. Sasha stayed between my legs all morning making sure she got every last drop.


Getting Freshmen Cock!

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Fall Is my favorite time of year on campus, all the new students means plenty of fresh new cock to play with in between classes! I love seeing all the new freshmen come in still looking like they are in High school, it takes about one semester before they look like real college students. I like to find the cutest and most innocent looking freshmen and ask them if they’d like a VIP tour of the campus. I get the cutie all alone as we tour the most popular places on campus and then I like to show them the more secluded spots, like the stacks in the library where it’s so dark and quiet. I take my little freshie and press him against the books kissing him hard, he gets his dick at attention instantly while my tongue plays with his. I make him get down on his knees and I lift up my skirt, showing him my bald shaved pussy, I tell him to ‘have some cunt’ and he gets straight to licking my hard little clit, I’m not satisfied until my juices are running down his chin and I’ve cum all over his cute little face!

Cocksucking Phone Sex & Costume Shopping

Cocksucking Phone Sex

Halloween is my favorite time of year to get my cunt full of cum! I look forward to shopping for my slutty ass costume every year after a day full of Cocksucking Phone Sex, I search for the perfect thing to wear this makes me unidentifiable and very sexy to any strangers I meet! This year I tried a few things on in my local costume shop; Little Red Riding Hood, Dorothy from the wizard of Oz and Tinker Bell, they were all super slutty and short exposing my tight little body and my perky ass titties. In the costume shop there was a hot younger guy at the counter checking me out, I saw he was tall for his age which usually means he has a big cock. I decided to test out my theory and asked him into my dressing room to zip my costume up. The tall blonde stepped into my fitting room cubical and made me wet just by how tall and lanky he was. I dropped to my knees in my tinker bell costume and pulled out his cock. He didn’t seem surprised but I made his expression change immediately as he fucked my throat, he cried out as I slurped and sucked all over his cock and balls. There was another shop attendant walking by and I reached up to cover his mouth as I continued sucking him off, his eyes rolled back and I saw that his cock was getting rock hard and he was about to cum down my throat… I swallowed around his cock again and again…. I knew he was going to nut from my tongue sliding all over his balls, I gagged even harder on his hard 10 inch shaft, I thought I was going to puke when he thrust again holding down the back of my head even harder but finally I felt his come gushing out in hot thick spurts, the taste was so musky, I swallowed for the last time taking in every last drop.


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