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Rumor Has It Katy Is A Sub Slut!

BDSM Phone SexThere is a rumor going around campus that I like to be tied up while getting fucked and its absolutely 100% true! I found out I was a submissive slut when my brother would rough fuck me aggressively and it would make me cum ten times harder than when he was gentle and seductive. We tried binding my hands a few times but I really never experienced proper domination until I found a Master who lived close to campus. The first time he used me, he tied me up like a pig and force fucked my cunt relentlessly until he sprayed a big load all over my ass. I was so insanely turned on; I squirted all over while he called me his new fuck toy!

Cum Slut Phone Sex

Making My Big Brother Proud!

Brother/Sister Phone SexWhen I want to make my tight little pussy squirt hard, I just think about my brother and his friends passing me around like a fuck toy! Some of the best orgasms I’ve ever had were with my brother and his group of friends in our parent’s basement. I remember that day after school so clearly, Jake and his basketball friends were playing games on the tv downstairs. I heard the games switch to porn and I got curious, my brother already stretched out my little twat to fit his thick dick but I hadn’t ever been fucked by anyone but him. As soon as I crept down the stairs my cunt started throbbing, I peeked through the railing and saw my brother and his friends all with their cocks out. My mouth watered; I got goosebumps at the idea of getting caught by them.

My hand slipped on the railing and my petite body tumbled down the stairs to the basement, I blushed hard as I got up. My brother laughed hard at me before grabbing me by the hand and leading me over to the couch where his friends were with their dicks exposed. I suddenly felt my top being pulled over my head, my skirt was yanked down to my ankles. I stood their naked, my cunt leaking and my nipples hard; I saw every cock twitch as all five of Jake’s friends looked at my developing body. Jake told them he taught me how to fuck and that they should use me like their personal cum rag.

My ears were ringing, I was mortified and so turned on at the same time, all of their cocks were hard just for me, I had to make my big brother proud by letting them fuck me senseless. Jake shoved his cock in my mouth as they watched, I felt my cunt being fingered and they laughed at how soaking wet I was. I came as soon as one of their cocks sank into my cunt, they fucked me hard and fast, moaning loud and exclaiming how tight I was. I felt so full by the second load in my pussy, the third cock was longer than the others and I felt it deep in my belly. I squirted hard as I felt the head of the longest cock, I’ve ever taken rub my cervix for the first time, they laughed at how wildly I shook as my orgasm overwhelmed me. They used my tight little school girl pussy over and over again just like Jake told them to, I fucked like my life depended on it, I couldn’t stop cumming until I had hot creamy loads leaking down my legs.

Study Break Orgy!

Coed Phone SexI hate when midterms roll around making everyone on campus a hot mess! My favorite way to cope with midterm stress is to take a nice long study break with my roommate! Me and my slutty roommate are bisexual cum sluts who can’t get enough cock in our cunts and pussy in our mouths! We love inviting over other fun coeds for a mid afternoon orgy! When the two guys and third girl arrived to our room, we were already wet from dry humping on my roommate’s bed. We let them in and immediately stripped naked, showing off our wet twats and hard nipples. The boys were hard as a rock as we licked each other’s pussies and let them fuck us silly. We came together over and over making our little cunnies squirt until it was time to get back to studying for our exams!

When My Brother Tied Me Up!

Incest Phone SexMy big brother loves dominating my holes and making me his fuck slave! When we were younger me and my brother started fucking all the time. He penetrated me in every way possible in those first few heated months of incest fucking. Eventually we got bored one day and started watching some more hardcore porn together, seeing how those submissive sluts were forced to cum over and over made me so fucking wet. I could tell my brother wanted to tie me up and use me by the way his cock jumped when I pulled out my old jump rope from the closet. First, he bound my wrists together and then he managed to tie across my perfect little titties, feeling him tie my legs spread eagle so he could see every inch of my slippery wet pussy made my cunt throb in need for his big brother cock. Once I was all trussed up the fun really began, he face-fucked me from the edge of the bed making my throat his fleshlight. Then spun me around and started slamming my twat down on his cock by using my tied-up wrist as an anchor. I came so fucking hard on his big brother dick, my pussy was milking him over and over until he spilled a big load inside me, I forgot to tell him I was ovulating… woops!College Coed Sex

Welcome To Katy’s Wet Wild World!

Bisexual Phone SexHi! I’m Katy, your favorite brother fucking coed cumdump! I’m always hot and ready to talk dirty while I soak my panties for you. I love talking about all the kinky things I’ve done with my brother; we have been fucking for years so I have so many nasty incest sex stories. When I’m not fucking my brother, I’m at school making all the frat boys lose their minds over my tight sweet fuck holes! I’m also a proud and sexy bisexual who craves munching cunt just as much as I crave a big dick in my pussy. I’m the best phone sex you’ll ever have, when you tell me your fantasies you’ll find out that I truly am a nasty no taboo fuck doll who can’t get enough cock!

I Took 150 Cocks My Freshman Year!

Coed Phone SexMy freshman year in college was blur of cock and cum, I went to school an incest slut and became a freshie student cum dumpster for hard coed cock! When I left home for college, I was a little inexperienced with stranger cock because I had been fucking my brother all the time. I never knew how satisfying it was to meet a random boy and fuck his brains out until I got to school! As soon as I figured out how fun it was to fuck whoever I wanted, I couldn’t be stopped! Of course, none of these cocks were as good as my big brother’s, in fact it made me miss him even more but it was like I had this deep well of lust that couldn’t be satisfied! I hopped from cock to cock all freshmen year until I realized I took 150 just before the end of the school year! That’s right! I almost flunked out of school because I was out fucking and getting used like a cock sleeve by 150 college cocks!

Let Me Give You JOI Tonight!

Guided MasturbationI can’t wait for you to call me tonight so I can give you jack off instructions! Being a kinky fantasy fuck doll makes me crave cock all the time, I love telling men what to do with their hard meat. If you call me for jack off instructions, know that I am waiting with my pussy throbbing and wet for you. I’m so horny from hearing you stroke your cock; I’ll be finger fucking my tight little twat as I tell you just how to jack it. I want to hear you going faster and faster… building up that delicious pressure until I suddenly say stop! When I tell you to let go of that rock hard cock, you’ll be begging me to keep going all night long!

Katy Scores A Goal!

I fucked my old soccer coach in my hometown before I headed back to school! That last week at home before I headed back to campus was so boring, I ran into my old soccer coach at a bar and things got heated. I was at my local dive bar shooting pool with some hot guys when my old soccer coach from high school walked in and ordered a drink. I didn’t think he would come over and say hello so I just kept my eyes on my game. Suddenly a drink gets placed on my table and my old coach is calling my name. When I looked up at him, all those memories of playing JV Soccer came flooding back, even the ones of me sucking this hot older coach’s cock after practice. I licked my lips before I spoke and let him pull me in for a hug that made my pussy start throbbing.
Coed Phone Sex
It was only a few drinks later when he asked me if he could give me a ride back home, I let him drive but as soon as we were on the road my hand found the bulge in his pants. I started sucking him off right there like we were back in the old days. As we drove through town and headed back to my parent’s place, I knew I needed to feel him in my pussy again. By the time we pulled into my garage he was ready to blow, I stripped my clothes off and ran into my house, he chased me to the kitchen before bending me over the counter and stuffing my cunt with his thick hard man meat. God, I came so fast as he fucked me hard, he stuck his thumb in my asshole as he pounded my cunt. I squirted all over his balls making him fuck me even faster, my tight little twat milked his cock hard making him nut deep inside me– his former girls’ soccer team captain who always wanted to score the goal.

One Last Summer Fuck Fest!

I can’t wait to get back to school and start fucking again! I had a lot of fun this summer but I’m almost ready to head back to campus again to start being a filthy coed cum dump. I took lots of cock working at a local sports bar in my hometown between partying and taking little trips to the beach. Daddy and Mom are traveling for the rest of the month so I was excited for some time alone before I officially start packing up again but little did I know my big brother was going to pay me a very special visit. I came home from work to find the whole house lit by candle light and a really beautiful bouquet of red roses waiting for me. My big brother was home and I couldn’t have been more excited!
Black Cock Phone SexJake descended upon me, kissing me hard and making me wet just by the way he massaged my tongue with his. I knew tonight would be amazing because we hadn’t seen each other in months, my pussy was pounding already, I felt myself getting so wet. I tore open his shirt and dropped to my knees to slurp on his cock. Jake fucked my face for a bit before he picked me up and threw me over the dining table, with my ass in the air he pounded me from behind. I came almost instantly and my tight pussy milking his cock made Jake cum hard in his favorite place in the world, his little sister’s pussy.

Blackmail Porn Gets Me Sissy Fucked!

Blackmail is my favorite mind game, I love taking pictures of small cocks, men cheating on their wives or being dressed up like sissies! A coed slut like me gets to see lots of things around campus, I know professors who fuck their students, girls who fuck for money and plenty of sissies with small cocks pretending to be jocks. My favorite thing to do is get dressed up all slutty and go out with my camera to capture people in the act of their secret passions.
Blackmail Phone Sex Last time I went out on the prowl I saw the Dean of my university bringing some hookers into his house on campus. I had to get a closer look, I crept close to the window outside of his office and snapped some very nasty pictures of him dressed in drag getting fucked by a tranny. That tranny hooker had her cock deep inside the dean’s ass when I accidentally flashed my camera taking a photo of them. I tried to run but the dean came out and caught me, he demanded my camera and told me I would get kicked out of school. I pleaded with him but he told me the only way I was getting out of it was if I joined him and his hookers in an orgy. I had no choice but to agree and strip naked, I sat on the dean’s cock while he got fucked in the ass by that sexy tranny whore. The other two whores shoved a dildo in his mouth and  a strap-on up my ass. Feeling his cock pulsate as he got fucked in his asshole was an incredible feeling, the tranny made him sissy squirt inside me before she blew her load all over my tits!