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Brother Loving

Family Fun Phone Sex

When my brother and I were younger we had our first sexual experiences together and I loved it so much I didn’t care who knew it! It was a cold night in winter when our parents were away and we were left to ourselves over a weekend. I was in the bath and began to wash myself, I closed my eyes ran the sponge over my tits and when I opened them again my older brother was standing by the door looking in at me. He was stroking his hard dick and I could see that he had been watching me for a while. I was instantly turned on, I had never expected this, I saw the way he looked at me and It really made me wet. I was stepping out of the bath when he came forward and picked me up. I wrapped my legs around him and he pushed his huge cock right inside my virgin pussy. I came so hard I began to shake. He carried me to the bed and fucked me so hard until he came inside me, the creampie was wet and sloppy. I didn’t care if it was risky, It was amazing feeling so well fucked.


Daddy & His Accomplice

Female Domination Porn


Here I am all tied up again, I cant move my hands or even open my mouth to make a noise. My sexy rope play with daddy has turned me into a submissive whore again. Daddy likes to see me vulnerable but this time especially because he brought a sexy lady friend to play with us too. She is gorgeous, I’m getting wet just looking at her beautiful blonde hair and huge perfect titties. My legs are tied to the end of the bed, I cant run away even if I wanted to. I see daddy’s accomplice come closer holding a big black dildo, Its shiny with lube; I know what’s coming. Suddenly my tight pussy is being stretched beyond anything I have ever felt, there is a clit sucking toy holding my throbbing pussy hostage as I feel a huge rush of pressure. I cum so hard, I squirt all over the sheets, daddy looks proud of his submissive little slut.

Accomplice Phone Sex


Biggest Cumshot I’ve Ever Had

Biggest Cum ShotTaking huge hot loads on my tits is such a turn on; the biggest cumshot I ever had was when I was on the cheer squad and I let the whole football team, my brother included, cum all over my young teen breast. I was flirting with a few of the players after a Friday night game and I guess I underestimated how horny those guys get after saving up their cum to win the big game! One thing lead to another and suddenly there were hands all over me and I was being shoved down to my knees. More and more guys just filled the locker room, I was beginning to think they had planned this because they all had their hard cocks out, stroking them in front of me. My brother, The team captain was the first to push me against a locker and push his big dick inside my tight cunt. He fucked me hard and just when I was about to cum he pulled out of me and pushed me to my knees. I knelt like a good slut and let them pull off my cheer uniform top, leaving me in only a skirt. The other players came forward and began to shoot their cum all over my chest and face, load after load until I was drenched in their hot sticky fluids. I was turned into a teen cum dump for the first time and haven’t looked back ever since!

Cheerleader Phone Sex


Light Bondage Porn is addicting

light bondage porn

I’m so into light bondage porn. I’m not so keen on the hardcore stuff, but I sure do love to see some hot porn while I’m ready to get off. I often think about being tied up and fucked like a complete slut. There’s something about restriction and not being able to flee or take control that makes my pussy drip and satisfaction take over. I’m okay with you bringing over some sharp nipple clamps, and if you want me to sit on a big butt plug, I can handle that as well. I’m craving for you to push me to my limits and show me you’re in charge. After all, I’m ready to relinquish myself over to you. There’s no reason to hold back. Use me for your pleasure, spank me and paddle me. Bite my nipples while you rub my cunt. Take places I can only dream about. 

Mommy Teaching Littles To Fuck

I’m a naughty mommy, it’s true. I love nothing better than Accomplice Phone Sex to teach young brats to fuck. So when my dirty neighbor came by to show me just how worked up my girls and I got him, it was inevitable what needed to be done. Yes, I felt completely responsible. My girls where running around in their little bikini’s and getting all wet in the sprinkler. They were even untying each other’s bikini’s making them fall off and laughing. It was terrible.

You see they know what they do to the perverted men that live around us. There is an apartment building that overlooks our backyard. I have no idea who all gets a view of these girls or myself laying out in the back tanning. Well, until now. I met one guy and he has it bad for young bald pussy. He demanded my girls take care of his throbbing hard fuck stick. I could not agree more. What is a mother to do with such slutty girls in the Summer? Make money off of them, that’s what!.

Accomplice Phone Sex

Cock Hungry Kitty

My tight wet pussy ahs been so twitchy lately!

Daddy has been watching me flirt with all these men around and his cock gets so hard just thinking about a giant dick fucking my young smooth cunt!Phone Sex

He tries to warn me but I don’t listen!

I can’t help it! I am aching to be fucked hard all the time!

So it finally happened…he caught me with his friend!

Daddy had some buddies over and well, of course I was teasing the hell out of them…sitting in their laps, wiggling my almost bare ass on their swelling cocks.

Then one finally excused himself to go to the bathroom and then found me in my room!

He said he was going to give me what I was begging for!

Just as soon as he forced his thick throbbing dick in my tight pussy, Daddy walked in!

His friend got all nervous and left and that is when Daddy said he was going to finish the job!

He turned my small body over and grabbed my ass and plowed my wet cunt with every inch of his massive fuck stick!

It was like he was spanking my pussy from the inside out!

Since then, we have been starting and ending our day with a nice hard pounding…just to make sure my hungry kitty gets fed!

But just between you and me….it’s not enough! I need more! And Daddy is about to leave so this cat is going on the hunt for some long dripping meat!

Cheer Whore Gets Fucked

College Coed Phone SexThe coach had been watching all the girls pretty close for a while, you could see how hard his cock would be through his shorts. My boyfriend was his star player on the team so he knew all about me! There was a rumor that he would take pictures of all the cheerleaders and try to get under their skirts! Apparently before I joined the team he had a whole orgy with a big group of them! I knew he was married but he’s also so hot! I need a big man like that to tear into my tight teen pussy! So while I was cheering, I made sure not to wear my shorts and flashed my sweet ass right at him! Through the whole slutty dance by all the girls I stared at just him. He knew what I was doing because as soon as it was game over he dragged me into his office, bent me over the bench and force fucked my barely legal cunt that had been dropping down my sweet thighs all night! I can’t wait for the next game.

Born To Be Fucked

Phone Sex ShylaI may not have been born a cock loving slut but I did come by it honestly!

My mother left us to be a hooker because she loves dripping dicks so much and Daddy slams his cock into every tight hole he can find…including mine!

So I guess you can see it has always been in me!

But there is no cock stretching this pretty pussy out right now and I need to do something about that!

You know a born cum addict like me can’t go without a fix for long and it has been almost an hour since I have had a thick throbbing dick fill my smooth silky honey pot!

It wont take long!

The second you feel this slippery warm pink pussy gently squeezing that long hard cock, slowly pulling it in deeper, inch by inch…you will feel like you want to explode!

It is like my tight smooth cunt is trying to suck the cum right out of that meaty rock hard cock!

So please baby!

Please fuck my dripping wet cunt!

I will beg if you want me to!

Just fuck me good and hard and make me scream your name!

Turn that frown upside down

hot ass sex

So daddy has gotten very upset with me because I snuck out and hung out with older boys. Not only did I do that, but I also got my belly button pierced and my nose pierced. Daddy is over it because I know how to turn his frown upside down. See, no man wants to know or think about his precious princess being a whore. A daddy likes to think his daughter is a virginal angel who doesn’t have sex. Well, daddy doesn’t be too mad because your princess has plenty of hot ass sex. Daddy, I’m like mommy. You knew very well what you signed up for when you procreated with a hot slut like mom. Now you have to weather the consequences. Come on, daddy, don’t be too mad. I can suck your cock dry, and that will keep those worries away. I can’t promise I won’t break the rules and have my fun, but I can assure you I will keep your daddy cock pleased and won’t neglect you.

Trapped In An Elevator – Needing To Piss

Naked Teen Pics
We’ve been stuck in this elevator for over an hour, and I’m desperate to piss. For some reason, the firemen can’t seem to get the door open and the electricians can’t seem to get the power back on. I’m near bursting, trying not to grab myself and squirm. There’s only one other body in the elevator; you. You have to see me, swaying cautiously from side to side as I wonder if you can smell the fresh musk of my pussy.

Holding makes my submissive little cunt turn into a slip and slide, and I’d probably let you slide any part of you into my throbbing, hot fuck cave if it meant relief from this ever growing pressure in my bladder. I knew I couldn’t take much more at all; it wasn’t possible. We made eye contact, yours drilling holes into my baby blues the way I hoped you wanted to drill me.

I was desperate in every sense of the word. I nearly threw myself at you. I whines, grabbing my pussy and trying to put my thumb over my urethra so no piss would leak out. I squirted just a little, turned bright red, and looked up at you again. My cunt spurted some juice. The whole elevator reeked of my cunt and the piss that was sure to leak out of me.

And then, the lights went down low as you took a step towards me.

Golden Shower Phone Sex

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