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No minute men please


hot ass sex

What gets me off is guys who have a clue what they are doing. Boys my age are just that boys. They have no clue how to hit the g spot and make my toes curl. I want a full fuckathon and want to be rammed. My juicy pussy loves to be stuffed with jizz cream. I want rough hot ass sex, and I want it now.

I’m one horny slut that will do whatever it takes to get off the right way. Older men always have this sick twisted game that turns me on more than it should. They love when I wear pig tails, and I’m their youngin. Roleplaying in the bedroom is quite hot, and that’s something I appreciate with guys that know what to do. They take their time and fuck me right. That’s what real men can do, unlike the guys my age who cum too quick and are minute men. I like guys that can actually take their time to explore my body and make me orgasm hard.

Daddy’s Horny Cock Tease

Phone SexYesterday was so warm so it was a perfect pool day!

Daddy also had some of his friends over so it was an excellent day to be showing some tits and ass!

They were all on the back deck, drinking and talking about guy stuff when I came out in my tiny bikini.

Daddy give me a playful slap on my half bare ass and told me not to burn it and I swear I saw a few cocks spring into action!

So I picked my lounge chair and started rubbing baby oil all over my tight young body…even under my suit because you just never know!Young Bald Pussy

You could have heard a pin drop as they all watched me spread that slippery oil high up my thighs as I spread my legs real wide and got that soft tender crease between my smooth young pussy and my tender thigh.

I stood up and started to oil my ass and I could see them all watching!

I know I should feel bad for teasing all those men, but a man always looks sexier with a giant bulge in his shorts.

And besides, at least one guy got lucky that night with my tight wet pussy stroking the cum from his cock…but that is mine and daddy’s little secret! Sshhh!

Cock And Cunt Slut

Phone SexDaddy came home early and caught our neighbors husband balls deep in my tight wet pussy!

I guess he isn’t ready to share me with other men!

So he said I was turning into a teen slut and sent me away to an all girl summer camp to try and get my mind off of thick hard yummy cock! (just thinking of it is making my mouth water 🙂 )

But I guess I am just a horny little slut because even those other girls were making my tight young pussy twitch!

There were perky tits and sweet ass cheeks as far as the eye could see!

We stayed up late and practiced kissing…with each other…and that always got us really horny!

Next thing you know, we are licking each others sweet smooth pussy lips and finger our tight cunts!Young Bald Pussy

One girl actually snuck in a vibrator and as she was sucking my clit, she slowly pushed that hard dildo into my pretty puckered ass!

I started to cum so hard, I couldn’t stop screaming!

I thought we were going to wake the whole camp!

But daddy created a sex addict slut!

Now, no one is safe, not cock or cunt!

I want it all!

My first job interview

Light bondage porn

So there’s a constant theme in my life when it comes to interviewing for a job. usually, I get a creep that wants to see me strip down and show him the goods. Well, the first request caught me by surprise. It was a couple of years back. I got home from school and decided to apply at this cute arts and craft store. The owner was interviewing, and I knew that I could get the position because there were enough of my friends working there that I had some great references.

It was odd to see the owner; I imagined it would be the opposite of him. Maybe a hippy type. He looked like he had no business there, but I didn’t pay too much attention to it.

When I went to see him he asked me a couple of questions and started to comment on my outfit then out of nowhere he asked me to strip down if I wanted to be a good girl.

It all happened so quickly that I said yes. I don’t know if the edibles I had to calm my nerves before that made me so compliant or if I expected it all along because I heard some rumors.

I knew he loved light bondage porn and young girls to work the shop for him. He would pay them very well, especially for a first job kind of gig.

horny little bitch

phone sex

I’m such a horny little brat in need of a very strict daddy to punish me! i’ve been such a naughty bitch spying on mommy and daddy while they are fucking through my little peep hole in the closet! my tight little cunnie get so fucking wet when daddy looks over at the closet i’m sure he knows his little girl is watching just dreaming of the day i can eat his cum out of mommy’s pussy and have daddy’s thick cock deep inside of me! mmm fuck I need his cock in me tonight! I open my parents door and of course my mommy covers up her big perky tittys but daddys cock was still out dripping with precum! I walked over to his side of the bed and licked the tip of his cock as I started to finger fuck my pussy. he shoved his cock deeper down my throat until i couldn’t breath and that’s when I realized mommy was fingering her cunt and she was soaking wet watching us! my dreams are coming true!!

Little sister slut

hot ass sex

I’m my older sister’s nightmare. I love to follow her around and do everything she does, only better. I am young and so innocent looking you would never guess how sinister I truly am. I love to make my sister so mad, and I don’t mind showing her how much of a better fuck slut I am than her. I take all her boyfriends from her and do it in a form that she notices. I want her to walk in on me with the flavor of the month. I don’t care if she was really feeling this dude. I want to get my rocks off, and I love wrecking relationships. I might be young, but I want to do what I love, and that’s get plowed and fucked and enjoy hot ass sex with whomever I choose it with. I don’t stop till I get every single thing I desire. I am a princess, and I love to take your boyfriend away!

Single Daddy Play Date Accomplice Phone Sex

The neighbor wanted a play date with his girls and mine. I thought it would be fun for some accomplice phone sex and all this young pussy. Sweet baby girl butts and pussy to get violated. He has been watching me with my daughter for some time. He has seen the men coming and going from my place. This neighbor had a few young treats of his own. All young and cute.

I understand that it can be harder *hahaha (pun intended)! *wink* for a single p daddy with so many cute things around. When his daughters have sleep overs it’s overwhelming! I once helped a daddy with his girl and her friends. My daughter was the naughtiest little tease also. She was a sole instigator setting the girls up to go down and tease that daddy.

All the girls ran downstairs to where daddy was. They just wore their panties. My girl is the best at these little dare games. The fact that she is sweet and cute drives a mans cock to throb. Thing is, she is not innocent at all. She managed to get all five of these girls to tease the daddy so badly that he couldn’t control himself.

Little Emily controlled the situation taking that throbbing daddy cock out and showing the girls how to suck it. He had 6 little sluts sucking and jacking him off. I was just sitting back watching it all like a proud mama. I am proud and when she crawled on that cock and started riding him. This daddy had no fucking choice. He pumped his gunk inside of sweet little cunt. Little Emily had those girls licking that daddy cock clean and her pussy also. This daddy has never had such a sweet time with so many young sluts.

Accomplice Phone Sex

Cunt Crunches

Phone Sex


The sun is finally out and that means naked oil drenched bodies and skinny dipping!


I decided I better get this body in shape so I hired a personal trainer!


The only thing that got any kind of work out was my tight bald pussy muscles!


He had his hands all over me, sliding them up the inside of my thighs, showing me how to stand….all over my ass as he was pushing against my firm sweet cheeks, telling me to hold it in!


I would rather be holding his giant cock in!

And how am I suppose to concentrate on my bench presses when all I see is his delicious nuts hanging over my mouth as he is spotting me!


I had no choice! My cunt wants what she wants!Naked Teen Pictures

I pinned him down to the mat and and wrapped my thighs around his head while i pulled his shorts off and started swallowing his meaty cock!


His cock of steel was so hard, I almost couldn’t slide it past my tonsils and my pussy was twitching and about ready to burst all over his face!


I had no choice but to push that massive sausage deep into my tight shaved fuck hole and practice my cunt crunches!

I was grinding down on him until he was balls deep in my sloppy wet pussy!


The muscles of my fuck hole clenched around his cock, stroking him long and hard until he drown my pussy in sweet cum!

Now that is a work out I need to do everyday!!

Daddy’s New Step Slut

I knew he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off me!

No, my step daddy was always checking out my firm young ass and staring at my perky tits!

Phone SexHe would even accuse me of doing bad things just so he could spank me! He was just trying to find a way to get his hands on my ass and the were always bare bottom spankings!

So it was no surprise when he snuck into my room the night they got married, his throbbing cock in his hand, still dripping from fucking my mothers tight cunt!

He said that he didn’t just marry her, he married the whole family and he planned on consummating our relationship.

Any other daughter would have been upset, but you see I have been feeling that meaty cock get hard every time he would lay me across his lap!

This was finally my chance to feel every inch of my punishment!

So I slowly pulled up my baby doll nighty and let my thighs drop open!

I slipped my fingers deep in my pussy to show him how wet I was and then I sucked every sweet drop from the tips of my fingers!

Here I am Daddy….you new stepdaughter has been waiting for you!

Double Stuffed Oreo

Phone Sex ShylaSometimes I fantasize about what it would be like to have the biggest cock in the world fucking my young bald pussy!

And yesterday, at the gym, I came very close to finding out!

There were these two body builder guys pumping weights in front of the mirror.

They had on those tight bike kind of shorts so I could see the huge bulge in nestled between those strong thighs.

I guess the rumor about those big black cocks is true!

I couldn’t take my eyes off of either of them!

I was practically drooling and my cunt was doing flips when we were all naked in the men’s locker room!

I was on my knees with one huge dark big black cock in my tiny hand and the other making its way past my tonsils and down my throat!

I was loving the face fucking I was getting but my cunt was aching to be stuffed with both of those massive cocks!

So one guy laid down on the bench while I wrapped my legs around him and started forcing my cunt to take every inch of his meat deeeep inside me!

It was the most man I had ever had in my tight white pussy before!

He pulled me down to him, raising my tight little ass in the air and then his friend saw an opening and took it!

He slowly pried my double stuffed pussy open, stretching it to max capacity!

I was a double stuffed oreo with these two giant bbc’s, stuffing my wet cunt with twice the creamy white filling!





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