Princess Emma Makes Daddy Pay for young Cunt!

Financial Domination Phone Sex

Financial Domination Phone Sex makes my platinum pussy wet! I live for taking your hard-earned money and using it for my amusement. My pussy throbs every time I think of your swiping that card to please me. Dior, Channel and Louis Vuitton adore my luscious curves and all at your expense. Every single mile I drive, sip I take or lolly I lick is paid for by pay piggies and Daddy’s like you.

You want a hot young bitch like me, you have to pay for it, we both know that a girl like me doesn’t come cheap and you would be delusional if you were to assume you could ever get a hot piece of ass like me without throwing some large bills my way.

Daddy wants a princess, so daddy has to pay!


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