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Nasty bitches have always had more fun than boring stuck up whores who are super fucking judgemental. I am a nasty bitch and I get so much joy from being a little cunt slut scally-wag. My daddy left my mom to be a street pimp and he used to take me on ride-a-longs to see how he does his business and I was always excited. My dad would force his whores to fuck multiple guys even do gangbangs. My daddy loved to make money and he told me when I was old enough he would put me out on the strip to make my own cash. My dad noticed that guys didn’t want to wait on me to get old enough so he started hosting parties with me as the prize for the highest paying guy. I had to give full service that meant giving blowjobs, getting fucked in my ass and my young wet bald pussy and for the right price they could fuck me naked head. I love my dad he has taught me so much.

I’m Your Fetish


Fetish Phone Sex

I love what we do together, babe, and I will do some nasty things to make you understand. I need you to know you make my pussy soaking wet. My hot black pussy is so fucking horny right now. I’m your nasty little cum-dumpster whore. I would love for you to fuck all of my holes. Taste me lick me suck my hot wet pussy babe. Please drive your bone hard cock deep inside of my gaping asshole. I need all of your evil behavior. I will spread these slut legs open for you, my love. Get all of your rape fantasies fulfilled by fucking me wild and crazy. I can be the nasty slut that you need in your life. I love getting insane, and I love hot white master cocks. I could fuck all day and night every day, that is how horny I am all of the time. I’m the slut for you, babe. Let me be your dream tonight.

Let’s Fuck Eachother (Peg Time)


Bisexual Phone Sex

You are the man for me, and you should do whatever you want to these beautiful titties. You have always known how to fuck my gushy pussy real good for me, babe. I keep moaning fuck yes every time your huge cum guzzling cock dives in my pussy. I love your big white master dick; it’s so fucking good. I know you like the way I feed you my titties and how I let you stuff your solid cock meat in my cleavage and pound my chin like a maniac. I am begging for you to shove your big ass dick inside of me. I can peg you too big boy if that will please you. Oh yeah, babe, I know how to work with a strap-on, and if you want me to, I will monster fuck your tight ass with a big black juicy strap-on. We can take turns I will let you fuck my cum-dumpster pussy then I will pound you a gaping fuck hole babe. I know you love driving your cock into my pussy. I also know how much you crave a fat dick loading you up. We can make each other feel better than ever. Let me be your hot nasty motherfucking pussy slut and be your strap-on pound machine too. I will make it feel good for you. You won’t forget me ever, honey, and that’s a fact.

Hot Black Cake


Fantasy Phone Sex

Would you like a piece of hot black pussy to lick and suck and eat raw? You need to come see your girl Dana so I can give you some of my sweet tasty pussy cake. You can have a good time with me because I’m ready to be a nasty cum dumpster bitch for you.I will feed you good sweetheart just like a good cum guzzling slut is supposed to. I will feed you and then I will peg you, my love, because I know what guys really like. I’ll have you on all fours begging for complete anal penetration. Are you dreaming of ass to mouth fantastic sex? Stop cheating yourself when you know exactly what to do. I’ve got some friends too and they are just the right fit for hot ageplay fantasies. I am giving you the chance to get a huge load off. Believe me, babe I will make you shoot cum out of dick like bullets from a gun. I’m here ready and waiting to give you what you need.

Gang Rape Fantasies


Rough Sex Phone Sex

I invited my white boyfriend to the projects with me last night. I call Tom my white boyfriend not because he’s actually my boyfriend but because he’s white and he likes me. Tom pays me a lot of money to do different wild excursions with him. Last night he wanted to know what it was like for the poor black folks, so I took him to a project development that I know. I paid some guys for an experience because Tom loves an adventure if he doesn’t love anything else. I asked Tom what did he think that he would see, he told me some 1980s horror story that was in his head. I just laughed. I laughed, but I know that Tom comes with the money, so I was going to give him a 1980s project experience. Tom said that he might get his ass taken from him. I laughed, and I told him that he might. Do you know this motherfucker got super excited his little bitty 2-inch cock started to shiver in his pants? I got five big black motherfuckers, and I paid them like $200 apiece. I wanted them to have him in a vacant apartment and show him how the white man gets treated. The apartment wasn’t vacant, so I got them to take all the furniture out except for a bed. The Five Guys were tall brawny, and all five of them have big dicks. Tom came into the room; he was nervous because he’s like only 5 ft 6 anyways like less than 130 lb soaking wet. The first thing I said to Tom was, get your ass on the fucking bed. Tom got excited I could tell, but he was a little bit scared too because you know in his mind the projects are a nightmare. The first guy ripped Tom’s pants right off of his ass, and Tom happened to be wearing a pair of panties like he loved so much. That’s when the action got started because all the guys were surrounding him, letting him know that he was going to be ass fucked. Tom was pushed down on the fucking bed and made to suck one of my homeboy’s dicks. My other homeboy greased up his big bone hard dick and just drove in deep inside of Tom’s asshole. He ripped those little panties off so quick it was like he wasn’t wearing anything at all. I could hear Tom moaning, but he was still sucking that big black dick like a champion. They started taking turns fucking him like a motherfucking gaping pussy hole. Tom got fucked for hours, and I do mean a lot of hours, and I made me a hefty payment.

Chocolate Treats for Rich Tricks


Cuckolding Phone Sex

When you’ve got a pussy like mine, you make everybody happy. I’m a chocolate brown sensation, and I know it because everyone’s boyfriend and husbands want me. My pussy is wonderful; it’s amazing, and I know that once you’ve gotten some of this sweet chocolate, you’ll be hooked like it was crack cocaine. Let me make your dreams come true; let me make your real fantasies come true. I’m not some boring reserved housewife. I am an alleykatt; my mama said pussy like ours should be on the stock market. I can ride your dick and make it behave like a warrior. Don’t you want some of this sexy chocolate pussy? Don’t you want to be weak from being worked over because I can make your dick feel like the super fucking star that it is? Bitches like me don’t come around often, so you better have your phone while the Katt is hot. Hot chocolate pussy is the best is so sweet and so warm, and your dick will feel so good inside. Let me make all those dreams come true. I know I’m the woman that you fantasize about because I’ve been looking, and I’ve been doing the nastiest things possible.

Nasty Dirty Slut Sex

Hardcore ass fucking

Would you like a sloppy wet kiss all over your cock from a cum guzzling slut tonight? I’m so fucking horny, and I want you to shove your big fat cock deep down my throat and make me gag. I’m so fucking turned on by filthy behavior. The truth is, I’ll do anything to satisfy my sexual needs. I want you to Ram your cock into my asshole before you stick it in my good sweet yummy cunt box. I’m your super slut I’m your nasty fucking deepthroat cock sucking bitch. I will do anything to satisfy my need for sex, and you are going to help me. My body needs a big fat, cum-filled cock right now. I want you, I need you, and I’m lusting for you right now. I want you to give me your cock. I’ll even suck two guys even three; however, many guys want to fuck me can get this passionate wet pussy. I’m so fucking horny.


I Miss You So Much

Fantasy Phone Sex


I dreamt of you last night I dreamt that we were together finally. All I’ve been thinking about is you, and your big thick cum filled cock. You make me feel so good whenever you’re around me, and I just don’t know what to do without you. You’re my Superstar; you’re my hero; you’re the guy who makes my pussy soaking wet. You make me feel special, and all the other motherfucking guys that I have sex with that’s all they want from me is sex. You make me feel like I have something else to offer like a personality you think of me is more than just a hot wet pussy waiting to be plowed over and over again. You are the reason why I love to ride your cock like a maniac; it’s because I trust you so much. I want your hard cock to penetrate my asshole right now, that’s how horny I am for you. I need you I want to worship you I’ve got to have you. I love you, babe, so fucking much, and I miss your touch.

Let’s get Fucked Together


Bisexual Phone Sex

I love fucking you in front of my boyfriend because I don’t respect him; I don’t even like him. He’s got money, and he’s a cuckold, and I know that you love that. When you fuck me and look into his eyes, he gets so turned on I see him, and I just want you to pour your cock deeper inside of me. I’m so full of passion every time you’re fucking me, and when my boyfriend is looking, it only makes my pussy wetter. Your hard cum guzzling cock is everything to me; you fill me up with all of your juices, and my boyfriend, he couldn’t do that if he tried. I love being your slut I love being your cum filled cunt slut. Tonight I want you to get really fucking wild with me. I want you to fuck me in every position while my boyfriend is watching everything. You are the man that I want my boyfriend is just the money that I need. My boyfriend could never fuck me like you because his cock is only two and a half inches, and he couldn’t keep it hard for longer than 2 minutes anyway. My boyfriend is better off being your cum catcher. I know that you see how feminine he is and that wakes up your bisexual need to dominate him. He likes your dick; that’s why he cleans you up and cleans me up after you cum inside of me. I want you to come live with us I’ll sleep in the bed with you, and you can fuck me all night long after you have exploded your joy juices all inside of my wet pussy my boyfriend can come and clean up. I know that you said you wanted him to wear a dress because he’s just like a fucking bitch, so I bought him the cutest little sissy dress. We are going to make him wear high heels and eat your cock whenever you want it. You are so important to me because you make my pussy feels so good. Your cock has the power to make my pussy juices squirt across the room, and for that, I thank you, and I’ll do anything for you, and that includes giving you my boyfriend’s tight raw asshole for you to fuck uncontrollably.

Black Pussy Galore


Cocksucking Phone Sex

Black Pussy Galore is on the menu today. I’m a sexy black beautiful seductress, and I can make all of your black girl dreams come true. Will you like me to wrap my lips around that big fat hard cock of yours and make it feel the warmth of my mouth? I can make you feel like a king, and I love royalty. I want to be your black, pussy sex slave. I want to be the one that you can fuck all night long. I’ll give you me without question. Let me satisfy you, Daddy, I promise I’ll be the best fucking whore that you can ever get your hands on. You make my dreams come true if you just stuff your cock in my pussy and penetrate me like a crazy man. I need dick all the time. I need cock in my mouth and cock in my ass and cock in my black wet juicy pussy. Come get some of my chocolate Sunshine babe; you know that you want it; it’s so fucking delicious. You haven’t had a bitch like this in a long time, and once you go black, you won’t ever want to go back. I am horny, and I need to show you all my tricks; they’re so fucking good. Let me be your black cumdumpster slut. I can satisfy you. I’m not just saying it, babe, I’ve got it down pact. And after we get through fucking like crazy, I’m the girl who gets up and fixes you a meal and feeds it to you like the king that you are. I suck dick and slobber on it like your dream girl would.

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