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Hot Ass Cousin Fucker!

Family Fun Phone Sex

Cousins And Me

My family reunion was last weekend. I have not seen some of my cousins since we were young and used to play doctor in some Family Fun Phone Sex kind of way. It sure was an interesting party. 

I had to step away to smoke. I was in the parking lot of the park and hiding out with my joint. When I heard a car pull up. Three of my cousins stepped out. All grown up and quite good looking. They followed the smell and it lead them right to me. Ohhh they were chiseled also. We all got in my car to smoke and catch up. 

Before I knew it I was sitting on my cousins giant fucking dick in the passenger seat. Riding it hard and fast. As the one in the driver seat was throat fucking me. Just like when we were younger. The one in the backseat stroking his cock in rhythm. Damn it was good to catch up with my family.