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Your Slave Is Waiting.

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Hot Phonesex well let me tell you. Please don’t make me go down there again! Just pointing with his finger, this had been our game for so many years. He wanted me in the cage and I had no choice but to crawl on all fours into the barbed wire cage. This was one of my punishments for disobedience. I waited for him to crawl in after me and apply the mask over my face and sponge to my ass. As the barb wire cut my flesh I felt his tongue licking the blood that was forming on my skin. I couldn’t wait for it to be over but Master was not one for short punishment sessions.  Grabbing my hair he pulled me toward him and I knew the game was getting ready to start. I was scared because I knew his level of limitations was high. It was hard being his submissive but at the same time I knew that it would not be the end of the story it was only the beginning.
Clasping the buckles on the mask and making sure it was in place he turned me around and the games begun it was going to be a long night in the torture chamber as his cock ripped through my ass causing it to burn and rip me into a thousand pieces.

Fetish Phone Sex

Fetish phone sex

I like being a naughty dirty taboo girl. I love fetish phone sex , don’t you? Nothing is off-limits for me. What do you think about cuckold phone sex? Would you love to fuck me while my boyfriend sits there and watches stroking his cock? And then we’ll make him get down there and lick your cum out of me.  I think I’ll make him lick my pussy in your balls while you fuck me with your hard throbbing cock.

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Daddy’s Girl and Mommy’s Baby



Fantasy Phone SexI remember this time I walked in my rents fucking. Mama was sucking my dad’s cock something serious and I couldn’t help but start playing with myself. I was enjoying this as I noticed my dad going toward my mom’s pussy I slowly undressed to join them. I went and began to ride my father’s dick so good as he began to moan my mom looked up and I bent her over and began to eat her pussy from the back while allowing my tongue to run up and down her ass. I kept licking her as I was riding my dads dick and I wouldn’t stop. My moms trying to get away because I’m making her feel really good and she cums hard in my mouth I get up and sit on my dad’s face as my mom begins to fuck on my dads dick and I command that she doesn’t stop and she doesn’t. I don’t want this end but I would love for you to join me.

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