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   I have to keep my body right if I am going to get back into modeling. I only do photo shoots but interested in run way but i’m to short. If i had to suck a few dicks to get in I would trust me. My last boyfriend was my photographer now I need a new one who wants to take pictures of their self? No woman ever. I am sexy enough to have any guy and any photographer that I want.  So i posted on indeed and got so many messages back, I replied to a few and met with one and damn he was just what I needed for the night. Its been to long since I had some cock in side of me. He was not expecting me to fuck but he sure was ready. I told him I needed a body building shoot done, but I had my sex swing in the same room he asked  about it and it took off from there. He ripped the clothes that I did have on right off. My body was trembling he was so tall and so strong who knew he would have ended up so sexy and so good.

Best girlfriend


  Hey you, Yeah you the one reading. I want you. My pussy and aches for you every time you listen to what I’m saying. But, only if you tell me your my boyfriend and you want to make me cum the best I ever did. I love you boyfriend. I love your cum when get off I am just a guzzling little slut girlfriend just for you. I don’t care where we are we can fuck any place any time baby. I just want your cock, and for you to listen. Just like I will do. I’ll be whatever for you and only for you. My boyfriend <3 I cant be with out you baby. I’m needy and want all your attention , my pussy is just waiting to be filled will all your cum. My heart wants all your secrets I want you so much it my pussy us just waiting to be filled.

Anal yum yum

Anal phone sex

I just love the feeling of my tight ass hole widening for your cock to fill it up. Not a lot of men can gape that ass hole how I want it. I think that’s why I make the best girl friend . I love to be there when ever you need me, give you the best advice and let you fuck all my holes. I’m going to sit on that face and rub my waxed, sweet wet pussy all over your face. I want to grind on that mouth of yours make your dick stand up so thick and hard you wont be able to move. Come taste my skittles baby then open my ass hole real wide. I got my nails done today and toes. Went to the spa and got my hair done I feel so great that I need a great fuck tonight id love to put your butt hole right in my mouth and play with your prostate.  My eyes are all on you my attention and my sweet body. My dirty music has my hips shaking and my pussy tingling give me your time. My body is just waiting to get fucked and to fuck. You couldn’t resist my all black laced lingerie baby or my horny tight ass hole.


Humiliation phone sex

Damn what a day… I had so much to do and got nothing done because I ran right into one of my exes. He told me that he wanted to apologize for the way he acted and that I was the best girl friend he ever had he missed me. But I remembered all the fucked up things he did to me, Lie and cheat , but as I remembered he was a great fuck so why not get some of that good dick right ? It was pretty small but I will tell you he knew how to use it and that tongue. He invited me over for diner and I said of course he kept telling me how much he still loved me but I played along as if . He doesn’t know that I’m about to play his heart like he played mine.

We got done with diner and he kept talking and talking so what did I do? I shit his mouth up with my sweet pussy. That’s right I told him “ you miss the way my hips grind on your face don’t you. My pink pretty lips felt so good the way my juices dripped right in his mouth. He ate my pussy so good and fucked it so good with his little dick. He loved the way I looked at it and sucked on like a little lollipop. He wanted me to stay longer but fuck no I got up and left. Blocked his number I just wanted that little penis in my twat one more time, talk about humiliation right ?

Best Girlfriend

adult phone chatI have the best conversations with the people that I work with its so good to feel like someone can always come to you and tell you anything. With me being so open and always seeing the best in someone I could never look down on someone. People have problems and I love to be there for them when they do.  Sexual, life, finances anything I’m always a phone call away. My pussy can get so wet to just about anything. Can your dick get hard for anything? Well Id love to know what it is. Role playing or just talking and being the best girl friend to you I can be.  Lets chat and get off together what ever you like baby I’m ready for you.

Ass Up

phone sexI can’t even catch a break, everywhere I go my ass is stared at and my long smooth legs.  Today I worked a few hours at the office and had my boss come in to just talk to me about his wife , but suddenly things got a little more heated. My voice and the way I talked to him must have really struck his curiosity. He came over to me whispered he wants my sexy ass bent over on the desk. How demanding but I loved it. Pulling my hair back while he fucked my sexy little cunt. Its been so long since I have been dominated my boyfriend is a pussy and doesn’t give it to me how I need. Could you give me what I want so I can return the favor.

spread me open

bisexual phone sexNo baby dont look away I know it is odd too watch another woman play with her clit but baby I always had this fantasy to be with another woman to have her spread my legs open look me in the eye before putting her plump lips to my clit giving soft kisses yeah you know just what to do dont you with your tongue. Oh god yes just push a little harder with your tongue against my clit  mm yes throwing my head back my hips lifting off the bed as you go to town on my pussy god yes dont stop I am so close to my big oh you are seriously driving me wild. You want me to bend over and toss my ass in the air you want to lick my ass too oh god you are freaking amazing.

ok and

adult phone chatI hate it when a guy thinks that since I am such an amazing girlfriend that he can get away with doing whatever the fuck he wants to do with out consulting me. Okay yeah I am just your girl and those guys are your friends and whats your point.

Well let me tell you something buster this pussy right here has great power and deserves respect it will make you bust your nut in seconds and have you crying out you love me and want to give me the world.

Maybe you do not understand what it means to pin me down on the bed spread my legs and make me squirm beneath your tongue if you can not eat my pussy because your boys said not to then you are a bigger wimp than i thought smh..


breeding phone sexI love this job of mine I can do literally anything from playing with this tight little pussy of mine to living out my wild dark fantasies. Like lets face it guys i am a horny little slut who just wants to please her boyfriend.

Well I want something a little more I want to have a family of my own all of my friends and family members are having little tykes. I am filled with envy i just want someone to come along bend me over rip off my panties slurp on my pussy until i cum.

Take their cock fuck me like their life depended on it busting their nut inside of my pussy. I wish some one out there  would get me pregnant. Turn me into the perfect breeding whore.

Well duhh

adult phone chat

I have been deprived of a real cock for weeks I miss the feel of a long thick cock entering my pussy filling my tight cunt up stretching me out just a bit. But oh my gosh it feels so good and hurts too and i love it so much. I went to a sex shop today my old toys are not really doing it for me anymore so I went and got me something better. When I got home it was on I turned that big bad boy on using my fingers to spread myself open i used the vibrating tip to tease my clit just a bit getting my juices flowing before entering myself pumping my tight cunt until i came. It would have been better if I had the real thing obviously!

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