Emma Helps A New Client Blow His Load !

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Emma Helps A New Client Blow His Load 

Tommy nervously dialed the number for the hottest phone sex operator he had ever come across. Since the first time he had heard of Emma, he knew he had to call her. She promised the Biggest cum shot ever. 

As soon as he heard her voice on the other line, Tommy felt a tingle run through his body. He could hardly contain himself as he described to her his deepest and wildest fantasies and desires. Emma never seemed to flinch. Instead, she passionately turned his words into a seductive song, further whetting his appetites and desires.

Tommy began to stroke himself as he spoke with her, eagerly awaiting his first climax of the evening. Emma skillfully guided him to a level of pleasure he could never have imagined on his own. His moans of pleasure became louder and louder as she filled his mind with new fantasies.

Finally, when Tommy knew it couldn’t get any better, he began to feel the most intense orgasm of his life. Emma was with him every second of the way, making sure Tommy reached the absolute peak of pleasure. He lay there in a blissful state, panting heavily in his afterglow. Tommy couldn’t thank Emma enough for fulfilling one of his wildest desires. He knew he’d be calling her again soon.


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