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Tranny Phone Sex I had him handcuffed to the bed rails, he was perfectly positioned for a good fucking. He was very nervous, I kinda sprung this on him. You see we met on a dating app, and I guess he had no idea that he was talking to girl with a cock. So when we finally arranged a meet up at my house he was super into me, kissing me and ready to get me naked. Once he saw my cock though, he started to panic. That’s when I used my handcuffs to try to calm him down. I tell him that he didn’t come all this way not to let me fuck him. He is trying to tell me that this really is a misunderstanding and he doesn’t like girls like me but the hardness of his cock is telling a different story. I put my cock in his face and ask him if he’s ever sucked dick before, and at first, he says no. Then finally he admits he has done it a few times, mostly when drunk. I urge him to give it a try and he gets to work sucking and licking my cock like a good bitch. He gets it nice and juicy for his ass so I go ahead and push my cock into his tight asshole. It feels untouched, and his moans and screams tell me that it really hasn’t had a cock before. Mmm, I love to just take what a guy has always been wanting, I force it so they feel less guilt!

Fantasy Phone Sex

Fantasy Phone Sex Men always call me and tell me their Fantasy Phone Sex. But I am want to tell you about my favorite fantasy. The one fantasy that makes my tranny dick rock fucking hard. Those men that are so manly so ruff and tuff and would never think of fucking another man. I fantasize about breaking them down under the pretense that I am a full-on gal. Dating them for a few weeks before I tell them about my true self. They show me off to their friends and family. Put me on social media as his hot new girlfriend. Spend their money on me. We make out and I even go down on him the whole time not letting him in on my secret. Then when I feel the timing is right and I have them exactly where I want them. I show him what I have been hiding and blackmail him to do whatever I want or I will expose him to the whole world.

Hot Tranny Phone Sex

Tranny Phone SexWith Easter coming up I have been thinking about all the things I am thankful for lately. I am truly blessed. I am a beautiful woman, I have perfect tits, and an ass made out of a porno. I am even blessed with the most perfect cock of all. Big and meaty and always ready to stuff a hole that can be as grateful for it as I am. I need someone to celebrate with me. I am thinking instead of stuffing a turkey this year we can stuff a nice tight shit hole. Another thing I am thankful for is the fact that I always get to choose what happens, I am the one in charge. Just follow me, your leader. The tranny mistress of your dreams, making you do anything and everything at my beck and call. I know you can imagine it! I know I can also because I already have someone here that is ready to be THANKFUL for me and this horny cock. It’s almost Easter after all.

Shemale Phone Sex

Shemale Phone SexI knew he couldn’t handle my Shemale Phone Sex. I knew this was his first time, he was so timid right from the start it was clear. He whined as soon as I showed him my cock, and he was already rock hard before I got his pants off of him. He was sooo excited and nervous but beyond ready to take care of something he’d always dreamt of doing. He was eager to put my cock in his mouth, but he had never sucked a real dick before you could tell the size of it made him struggle as he took more and more dick down his throat. He was baffled by how hard I fucked his mouth, not expecting me to go in so hard on a first-timer. I didn’t care, I was here for one thing and one thing only and that was to cum. He knew what was happening and took it with no issues other than a little gag and choke. Soon I felt it was lubed up enough to find my hole to cum in, I pushed it right on his tight asshole and he whined and tried to get away a little big but I pulled him closer to me. Shoving my entire cock into his pathetic asshole at the same time. He screamed as I fucked him and blew his load in sync with me, just as expected.

Tranny porn pictures

Tranny porn picturesWatching and learning all about the things that make you rock hard all the time, it becomes a total addiction. Daily looking a Tranny porn pictures, looking for a tranny to fuck your tight ass, and whore mouth. You need to submit, you’ve always been submissive and need a dominant tranny like myself to take you in whatever way I want. You want to have no control, feel helpless and like I am forcing you to do these things even though it is clear this is exactly what a slutty fucking whore like you wants. You’re pure amusement, you’ve done nothing but try to learn how to be the perfect submissive sex slave for me. You have been looking at my pictures, reading my stories, and prepping for your ass and mouth to be fucking senseless. There are no limits to what is to come with me! He will just have to see. He will see what he has gotten into with a girl like me.

Anal Phone Sex

Anal Phone SexI was grocery shopping last night when I found myself in the produce section. There with me in that section was a little family. The Mom looked angry and mostly like she hated her life. Her husband looked tired and worn down. Bored probably of his sex life. Soon, their son and daughter found their attention on me. They started asking me questions about being a tranny, and I was happy to explain it to them at the level of understanding for their age. I did not touch them! But their Mother lost it in such a manner that I might as well have. She called me a freak and a monster and told me to get my p-ass away from her family. Her husband was angry with her and made eye contact with me. I knew that this meant we would talk later. Soon, I meet him in the bathroom and fuck him senseless. I hope his wife enjoys my tranny leftovers!

Tranny Phone Sex

Tranny Phone SexI felt amazing, the music pumped louder and louder and it seemed like we were in sync every last one of us. My outfit glowed in the dark just like everyone else. I loved the vibe at this club it was very euphoric. I wasn’t here to dance though, I was here for one thing and one thing only. I need a good time, a good time that I can take home and play with. I have made sure to wear my short mini dress that clings tightly to my body. You’d be a fool to not be able to spot my package between my legs but most of them were too busy looking at my tits! I knew that before I knew it I would find the perfect man to take home. By the end of the night, the options for me had grown and now I got to pick and choose who I wanted to play with and spend the rest of my night with ya know cumming with and all. I am happy with my pick. We are headed home now and I can feel that vibe following with us!

Cocksucking Phone Sex

Cocksucking Phone SexWhen I was an escort Cocksucking Phone Sex was a really hot topic. They would see my perfect elegant lips, my sensual tongue, my throbbing cock, and rock hard nipples. They wanted nothing more than to suck my big fat shemale cock. I love it when a man is fixated on my cock and having it in his mouth. It makes me cum the quickest and the hardest. I also get so very turned on knowing that not only is he paying me to have the privilege of sucking my cock but he will be taking good care of my many other expenses too. I am a very pricey girl with luxury taste. I wouldn’t say I am high maintenance. I take your money, I control you with my cock, you worship me in every way. It’s that easy! It’s become my fucking addiction I tell you. Having my cock sucked kissed and jerked. I love it when they talk about my veins or the ridges or best of all my big juicy fat head. They know they’re lucky to be this close to a girl like me, they know I am worth every penny.

Bisexual Phone Sex

Bisexual Phone SexNothing makes me happier than big black cock and Bisexual Phone Sex all mixed in. I turn into a real bitch if I have to go without it for more than a day or two. My boyfriend learned this really quickly when he started dating a shemale, and he found out the only way to appease me and make me cum is to let me fuck all the big black cocks I want. Nowadays, my boyfriend brings them home for me as a surprise or even as a present. I love the fact that he is totally resigned to the fact that only superior big black dick can make me happy. Not him! He loves to see the pleasure in my eyes as they roll back in my head when a black dick pushes as deep into my asshole as possible. My boyfriend isn’t allowed to cum inside me, he simply isn’t worthy of that. Naturally, though, I take all the black cock spunk I can, in both of my holes. I make my boyfriend sit and watch while he jacks his tiny, pathetic cock he looks a mixture of turned on, distraught, and patheticness too and I can tell that he wants some of these niggers cocks too, he loves my cock why wouldn’t he love theirs? These big bulls get to fuck me as much as they please and in every hole, something he could never dream of. I love telling him how much better these big black cocks make me feel than he ever could. Sometimes I’ll take two or three at once, the thickest, the biggest monster, the veiniest, blackest cocks with the biggest loads that a girl like me can find. Hopefully one day I can make my cock grow that big one day these big black cocks are on a whole other level.

Blackmail Phone Sex

Blackmail Phone Sex It’s easy for me to give you Blackmail Phone Sex, I am your very own dirty little secret. Aren’t I? You’ve already opened up to me in every way possible, and taken my cock more times than you can count. You don’t stand a chance trying to fight against my blackmail, I can totally ruin your life all because you couldn’t resist this big dominant tranny cock. I love the begging and whining I get from a man that doesn’t want anyone to know he just sucked my cock like it was his last meal on earth, and took my hard dick in his tight little ass while I was at it. I know that he can’t say no to me. He will do anything to please me and always follows orders. Are you obsessed with my perfect tits bouncing as I pound your hole until it is gaping? Are you ready to feel this warm thick load in your pathetic fuck hole? Or maybe I will put it all over your face, take some pictures and save them for later. You’re wrapped around my finger now!

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