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Babysitter phone sex: getting down and dirty with a little slut!

Babysitter phone sex

Last night, the guy I babysit for got home early, and his wife was nowhere to be seen. It lead to some interesting events which I’m about to tell you in this babysitter phone sex story. The look on his face when he saw the little school girl skirt I was wearing, was pretty priceless.

I’ve always known he’s had quite the thing for me, but I don’t think he really knew it was reciprocated until last night. He came in and sat right down on the couch next to me, as I reached over gently caressing his leg. His eyes grew wide as he softly whispered my name, seemingly checking to see if I knew what I was doing.

Boy did I, my hand slowly snaking its way up to his cock I began to stroke him there, right in front of his family photo hanging on the mantle as I giggled and laughed. “You know, you really want me, not them” I laughed as he softly whimpered realizing that I was just going to be his little teen homewrecker.

Pulling him up by his hand we made our way upstairs to his bedroom, where I made him take me like a dirty teen whore right on top of his wife’s pillow.

“Now you’ll think of me every time you fuck her,” I whispered with soft giggles filling the air.

The Night Daddy Finally Took My Young Bald Pussy

Young bald pussy

He was definitely after my young bald pussy. Little did I know it would be the night he finally took it. Thank you, I grinned. Then I attempted to pass him, but he obstructed my path. I continued to smile and try to get past him while saying “excuse me,” but he blocked me again. Then placing his hands on my boobs and gave them a powerful squeeze. Quickly moving to give me a tight hug while placing one hand on my ass and the other pinching my nipple. I was too stunned to speak or move. Noticing how shocked I was he chuckled in my ear mocking my fear. Before, beginning to massage my pussy above my clothing. When I realized something was seriously wrong, I told him to stop tickling me. That I was no longer having any fun with him. He gave me a tight hug, pressing his body against mine. It was impossible for me to escape.

He then began to fondle my breasts and give me yucky french kisses. I could feel the bulge in his pants beginning to form, as he slid his leg further between mine, parting them. Working his way even closer, it was only moments before he realized I didn’t have any panties on under my skirt…

Barely Legal Phone Sex Fun With Daddy!

Barely legal phone sex

I  slipped out of my black uniform shoes and left my school bag by the front door. I was worn out from dealing with everything at school after a long week of final examinations. It was the day I was set to receive my high school diploma and was 18 years old. Depending on how well I did on my most recent examinations. I had hoped that my exam results would be strong enough to get me into the university’s Biochemistry course.

I was now being challenged by the Catholic school I was attending, but I knew it would be worth it eventually. The top of my short plaid skirt was turned over, making it shorter than it ought to be. It displayed my lovely ass and long, tanned legs. Also wearing a crisp white blouse that was just buttoned high enough to reveal my enormous cleavage with dark knee-high socks. Boy did I look good, but man would my Daddy be mad if he saw!

My Daddy, actually found out through the grapevine, that I was most definitely the school slut. So when he came home and saw what I was wearing, he made certain that he was the only cock I rode, and told me that I’d have to do it frequently. I wasn’t upset at all. I had a deep love for my Daddy and enjoy being his little girl.
He cornered me, his hands crossed across his chest as he looked on sternly. He wasn’t impressed I had rolled my skirt up making it even shorter, showing the boys at school my panties. He bent me over his leg and told me he was going to make my ass as red as my cheeks before taking me. I’ll tell you more, but it’s a naughty secret so it has to stay between us!

Daddy’s Little Barely Legal Phone Sex Vice.

Barely Legal Phone Sex

I just love barely legal phone sex where I get to be Daddy’s little slut that he just can’t get enough of! Would you like to come to play with me and see just how addicted to me you get? I bet you can’t resist my perfect little body. Just daydreaming about feeling that sweet little young puffy cunt of mine wrapped right around your shaft while I moan like a needy little whore in your ear. I need you, Daddy, more than anything. Mommy told me this was super bad and I shouldn’t be doing anything naughty with boys. But I just can’t resist it. Please come show me how much you want me, make love to me with your big p-cock, and show me that I’m your favorite little Age play phone sex slut!

Sex and Drugs phone sex with Daddys Favorite Little Slut!

Drugs Phone SexJust by looking at me, most wouldn’t know how into Drugs phone sex I really am. There’s nothing better than lighting up a joint or snorting a line to make my pussy drip. Do you like hearing hot girls do lines? Or hit that pipe a little too hard and end in a moaning whimpering coughing fit? That’s exactly what happens to me when I get fucked up, I get this tingly unsatiable feeling in my pussy that just craves to be used. Then the more drugs and drinking I do, the worse it gets until I finally actually do something about it.

Would you like to come to stick your long pipe in me while I hit mine? Really show me what it’s like to be railed while doing a rail? I’d love to show you just how wet being a little drugged-up slut makes me get. Come let me play with my wet bald pussy for you as you shoot me up or fuck me! I need this so bad, I need you so bad.

Blackmail Phone Sex: What would your wife say if she knew?

Blackmail phone sexWhat would you do if all of your dirty secrets were shared with Blackmail Phone Sex? Every little thing you ever told me, recorded into my memory so I can use it to my advantage to twist and bend you to my will as I see fit. I love the idea of you whimpering in my ear like the slutty little bitch you are while I wreak havoc on your life.

What would your friends and family say if they knew all the naughty stuff you’ve been doing? All of your super naughty secrets, especially the super naughty ones like the fact that you have all the  Phone sex with me!

One of my favorite callers recently shared all of his naughty secrets about how he wanted to fuck my young little barely legal pussy. Little did he know I was going to use all that info against him to get him to do exactly what I wanted him to do!

What would you do to protect your secrets?

Blackmail Phone Sex What Would You Do To Stay Safe?

Blackmail Phone SexBlackmail Phone Sex kinda has a scary wicked ring to it. What would you do if you let it slip that you had a secret or something that you didn’t want your wife to find out? Would you be willing to do whatever it took to keep all of your secrets safe? How far would allow yourself to go?

I love hearing the whines of an outed slut, just begging me to keep them safe from all of their bad decisions. Knowing that just a few internet searches and their whole lives could be ruined. The potential for all of their secrets to be leaked to their friends and families.  That’s my favorite part, the rush that comes with the risk involved in Financial Domination Phone Sex tied to super risky play.

Why don’t you come experience what you’ve been craving, allow me to know your secrets so we can really have some fun and enjoy each other… Unless you’re too scared to really explore what it is you really have been craving.  I want to make your heart race, cock cum, and wallet drain. All at the same time. Try me.

Medical Fetish Phone Sex, A Naughty Nurse In Time For Halloween!

Medical Fetish Phone Sex

Medical Fetish Phone Sex just in time for the sluttiest nurse you’ve ever seen, Halloween 2022! Are you ready for the super exclusive Halloween party, hosted by yours truly? Could you imagine coming into the doctor’s office and seeing me in my slutty nurse uniform? With red fishnets, and garters?

I bet you’d get instantly hard, just staring at me. Bending over to take your blood pressure as a nipple pops right out of my shirt. Bending over to pick up the pen I dropped just in time for my cute little round ass to poke out of the bottom of my skirt.

What would you do if you were sitting there, just watching as I noticeably teased you?  Do you think you’d have the ability to practice restraint as my hot young phone sex body teased you mercilessly? Knowing that your wife was waiting for you out in the lobby, the whole time you craving me. Craving just a mere touch to my sweet young curves.

Do you dare? Do you have the gull to actually reach out and let your fingers dance across my sweet white nurse dress? Let’s make all of your naughty Medical fantasies come true. Come enjoy some extra special time with me.

Babysitter Phone Sex With The Girl Next Door.

Babysitter phone sex

Babysitter Phone Sex, now hear me out. What would you do if you came home from work early, only to find me missing? I know, I know… you’d probably be freaking out just a bit. But, what if you found me laying in your bed tucked comfortably under your covers as I was slowly playing with myself? Laying there on your side of the bed, my hand wrapped firmly around my breast as you hear me moaning and carrying on. 

What would you do? Would you stop me, or maybe even crawl into the bed with me? Or possibly even be mad at me, and storm into your bedroom… 

I really really hope that your answer was, you’d join me. Could you imagine my reaction if you just crawled right into bed next to me, placing your hand tenderly on my thigh as you look down at me? “What are you doing sweet thing?” I can hear your words already.

The real question is, would you move to touch me right away, or would you sit and watch me for just a little bit? Knowing that my sweet little pussy is aching for you to touch it.  I bet your tongue is just dying to taste it too! I want you so bad! Let’s get super naughty together! 

Rape phone sex fantasies are the best wake time fantasies

Rape phone sex fantasiesI may have gotten drunk and forgotten I had little pain in the asses to watch, and the next thing I knew I was waking up with my skirt up, my panties between my legs, and a cock in my pussy violating me in all the right ways for my Rape phone sex fantasies. I hadn’t expected it. The fog of the drink had me quite confused for more than a few thrusts into my wet snatch, each one more hungry than the last, but eventually a grunt gave him away. One of my cousins I was watching earlier had decided to make himself at home with my body. I decided to reward him for being so assertive by pretending to still be asleep and enjoying the ride. “Mmm~” I moaned, feeling my insides grip him hard. He had a smaller prick than a lot of guys, and I was glad for it. He wasn’t smart enough to get me wet first, it’s probably why I woke up. I’m so used to my slutty submissive bitch pussy being fucked hard during Prostitution Phone sex that I doubt a few groans and hasty thrusts could wake me up if I was wet and dripping. I was getting that way fast from how hot the situation was, but the nice warm tiny dick of his made it nice and pleasant even while I was still dry and sleepy. There was so much hunger in his grip, I felt a little flattered. His hands squeezed my hips as he bucked into me and made me nice and warm. He was getting ready to cum, I could tell, rutting harder and harder and- pulling out? I couldn’t have that. The moment he began to back up my feet rose behind him, pressed into his ass, and pushed him right in. I looked back and stared right into his eyes, giving him my best ‘gotcha’ look, as he emptied out everything he had into my cherry-colored Creampie Phone Sex cunt.