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Neighbors know our name

Naughty neighbor phone sex   Over the past two weeks everytime I get ready for bed I hear banging. My next door neighbors are fucking like animals. I have been getting my vibrator out and playing with myself listening to them. Their moans are all I need to get off. Imagine if that was happening to me. I started to notice that they were pounding on the wall at me like they wanted to invite me over. They just moved in and now all I think about is what they look like and how good are they in bed. Well, I finally decided to go knock on the door this morning. They opened and they invited me in. They simply let me know they wanted a three sum. They are a great looking couple. Jered spoke saying how he wanted to watch his girlfriend eat my pussy. I stripped down and worked my magic. My pussy was nice and clean, I spread my cunt open for Tanya to start licking. I now have neighbors willing to fuck any time. I am so grateful for whores.

Roleplay with me

Roleplay phone sex   I was scrolling through twitter last week. I noticed this guy kept retweeting my shit. It was kinky feelings, and just my everyday life. I started to look at his pictures and damn did he catch my attention. He lives a couple states away. We started chatting here and there. I told him what I do for a living and I knew in his voice that he wanted me. Everything that we talked about just made so much more sense to finally meet. But, first, he told me that wanted to roleplay over the phone. He wanted me to find the biggest toy I had. He wanted me to massage all my holes getting them nice and ready for me to pound. I played and played with my dildo. I fucked my self to the sound of his voice. Pretending that it was his cock entering me. We plan on meeting in two weeks.


Gang bang phone sex  Gang bang phone sex is something I always wanted to try. Well, I was honest with my sugar daddy about wanting to get gang banged. He hooked me up, to say the least. He called up some of his friends and damn did I make some money. I wanted to make it like I was passing through and they came up to me talking down to me and shouting sexual vulgar inventions. I took a little photo shoot right before we started our roleplay. I was on my way from the bookstore when the men approached me yelling at me telling me to come here to them. I tried maneuvering my body around them. They took me down fast and ripped every piece of clothing I had on. I loved the way they banged all my holes at the same time. I finally experienced what I have been fantasizing about for so long. Let’s roleplay baby.

Fucking my sister for the first time

Incest phone sex  Incest sex has been the sexiest thing I have done in so long. We both went out to have a sisters day two weeks ago. Massages, manicures, and shopping. Well, and we had a little champion. We got home and we started doing each other’s make up. I kissed her and told her she was beautiful. I got naked and asked her to touch me. We started to kiss harder and longer. I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I loved looking at her body. I wanted to tase her butt hole and pussy. I licked and licked in rhythm making her moan. I never knew how sexy it would be to fuck my sister. What are some stories and shit you want to talk about or role play? We have fucked every day since our first time. I can’t keep my tongue off her. The only thing that is difficult is that she has a boyfriend. Oh, the excitement.

Hardcore shemale and sugar daddy play

Hardcore ass fucking  Hardcore ass fucking has me sitting on frozen peas and relaxing today.  I love the feeling of double penetration. Its always been worth being sore the next day. My sugar daddy and I have been planning on buying a sexy little shemale to play with us on our next vacation. We went out to the keys and it was the best experience I had ever. All the bars on the beach, the atmosphere, the people, I had a beautiful time. Our last night we searched for the most expensive escort. When she arrived at our hotel my heart wouldn’t stop pounding. Daddy was rock hard I knew that the night was still young. They linked eyes and smirked at me I knew I was about to get used up and so abused pleasurably.   

 I made them Brandy on the rocks, We spent minutes getting to really know each other. Then we brought out the toys. We had every toy and lube to enjoy our selves. Anal beads, different sizes dildos, and prostate vibrators. Mandy and I gave daddy a little striptease show and we started to undress each other. Her perfect tan tits were waiting for my sweet mouth to kiss all over them. I pressed up against her and kissed her. Her warm smooth body against mine made my vagina start to dance, and tingle. I needed her body on mine. She got on top of me and kissed me from head to toe. My sugar was in the distance just stroking his fat cock watching us warm up. He handed her my vibrator and she made me suck it and spit on it. As she worked it inside of me Daddy came up behind her and started to feel all over her sexy body. He spread her opened and tongue fucked her ass hole. I felt her force jumping forward I knew he put his cock in her. Being fucked by that vibrator while he fucked her only made me want more. I got on all fours and started sucking Mady’s dick! while daddy fucked my shit hole. He pounded me hard for a good fifteen minutes. Then she wanted a piece of my sweet ass so she started fucking me. But, way much harder this time. They used their cocks on me all night gaping me, and torturing every hole of mine. Before morning my body was so used up that I couldn’t even sit. I got what I wanted though. 

If you enjoy kinky stories, and dirty role plays then I’m your girl. Where is my dirty man?


Mutual masturbation phone sex

I admitted to my fuck buddy Jr that I had dirty fantasies that I wanted to roleplay. He instantly acted intrigued. I had been craving about walking in on him masturbating to sexy school girls. My lesbian, and tranny secret is finally out to him. I love the surprise of a dick in panties and sexy little short skirts on girls. He admitted he has almost the same kind of secret. But, that he loves masturbating in public. He has always fantasized about him walking in on me playing with my self with my vibrator. We both agreed to make shit happen. So, I called my lesbian sister to ask if she knew of a pretty little she-male for us to play. She did in fact, so we texted her for about a week. I brought my girl over that I have had sex with before, and the hot she-male. I had plenty of toys and I let them know that Jr and I have had dirty fantasies. They were totally down. Jr was in the room with his phone stroking his cock while Liz the she- male was dressing up with my girl Carol. I just wanted to walk in on them doing just that. So, that’s what I did. We played a little but the sex wasn’t the fantasy. Being normal and acting like it was so so real was what had my attention and made me wet. After, I got what I wanted. It was Jr’s turn. I had to do a split while I was playing with my self. I came so hard to them all staring right at me. They all played along so very well.

Surprise swingers

GFE phone sex   My sugar daddy takes me anywhere I want to go. So, last night I wanted to go to the club and get food. We did. So, we went out and this married couple came up to us and asked if we were in an open relationship. We are always open to new things. We went out and the couple was so good looking. I couldn’t resist. We all went to my house and got naked. Us girls were playing with our pussies. And, my sugar daddy started sucking her husband’s dick. I never knew how hot it would be to me. They were sucking so hard and fast it made me finger her pussy faster and harder. I stripped her and played with her nipples. I love a woman’s body. The guys lined us up gaped and fucked out little play holes. The cum filled us up and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Hot ass sex

Hot ass sex  

Laundre calls for hot ass sex. My boyfriend buys me the best panties and clothing to make his cock so hard. When we are having sex and I answer the phone it makes him so much more excited. My pussy juices release when I have a dirty guy o the phone while my boyfriend is pounding my holes away. Last night I bounced up and down spreading my ass hole and pussy lips right open talking to the sexiest guy on the phone I love a nice voice. I got on all fours while my man slammed my ass hole until I came. Double penetration gives me the best orgasms. I then fucked his ass hole listening to the guy on the phone moan saying deeper and deeper I made it so deep, far and hard up his ass I could feel all the juices leaking. I love kinky nights.

Anal phone sex

Anal phone sex

  Anal touches immediately make my pussy so wet. I love to run my fingers on the outside of my anal wall to build up juices in my pussy. I have been doing this for so long that my massage therapist started doing it for me. I get completely naked. Lie on my stomach and have Randy rub me down with oils. Working his fingers in my muscles. I need a great massage from time to time. He always gives me the best cock and anal. I get on all fours and spread my ass cheeks nice and wide so he can gape me. The way he pounds my ass and pussy brings me so much pleasure and release. Hoping to always have an anal pleaser around when I need it.

Kinky history

Blowjobs phone sex  I was just so sick of being a sugar baby to all these vanilla men. I wanted something more dangerous, sexy, thrilling. So, I called one of my old friends up that I knew was so fucking kinky in bed. From all the stories I heard I just knew it would be an amazing idea. I mean damn all the old men want to take me to dinner, a movie then sex. Not fun , dirty sex, boring, five-minute quickies. So I set out for something exciting. I called Dale up and let him know how I was feeling. He told me to come on over. I showed up in a kinky nude gold halter chain with my restain set. I was so hopeful that I would get kink tonight. And, I so did. As soon as I came in he pulled me by my hair to his bedroom. It was so erotic. My pussy was throbbing from him manhandling me. He tied me up to where I just couldn’t move. He fucked me, flipped me over and fucked me some more.  Every hole was stuffed I was bound and controlled. Just what I had hoped for. After he used my body like a good little fuck toy, he made me swallow his cock whole. I couldn’t come up for air only breathing out of my nose. His balls were so hairy it made me gag. His dick was so fucking big I puked after swallowing his large load.  My holes were so sore and I was ready to leave but I couldn’t just yet. I was left tied up, for a while. I was so relieved after I healed. I set out to find something I was missing and went through with it. I am your newest pain slut phone sex girl.

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