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spread me open

bisexual phone sexNo baby dont look away I know it is odd too watch another woman play with her clit but baby I always had this fantasy to be with another woman to have her spread my legs open look me in the eye before putting her plump lips to my clit giving soft kisses yeah you know just what to do dont you with your tongue. Oh god yes just push a little harder with your tongue against my clit  mm yes throwing my head back my hips lifting off the bed as you go to town on my pussy god yes dont stop I am so close to my big oh you are seriously driving me wild. You want me to bend over and toss my ass in the air you want to lick my ass too oh god you are freaking amazing.

ok and

adult phone chatI hate it when a guy thinks that since I am such an amazing girlfriend that he can get away with doing whatever the fuck he wants to do with out consulting me. Okay yeah I am just your girl and those guys are your friends and whats your point.

Well let me tell you something buster this pussy right here has great power and deserves respect it will make you bust your nut in seconds and have you crying out you love me and want to give me the world.

Maybe you do not understand what it means to pin me down on the bed spread my legs and make me squirm beneath your tongue if you can not eat my pussy because your boys said not to then you are a bigger wimp than i thought smh..


breeding phone sexI love this job of mine I can do literally anything from playing with this tight little pussy of mine to living out my wild dark fantasies. Like lets face it guys i am a horny little slut who just wants to please her boyfriend.

Well I want something a little more I want to have a family of my own all of my friends and family members are having little tykes. I am filled with envy i just want someone to come along bend me over rip off my panties slurp on my pussy until i cum.

Take their cock fuck me like their life depended on it busting their nut inside of my pussy. I wish some one out there  would get me pregnant. Turn me into the perfect breeding whore.

Well duhh

adult phone chat

I have been deprived of a real cock for weeks I miss the feel of a long thick cock entering my pussy filling my tight cunt up stretching me out just a bit. But oh my gosh it feels so good and hurts too and i love it so much. I went to a sex shop today my old toys are not really doing it for me anymore so I went and got me something better. When I got home it was on I turned that big bad boy on using my fingers to spread myself open i used the vibrating tip to tease my clit just a bit getting my juices flowing before entering myself pumping my tight cunt until i came. It would have been better if I had the real thing obviously!


adult phone chat Trapped in a cabin with my best friend Mike with nothing to do and no where to go and barely enough fire wood to last out this snow storm. We needed more heat and the sun was sinking pretty fast behind the mountain and last bit of warmth from those few rays went with it. The only thing I could think of is that we needed to get closer together to keep warm. I suggested we take off our clothes pressing our bodies close together to create warmth and he suggested a step further that I just let him fuck me. It was a great idea we definitely didnt freeze in the cabin with all that ass pounding and squirting. Haha good times.

Mmm Yes Mrs. Clause

  barely legal phone sex I answered a help wanted ad in the paper for a helper elf position with try outs so I thought what the hell I have nothing better to do so why not go for it. I arrive on time and some guy who only came up to my thigh in height so yeah great right? Anyway he led me off to this limo in the back the door was open and I could see a slightly mature woman in the back seat smirking smoking on a pipe. I climbed in next to her the next thing I know my legs are spread open and this strange woman is just tonguing at my clit. It felt amazing that is for sure! I got the part of course so I’m Mrs. Clause’s personal hoe this season!

Waiting For you

gfe phone sexThis guy i knew for a long time I thought we had something special going on between us I thought that maybe he wanted to turn our friendship into something more you know? Well I found out today that he’s going off to join the army he didn’t tell me he’s been planning on this for years but I had to find out from his mother and it kind of hurts to know that he didn’t tell me himself. So I planned something special for him when he comes over tonight he doesn’t know that I know he’s leaving or that when he shows up I’m going to give him the best fuck of his life so he could always remember this pussy. Whenever he comes back to us he can have this sweet pussy again no matter who I am with or what I’m doing I’ll drop everything if he asked me to because I am waiting for him..

Slurping on my wet bald pussy

Wet Bald PussyI have finally lost it… I’m laying in bed my wet bald pussy pulsating with need my juices soaking my sheets. My toys just weren’t enough I needed more! I needed a hard fucking cock in my wet bald pussy stroking my spots just the right way and the only person close by is my bastard of a neighbor, He’s rather old, chubby and smells kind of like cheese but I needed this release. So I’m going to suck this shit up and go next door to his apartment I knew he wanted to fuck me most people just gaze at me in wonder but he has openly said on multiple occasions he wanted to munch on my hotbox.

Tonight he was getting that chance mumbling to myself about desperate needs called for desperate measures. Sliding into my rob tying it at the hip slipping a pair of thongs on underneath my house slippers on my feet I grabbed my keys asking myself one last time do I really want to do this with this fucking piglet? No other choice besides him and I needed a good fuck. Licking my lips I left my apartment locking the door behind me placing the key under the mat until my return I head over to Steve’s place. Knocking on the door blushing slightly I lean against the frame as he opens it I can smell the faint scent of cheese coming off his body as he stared down at me with a smirk my tits showing through my robe

. “What you want Em?” He said his voice kind of gruff shivering sort of disgusted with myself I whisper to him as I press my body against his tall frame wrapping one leg against his waist rubbing myself against him I whispered. “I want to feel your tongue pressed against my clit slurping on my wet bald pussy until I pass out from pleasure” Steve groaned grabbing my ass pulling me closer to his body he lifted me up as if I weighed less than a feather his erection poking at my pussy. He was definitely much bigger down stairs than I realized. I suppose this wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

Sleeping with my driver

cocksucking phone sex I am a very sexual female and it’s been a while since I have had some attention from the opposite sex and i’m not talking about my furry little friend Fe-Fe he totally doesn’t count. I mean he can certainly give me a quick orgasm with his tiny little tongue on my clit but right now I needed a human cock to hit my G Spot. So being the type of woman that I am I tipped my driver with a little more than a twenty. I slipped him my room number to the suite I’m staying at. When he arrived a quarter to midnight I was wearing only my panties when I answered the door he smiled his cock already in his hands. I sucked him off right there in the doorway until he bust his nut down my throat. Heh the night was only beginning as I got off my knees and he followed me into the room.

My Cummy Panties

wet bald pussyI’ve been super naughty I had these black thongs on for about three days now I was told not to take them off until I get them super dirty with my pussy juices.So I’ve been playing around in them rubbing my clit through the sheer front of them. I used a few of my favorite toys to really get my juices flowing. It took a while but now I can smell my sweet pussy all on my panties. I wanted to have a little toilet play in them after a while but maybe in another pair. If you want these cum stained panties just give me a call and let me know just how dirty you want me to get them for you and i’ll ship them out to you so you can enjoy my pussy juices too.

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