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I’ve been posting craigslist ads lately. Just what girl like me needs… I post things like “Growing bulge at the club”, “Suck off at 3am”, “Your first tranny”, and not only do these men find me, but many more contact me that want just what I have been doing. I love being a switch, both submissive and dominate – it gives me the best of both worlds. My first, was from last weekend. I went to the metro the other night, all dressed up in my tight skirt, fish nets, heals, and a cute crop top. We took so many jello shots together, making out and tasting the flavors together. The music was raving, we were too fucked up to care. You felt on my ass first, feeling slowly to the front of my skirt. That’s when you felt my bulge, my cock growing at your touch. You weren’t even surprised at all, grabbing my cock in your hand and making it bigger and bigger… we take a trip to the bathroom for you to suck me off and swallow my load, me using your mouth and making you feel like a slut. This is just what you came here for, just don’t get caught by your family. The next, was a simple suck off in your truck – this time I was the one giving to you as I sat on your face, allowing you to bury your tongue into my ass. You and I love nothing more than a quick 69 session, both of us coming in unison. Lastly, is a story that is so juicy it’ll have to be saved for later. For now, I have a huge load that needs to be emptied, my balls are full and I am so ready to explode.

Perks of a Secret Dickie

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A close friend of mine was fighting with her boyfriend because he was the jealous type. He had no idea about my little secret down below, so when she wanted to get away for a while and get some dick on the side, she would come to my place. Her boyfriend would follow her and see that she wasn’t lying about where she was going- but she was lying about what we were doing!

Wrapping her lips around my dickie, she took it balls deep down her throat. I moaned as her tongue massaged the shaft. She really was amazing at giving head, especially since I’ve taught her all my dirty, little tricks! Her pussy was dripping wet, so she straddled over me backwards. Sliding down onto my cock, she bounced up and down, taking every inch. Having her tight cunt clamped around my rod made it hard for me not to cum right then.

I reached around and rubbed her clit as she rode me. The way she was moaning told me she was getting close, so I kept up with a steady motion, letting her passion build up until she was squirting all over my meat. When she was finished, I laid her down and jerked my dickie until I was busting my nut on her perky tits. Throughout the night, we fooled around until we were both completely spent and passed out in my bed.

Tranny Phone Sex

Fucking the Pool Boy

Blowjobs Phone Sex

I was in the backyard sunning myself in my new swim suit when I saw the pool boy walk in with his equipment. He was hired by my father to do the pool maintenance, but this was my first time ever running into him. Looking me up and down, he smiled and started with his work. When I realized he was flirting with me, I couldn’t help but giggle and get flirty with him as well.

His forehead dripped with sweat as the sun beat down on him, so he took off his shirt and continued working. When he got over towards me, I asked if he felt like taking a break. I pulled out my little boy titties and started rubbing my nipples. He held me close as he licked and sucked my tits. When he reached down to finger me, that’s when he felt my dickie under my suit. His cock, which was pressed to my thigh, grew harder and I knew he wanted me badly.

We both got naked and I squatted down so I could taste his cock. Taking every inch down my throat, I gagged as I massaged his shaft with my tongue. I stroked my dickie while I sucked on his. He bent me over the chair and rammed into my asshole. Sliding in and out, he stretched my boy hole wide, getting deep inside me. Grunting, he filled my man cunt with his hot, sticky cum. To finish me off, he got down and sucked my girl dick. His lips wrapped around me made my toes curl. I blew a fat load into his mouth and watched him swallow it all. I’ll have to find out when the pool boy is scheduled to come back!

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Blackmailed by a Tranny

Blackmail Phone Sex

I met a hot guy while I was staying in a hotel suite. I invited him back to my room and we started fooling around. He didn’t know about my special surprise between my legs, but I decided to keep that a secret for now. He licked my boy titty, getting him hard. I took a bandana from my purse and blindfolded him.

Thinking I was just getting kinky, he happily got to his knees and agreed to suck the “dildo” I was going to use on his ass. I snapped a quick shot of him sucking my cock on my phone. That’s when I removed the blindfold and let him see what he was doing. Horrified, he jumped back and started to grab his things.

Not so fast, I grinned as I showed him the shot. If he didn’t agree to be my little slut tonight, I was going to post this photo and his name all over the internet. He turned pale as he realized what I was capable of. He had a wife that he couldn’t afford to lose. Having him stick his ass up in the air, I slid my dickie into his hole.

His tight ass felt so amazing clamped around my shaft. Pumping back and forth, I emptied my little girl balls into his man cunt. When he got back upright, I grabbed him by the hair and made him taste his own ass and my cum. In return for being a good slut, I kept my word and erased the picture and never spoke a word of it to anyone…until now! ;P

Shemale Domination Porn

Teen Tranny Slut

Teen Phone Sex

Back in school, it didn’t take long for the other students to realize I wasn’t a normal girl. You’d think this would make me a target of bullying, but instead it made me pretty popular, especially with some of the boys. In the hallway, one of the boys I always caught staring at me was walking past. We were the only two people in the hall, since I was very late to class and he was on his way to the restroom.

With nobody around, he had the courage to approach me and tell me he was very curious about sleeping with a little tranny like me. I smiled and led him to closet in the back of the school where nobody ever walked by and told him I could help him with that. Down on my knees, I sucked his cock in the cramped room. He was surprisingly big and I gagged on it, which made my dickie so hard.

I wanted to feel him inside me so badly! Standing up, I turned around and let him fuck my ass. He was railing me hard enough to shake the shelves and knock things off of it. He left a fat load inside my asshole and told me he really wanted to try sucking my cock. Of course, I obliged and moaned as he hungrily explored my rod with his tongue.

When I was about to cum, I asked if he was going to swallow it for me like a good boy and he nodded his head with his mouth still full of my meat. My jizz poured down his throat and he ate it all up. After that, we kept up with regular meetings!

Tranny Phone Sex

Married Men Love Tranny Boys

Married Men Phone Sex

I brought home this sexy guy who had a wife but really wanted a little tranny boy like me. Sitting in my living room, he ran his hand up my leg until he was up my dress and grabbing my cock. He got hard as soon as he groped my balls; he had been craving cock for so long now. We made out as our clothes fell to the ground. Our dicks rubbed together as we entangled ourselves in each other.

Rolling on top of me, he kissed my boy titties and then down to my girl dickie, wrapping it in his lips. I moaned as he hungrily sucked my rod and my hands gripped his head. Whimpering, I blew my load into his mouth, emptying my balls for him to swallow. He lapped up every drop, so it was up to me to return the favor. I bent over and got onto my knees, spreading my cheeks so my boy-hole was wide open. He grabbed my hips and thrust into me, railing me with his beef-tube.

He was hitting just the right spot as he pulled back on my hair. Yes, just like that! He told me he was getting near his finale, so I told him to sit down. I got down and blew him, taking every inch down my throat. Gagging on his meaty fuckstick and tasting my ass on his shaft only made me want his load more. He pushed my head deeper down onto him as he erupted a fat nut into my mouth. I swallow it all, satisfied that I got to taste his pleasure. His wife will never know!

Tranny Phone Sex

Sugar Rush

Cock Worshiping Phone Sex

Oh, Daddy, if your love was sugar, I’d let you drizzle your icing all over my lips and down my neck. I want it in my mouth so I can lick your lollipop until I get to the creamy filling in the center. How many licks does it take to get to the center of your tootsie-pop, Daddy? Give me a sugar overload and let your little tranny whore gag on your jawbreaker.

Leave your candy coating plastered to the walls of my throat so I can swish it around like pop rocks. I want cum chunkier than an oreo blizzard blasting all over my face and boy-titties. I need to taste the sweet cream you’ve been making in those marshmallows. I’ll squeeze every drop out of that tube of cookie dough and I like it raw! Watching it drip down your ice cream cone and feeling you melt in my hand gets my dickie so hard, Daddy.

Maybe you will even have me taste your fudge-hole for my chocolate fix. I’m addicted to your love, Daddy, but I don’t mind if it gives me diabetes because I’m your sugar whore. That custard-filled long john sends me over the edge and drives me wild! Pour your sprinkles on my boy-titties so I can eat them all up! I’m your sweet little shemale, Daddy.

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Daddy’s Girl

Edge Play Phone Sex

Daddy has always been so good to his little boy, even more so now that I’m his little creature, so I decided to do something extra special for him. In my sexy lingerie, I waited for him to come home from work. He walked through the door and smiled when he saw me all dressed up. He sat down on the couch as crawled up in between his legs, rubbing on his already stiff cock. Pulling it out from his pants, I licked his balls as he kicked his pants off entirely.

Now that I had more access, I flicked my tongue down to his asshole, feeling his dick swell in my hand. Mmm, Daddy’s brown star always tastes so yummy! I took my fingers and slid them inside, massaging his prostate. At the same time, I wrapped my lips around his meat and swallowed it whole. Daddy’s eyes were rolling back into his head as he squirmed, pushing my head down further. He was about ready to blow, I could tell, but I wasn’t done with him yet!

So I stopped and played with myself in front of him, letting him calm down a little before I had him get on all fours so I could fuck him in the ass. He gripped the couch cushions as I thrusted into him and reached around to stroke Daddy’s big, long rod. Again, I only brought him right to the edge before I stopped and let his nut subside. I really wanted his creamy load inside my boy-hole, so I laid on my back with my legs spread in the air.

I used my hands to spread my cheeks as my ass hung just barely over the edge of the couch. Daddy held me by my legs and thrusted his throbbing fuckstick into my man-cunt. My perky boy-tits jiggled with each pump of his hips, which drove Daddy wild. He shouted and shook as a giant, sloppy batch of cum poured into my ass. Daddy had to sit down after that one, but he watched as it all oozed from my hole. I’m glad he liked my surprise!

Incest Phone Sex

Not Quite Lesbian Sex

Creampie Phone Sex

What not a lot of people realize about me is that I love fucking wet pussy, too! I met a girl who really loved fucking chicks with dicks, so I put her hand on my crotch so she could feel my little secret, and took her back home. Sucking on my tiny boy titties made her dripping wet. I put my head between her legs to get a taste of her sexy little slit. She bucked her hips and moaned as I flicked my tongue back and forth on her clit.

My cock was throbbing, and as if she could read my mind, she started to stroke my dickie as I ate her cunt. I fingered and licked that kitty till she was losing her mind and squirting all over the bed. It was so hot, I needed to bury my meat inside her! Leaning her up against a wall, I lifted her leg high in the air and stuffed her tight, little asshole. She whimpered with each thrust as I fucked her hard.

Her ass felt so amazing clamped around my rod, but something just wasn’t cutting it for me. I laid her back on the bed and told her the condom had to go. She wanted to feel my bare skin inside her fuckhole, too, so she smiled as I threw the condom across the room fucked her raw. I licked her sexy, full tits while I slammed that pussy until I was dropping a fat load inside her hole.

The best thing about fucking a cum guzzling little tranny like me? I love burying my face in that creampie and sucking out that sloppy nut I left behind. For the second time, she came on my face, letting me know I did a good job pleasing her delicious honeyhole.

Tranny Phone Sex

Straight Boys

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My favorite thing about the internet these days is that you can always find a never-ending supply of straight guys who have a secret guilty pleasure for little tranny boys. Straight boys love getting under this dress, and I am a boyfriend kleptomaniac. With the power of the world wide web, I can have a different man with juicy lips every day of the week. I’ll never tell their friends or family that they’re getting it from both ends, hehe!

I invited a sexy South American guy over to my place. When he got there, we had an instant attraction. Making out, we fell to the bed and groped each other’s bodies. My tiny tranny titties got him hard as rock. I couldn’t stand it anymore, I absolutely needed to taste his meat stick. Wrapping my lips around his cock, I swirled my tongue around the head, loving the way he felt in my mouth.

As a deep throat diva, of course I took the whole shaft, gagging but not complaining. My dicky swells even fuller with blood when it is deep enough to choke me. He pulled me on top of him so I was riding him backwards and he eased his fuckstick into my tight, tranny asshole. The way he was thrusting up into me from underneath was absolutely delicious!

My eyes rolled back into my head as he fucked me like a whore. I felt him shaking as he nutted in my shemale hole. He even got on all fours and let me nail him from the back. Hitting his prostate with my girl cock, my balls slapped against his. Before long, I was blowing a fatty into his ass, also. Best hook up ever!

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