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The Corn Maze

Mother of All Evil in Wolf's clothing You hear what you think is the typical funny sounds of people pretending to crank up chain saws and a wolf howling.  Laughing it off and convincing your girlfriend it’s all part of the act you wind your way through my terrifying maze.  So many turns, left and right and right and left and then a particularly creepy looking scarecrow chases the two of you with a chain saw  until you are so lost you don’t know where the entrance is anymore.  You had no idea the maze would be this big.  Then you see what looks like a very large wolf run ahead and around the corner.  Again you convince your girlfriend that it’s all part of the show.  That is until you find the body.  A young teenage girl, guts ripped out, bite marks and claws all over her body, clothes torn off and legs spread wide.  You try to convince yourself it’s a joke then you hear a piercing howl and see a dark shadow.  It looks like a woman with a wolf’s head and as she gets closer you notice she’s covered in blood.  She’s not alone, the creepy scarecrow is slowly walking behind her.

You and your date haul ass.  She’s screaming and you are still coming to terms that this is no game.  In the confusion you get separated.  Twenty minutes later you hear her scream and run to her.  The scene that assails your vision when you find her is this:  The scarecrow balls deep in her asshole, her lifeless body bent over a haystack, the she wolf at her neck, ripping the skin open and eating her.  The wolf looks up at you with bits of your dead girlfriend in her teeth and smiles.  You scream and run for your life.  You won’t get far.  I will find you.  I will eat you and I will devour your soul.  There is no escape from the Mother of All Evil.  I’m still hungry for the taste of your flesh and my scarecrow wants to combine the juices of your girlfriend with yours.  He’s going to violate you too.  You better hope that you are dead when that happens.

Sex Addict

Hi boys where are all those hard cocks for me to suck the cum out of? I have been playing with my pussy for hours now and I just need to be fucked like never before. It’s a shame that some men can’t fuck very good anymore. I hope you can give me the fucking I need. I really don’t want to have to resort to my toys , althought I enjoy them nothing feels better than a big fat warm dick fucking my holes hard.
I need it daily and deep. I mean fuck dude nothing can compete with a good fuck and I want all the dick I can get. That’s why I’m such a fucking whore because dick is incredible. I know you want to feel my tight pussy gripping that dick up and down in and out over and over for hours and hours. It has you getting all fucking hot and horny doesn’t it. So get the fuck in here and do me rough. Grab my fucking hair and shove that dick in me. I’ll wrap my long legs around you pulling you in deeper while I’m squirting all over your dick and balls. My cum will drip while you keep fucking me the way I need it.
I know it may take some time for you to realize that I AM a girl you can do ANYTHING to but let me assure you I am a HORNY FUCKING WHORE baby so if you can’t fuck me like an animal then just keep looking because I’m the wrong girl for you. Don’t bore me with some plain ass vanilla GFE shit. Save that dumb boring shit for the prissy bitch in your bed.
I want to be surprised and pleased, let’s see if you got what it takes boys.


Pretty Pink Panty

Hey Pinky Winky Sissies! Guess what ? It is pretty pink panty time! I am telling you to go into your wife’s dresser and find the prettiest pink panty to wear on your sissy fanny. Or even better, I would rather you do find a pink panty that your wife already wore and put them on your booty. Oh and yes, you may have your Princess Paris’s permission to sniff and lick those panties before you wear them.

Okay sissy poo, now that you are wearing your wife’s cum filled, sexy, pink panty, you have to wear them all day long … especially while you are at your “man job”. Yes, that’s right sunshine. No exceptions to my demand. You will wear them underneath your “pretend man clothes” for the entire day!

Then later on tonight I am going to invite all of my friends over for live entertainment. Can you guess who is going to be entertaining me and my friends for this party, sissy? … You are! So be ready to give us a good show with you only wearing your pretty pink panties while we all laugh and shame you, sissy poo.

Snuff Phone Sex Halloween Style

I wanna put the horror back in Halloween lol. I was thinking of ways to attract some dirty little sluts for you.  Then I came up with the perfect idea!  A Haunted House!  I’ll invite my school friends over for a slumber party.   All the shit these dumb little bitches  think isn’t real will actually be enough to carve them limb from limb!  Don’t worry, I know you will want to play with some of them before their imminent demise, lol.  I’ll have the dungeon set up for you for the ones you want to tear to pieces with your cock.  There is no escape for the girls.  Eventually they will realize this Haunted House is a trap.  By that time we would have taken out more than half the girls lol.  I think it would be particularly funny to drop body parts in on some of the girls.  So they can recognize their friends HAHA!  Wouldn’t that be awesome?! I’m a very good Accomplice so I promise to have all the specific “criteria” you want.  You just tell me the age, type, race etc that you prefer and I’ll serve you up a buffet of bitches to rape and snuff till your cock’s content!  Let’s get bloody this year.  Oops I already started…Snuff Phone Sex With Teen Accomplice Lydia

Submissive Black Girl Phone Sex

Submissive Black Phone Sex Fetish GirlWhite cock.  You have it, I want it.  I will do anything you want to prove to you just how badly I need that white nut juice inside this black pussy.  I am a submissive black slut that loves to get dominated and pounded by superior white cock.  Spank me, humiliate me, beat me, rape me, skull fuck me, anything you want Master…. please let me serve you!  I am ready to take your punishment.  I’m ready to get real dirty.  Make me clean your rusty balloon knot master, I will lick your dirty shit hole clean and beg for more!  Everything that comes from your body is exquisite and a treasure.  You deserve to be worshiped for the God you are.  I would love to worship your dick like it’s my new religion!  I promise I will live to serve you.  If I was lucky enough to live with you I’d bring you a sammich without you ever having to ask and clean your house and keep your cock satisfied.  I live to serve you master.  Please use me as you see fit.  Thank you!

BOO! I scare you!!!

Happy Halloween!!! Hey baby, I am so excited because it is Halloween, and I get to spend it with you. 😉 (wink and a kiss) This year I am going to be a slutty, cum-sucking vampire, and I am going to suck on you all night long. That is right baby, I mean what I said. I will be sucking all the cum out of you all night long. OOOOOH BABY! Just thinking about how I am going to deep throat your cock all night on Halloween, is just making my mouth water…along with my purring pussy cat. 😉 Lol! Who cares about going out partying and Trick-or-Treating. I know we will have the best Halloween ever, together…just you and me! 😉 Happy Halloween Baby!!! Muah!

Pleasing You Tonight

Mmmm I see you came to play. That cock is already hard, you must have been thinking about my beautiful body on the way over. Are you are in the mood for some hot phonesex babe? Well just take that hard cock out and let me give you what you want. I love to suck a big cock first! Get it nice and ready to fuck my pussy good!. Mmmm you fill my mouth up nice and full. Cum over here and play with my pussy babe while I service your dick! It’s all about you today! I’m down on my knees slurping on your cock, making love to it with my mouth! Nothing like a blowjob after work, you can relax, bust a nut and let me feed you this pussy! That’s right, pussy on a platter for my daddy! Eat this pussy until she’s dripping wet! You know I love when my pussy gets so wet your dick just slides right on in. I love to hear that gushy, wet sound as you stroke my walls!

I love pleasing you! Let’s enjoy the rest of tonight with you inside of me!

Sissy Phone Sex Mistress Layla

Hello sissies, sluts, fags, pantysniffers and every other pathetic loser reading this blog. I am Mistress Layla. My main purpose is to be worshipped like a true beautiful lady should, guiding my pretty sissies to full feminization and humiliating little dick losers. I make sure sissies like you know their place in life. If you don’t know, you’ll definitely know by the end of our call together. You will obey all my commands! If I tell you to degrade yourself while I sip on some wine you will do it. Get on your hands and knees to kiss my pretty toes, you will do it. If I bring over a shemale to fuck your face, you will do it and you will LOVE it!

Are you ready for some sissy phone sex with Your Mistress?

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BBC Mika Turning Your White Ass Out!

Quit acting like you don’t like what you see. You’ve been gawking at my fucking dick all night! I bet you want me to bring you back to my place. I’d make you get on your knees and worship my BIG BLACK COCK! I’ll grab the back of your head, and shove it down your throat. That’s what you want isn’t it? You wanna be a little cock-sucker, right? That’s not all you’re going to be when I’m through with you! I’m turning you into a full blown BBC lover! Bend your white twinky ass over, and feel my huge dick slide in! You won’t have a choice, I’m going to take that tight, white ass! Don’t run boy! Take my BIG BLACK COCK! Make my big dick squirt out that delicious cum, all over your ass. You know you want it! Tell me you want my huge load all over you! I’ll cover you in this white cream, just give me a call!

Tranny Phone Sex with Suzi

Well hello to you, cum dumpster! I know you are looking for a REAL tranny that is seductive and takes over the hot moment you desire. You can be CUMpletely satisfied with what I got in store for you. I have this sexy temptress appeal with my nice, round tits, long sexy legs, and a big, juicy cock to drop those hot loads in your drooling mouth. I know what you need and what you can’t get out of your mind. You really need is a hot chick like me to fulfill your with your secret fantasies of having the company of a lady like me. (sexy wink) Don’t be shy! Cum to me on your knees so that way you can place your hot lip wrapped around my dick. Plus I encourage you to worship and play with my tits … unlike other woman that are to stuck up to get into being a freak nasty cum whore! There is no limit to how I will own you with this huge, hard cock and begging me for more … (sensuous kiss)