CBT With Sweet little Emma!

CBT Phone Sex

Elephant Balls 

I have a brand-new set of toys! I cannot wait to use it. I just need a pathetic little worthless bitch to play CBT Phone Sex with. 

Close your eyes so I can pull out my new toys! You feel cold metal against that fucking clit you try to pull off as a cock. As I lock it up it feels different. There are cold hard spikes pushing into your cock. You can not help it, you start to get hard and they push into that sensitive skin. Causing pain. Before you can focus on that I grab those pea sized balls. Reminding you of what a loser you are and you feel them start to be squeezed hard. 

This is called elephant balls. They squeeze so hard they deform the shape of those balls. Now no girl will really ever want to touch them. Not that they did before. You start to whimper and I smack you hard. This causes blood to flow into your balls and cock and as a result the pain is so great you sob. The cycle will be endless today. 

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