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Cum slut

Cum slut phone sex 

   I love the way he makes me feel. The way he makes me bend over and show him my sweet pussy. I got brought on this beautiful date before he fucked my brains out. I was taken out on the water to this fabulous restaurant. I wore a beautiful black sequenced dress that showed my legs. We ate and talked about what he wanted to my body tonight. We had a little wine and cheesecake that made the night better. I was waiting on something incredible. We got home I showed my little cunt to him. Spreading my lips open I told him he owned my pussy for the night. He dominated me and made me wetter than I ever have been. He is a pianist so imagine how fast, hard and perfect he fingered me. His cock was the most perfect shape. It fit so nice in my cunt. I tightened up while I rode his cock. My body was shaking, and I want to relive that night again with you. I’m a naughty girl with a high sex drive as high as yours. I made him cum in me. I love being a cum whore for my daddy’s.

A couple of regulars with a new slut in town

Cock control  I admit I have a control problem. I love being in control of every man or woman I am with. Especially when it comes to dominating making my bae do dirty, kinky things to me. Also, letting me do kinky shit to them. Ii had a hot three sum with this couple I met this weekend in their local bar. I was out visiting my best friend and her husband. We went out and I took three patron shots from across the bar that was paid by this couple. I had to admit I would love to be in control of this drunk sexy looking couple. They already had a plan in action and I knew I wanted to be a part of it. They took me back to their place. I sat in his girlfriend’s face and rode her mouth and lips griding slow and then fast. I forced his cock in my mouth while I face fucked hers. I made that cock go in every hole on me and her. The best part was that they let me do whatever I wanted to both of them. Their fantasy came true. It happened to them and I got to be a slutty fuck slut for them.

Secrets make great fuck buddies

Hot ass sex   My married friend begged for hot ass sex. All he has been talking about with our friends is that he wishes for someone to give him what he deserves. His wife had to work so she couldn’t come on our cruise trip. I know that he always had a thing for me I just never pursued him because of our friendship. Well, we all went to dinner and got drinks last night. After a few of them in everyone went to bed. It was just Juan and me chatting. He kept going on and on about giving him what he needs and that I have always been the woman for him. He explained his wife never sucking his dick or letting him fuck her ass. It was so hard to turn him down. He is the sexiest, most intelligent man I know besides marrying the wrong woman. Knowing we always had a connection I let him kiss me. He kissed me and more and more. He grabbed me and took me to a bare part of the ship. No one was around. There was a perfect spot on the staircase for me to show him what I got. I talked dirty, spread my pussy for him and let him fuck me in whatever hole he wanted. He finished in my ass and came all over my tits. I gave him the best cruise experience he explained. All he needed was a little something hot and different. Now to keep this our little secret I whispered in his ear as we finished up.

Hot sex

Hot ass sex 

  I got invited to a frat party last night. Getting dressed the sexiest that I could I showed as much skin as possible. Isn’t that what college sluts do anyway? I know I can totally fit in. I just never made it to college. All these girls write papers and I enjoy life one dick at a time. Just as I arrived I got asked to ride on the back of a dirt bike so behind the frat house had achers It was beautiful. Plenty of riding space. I was so not dressed appropriate for biking but I wasn’t turning this sexy stud down. I took a shot and jumped on. My legs were wrapped around him and I held on tight to him. He took me around and I told him to stop in the side road. I had never been banged against a sexy bike before. So, before we went back to the party I kissed him and his neck and told him to pound my ass before we go back. He lifted my short black skirt grabbed my hair and started to thrust away at my horny soaked holes. The whole ride was vibrating my clit and I knew that I needed a great fuck, and I certainly got one.

GFE baby

GFE phone sex  GFE phone sex makes me feel like a princess. My body was craving champagne, chocolate, and strawberries last night. So, Aiden my companion went to the store for me. I usually feel very kinky. But, last night with it raining I felt an urge of intense erotic intimacy. He came back I was naked in our bed with the phone talking to one of my regulars. Aiden loves to listen in and watch me masturbate. My left hand was holding the phone and my right hand with my middle finger was slowly massaging the outside of my pussy lips. He came in with my elegant mirror trey that had strawberries, syrup, and champagne nicely set up. Aiden worked his way up to me and started pouring the chocolate syrup on my nipples and clit. He dipped the strawberry and put it in my mouth. My regular was stroking his cock fantasizing it was him to feed me the strawberry. I felt his finger enter me pointing upwards and as he found my G-spot he wouldn’t stop pressing it. My moan got louder and louder. His tongue then flicked my clit in the same rhythm as his thick finger was still hitting my G spot. I started to sip my champion and when I knew I was about to come I stopped him telling him to flip me over and fuck my ass hole. He poured chocolate syrup in my ass hole and he sucked it out and made me fart it in his mouth. My pussy began to get wetter and wetter. He pounded me making me suck on the strawberry as I came my sexy voice was still on the phone telling me to cum with him. We all three came and It was exactly how I imagined it.

Cock control

Cock control  When I have cock control I instantly start to get wet. Being in control has always made me feel the best. My friend that I have known for so long came to visit me. We talked about making it happen some time. But, never thought we really would. Late last night he got in I went and picked him up from the airport. We had not seen each other since high school.  I had always been attracted to him and I told him he could stay. He got work around where I live. So it worked out great. As soon as we got home he offered for me to jump in the shower with him. He kissed me and touched my middle back softly. He then pulled me into him as the shower ran down our bare bodies. The sexual tension was finally being released. He brought his hand into the middle of my thighs and started to rub me in the most perfect rhythm. He turned me around and whispered he has wanted me so bad ever since he laid his eyes on me. He fucked our feeling out and made me cum. I made the best decision.

Hot ass sex

Hot ass sex  My sugar daddy just loves watching me eat teen pussy. I have been looking forward to eating sexy little cunts for a while now. We took her to dinner and bought her a dirty martini. Daddy took him to his place and got us naked. We lined up for him so he could see our sexy assess and cunts. I got my pussy fingered from the back and then I started to eat her pussy right up. He bent us both back and fucked our pussies. He had us begging for his money cock. Every time we let him in our ass hole that was money to get our hair done or nails. I think we should make her our sugar baby girl. She is so worth it. Her body is gold. Plus I get a juicy snack from time to time.

Girlfriend/Slut experience

GFE phone sex  I give the best gfe ever. Everything I need to give I give. My sugar daddy asks of me I do. He took me shopping. We went to the mall I bought new makeup and I can’t be more excited for tonight. We have a threesome with our next door neighbor tonight. That’s why I went shopping. New panties as well. This is what I bought in my picture. He did a sexy photoshoot as soon as we got home. He always loves recording me while I sucked all over his cock. We made some drinks for tonight, cleaned up and oh yeah. I totally got fucked in between all of this.  When suga wants his dick sucked I do so. Doesn’t matter where I am or when.  Tonight is going to be amazing I am ready for more cock all at once.

Neighbors know our name

Naughty neighbor phone sex   Over the past two weeks everytime I get ready for bed I hear banging. My next door neighbors are fucking like animals. I have been getting my vibrator out and playing with myself listening to them. Their moans are all I need to get off. Imagine if that was happening to me. I started to notice that they were pounding on the wall at me like they wanted to invite me over. They just moved in and now all I think about is what they look like and how good are they in bed. Well, I finally decided to go knock on the door this morning. They opened and they invited me in. They simply let me know they wanted a three sum. They are a great looking couple. Jered spoke saying how he wanted to watch his girlfriend eat my pussy. I stripped down and worked my magic. My pussy was nice and clean, I spread my cunt open for Tanya to start licking. I now have neighbors willing to fuck any time. I am so grateful for whores.

Roleplay with me

Roleplay phone sex   I was scrolling through twitter last week. I noticed this guy kept retweeting my shit. It was kinky feelings, and just my everyday life. I started to look at his pictures and damn did he catch my attention. He lives a couple states away. We started chatting here and there. I told him what I do for a living and I knew in his voice that he wanted me. Everything that we talked about just made so much more sense to finally meet. But, first, he told me that wanted to roleplay over the phone. He wanted me to find the biggest toy I had. He wanted me to massage all my holes getting them nice and ready for me to pound. I played and played with my dildo. I fucked my self to the sound of his voice. Pretending that it was his cock entering me. We plan on meeting in two weeks.

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