Teen Mom Haley

Yes I am entirely too young to be a mommy, 19 to be exact. Yes I am a bad girl! So now that we have that out of the way, moving on.

As you can see by my pics I like to fuckin party. I am by no means trying to win the mother of the year award that is for sure. The only reason I even kept the little brat is because my dealer told me I could make $$$$ off of her sweet lil ass. Boy he knew exactly what he was talking about. She is like a fuckin goldmine! Guys want to offer me chump change to suck their dicks but they will offer hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars for her sweet little lips around their cockhead.

Of course “partying” is expensive and all of my habits need special funding. Pimpin my little girl out works quite nicely for that.

So I am doing this lil phonesex gig because well I hate getting high alone. It also makes me horny as fuck and I need an outlet to take care of that horniness. So here I am! I am hoping lots of you horny pervs will be turned on by a teen p-mommy who likes to party. I am going to guess I might be correct being you are still reading this. You can stop reading now and pick up your phone so you can party with me and my daughter.

Teen P Mommy Haley

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