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Fantasy Phone Sex with daddy’s baby girl!

Fantasy Phone SexFantasy Phone Sex with daddy’s baby girl and you are always so amazing daddy! You know exactly how to eat this pussy just right! You suck, and lick, and nibble just a bit so I will be cumming in no time! The way you force your tongue in my sweet wet cunt while I moan. You force two fingers deep inside letting me know you want your baby girl to cum for you and soak you face. You start sucking this tight bald pussy and I squirt on demand. This is your pussy daddy! You made me for this. And the way you make me cum, well let’s just say you’re all the man I need!

I sit on your lap and grind my hips. I want you deep inside me while you give me a passionate kiss! I’m a good girl daddy and I know how you like it! so go ahead take this pretty pink hole! This is all I was for and I want you to blow! Turn me over and make me take that daddy cock. But don’t forget that this ass needs to be rocked.

Pound my pink pussy, make me sloppy fucking wet! Then shove that cock deep inside mt ass while I beg. I’m begging for mercy while begging for more. this dirty whore doesn’t know which I want more of. So fucking use me daddy; that’s what I fucking get. This is my punishment and I will take every inch of it. call in my spawn make them line up and watch. This is wat happens when mommies don’t follow the rules. But just remember if it can happen to mommy, imagine what would happen to you!

Daddys girl phone sex is always wild with me!

Daddys girl phone sexDaddys girl phone sex is always wild with me! I am a p mommy who loves to please a P. Daddy with my tiny tight brats. They are always excited for attention. They are p daddy pleasers and want to make daddy cum! They are obedient and will listen to my orders so tell me how you want them.

I’ve trained them well and dress them right. I want you to see how juicy little and tight they are. I know it makes your cock thinking of using their tiny tight little holes. And trust me baby they are down little hoes. They will get on their knees and suck your cock right. Get it nice and wet so you can fit in their hole. You know they are tight, and you need so assistance so I can make them lick each other and you can watch.

They are really dirty whores. Ones a p mommy like me are proud of. They know who they are and that they are whores. They are proud to know that they are better than most grown women. Been doing this for years if you knew how many men your head would be spinning. Just sit back and relax and know they will make your day. These little whores, well they do not play!

They know their place and just what to do. So, tell me baby which whore do you choose? You can bend her over and use her like the cock sleave she is. This little whore will milk you and take every drop of that jizz. So, fuck her hard and punish her hole. After all I told you this little bitch loves to put on a show!

Tease & Denial Phone Sex is my favorite way to play!

Tease & Denial Phone Sex

I love tease and denial baby. Tease & Denial Phone Sex is my favorite way to play! You love to get right to it jerking your cock and getting it nice and hard, but instead of letting you be your normal hands-on self., I am going to tie your hand behind your back. I am going to jerk your cock starting slow then going nice and fast squeezing your cock I want it to ooze then when I think your close, I back off. I love to edge you, take you right to the brink. Then make you wait for it. You know I’m in complete control!

You want to cum so bad I know that you do. The way your pull at the ties and begging for release. Oh, isn’t that cut babe you said you want me to squeeze. Squeeze your balls tight while I jerk just the head. I’m playing with you babe I’m deep in your head. You are my slut and I want to be the one to let you cum. Not when you are ready baby. No when I fucking done!

I know it feels so good right when you are climbing to the ledge. You think that this is it and you will get what you want. But I want you to beg me tell me how badly you need to cum. I know those balls are heave the release of the pressure will be second to none. You know you want to empty those balls in my hand. But maybe I be super nice and let you finally let loose but if I do you have to promise to squirt it as far as you can! I want to see it squirt to baby so give me that load aim for the wall baby I want to be covered head to toes. Cum for me baby cover my pretty whore face. See that was worth it baby. This isn’t a race!

Accomplice Phone Sex with a truly money hungry pmommy

Accomplice Phone SexAccomplice Phone Sex with a truly money hungry pmommy is always exciting! I love big paydays and pimping out my little slut to be gang raped is quite the pay day! They broke into the house and tied me to a chair so I could watch. I love to see them rip through her little whore holes and train her up. My little slut, she fought just right. Kicking and pleading while they gripped her legs and forced them open. One rammed her pretty pink little cunny while the other muffled her screams with a cock down her throat. The three holding her down just itching for their round.

They were using her whore holes to jerk themselves off. “God you are tighter than even I thought!” One growled as he forced his cock balls deep as he still. I knew he was breeding her and filling her cunny with that massive load. She better stop fighting and do as she is told. He back handed her when she tried to bite his friends dick. God, she likes it rough I’m have my hands full with this bitch.

“Just for that I’m going to rape your ass raw. No lube no patience bitch! I’m ripping through. You want to hurt someone well how about we make it you?!” He gripped her hair and made her arch her back. And before I knew it he was pounding her tiny, round, little ass. It was jiggling and bouncing practically begging for more. see this is exactly why I can make so much money off this whore. She is feisty but tight and you can fuck her just right. And for the right price you can have her all night!

Hot phonesex with a horny needy Cum Slut

Hot phonesexI am the best little slutty pig who loves Hot phonesex! I need massive cocks to fill all of my whore holes! To be stuffed to the brim with cocks is one of my favorite past times. I need to be fucked by multiple dicks at once! It’s not enough to just have one! I love to be used like the dirty cum whore I am! I know exactly how to tease and please a man, or three. This is what I was born for to be the ultimate whore!

The rush I get knowing that I can pleasure three cocks at the same time is unexplainable. I feel invincible like only a good whore understands. To have the power of their cocks in my hands. Well really, they are in my round juicy ass and my tight wet whore hole. Let’s not forget the forceful face fucking that is happening. It’s so fucking hot to be used like a fuck doll. No matter what I will drain them of every drop from their heavy nuts.

I want them to cum, and then cum over again. Use me as they please at like real cave men. They go off of instinct and destroy my whore holes. I just sit there and take it and enjoy the fucking show. They are ripping me apart, but I like it rough! I am a pain whore who will do anything to milk a massive cock. I am a cum dumpster, and I want to be filled. I need it dripping down my thighs it’s the ultimate thrill! So, fuck me hard and show me I’m yours because after all I’m nothing but a cock loving whore!

Fetish Phone Sex with my high-end brats

Fetish Phone SexMy brats were on stage, bodies in full view. The bidding was high! I mean, they are high-end brats! You know what these good little whores can do. I love to watch you use them and ram them hard. They are your little fuck toys! Singed sealed delivered they are yours. Force fuck there pretty little face and make them gag. I love the way it sounds when they chock on that massive cock. Lucky for you they have been trained to never stop.

Make them get you nice and hard and wet. Then have my sissy boy bend over and take that boy pussy. Ram it deep inside him, he is nothing but a good little sissy! Ram him hard and don’t you stop. His hole is yours and made just for your massive cock! Stretch him out and make him tease and please. He backs that ass up and takes every inch of that cock with ease

I know it feels good and is night and tight. But I want to see you punish his sister’s pretty pink hole. I make her get down and suck your balls while you ram that sissy boy hard. And she is tempting you and I know you want to feel that tiny tight sweet moth. Take your cock out his ass and force her to do ass to mouth. She is a good little whore and will clean you all up. Then I will hold her down spread her legs wide. Cum on daddy force fuck her tight hole. It’s yours to punish and beat the fuck up. After all she is nothing but a little cum slut.

Fill her tiny pink hole with that massive cock. She will take it all with a smile because she knows her place. So, pound her hard! Come on baby pick up the pace. She saw how you fuck that sissy slut good. Now she is jealous and wants you to really ruin her! My fuck doll has been trained and is at your service. Now breed her like the whore she is I’m going to be late for dinner!

Accomplice Phone Sex with me is all you will ever need

Accomplice Phone SexAccomplice Phone Sex with me is all you will ever need! I love putting my face between thick thighs and licking and sucking on a swollen clit! A nice pretty pink pussy that is dripping wet for me drives me wild. There is something animalistic that takes over as I ram my tongue deep in that tight sweet whore hole. to know I’m getting her wet for you baby! I love face fucking her as she moans for me like a good little slut. This is what she is good at. She is a fuck toy, and boy are we going to toy with her and all her little whore holes!

I force her legs wide open, holding her down as she squirms. I need every drop of that pussy! I shove three fingers deep in her wet little pussy ramming her hard and deep. She is a good whore and I feel her tight pussy walls clench my fingers as she cums for me. This is my pussy! She cums on command. I take my fingers out of her cunt and force her to clean them up for me. I ram them deep down her throat making her gag. This throat opens and closes just like that tight cunt, and I know you have to feel her.

Hot squirting pussyCum try this whore. I primed her for you. Her pussy is dripping and a little swollen. Don’t worry baby that will make for a nice snug fit.  The only thing better than eating pussy is eating your cum out of a this Cum dumpster. Use her like the fuck toy she is. She was made for you. A tight little fuck sleeve. Now use her. I’ll hold her down while you force your cock balls deep in her. Make her a good cum whore.

Ram her hard and cum deep inside. Make that pretty pink pussy a white sloppy mess. She is nothing but a breed whore, so breed that whore. Give her all of your seed! Then when your done you can tag me in I’m the clean-up crew and I’ll start with you. I’ll suck and lick your cock and balls. Get all her juices off and milk out every drop of cum. Then I’ll spread her legs oven and drive in face first. No better end the night than with a belly full of cunt juice and cum!

I love the forceful pace!

Hardcore ass fuckingI am a cum slut who loves to take a nice hard pounding in my tight little ass. I love the sound of your balls smacking my cunt as you pound away; letting me know that I’m nothing but your good little fuck toy! I will be good baby! Toy with my slutty holes! Take that cock and ram me hard. I want to feel your cock punishing my guts because you are ramming me so deep and hard. I don’t like it gentle. I’m a slight pain whore, And I love fucking multiple cocks at once.

I want to scream as you rip my whore hole open but can’t. this massive cock is down my throat, gaging and chocking me. Tears are running down my face, but don’t you guys let up! I love the forceful pace! I’m nothing but a fucking whore! Punish me baby! Use me to jerk those cocks just right! I want all my holes filled with your cum!

I will drain your balls and then get you rock hard again for round two. I can’t get enough! I want to be dripping with cum when you all are done! This cum filled cunt will be my trophy. I can’t wait to take it home and have my munchkin clean it up. This sex marathon is just beginning. But by the end there will be enough baby batter to share. After all training never ends and I’m training a grade a cum whore who always begs mommy for more!

Incest is a right every parent should exercise!

Incest Phone Sex Incest is a right every parent should exercise! Like a rite of passage! Every parent should know what it feels like to fuck the soft body that was made just for them! They are only depriving themselves and their spawn! It cruel really! I on the other hand, am a great loving nurturing mommy! I have played with my munchkins since I can remember! Who better to take care of all their wants and needs but their mommy?!

My sissy boy is the best of the bunch! His cock is huge for his age, and he is always happy to please mommy! I was asleep and woke up to his head between my thighs licking and sucking my tight wet mommy cunt. I could feel his sweet warm mouth wrapped around my clit and before I knew this good little sissy slut started tongue fucking my ass.

Hot squirting pussyHe knows just how mommy likes to be woken up in the morning. He then took his fingers and shoved four in this dipping wet cum hole and started ramming me as he cleaned mommy’s dirty ass. When I say I came, baby did I cum. He started chocking on my squirt, but momma didn’t raise no quitter and he kept going drinking up mommy’s sweet nectar. God, I trained him so well

He popped his cute little face out of the blankets and with the sweetest smile said “There you go mommy. I wanted you to feel as good as you made me last night!” “Good boy baby! Thank you! Now it’s your turn come shove your cock deep inside mommy’s whore cunt and fill me up! I want you to make mommy’s pink pussy white, then I can clean you all up! I know how much you love when mommy cleans that juicy little slutty ass!”

Breed this little cum slut!

My pretty little brat dressed herself this morning, and the short little skirt she chose practically shows her tight round perky ass checks as she walks. You can see each little round check poke out from underneath with each step she takes. I know you like the sight of that juicy little ass baby.

The way the fabric moves across her ass makes your mind wonder and your nice hard cock twitch. I know you want to put it right between those plump check and feel her tight little whore hole wrapped around that cock.

Young bald pussyI barely noticed that she wasn’t wearing panties, when a breeze comes through and lifts that skirt giving you a clear view of her pretty little bubble but.  The public indecency didn’t stop there though! She really knows how to put on a show! This little whore bent over to pick something up, flashing you that hairless, puffy, pink pussy. I think she did it on purpose baby! She loves attention and really wants you to shove that cock deep inside her tight wet little cunny.

Well good thing she is for sale baby! I drop one of my cards, not so discreetly, and see as you pick it up and pocket it. No sooner did I get to the car, when you call me to set up your session to fuck this little cum slut.

Prostitution Phone SexWhen you walk in, she is already naked on her knees ready to please. She grabs your cock and starts sucking you off right there in the doorway. Her warm, sweet mouth engulfing the head and shaft. The pleasure you feel reads on your face. You pick her up and sit on the couch and she climb on top of that cock. She lowers her Young bald pussy down on your massive cock and when you enter her, I grip her hips and slam her down.

She is a little whore, and this is what she was made for. Use that little whore hole to jerk your cock baby. She is your cock sleeve! Make that tight, pretty, wet pussy yours! She knows how to ride a dick baby and she has been begging you for it since the moment she set eyes on you.

Now make her take every inch and stretch her out baby! Give her what she wants and use that little fuck doll to milk that cock! Her little cunny grips your cock tight as she cums for you baby. I told you she was a good whore! Now make her your cum dumpster! Use her for what she was made for and breed this little cum slut. After that baby ill let you put it in her butt!

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