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Incest Edge Play Phone Sex Soaked My Panties!

Edge Play Phone Sex I’ve been obsessed with edge play phone sex ever since my brother went away to college! Our incest sex relationship came to a screeching halt when my brother got shipped off to college over 3,000 miles away. We would text and call each other but I soon realized that he would be fucking hot coed sluts if I didn’t take care to help him bust his nut. I started calling my brother for hot fantasy phone sex even while I was still in school! During cheer practice I would call and he would sneak off to stroke his cock thinking about the last time he came inside his sweet little sister’s cunny. I’d edge myself through the whole call only cumming involuntarily when I couldn’t stand the tension anymore, my hot squirting pussy spasming uncontrollably in my soaked panties. I got my brother got addicted to filthy phone and I have never regretted it!

I’m A Sexy College Girl Porn Slut!

Sexy College Girl Porn
I knew once I got a reputation around campus as the cum whore freshman that anything would be possible, even me making sexy college girl porn! I was thinking of pledging some sororities and I started going to all the parties on campus thinking I could network but all I ended up doing was getting fucked up and filled with cock. Some of the girls I came in with were too fucked up and passed out in the bedroom upstairs, I saw a group of guys with a camera in the room with them. My curiosity got the best of me, I walked in on them just as they were pulling down one of the girl’s panties. The guys told me to get out at first but I told them I was into it and that I wanted to help them as I shut the door behind me. I was fucked up so all I wanted to do was take off my clothes and suck some cock but my days having forced bisexuality phone sex got the better of me.
I wanted to start an orgy but these guys had other ideas… They told me to strip and start licking the cunt of one of the passed-out girls on the bed. I was wet at the very idea of making one of these girls faces my cum saddle so I didn’t hesitate in taking off my panties and riding one of their mouths. Just as she was waking up my hot squirting pussy nutted all over her mug. That poor girl was drowning in my juices so I hopped off and stared right at those frat boy’s impressed faces. After seeing me dominate my classmate they were all fighting to fuck my soppy wet twat! They stuffed my holes with their cocks fucking me hard and fast like they were going to get caught, I loved being stretched to my limit and the thought of one my passed out classmates waking up in the middle of our hot DP scene kept making me cum!

I Cam’d My Hot Squirting Pussy!

Hot Squirting Pussy

My hot squirting pussy made me lots of cash as a cam girl! I started doing slutty cam girl work right out of high school when I needed fast money to have fun with my friends all summer. Once I made enough money, I figured why not start camming with my friends at my parents place, it was a hell of a way to spice things up. We would show off our tight little bodies and touch each other while playing with my toys, we got so many viewers we crashed the website server. We didn’t stop once the camera went off either, me and my two slutty friends scissored, making mutual masturbation porn, until we came hard. Putting my dildo between us as we ground our little hips over and over made me wet the sheets!

Katy The Coed Phone Sex Freak!

Coed Phone Sex

As soon as I got to college, I started having nasty coed phone sex about all the hot hard cock I fucked and young tight pussy I licked! I almost flunked out of my first semester because I was too busy being the freakiest little freshmen cum dumpster that all the older boys wanted to invite to their parties. So many girls were jealous of me that I started telling them I was bisexual, of course then they wanted me to lick their wet twats too so I never had any time to study or actually go to class. I made quite a name for myself by being a nasty little freak who was addicted to fucking teachers and coed cock and cunt just the same!

Cheerleader Phone Sex With My Gym Teacher!

Cheerleader Phone Sex
My brother heard me having cheerleader phone sex with my gym teacher and it got his cock rock hard! Me and my gym teacher had an agreement, I’d give him cheap phone sex in exchange for a passing grade in gym class. He liked hearing about me being on the cheer squad because seeing us practice gave him a stiffy every time. My brother walked in on me being a cheerleader cum dumpster for my gym teacher during one of our hot phonesex sessions. Jake got so hard just listing to me talk dirty that he started jacking his cock listening to my call with my gym teacher. At one point I started sucking my brother’s cock on the phone and he even fucked me while that old pervy gym teacher got his rocks off!

Naked Teen Pictures In the Park!

Naked Teen Pictures
I caught a pervy old man looking naked teen pictures in the park so I forced him to eat my asshole creampie! I was studying in the park when I noticed an old man jerking off just a few feet away from me. He was looking at naked teen pictures on his phone, I was disgusted at the old creep but my cum drenched ass and pussy were soaking my panties. I got passed around the frat house around the corner earlier and I hadn’t even had time to change. I had a brilliant idea, I stood up and stomped over to that pervert jacking off. He looked up at me but he didn’t stop stroking, I pulled down my panties and shoved my ass right in his face. All I could hear was his moaning into my cum leaking fuck holes and it felt so good. Having him in such a vulnerable position made me think of my favorite female domination porn. The best porn is where the girl forces her cunt right into her submissive man’s mouth. I rode that old man’s face right there in the park where anyone could have seen him devouring my hot squirting pussy. That fucking perv even shot a load of cum all over himself while I made him lick all my cream filling from my cunt!

Female Dominaton Porn

Hired & Fired 4 Babysitter Phone Sex…

Babysitter Phone Sex I got fired from all brat wrangling gigs because I couldn’t stop having babysitter phone sex! Brat wrangling means I watch the little ones and they leave me the fuck alone so I can have barely legal phone sex. Most of the time I don’t even care if they are asleep, I just want to make my hot squirting pussy cum all over my new fuck toys. Sometimes I’d drug the little shits just so I could invite my boyfriend over for the best hardcore ass fucking. My need for rough pussy pounding made me careless, I couldn’t stop screaming while I took my bf’s fat fuck meat. If those little brats hadn’t woken up to me getting used like a cum dumpster, I would have been their babysitter for the whole summer. Word got around that I was the teen nympho whore who exposed their little angels to hardcore phone sex. I got hired and fired constantly, the daddies loved using me but the milf’s were always too jealous to let me keep taking their money!

Barely Legal Phone Sex

Hardcore Ass Fucking In The AM!

Hardcore Ass Fucking Living as my big brother’s fuck toy taught me that men love hardcore ass fucking first thing in the morning! I’d be getting so wet watching porn before school; I’d start having mutual masturbation phone sex with my best girlfriend when my big brother would burst in. His morning wood was always so fucking rock hard! He loved shoving that throbbing meat inside my slippery cunt before surprising me by pounding my asshole too! He enjoyed how wide my eyes would get when he stuck that dick so deep in my shithole my pussy creamed. My cunt orgasms would make my ass milk my brother’s cock so hard be would nut instantly inside me. It became a pretty regular thing for my big brother to come to my room for some hot ass sex before I went to school. My little asshole would be stretched so wide and I’d be so full of his cum, my panties would be soaked all day!

Guided Masturbation On Our Family Vacation!

Guided Masturbation I teased my brother in my bikini until he was so hard, he was begging to do a hot guided masturbation session with me! Me and my brother spent some quality time in our hotel suite while our parents were on the beach. My brother was in his swim trunks because he was planning to go surfing but I couldn’t help but show off my bikini. I was drinking a cold beer and twerking my ass to some sexy beats when he came in and started watching me. I could tell he liked watching my ass bounce, his cock was tenting in his shorts and he couldn’t take his eyes off my wet bald pussy. I stopped dancing and told him to show me his hard dick, he was too excited to take it out and stroke it for me. I put some mutual masturbation porn on the tv and told him just how to jack it for me! I came all over my sticky fingers, my hot squirting pussy made my brother nut for me, I got the biggest cum shot all over my little yellow bikini!

Cum Slut Phone Sex Made Him Fuck Me!

Cum Slut Phone Sex

I begged my best friend’s dad for an anal creampie after he had cum slut phone sex with me! My best friend’s daddy is such a hottie, I’ve always thought he was attracted to me. Anytime I went to my friend’s house during our breaks from college I’d notice her dad staring at me. He was flirty too; he even grabbed my ass one time so I knew all I had to do was get him alone and he would probably fuck me. I called him up on accident one time and we ended up having filthy anal phone sex about his college coed sex fantasy. I wanted to make his fantasy a reality so I just stopped by one week to see if sexy daddy was home. When he answered the door, there he was in gym shorts and I could already see that boner growing as he looked at me. I asked him if my friend was there but I knew she was back at our dorm, he let me in and asked if I wanted something to drink. When he went to the fridge for a beer I took of my top and climbed up on the counter, daring him to fuck me. The look on his face when he turned around was enough to make me giggle, I could really see that dick standing at attention then. He kissed me thoroughly before getting on his knees and licking my hot wet cunny. I was wet enough from the way he licked me that I could take him in my butt easily! I got on my hands and knees to twerk my little ass cheeks for him. He slapped my bouncing cheeks before he impaled my shit hole, I screamed when he forced that dick deep in me. It was the best feeling ever knowing I was getting used anally by one of my closest friend’s daddies!