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fetish phone sex

Is there a Fetish Phone Sex topic that has you very curious in exploring? Maybe a little kink that has aroused your interest? I’m a little curious about these things that guys get off to. I’m new here and fairly unexperienced myself. Maybe you and me can explore some kinky fantasies together? It’s been something on my bucket list to do. I came into doing this phone sex thing because I want to learn more about sex. I was a virgin until recently. I met an older guy and we became boyfriend and girlfriend. I am fresh out of Catholic school. He seems to think that my innocent school girl look and non-experience would be a turn on for guys. Is that true? 

I am super curious about everything that is sexual. I have made out with girls at school. We just kissed though. I wonder what it would be like to do more with a girl. It’s exciting to me. Can we just talk about the things that excites you? What you find hot about teen girls like me? I’m super duper curious! I want to know how to please my boyfriend and he thought me doing this would help me get more curious and comfortable with him. 

Drug Slut Cum Bender

hot ass sexMy hot little pussy was getting used, sloppy wet and dripping from all the coke we’d done. I’m a little druggy slut who’s gone on a hot little bender. I think I’ve been up for four days! I was almost done and ready for a nap when a black cock king walked into the trap house. He pointed at me, and made me follow him up to the bedroom. Well when he pulled out that massive meat monster and tapped a thick white line out on that throbbing chocolate thunder, I knew I was in for a treat. I did the line right off of his dick, and then sucked it clean until my face was numb. He wasn’t interested in face fucking me long term, however. He wanted some nasty raw dogged druggy anal! He bent me over and shoved his fat fuck stick balls deep in with no lube. It grated like sand paper all the way up my shit chute, but that didn’t turn me off at all! I sort of love the pain! Besides I was too fucking high to give much of a shit, if we’re honest. I have some dark rape fantasies, and this thick dick king was only bringing them to life in the middle of my drug fueled slut bender.

Wet Panties

I like to leave my wet, used panties all over the house. I know I have some freaks in my family and love to know the men want to smell and inhale my sweet scent. I’m ready to finger my pussy at any given time and let my juices squirt and drench my panties. It makes this hot bad little thing so happy to know that I’m going to be giving someone endless pleasure. My dad is a pervert, and so is my grandpa, and my brothers follow suit. There’s no doubt we are close, and I know their habits and love to bring the nastiness out of every one of them. Whoever scores my panties first usually comes to my room to finish the job. my scent is magnetizing, and they love to explore what could be there’s. My sweet pussy will get licked and flicked till it cums all over. my dirty panties get me in some trouble but in all the good ways. I’m so into incest and how it makes me feel is that it truly is a turn on and I can’t deny that it feels good to be woken up by one of the boys.

Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex

naughty neighbor phone sexIf you like naughty neighbor phone sex then I have a story to share with you. My neighbor arrived to give me a package that had accidentally been sent to his address. I was a little embarrassed because I knew that my new strap-on and whip were in the package. But, he could have no way of knowing this. I giggled and blushed. He said, “Oh my! Good stuff?”

I admitted they were some grown-up toys. And then he blushed. But he didn’t budge from the doorstep. So, I invited him in for a drink. He grinned and stepped inside, brushing by me very closely. His hand brushed my tits. No doubt he could see and feel my rock hard nipples through the soft fabric of my summer dress. I told him to open the box. He did. I told him to hand me that whip. He did. I swung it at the back of his thigh, just catching the flesh below his shorts. He froze and stared at me. We were virtually strangers, having only ever said a few friendly words in passing. I approached and unzipped his shorts. I could already see his cock was growing fast. By the time I released it, it was at full attention. I swung at his thigh again and his cock started bobbing, begging for attention. I responded with my mouth, sucking until the cum flowed hot into my throat. I sent him on his way, telling him to come back tomorrow so that we could try the other toy.

I Can Be A Good Little One

He just loves for me to be nasty little one for him. Begging him to give me that big hard cock. Sucking that cock like I haven’t had anything to drink in days, wanting to get all that cum out that fat dick. I love the way my mouth stretches around it to take it all in my mouth. I even love when he bends over and makes me lick that yummy little asshole of his. I will do a good job of tongue fucking his ass to get his cock nice and hard and ready for my tight little bald pussy. He just loves for me to come over and let him take advantage of my little body when she isn’t home. He says only I can make him feel this good, only my tight yummy little pussy can make him cum like no other. He needs me to be a good girl for him and let him cum inside of me. I will let him do whatever he wants to me because I am a good girl and I promise not to tell anyone.


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Forced Bisexuality phone sex

Forced Bisexuality Phone Sex


So, she wanted to fuck my man? She thinks she can fuck him and get away with it? I read his text; I knew where they were going to be meeting at. I know just what he likes too. He was going to want to use her, tie her up and fuck her silly. That’s his favorite thing to do. To make a bitch feel helpless and used while he fucks the shit out of her pussy. When I walked in, I seen she was blindfolded and tied to the bed. I gave him one look and he knew not to mess with me. I started stripping down and made sure to rub my bald pussy a little bit to get it nice and wet. I stood over here and lowered my pussy to her mouth. I just started rubbing my pussy all over her face and mouth. It didn’t take her long to realize it was a pussy and not his cock. But she couldn’t go nowhere. She could only struggle, only fight and try to say she didn’t want to, but all you could hear was muffled sounds through my pussy smothering her. I grabbed her head and pushed her face further into my pussy as I was grinding it on her face. I looked over and my boyfriend was stroking his cock. I knew he would like some shit like this. I rode her face faster and faster. I was going to cum all over her face and there wasn’t going to be a thing she could do about it except drink up all my juices. And that’s just what I did. I came all over her face and mouth. Once I was satisfied, I got off and sat to the side. Giving my man the all clear to fuck his bitch while I watched.

Dirty Bitch

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Nothing like doing to a bitch what she deserves. Making that bitch strip naked in front of all the guys. Letting them see her big titties, fat ass and of course that nice juicy wet bald pussy. She kept saying she was a nasty little whore that was down for anything and I wanted to put that to the test. I wanted her to prove to me how fucking slutty she was. I wanted to see what she was willing to do and even what she wasn’t. Because that is what I would definitely make her do, if you know what I mean. So, she started by sucking all of their dicks and one was eating her pussy and ass. Once she was wet enough he started shoving his fat hard cock deep in her wet tight pussy. She was laying flat on her back being fucked so hard, that she didn’t notice all the guys starting to piss all over her. She seemed to be into it. She liked him men pissing all over her face and body while being fucked. I wanted to push her more, so I made one stand over her and start shitting all over her. She tried to get away but the other one held her hips and kept fucking. The more she fought the harder he fucked her and the faster those standing over her, jacked their dicks. Right as he was cumming in her bald pussy, they started shooting their loads all over her shit covered tits and face.

Hot Ass Sex

hot ass sex


Hot ass sex is what keeps my sweet pussy cumming over and over again. I just love having my tight bald pussy stretched by some good fat cock. Nothing like being pounded and made to moan as I’m squirting all on that cock. I want to hear you tell me how much you love my pussy, how long you have been craving it. I love the feel of your cock swelling inside of my juicy tight cunt. I want you to use my pussy to cum. Don’t you dare hold back on me. I want you to fuck me as hard and rough as you can. Let me be your good little cum slut. Don’t you want to feed me that cock? You can even pump that fat hard cock deep inside of my naughty cunt until you cum. Unless you would rather make me suck that cock of yours until you blow your load all over me and down my throat. As long as you give me your cum, I don’t care what you do to me.

Wanted: Big Black Cock

black cock phone sex

I feel so despite. I don’t know what is wrong with me but I can’t seem to get enough of those big black cocks. It is like I crave them. Just the thought of a big fucking black monster dick fucking my pussy makes me get so fucking wet. I want to find as many black cocks as I can get and let them fuck me and stretch me until I can’t take it anymore or until they can’t cum anymore. I want to drain them; I want to make them feel so damn good. It is like sometimes those smaller white dicks don’t do shit for me. Just the thought of a black cock gets my bald pussy going but when I think of those white cocks, I think of how much work I have to put in. I want to be fucked so hard and rough that it’s hard for me to walk. Not many white guys have ever made me feel like that. Black dicks seem to even cum so much more. I want you to pump my white pussy fucking full of cum. I want to see it oozing out as you pull that huge black dick out of me. Don’t be shy.

I want all the black cocks!!

black cock phone sex


I don’t know if I have said it before or not but I am absolutely obsessed with some big fucking black cock. If I think I have had big I want to have bigger. I need big black cock to stretch my little cunt out. I love feeling my pussy, ass and mouth being stretched open by that huge black dick. I don’t want just one, I want multiple. I want as many cocks as I can get, you can even try to force them into just one of my holes. Or you and your friends can take turns fucking all my holes. Use any hole on my body you feel will milk that black dick for you. I want you to fuck me until I can hardly walk. I want to have my whole body shaking with each orgasm. I want you and your friends to pass me around and use me until you can’t cum anymore. Cum deep in my bald wet white girl pussy. Don’t forget about filling my fat ass up. But what I really like is having you and your home boys shooting your cum all over me. Cum in my mouth, shoot your load all over my face and tits. Use me as your little trailer trash white whore.


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