Unicorns get the Best Cum!

Biggest cum shot

Unicorns get all the loads!

Last night I went to a wonderful swinger’s party, and I was gifted with the Biggest cum shot ever.

Close your eyes and imagine 6 hot couples and me as the only Unicorn (Single female). I love being the center of attention so I suggest a game of who could cum the most. Well baby let me tell you, there was this hot Latino guy named Miguel, very dominant and naughty. He had me in just about every position you can think of including a few that I didn’t know even existed, but when he came, he shot so hard that it came out of my nose, I couldn’t keep up with swallowing that load. He won the biggest load award for sure.

Fucked silly and left messy.

I spent all night fucking all 6 of those kinky couples but he was by far the hottest cum stud. I went home feeling like a total cum slut and can’t wait to do it all over again next weekend.

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