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Hot squirting pussy and round ass is your gifts this year!

Hot squirting pussyHoe, hoe, hoe! I am nothing but a dirty fucking hoe with a tight pretty pink hole! Lucky for you this Hot squirting pussy is your gift this year! I’ve heard you’ve been really naughty this year! Is that true? Have you been doing naughty dirty things to tight wet whore holes? Good show me everything! I want you to destroy this wet slit and make me regret this!  If you punish me well, I’ll throw in this round as for shits and giggles!

Push my round tits up against the wall! Spread my legs wide and ram your cock deep inside. Stand me up straight and wrap your hand tight around my throat. Then slam your cock in deep while I moan and chock. Use me like the cock sleave I am and fuck me crazy. I am your dirty little fuck toy to play with daddy!

You know what you like and I’m just your type. A filthy little pig who will go along with anything you said. Bend me over and ram that cock in my ass. rip through me babe and smack my round ass hard. I want you to devour me baby I am you holiday feast. fuck this ass hard baby ram it in balls deep. God damn it baby you are a fucking beast!

Now take that cock out of my ass and force me to my knees. Grab me by my face and ram that cock deep in my whore face! Ass to mouth is my very favorite taste! I bob my head up and down sucking that cock clean. I love to play with you baby merry fuckmas to me!

Foot Fetish Phone Sex is always better with mommy

Foot Fetish Phone SexI knew when I first saw you that you wanted to get things started on the right foot.  Foot Fetish Phone Sex is always hotter when you try to deny your inner cravings. I can see the way your cock jump when you eye my long stocking covered legs. Your eyes rest on my pretty toes and you cannot Hide your arousal. I have you lay down and I tease you with these toes. I put them to your face, “Go ahead kiss and suck them through my pantyhose like you have always dreamed.

I step on that cock, rubbing my foot up and down through your pants. The moan you let out was so satisfying! I can wait to taunt and tease you. Now that I know what your secret is, it is not safe with me! I am going to exploit it for my advantage! “Now is this what you wanted baby? To have mommy massage your rock-hard young cock with these perfectly manicured feet?” You can’t make a sound, but your cock basically nodded the way it jumped I couldn’t help but take it out.

i tucked my toed in your waistband and pulled your pants down.  Your cock was standing up so tall. I kneeled on the couch and griped it between my soles. I started to jerk nice and slow at first, and I wasn’t surprised when I felt the warm creamy cum. It covered my stockings and toes just right, but baby don’t think you got off that easy. lick and suck my toes and clean them off, pretend like you are sucking a big fat cock!

Bratty Girl Phone Sex leads to you punishing my brat!

Bratty Girl Phone SexBratty Girl Phone Sex leads to you punishing my brat! you know she only listens when you get rough with her. She really needs a man to put her in her place. She has been running her mouth and I think she needs you to shove that cock in her face! Show her what the mouth is for and make her suck that dick. Her tiny warm sweet mouth is jerking your long hard shaft. I know how much you love it when she is fucking bad! You get to punish her, and your dick gets those young tight whore holes. It’s a win-win for you daddy and I think this little slut knows.

She always acts out when she is feeling horny, she is craving daddy’s dick like you crave that tiny tight cunt. Go ahead daddy turn her around and paddle her bum. Make it nice and cherry red! I want to hear her cry and beg for mercy and just when she does, I want you to not hold back! ram your cock deep inside her tight naughty little ass! Use her like the cock sleave we both know she is! That all she is good for to be you little fuck doll!

Force fuck her hard and i shove her face in my cunt. Keep raping her ass baby the vibrations of her screams are going to make me cum! We are going to make her act right one way or another, but for now that’s enjoy this slut getting in trouble. Look me in my eyes while you rape my spawn! I know it turns you on that i am suck a nasty p mom!

Black Cock Phone Sex black Friday was so hot with my brat

Black Cock Phone SexI took black Friday literally and had to have so hot Black Cock Phone Sex with my brat! You know that I had to let him use her for a discounted price, but that didn’t mean he was stingy with that anaconda. He took it out while she was on her knees, hands tied behind her back. He started smacking her hard in the face with that heavy black dick. She opened her mouth like the good cock slut she is and tried to catch that long shaft with her sweet warm mouth. He teased her a bit before taking a handful of hair and force fucking that pretty sluts face.
My pussy was throbbing and I could help but moan as I watched him man handle that slut. She was chocking and gaging on that big black cock, and I was finger fucking her pretty tight pink cunt. She moaned and groaned as I rammed her hard, preparing her for this big daddy dick. Each time she did the vibrations made him want that throat even more! he held her head as she choked and gaged tears running down her face. I knew he wanted to fill her up but I told him this wasn’t a race.
I laid her back and spread her legs wide presenting him with this tight hairless cunt. I though he was going to take his time, but he rammed that massive cock in rough. she screamed out in pain as he ripped her wide open, and he used her like the fuck doll she is. I covered her mouth and whispered in her ear, ” Shut up and take daddy’s big black dick! He may have got the black Friday deal, but you are going to give him pussy that is top notch. beg him to bred you and fill you up like the cum slut you are. after all this is all you were made for, and I’ve got three more black daddies waiting to give you more!”

Anal Phone Sex is always filthy with a anal whore like me!

Anal Phone SexAnal Phone Sex is always filthy with an anal whore like me! I love to be your dirty fucking slut. You know that I will do anything to put on a show. After all we are training my mini me to be a good whore like me, let show her just how dirty mommy can be.  You shove your tongue deep inside my round, juicy ass. Ramming your face deeper, harder and fast.  I know you just want me to relax and open up.  I rub my pretty wet pussy while you try not to nut.

She see’s your cock jump and she gets so excited she places her tiny pretty mouth around your cock and bobbed her head like u do. Her tiny little soft tongue swirling over your tip; when I she how much of your cock she is taking I almost came right then and there. You have this mommy mini duo is hardly fair

Now shove your cock deep I’m my tight round ass. My hole is open and ready to caress that big cock. Make me take every inch while I ride it and rock. Pound my whore hole and make me gapping. I am nothing but your fuck toy and this ass is yours for the taking. My mini little slut has her face buried in your ass and I know at this pace your going to cum fast. Fill me up and dump that load deep inside. Then slide it out so I can taste you and clean you so she can take a ride.

 Face fuck me baby make me clean that shit off that cock. Use this pretty little dirty mouth to get you hard again. I’m nothing a p mommy one who is prepping this tiny slut to be yours. After your cock starts to jump for me I knew you were ready to take charge. I held her legs open presenting you that tiny tight cunt and ass, please take it baby I want to see if she makes you cum fast!

Young bald pussy needs so of daddy’s pervy discipline

Young bald pussyMy brat has been disrespectful lately, and I think this Young bald pussy needs some of daddy’s pervy discipline. I know you have some dirty p daddy things up your sleeve. I’ll have her ready to take her punishment nude, and ready on her knees. She has been so mouthy, I think this brat can use a lesson in what her mouth is good for. Shove your cock deep down her little whore throat make her gag and tears stream down her chubby cheeks. That’s all that mouth is good for and she is only good there on her knees.

You force fuck her face, handfuls of hair as your handles. She is nothing but a mouthy slut who needs to learn her place. Maybe she will think twice about disrespecting me if I continue to let you force fuck her little whore face. She is gaging and gasping for air, and I would say that you are being cruel, but to be honest baby I like seeing you use her.

Now that your cock is rock hard it’s time to do your worst. Bend her over on all fours and take what is yours. Ram your cock in that tiny tight hole and do it hard and rough. She is being punished here and I want her to feel this in her gut! Pound her hard and deep let her know you are the man. Make that tiny hole jerk you like only a tiny, tight, pretty, plump, pussy can.

 She has been so naughty but not as naughty as you and I. Keep fucking her baby, I want you to use her like the fuck doll she was intended to be! After you are done, I’m going to take the seconds for me. My pussy is so wet watching you punish that stupid little slut! I think I need daddy’s cock deep inside my ass making me into a dirty gapping whore. I want you to punish me too daddy, leave me begging for more! fuck me had do your absolute worst! After all I’ve been naughty too daddy look how excited I’ve gotten over seeing you be a great p daddy, some would say I’ve been worst!

Rough Sex Phone Sex is understated when it cums to my brat

Rough Sex Phone Sex

Rough Sex Phone Sex is an understatement when it cums to punishing my brat! She is a little princess and loves to push the limits. I can’t help but wonder if she tests me because she is a pain whore and wants more. Either way baby I need your help. Help me punish this little cum whore. She is nothing but a fuck toy, now teach her what happens when she disobeys you!

Place her on all fours as you paddle that round, plump, ass of hers. Each swing makes that little as redder and my pussy dripping wet. These pretty lacy black panties as soaked baby. Maybe I should have this little slut clean my cunt while you force your cock in her ass. I want you to ram her and stretch her tight hole. Punish her so she will remember who is the boss.

Look at the way she tries to run as your massive cock gets stroked with her tight little ass. Grip her shoulders baby and rape her dumb little slutty ass. She was asking for this baby she loves to get used. Why else would she deliberately test me? She wants to be the center of attention and she a good little fuck toy.

I would be upset but I love the reward I get from her getting punished. Her screams are vibrating my wet mommy cunt and I swear she is eating it like she loves this. Keep fucking her hard and fast till she cums. I know she is close I can tell. Then keep making her cum all night long. Forced orgasms can get so strong! Maybe she will not want to cum so often if we make her cum so much!

Barely Legal Phone Sex with my angel will make you cum

Barely Legal Phone SexBarely Legal Phone Sex has me doing the most! Trick or treat baby! How about both?!  I will trick this little whore to play with me, then I’ll treat you with this tight, young, pretty hole. She won’t see it coming when I hold her down and spread her legs wide. Cum on baby ram your hard dick deep inside.

She is your fuck doll all dressed up and cute! I ripped a hole where her tight pretty cunny is in this tight body suit. She was supposed to be angel, so innocent and cute. Too bad we are putting her through hell as you rape her right here where she fell. Tears are streaming down her face; her cubby check nice and red. Go ahead baby it is about time this little slut has been bred!

She is nothing but a whore and this punishment is overdue! She has been so naughty; I see the way this little whore taunts and teases you! Of course, you want to feel her! Her pretty little pink pussy is so tight. She is nothing but a dirty fuck doll for you to use all night!

Don’t worry baby she won’t tell a soul. After all I threatened her, and she know how far I will go! I am a strict p mommy, and she knows better than to test my bounds. The punishment I dowel out and rough but nothing like your cock ripping through her tight virgin holes. I guess she will think again before being a stupid, disobedient little whore.

Young bald pussy ready for you to use as you please

Young bald pussyI know you desire some pretty, tight, Young bald pussy wrapped around your massive hard dick! You don’t have to be shy! I am a P. Mommy who loves to see you really give into your dark desires. I know you are afraid of being judged, but you are amongst friends here! Tell me exactly what you want baby! I guarantee not only can you have it your way, but I’ll even help you obtain it! My dirty mind floods with thought of all they ways you can play with this tiny slut! I want her to rock your world! You have been fantasizing about using that tiny tight hole for your pleasure, and today it can finally be yours.

All the restrictions and things that you tell yourself you shouldn’t do are null and void! There is no limit to your sexual pleasure. I want you to enjoy yourself sexually, and you deserve to have every single one of your needs fulfilled. I love to be a voyeur and watch you use her like the little fuck toy she is. Force that massive cock deep in the wet tight cunny and make it jack your cock right!

That’s all she is good for and why she was made. She is yours for tonight so show her the way. Teach her how to make daddy feel good and all they ways to make your cock stand at attention. I will be there directing her ensuring she is doing you right and paying close attention! Don’t worry baby I’ll make sure she performs to the best of her ability, and if she trying to slack you know I’m there ready to whip her into shape. Nothing like a hash slap to the ass to get her to obey. Now I want to see you breed her while I hold her legs wide open. Cum for me baby! Use that pretty cunt to stroke your big veiny cock. Then when you are done you will have nothing to fear after all like I said we are all p friends here!

Fantasy Phone Sex with you daddy is always the hottest

Fantasy Phone SexThere is nothing better than Fantasy Phone Sex with you daddy. I love to be a naughty girl and fucking right here in front of everyone is probably the sexiest, naughtiest, thing your little cum princess has done in some time. My pretty, pink tight wet cunt is begging for you daddy. You know I was made for you. I do my best to make you happy, of course I am daddies little princess.

You’ve have been using your baby girls tight whore cunt since I was old enough to be used. You have trained me well and day let’s just say I can tell that you prefer my pussy over all the rest. You have your hand around my throat thrusting hard and deep. I can’t cry out or beg for mercy; not that I want it. I want you to punish me and use me to take out all your frustrations. I know my place and what I’m good for and right now it’s to be fuck right here on the dance floor.

Your trusts match the beat of the music and it’s driving me insane. You are hitting my walls and the spot you showed me all those years ago that makes me blow.  Only you know how to pound my tight wet cunt. you know me better than I know myself. Daddy I’m your cum whore. Make your cock cum for me! you know that’s my favorite part. I love to know that I can still make you big veiny cock spit for me with ease. Cum on daddy, you know you want to bread me so cum deep in you baby girl’s cunt. breed me like the breed whore I am so I can get on my knees and clean my cock. After all this is a full-service whore. And maybe if I get you hard again you will give me some more!