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Fantasy for us

 Roleplay phone sex

  I have been playing with my pussy just fantasizing about the best night I had the other night. Every time I go out its a new experience, and it just gives me what I need, attention, cock and confidence. Fourth of July my friends and I went out and I met this super hot older man. The way he took control, just turned me on. I thought to myself,  I wanted him and I was going to get him.He was just everything I wanted right then and there. He had his own shit, and gave me exactly what I craved. Attention but, he didn’t come to me in a cocky way. He was comfortable with who he was and just small talked me into really liking him. No sexual comments to me what so ever. SO, i new I needed to steal him and I sure as hell did that. I wrote a not to him sticking it in his truck. We all were just drinking, setting fire works and flirting. Usually when you meet people threw your friends it doesn’t always turn out how you hoped. With him this was a different story. He held my hand as we watched the fire works, and kissed my cheek. I thought maybe he was a romantic until I told him to come back to my place. How could someone be so polite and then kinky later on. But, i am not complaining. He ate my pussy until I came over his face. He pounded my pussy so hard then gaped my ass hole. I was fucked so hard I was sore the next day, but damn it was worth it. I love when a man can make me squirt.

Artist hands

hot ass sex 

   My friends and I have been staying in this beautiful Condo on the beach. Being here only a couple of days, I have already had some hot ass sex. My girls and I were shopping when this ad caught my eye, It stated “looking for nude female models” for art. I knew that I had to be apart of this. Kim and Holly argued their point of it being a bad idea. I thought differently however. I thought to my self, ” My sexy body could inspire woman, even the artist. plus I’ll get paid. But most importantly, I can pose nude.” The thought of being naked while someone is staring at my smooth sexy being gives me the opportunity for erotic fantasies. My mind was made. I called, sent my picture in and the next day I got the call back. It was a male artist who had a stern, sexy, invigorating voice.

 I pulled up to the studio excited, horny, and so ready. My body was trembling from anticipation. When I saw my artist my cunt instantly started to drip my built up juices from all my fantasies that ran through my head over night. He was tall, gorgeous, talented, and clearly educated. A man’s intelligence goes far in bed. He spoke to me with professionalism, but looking deep in his eyes was purely lust. I sat on his couch with my heart pounding, eager for his steady, artistic, strong hands to feel my body. He positioned me exactly how he needed me to be. I was still for what felt like a life time. Finally, he walked over to me to re-position my legs. He looked in my eyes and said ” I just can’t hold back from having you, let me take you”. I kissed him softly while I ran my hand firmly over his bulge. I stripped him, got on my knees and ran my tongue from side to side on his balls while I stroked his long thick cock. It was sloppy and wet, ready to please me. He picked me up to pin my body to the wall, pulled my hair to the side to kiss my chin down to my pussy. His lips gave me goose bumps, he touched me so perfectly. My cunt was treated like It was his canvas. The work, the focus, and the talent that he had with his hands to paint, went perfectly with his tongue as he illustrated on my body parts.

 He made me have an orgasm with just his mouth. My body was shaking and my toes were numb. It was so my turn, so I started to suck his cock all over again. He forced it down my throat deeper each time and longer with no breathes just barley breathing through my nose. My mascara was running from my eyes watering. I needed to make him bust like he did for me. Groping his balls while I sucked for a few minutes, I then sucked my finger to fuck his ass hole while he was balls deep in my throat. I felt the build up and I pushed his hands on the back of my neck to force his cock further so I could swallow his load. He stayed hard so we could finally fuck and I bounced up and down on him tightening my pussy to make him cum once again. He rubbed my clit as he fucked me then worked it right in to my ass hole. Finishing up we were caught in our own world not noticing his paintings and drawings were all knocked over. My friends were so wrong, it was the best experience I have ever had.

GFE Baby

GFE phone sex  My next door neighbor just moved in and he keeps asking me to diner, witch I keep telling him no because yes I am getting food out of it, but i need a nice fat sexy cock to fill my pussy up. Hes so old I don’t think his dick will stand long enough i’m young and I can fuck all night. I just need to find out though. I finally said yes to him he took me out and walked me to my door step and didn’t even bother to ask if he wanted to come in or didn’t ask if I wanted to come to his place. I got pissed and said what do you not want my pussy.. He said to me haven’t you heard of romance I don’t want to fuck you on our first date… I was so confused but I tell what I respect that made me have a little crush I just want cock and to be taken out and to be spoiled I am thinking if I give him some time he will want to fuck and maybe it will be good. I am going out with him tonight what do you think about this ?? Fuck hes just a tease or will it be worth it.?

Milking him

Roleplay phone sex  My girl and I set our man up today(; we wanted to thank him for how amazing he is to to us. Pleasing us, financially taking care of us, and just being so damn understanding. He is so wonderful so Iz, and I took him to diner and bout him drinks. After, we got home and us girls stripped gave him a show, gave him his gift card to Bass pro because he loves fishing. We had the perfect night planned all out. We invited strippers over they gave him a strip tease but, i payed one of the girls to fuck him. We love to give him a verity of pussy. I mean I guess i enjoy watching him fuck other woman. But he does deserve it. After the strippers left. Iz and I tied our sexy man up and poured hot wax all over his body then, turned him over to milk his prostate. He then fucked both of us taking turns. It could’t had been a better night. I am as selfless as it gets.

Fantasy phone sex baby

Fantasy phone sex 

 My boyfriend and I broke up because he wouldn’t explore more with me. I wanted him to dress in panties every once in awhile and let me control his cock, but he just wasn’t going to let his pride go. I wanted to eat his ass hole fuck his prostate and just do what ever I wanted to him. So I am on the look out for a man who can please me by letting me please you if that makes since. He let me one time eat his booty he said it felt so good he was worried I was going to turn him out. I love spice in sex I want control sometimes, dress up be my girlfriend for the night. I have plenty of fantasies and sexy shit I want, but are you the guy for me to explore it with? I sure hope so

Panty boy

hot ass sex 

  My best friend Christina and I have been friends since high school, her name used to be Chris . She still has a penis she’s slowly transitioning. I always laugh, mock and shake my head at her. Not because she wants a pussy but because she dresses like a fucking hooker. I had to explain to her being a girl doesn’t mean you dress up in hooker heals, revealing outfits and act like you want to sell your pussy that’s just trash. Why not be a sexy, classy trans gender woman..  I have been telling her this for years, but nothing will change her hard headed ass! She told me she’s going to dress how ever the hell she wants and I cant stop her.

Well last night we drank a little bit, and we have never done anything sexual EVER!! but uhm last night was a little different. We were doing a little run way fashion show trying on each others clothes. What to keep and what to get rid of, cleaning out my closet.  Christina wanted to try my panties on and she was strutting around all cute and I guess because of the drinks I started calling her a little faggot, humiliating her and she started to get more confident the more I talked down to her I cant lie it turned me on a little bit. I had her dance around on her toes like a little ballerina I just kept pouring one glass, and another, and another .. So, she then started to touch all over her body she spanked her own ass and just watching her rub her hands over her small little penis made me wet.. I then started to rub on mine. I had a strap- on up stairs that i used on my ex I ran to my room to grab it. I got back and she was in all fours bent over opening her ass wide, begging me to pound her man- vag . I then realized that I was not only about to fuck my best friend but I was about to open a door that I wouldn’t imagine ever going down. Or even like it for that matter. I strapped up licked that ass hole, poured lube in her gaping ass hole and rubbed my strap- on cock back and forth thinking to myself god damn this is sexy. I started talking dirty telling her she’s a dirty little bitch and to let me fuck that hole any time I wanted. I repeated how she acted like a trick ass skank and that her dick was so small that that’s the reason shes having her privates removed she would never be able to please a man with that small ass Vienna sausage hanging between her legs. She just moaned louder and louder.

I saw that pathetic little teeny thing in high school when us and a group of friends went to our friend Nicole’s pool. We went skinny dipping everyone’s big dicks were flopping all around in the water then you have chris over here limp dick shrimp Schmuck. How sad right? After I got done fucking her I made her walk around in all my dresses and heels with my butt plug in. I just love looking at her walking around with my butt plug shoved in her ass hole. I can’t lie I had a fun night and I would love to experience it again. 

A Fathers day treat

Incest phone sex

Dad and I have always been close,  I took him to brunch today for Father day, while my boyfriend went fishing. My daddy is the greatest daddy ever! We ate and then I took him to play golf. It’s been so long since I played a game with him. I wore my white skirt and hot pink players shirt. My dad looked really nice to, his butt cuffed his pants so tight and so well. I thought to myself oh my god why am I looking at daddy that way.. But, Oh well I can’t help how good looking he is. After the game, he slapped my ass saying good game, he whooped my ass of course. I brought him back to my house so we could spend a little bit more time together, I put on TV, with some evening diner. He helped me cut up peppers and onions and he then cuffed my side and I turned to him looked him deep in his eyes and said “NO” we cant.. Mom would.. be. and he started kissing on my neck before I could finish my sentence,  he picked me up and bought me to my bed. Mom would be so upset I said with force. He said I don’t care I have been craving your body since you were in diapers. He picked me up threw me against my head bored and pounded my pussy and ass hole. I couldn’t help but love daddy’s cock. I got a a fathers day treat, Penetration in all my holes. I am officially daddy’s favorite dirty little girl.

Showing my off

GFE phone sex

 I still have my hair done and makeup on from last night. I had such a great time, one of my old friends called me we were in school together and told that he was having a little get together and he wanted me to come. He wasn’t very attractive but he has a nice place and a few mutual friends. so i thought why not, well he was hitting on me the entire night and I told him that if he was going to get in my panties, he would have to be okay with me still fucking other people including my ex. He was ok with it, he got off on the fact that I was making him look good. He really just wanted to show me off , and as i remember he did write a few of papers in school and helped a lot i did it for him. I let him show me off like we were a couple at the end of the night. It was fun and he wasn’t to bad in bed ; )

cum in me

Cum slut phone sex

 Ryan and I met at the club the other day. He stood up for me, two guys were fighting over me and he stopped it shut that shit down. I knew right then he was a man.  Ever since we met he has been coming over and nutting all in my pussy. Men feel scared usually that I would get pregnant, but he knows i’m on birth control and that I love cum in my pussy. He gives me exactly what I want. We went for drinks last night, and we came back to my place. I have been loving the way he fucks my pussy. He places his hands just right choking me and pulling my nipples just right. The way he gets my attention is like no other guy. He soaks my pussy. We are talking about a three sum soon and I cant wait hes the perfect man to please your pussy. Maybe we can get another guy and I can watch him suck some dick, and I can take two at once (;

Old cock, Great sex

Hot phonesex 

   I haven’t had any hot phonesex lately so come and give me the best and let me give you the best . Oh, and  sexy sex ether.  So, what do I do, I work with this man named kin hes older not good looking but hes perverted so I am hoping that with all his sexual perverted ass jokes he can take me to dinner and bring me home and fuck me right. So, I walked up to him and said since you are always talking about pussy why don’t you prove that you have a reason to be perverted. He said to me I’ll take you out. I smiled. I can get passed the grey hair, maybe a small penis what ever. I can get through it. He took me out we danced, and for as ugly as he is hes decently smart, witty, and can dance. Line dance, and tango  I was impressed, but still not convinced he is good in bed or even a good kisser. Even before we got in his house he just took me by surprise kissed me and put his big fat hands in the right place.. I thought okay i am not attracted to him at all but why am I even liking this kiss right now.. He offered me a glass of wine or beer. I said to him why and how are you making me feel this way right now.. He told me with confidence that he was going to get in my panties eventually, so cocky but kind of turned me on, maybe i  was wrong about my old, pervert co worker.. Well, we drank, chatted and before I knew it I was in bed, then the shower then back to his bed getting my pussy pounded, he even stuck his finger in my ass and toughed the right spot. I couldn’t believe how good he was in bed how he stayed that hard for so long.. Hes old. Well he made me fell so fucking amazing. He did not even say told you so. I got my pussy and ass hole fucked, my whole body was shaking the only thing he had to say to me was damn I am glad I had Stendra left.. (; I was pleased, happy and surprised!

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