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I recently came to the conclusion, pun intended, that I am an edging addict. I love to edge men. I can’t get enough.

              I love seeing their faces as they squirm and beg and plead to let them cum. The best are the bargainers, “if you let me cum I’ll do this…” or, “If you let me cum I’ll buy you this…”

              Look, boys, I am in the game to win, and the prize at the end of all this is your cum. I love the massive explosions that result from edging for hours!

              The warm sticky, creamy cum is the filling to my day. It’s what gives me my warm and gooey center that you all know and love! So, no I don’t want you to buy me this or that. No, I don’t want you to bribe me or try to sneak your way out of my edge game.

              If I let all the poor pathetic men who thought that they could play my game, only to find out that 2 seconds in they already lost, then where would the fun be?

              So, what do you say, gentlemen, are you ready to test your bravado? Are you ready to let this itty-bitty girl tell you that you can cum only second before deciding otherwise? Then step into the ring and join in my world of edging! Bet you won’t lose.

Cock Worshiping

edge play phone sex

My friend came over today. He said that it had been some time since his girlfriend fucked him or gave him head. I guess they were having a fight.
I told him that a man like him should not be denied to cum. His cock was too enormous and delicious to deny. So, I told him that I would help him out with his little problem.
I took his cock out then started to suck on his balls, hard. He was a bit hesitant, but I knew he couldn’t resist my mouth.
I stuck my tongue out then licked all around the base of his cock. Then, I moved all up his shaft to the tip. Once at the deliciously mushroom shaped head, I licked all around it.
I noticed a bit of pre-cum oozing out of the tip, so I quickly slurped that up then drug him to my bed. He followed like a lost little puppy.
I pushed him onto my bed then took off my shorts and panties. He was about to say something, but I thrusted my hips hard forcing his cock into my pussy.
He moaned loudly as I thrusted harder, starting to move my hips faster. His cock slid so easily in and out of my soaking wet pussy.
He grabbed my hips and pulled me down further, making his enormously thick and meaty dick touch the back of my cervix.
I screamed in pleasure as my pussy slurped up his deliciously thick cock. Right before he could finish, I hopped off then started sucking on his cock again.
I wanted to taste all of his yummy cum, I didn’t want to waste a single drop. He grabbed me by my hair then thrusted hard, deep into my throat, and shot out his huge, steaming hot load.
It slid slowly down my throat. I licked my lips then smiled. A cock like his should be worshiped, always.

Extreme Play


cum slut phone sexSo, last night something unexpected yet rather pleasurable happened. A man randomly breaks into my house then just starts taking off his clothes. His cock is already fully erect and ready for some pussy.
He rips off my clothes then starts sucking on my nipples while he fingers my pussy. Then he demands that I pleasure his cock. I unfortunately tell him I can’t, because my boyfriend was right outside.
He scoffs at that then throws me on the couch. My titties bounce all over the place as I struggle to sit up. Then he pushes me back down and straddles me. His cock slides up and down my pussy lips, begging to be let in.
He pins my arms against the couch, but right before he could go any further, my boyfriend Brian comes in. However, he doesn’t look surprised to see the giant hunk of man meat on me. Instead he smiles and calls him bro.
Apparently, this was one of his friends that he called earlier. There was also another on the way. He wanted to surprise me for our 1-year anniversary. I was so ecstatic I could hardly breathe.
All 3 of them spent the entire night making me cum over and over again. I was fucked raw in all my tiny holes. It was so incredible. I had never felt so satisfied in my entire life.
All of them knew exactly what to do and where to put their giant meaty cocks. Brian had shared details about all my little kinks, and pleasure spots. I wanted to cry I was so happy.
Each one took their time cumming and exploding inside my now very stretched out pussy. I could feel all of their hot, creamy, gooey, loads shoot so deep inside of me I wanted to melt.
I had so much fun, I told him I wanted to do it again! I hope every night can be like this from now on!

BDSM Bliss

phone sexHis cock was oozing delicious precum as I pulled harder on his balls. He begged me for more, so like the good hostess I am, I happily obliged. I put 5 rubber bands around each ball. They had already started turning a delicious shade of purple by the time I finished placing them. His balls swelled 4 times their normal size.
I knew that this would make for a pleasing amount of cum in the end, so he kept them on. Then, I placed a chastity cage on his cock. It was a size too small, but I knew he could endure the pain. If he couldn’t, oh well.
I applied metal nipple clamps to his erect nipples next. He was moaning so loudly as I smacked his balls while putting on the clamps. Drool dripped off of his ball gag as his muffled screams of pleasure where lost in the night.  I tightened the rope around his arms some more, stretching his more than I ever had before. He screamed and moaned as his cock grew even more swollen. It was begging to be let out of the cage.
His cock was throbbing and oozing pre cum all over the place. It was so delicious. After a while of slapping his balls some more and clenching the nipple clamps harder I decided he had had enough. So, I untied him, and took everything off, releasing him. He screamed as I was removing the rubber bands though. His balls were so swollen, he looked like he could impregnate 100 women.  I licked my lips then slid onto my knees in appreciation of his good behavior. I barely got it into my warm wet mouth when he exploded all inside of me and all over my face. I licked up all of his delicious cum then told him to get out as I started to play with myself.

Edge Play Phone Sex

edge play phone sexDo you need edgeplay phone sex? I love controlling a man’s orgasm. You cum when I tell you to cum. The problem with too many men is that they are chronic masturbators. They jack off all day long watching porn and then when they get a real woman in their presence, they can’t get it up. I deal with this on the phone too. Guys high on coke who can’t cum. Guys addicted to porn and phone fun who are spent by the time they get to me. I don’t want any broke down cocks who can’t satisfy me. No woman does. That is why porn addicts like you and jack off losers need cock control by a mistress like me. I have helped many men be able to seal the deal with a woman. Now, not all of you are worthy of cumming inside a sexy ass bitch like me. I don’t waste my time and techniques on small cocks. So, if you are a tiny dick loser, all you will get is some CBT fun and small dick humiliation. Women like me deserve not only a big cock, but a cock that will last long enough to give us pleasure. Are you ready for your training?

Mommy Phone Sex

mommy phone sex Are you ready to do something about those wild, nasty thoughts you’ve been thinking about mommy phone sex? we don’t know each other yet, but that all could change after some dirty, forbidden mommy phone sex. Just let me know what those nasty, wild thoughts are. Don’t worry baby, because no one else will know about how you secretly wanted to watch your daddy nail your mommy on the bed, or how you peeped her snatch when you were peeping through the window…or how you would masturbate to thoughts of mommy dearest just deep-throating her beloved son’s cock. If forbidden, mommy sex is your thing, then what are you waiting for? Ill give you a whole new meaning to “mama’s boy”, and really make you the good son. But you have to promise you wont tell your dad, or your other brothers and sisters. Mommy sex with me will make you do more than just blush. So cum here to me!

Babysitter Phone Sex Nympho Monika

I’m the naughtiest babysitter you’ll ever hire! Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of your little brats, but when they go to sleep I’ll take care of you too. I love older men and they love my tight teen body. The man down the street hired me for the night while he took his wife out on a date. When they came back and he was giving me a ride back to my house, he slipped me an extra 50 and said he would double it if I would let him pull over and have some fun with him in the backseat. I sucked his big cock and got it all wet and hard. He had never had a girl who could deep throat like I can before! Then I took off my top and climbed on top of him and rode him. He played with my tits and pinched and sucked on my nipples while thrusting in and out of my tight wet cunnie. I bounced on his cock until he filled my little pussy with all of his sticky warm cum. He told me I was the sexiest babysitter he had ever had and couldn’t wait to for me to sit for him again! I told him to give my number to all his friends. Now they all call me when they want an extra naughty babysitter to take care of their brats.

Babysitter Phone Sex

Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex

I am your slutty Neighbor. I have been watching you jack off in your window for days now. I know I have been laying nude on my patio even though it is getting cooler outside. I love to spread my legs wide for you to see me play with my  pussy. My head thrown back my toes curling because I was so wet that you let me see that hard cock as you stroked it. My favorite part would be when you came and then tasted your own cum off your fingers. You are suck a jack off addict. I fucking love it. So when you came knocking on my whore door I knew I had to let you in.  I led you to the couch. I stripped off your pants and shirt so I could finally get a taste of that neighbor cock! Oh, baby You tasted so good as I gulped your cock down my throat. I had to slow down because I didn’t want you to cum without getting my hot whore holes fucked deep and hard. I was surprised when you picked me up and started slamming my sweet holes over and over. When you came in me you were quick to clean my pussy of both of our cum loads.

Phone Sex Size Queen

phone sexI have become quite the size queen and I own it fully. Who would have thought that I would have those kinds of thoughts running through my noggin? I received a laptop for Christmas and have found myself surfing the web looking at all sorts of porn websites. It is something that may land me on the naughty list next year. Who cares, quite frankly I enjoy being a slut and have found my calling. I am a size queen in training. I have the concept etched in my brain that bigger is better. It should be no surprise I have an insatiable appetite. I would see my mom bring home all kinds of guys and she always made it clear they all were packing and not lacking. Now everything makes perfect sense and I can relate to her. I am my mother’s daughter. I don’t even glance at short dick losers. I need something that will use me and make me beg for more. If you can make me squirt and cry tears of joy then show me and you will have me hooked. Life is too short don’t settle for tiny dicks. That’s the motto I am living by every single day. Doesn’t matter where I am my mind always wanders and ends up thinking about and needing big cocks.

Foot Fetish Phone Sex with My Boss

foot fetish phone sexMy boss has a serious foot fetish. I like to wear sexy heels and paint my toenails just to tease him and make him want me. I discovered his fetish one day when I walked in on him with his cock in one hand and his face buried in my shoe. I keep a pair of sneakers at work so I can go for a quick workout after I get off. I didn’t know he was in one day when I entered his office early to get something. He was sniffing my sneaker while playing with his big hard cock. Instead of being horrified or disgusted, I was instantly turned on. I asked him if he wanted to touch the real thing and he agreed. I took off my heels and let him kiss the bottom of my feet and gently suck on my toes. He was rock hard and leaking precum. The feeling of his tongue gliding up the soles of my feet sent electric shivers down my spine. I pressed both feet together and he slid his hard cock in between them and began to moan. I gave him a footjob right there in his office! I pumped his cock with my silk stocking covered feet until he squirted his sticky load all over my pretty toes. He’s been addicted to me and my feet ever since then.


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