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Daddy’s poker game

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Daddys girl phone sex rocks! Daddy was having his usual weekly poker game with a bunch of guys from his old army unit and he told me to dress up in a sexy red, white and blue teddy and keep the snacks and drinks coming. Pretty soon the focus was all on me and not on the hands of poker. It was decided while I was refilling drinks that I should do my civic duty and serve them all. When I walked back in there were 5 sets of hands all over my tits, ass, pussy and some fingers in my mouth! My teddy was ripped away and thrown to the side while I was thrown onto the poker table. For the next couple of hours I was pounded hard in my pussy, fucked fast in my ass and made the rockets explode in my mouth. It was a very patriotic night! I was nothing but a puddle of used tissue and cum by the end. After Daddy showed everyone he told me that I had done a great job and then pulled his cock out so he could cum all over me one last time before bed. He got me a towel and a blanket and told me that all the mess better be cleaned up by morning. I can’t wait to “serve” again!!!

Princess’s new toy

daddys girl phone sexDaddy got me a new toy! I have been trying really hard to be a good girl and today Daddy said that he had gotten me a present. I squealed and jumped into Daddy’s arms to show him how grateful I was and after a minute of kissing and touching he told me to meet him downstairs. I bounced down the stairs into our basement where all of our big toys were kept and Daddy was waiting for me with a big box tied up in a bow. He told me that after I removed all of my clothes that I could open my gift. It didn’t take me long to ditch my shorts and tank and was soon ripping my box open. There was my new toy- a personal fucking machine. I couldn’t wait to try it out! Daddy got the box open and all the pieces put together for me and I eagerly got down on all fours to try it out. Daddy strapped my hands and ankles down in the restraints and placed the cock at my already dripping entrance and told me to push back on the cock. OMG!!!!! He started the machine slow and then started increasing the speed; pretty soon I was nothing more than a sobbing mess. I had cum some many times that I couldn’t keep track. After an hour Daddy finally let my poor pussy have a rest. I was so worn out that I slept there on the floor in the puddle of my own cum. Daddy said that next time we use it that he is going to tape it and put it on the internet for everyone to see what a whore I am!

The Fuck I Needed

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Tonight I put my best dress on over my red teddy and garter belt. My pussy squished with excitement as I heard the doorbell ring. I had taken to finding dick on the internet and the dick pics for this one were out of the world! I never caught his face, I doubted I even cared if he was disfigured, as long as his strong hard dick kept my pussy reamed! He was very nice looking as he barged in my apartment. He slammed and locked the door behind him. No, I didn’t need a cheap steak dinner, I needed his tube steak and I needed it now. I dropped to my knees as he hiked my dress over my head. I knew how to suck the chrome off a door knob and I want this nine solid inches to cum in my mouth first! I am a cum whore first and foremost! As i sucked him, he gave me great feedback, something that always powers me through the sore jaw and the fatigue of sucking a nice big cock. I was his good whore and his cock sucking slut. I received a mouthful of cum that took me a few minutes to swallow, but soon he was hard by my mouth and jacking off again. I bent over and spread my ass cheeks, I was going to get the awesome fucking I needed now!

Worked Up And Left Wet

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Summer is almost over but there is still time for one last swim.
I have this secret place that I go and no one knows about it!
I never wear a suit when I swim. I know you get wet with or without one and most of the time, there isn’t much to them anyway. But there is just something about the freedom of it as I feel that water rolling over every curve and crevice of my body!
As I am stripping down to jump in, I hear this rustling in the bushes. I catch a glimpse of these two guys ducking really fast so they wouldn’t get caught peeping!
Oh this is going to be so fun!
I love being watched so I pretended I didn’t see them and slowly, walked into the water, intentionally teasing them with every step!
I splashed around like a little girl, laughing by myself and having fun and jumping high out of the water so they could get a good look at my dripping round tits!
I guess they needed an invitation so I finally called out, “Hey boys! Come on in and play!”
My young pussy was already getting wet! There is nothing like the feeling of burying a hard cock in a creamy hot pussy when you are in a cold fresh water lake! Every single bit of your body is chilled while my hot cunt wraps around your meat, squeezing it tight and pulling it deep inside.
They two boys finally came out of hiding with their dicks in their hands and cum all over their shorts!
It was cute and I just smiled at them as they ran away.
But I got myself all worked up for a good fuck by the lake and there is no one to take care of me! This is why I love older men! They know what a girl wants and how to give it to her!


Men Love Young Bald Pussy

young bald pussyMen love my young bald pussy. I bet you cannot stop staring at my cunt. I got into a little trouble yesterday. I shoplifted some panties at the mall. I should have known better. With this stupid virus, there are fewer folks out at the mall. A hot teen slut is going to have all eyes on her anyway. The mall cop had a boner for me. But that worked in my favor. I flashed him my young cunnie and he was putty in my hands. I told him he could play with my hot naked body for a few minutes if he would just let me leave with the cute panties in my purse. He was down for it, but of course he wanted me to leave the mall with his cum in my cunt too. Fucking Paul Blart the mall cop was better than getting arrested. I would not survive a night in jail. I am too pretty for that. I just thought of Justin Timberlake, closed my eyes and let the pervert fuck me. I knew he would not last long in my wet bald pussy. Men like him never get cunts like mine. I do not think he lasted a minute. It was thankfully quick. A small price to pay for not getting arrested. Being a hot teen slut means you can get away with murder most days.

Daddys girl phone sex

daddys girl phone sexAll the different ways I keep my clit swallow- end after I let the warm water run on my sweet clit its full of cum and ready to squirt you never knew I was a squirt-er did you wow my nipples are so hard I guess I won’t get dressed for cheerleading practice till you call me it has been a long day but before I its so wet yep my little sweet pussy is so wet look at all the hot boys in my senior class gets me wet all the time but I have a very special secret well nothing be ashamed off I’m a Squirt-er like I’m a total gusher leave you so fucking wet go to practice I need to cum I’m so fuckin wet help me cum my daddy had to stop playing with my pussy because my mommy came home. Can someone help me cum? call me so I show you how I get wet. you want to know my secret mm

Nastiest MILF Phone Sex Slut

I am the Nastiest MILF Phone Sex slut. My cunt junk of a daughter is truly blessed to have a dirty mommy that knows the importance of training her on the dick. Jasmine Emily is truly the best little cock sleeve there is for naughty, dirty pervy daddy types, and non-daddy types for that matter! I get guys all the time that loves a young tight hole and the thought of fucking me and my daughter is mind blowing to them. Not to mention the mind blowing head we can give him. Yeah, it’s abso fucking lutely true that I raised the minnie me to start sucking dick and eating cum at a pervertedly devastatingly shocking age! It’s true her young tight little holes have already been penetrated. And yeah, I have a few regulars dying for the slutkin to conceive with their daddy seed pumped inside her tight sweet cuny. They love to make love to her tight little body and get strawberry kisses from her sweet juicy pink lips. What they also love is the thought of having minnie me and myself both impregnated by their sperm at the same time. They really want to breed us and see my little slutkin sporting a waddle and belly. The would love to see the two of us both with belly’s and going to the OB-Gyn together. Hell I think they would love to be the doctor to look inside out cunts and see that womb. How nasty a mommy am I? Well you will have to call to find out how far I will go, fucking hell I am all over the place with kinky nastiness and gruesome fistingly hot fun with young holes to violate. Cum play daddy, if you dare and can handle it kinky, slutty, filthy and just fucking hot.

MILF Phone Sex

This wet bald pussy wants your cum!

wet bald pussyLast night I caught my Mom’s boyfriend jerking his cock, to pictures of my wet bald pussy. He had taken my phone while I was in the shower and sent my pictures to himself. When I walked in, he was sitting on my bed, stroking his hard cock. My panties were in a pile next to him, on the bed. He looked so shocked and immediately started begging me not to tell my mom what I had just caught him doing. I told him that I wouldn’t tell anyone if he let me record him stroking his dick for me. I made him open his mouth so that I could stuff a pair of my dirty panties in for him to taste. His dick got even harder as I rubbed the panties across his tongue while I stuffed them into his mouth. He was drooling and even his cock was oozing pre-cum all over the place! He jerked his hard cock for me and showed me how bad he’s been wanting to get to my tight, wet fuck hole! He looked right into the camera and shot a huge load all over the pile of my dirty panties! Now, I have a little blackmail to use against him and a hot and kinky tape to watch as I play with my wet kitty later.


Bratty Girl Phone Sex Cock Tease

Bratty girl phone sex is what a little prissy slut like me gets. I will be the biggest spoiled fucking brat that you can’t help but needing to abduct. It’s what I will deserve for being such a little tease to horny old men at the strip club I work. They really get pissed at my type. You know I tease the fucking hell out of them and make their cock throb. They tip me and buy me drinks and expect something in return. I just tur the cheek and work the next guy and beckon the door guys to get rid of you. Your harassing me. I got what I wanted and deserve, you got teased and attention. But hands-off asshole I ain’t a whore for your old Viagra cock. I will just take your money and leave you hard. That always leads to hurt feelings of a big bad macho man, doesn’t it? You a big bad man that needs to take what you want from a spoiled little whore? I bet you have had it with my type and just want and need to give in to a nasty hard hate fuck. Just be sure you wait in the shadows outside the club’s parking lot before you start anything or to follow me.

Bratty Girl Phone Sex

I bet you can satisfy me

babysitter phone sexIt was last Friday night and I was babysitting for a neighbor. I knew they would be gone awhile so as soon as the lovies went to bed I called my boyfriend to come over. I had just recently taken his virginity and he just cannot get enough. Which is fine with me because you know I am all about that dick. Wanting to surprise him I waited for him wearing nothing but a smile. He walked in and I could see his dick getting hard through his pants. I quickly took those off of him and got between his legs and started blowing him. I took him deep in my throat this time and he immediately shot his load. Not to worry he was hard again with just a few strokes of a hand job. I laid back and spread my legs as he climbed on top of me. I guided his dick inside my tight wet bald pussy, and he started pounding me nice and hard. He came in record time, so I was left to get myself off as he pathetically watched. I played with my pussy, rubbing my clit, and pinching my nipples until I orgasmed. That is why I prefer men like you, you would never leave me unsatisfied would you baby?

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