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Teach her how to be daddy’s good little slut!

Phone SexYeah baby fuck her tiny pussy just like that! She is a dirty little whore for you! Use the hairless pussy like a fuck sleeve and treat her like she deserves! She is a good little cum dumpster. Your cock is so huge and is stretching her tiny hole so wide! I love how you use her hips to bounce her up and down making her take every inch of your massive cock! I was shocked she it fit to be honest! I know its nice and tight inside her pretty little cunny isn’t it baby?! Oh yeah, she feels so good for you! Such a good little cum whore she is! She was practically begging you to ravish her holes, and baby she didn’t have to even ask you twice. You lift her up enough for your cock to slide all the way out and sit her tight ass right on your cock. Yes, baby make her ass gagging! Use and abuse every hole and teach her how to be daddy’s good little slut! Fuck her little tiny tight ass so hard and deep that she is screaming for mercy! Make her beg for the mercy like she was begging for the cock! “nope, now you know better baby! You’re going to take all of his dick baby girl just like a good little cum whore! Your going to let him cum deep inside your tight ass and after he fills you to the brim your going to come sit on mommy’s face so I can clean that ass for you! You know mommy loves to taste your ass after its been used!”

Call it instincts I guess, but she did learn from the best!

Hot phonesexI love knowing that my spawns get used daily! They are such little cum dumpsters, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Do you know how much work it was to teach them to take a dick, let alone how you suck it right! And don’t even get me started about how long it took for me to teach them how to eat a pussy and make mommy squirt on demand! I say that to say my hard work sure did pay off! I know it feels so good when you shove your cock deep inside my brat’s tight little hairless pussy. She pushes back on you welcoming you in! she is such a good breading whore! She starts back her ass up on your dick hard and fast as if she has wanted her whole life! My good little cum dumpster is working her hips and gyrating on your cock like she is expertly milking your cock of all your seed! She just knows her place and that she was made to be bred, so she is doing as she knows, call it instincts I guess, but she did learn from the best! I see her pick up the pace and your head fall back in pure pleasure. “Yes baby girl, just like that! I’m about to bred you, you slut!” you hiss before you start pound her making her cry out ever so softly as you unload deep inside of her. “I told you she is a good little whore!” I say arms crossed “Now pay up that was only 8 minutes! You said you could go at least 10!”

You’re the big bad wolf!

Fantasy Phone Sex“Little pig, little pig, let me cum in!” You growl as you shove your cock deep inside my tight, wet cunt. Oh my god! You are so massive and love the way you stretch me out to accommodate you!  You know I’m nothing but your little pig, and daddy, you sure are blowing something down! You’re the big bad wolf! Use my tight hole to jerk your cock just right daddy! I was born to be your little slut! To please you, so please, fuck me like only you can daddy! Fuck me hard, and slam that cock balls deep! I want you to break my back daddy!  You’ve been fucking me since I could take it. Well, if we are being honest you did it the first time you got me alone. “Yes baby girl, you’re my cum whore aren’t you?!” “Yes daddy, I love to be a good cum whore for you!” You slide you cock out and start licking my dripping wet pussy, cleaning up every last drop. You know just how to eat my pussy and within seconds I’m squirting for you! “Good girl! Squirt for daddy! Now roll over ! Daddy wants to cum in that round little ass!” I love when you’re in my ass daddy! You never disappoint and I’m sure to squirt again! You reach around rubbing my clit as you pound me out. “Damn daddy who told you you could be this amazing?!” I think as pleasure rolls over my body.  I’m shaking with ecstasy as you pound my ass. “Thank you daddy! Thank you for using me and making me your whore! I’m not worthy!” I moan as I feel you cock grow. “Yes baby girl, you are my fucking whore and I’m about to fill you up with all your siblings!” You grunt as I feel the welcomed sensation of you making me a cream filled slut. “Now put that ass on my face, daddy wants that cream pie!” I comply, I mean who am I to deny your orders daddy?!

Four cocks at once, well this will be a breeze!

It’s so amazing to know that I have all the young dick I want at my disposal! I am fucking hot, and the way these dicks salute me, I know I still got it! I’ve always enjoyed really young cock but have taken to a little riper persuasion as of late! No too ripe I still like young! Now that the weather is getting better, the neighborhood brats have made it their business to play around my back fence. I’m unsure why! They act as if they have never seen a topless, sexy, tight woman sunbathe before! The fact that I don’t wear bottoms couldn’t possible have anything to do with it, I’m sure of it! And the fact that they keep falling into my dripping wet pussy isn’t my fault either. Hot phonesex I can’t help that I’m a cum whore who loves to please! Nor can I help that they happen to want to fill me with said cum! My favorite is fucking multiple at once. Double penetration by rock hard young cock is the ultimate rush! They fuck so hard and fast, and the stamina is out of this world. I love to have my tight ass stretched to the max by a nice young throbbing cock while his buddy is destroying my pussy. But don’t worry you won’t hear my screams my mouth is preoccupied with another hug throbbing cock! Oh, my hands you ask?! Well, they each have another cock to stroke so needless to say I am a little tied up at the moment. No literally! I’m going to let them tie me up and fuck me however they please! Four cocks at once, well this will be a breeze!

Such a good little whore!

Hot phonesexI love to watch you use my brats for your pleasure! That’s what they were made for daddy; for you! Use their holes to jerk off your big, huge cock! My little brat, well she hasn’t had a dick in her ass, and I don’t want you to be gentle! Fuck her! She is a little fuck sleeve, isn’t she?! I watch as you lower her down on your cock being gentle. But I told you to rip her open so I grab her hips and force her down on your cock. You are balls deep in her virgin hole. How does it feel knowing this is your whore? This is your hole! Rip it open baby! Make her remember your name! she is a dirty little cum whore! Her cunny was dripping wet when you came here and by the time you cum.. well just know she will be all yours! I watch as she is gapping for you. Tiny tears streaming down her pretty face. “shut up slut! You will take all his cock and like it!” I demand as she cries! Momma didn’t raise no quitters! no get your ass fucked like its your job. Well it actually is! You need to pay me for room and board! And in starting to get bored! “Hey, why don’t I hold her down while you fuck her ass! All the while, I fuck her pussy with this Bbc dildo! Then after you’re done with her ass, you can bread her and use her for all she is good for….! Such a good little whore!

Daddy’s little whore!

Hot phonesexShe is such a whore! She knows exactly what she is doing, and don’t think I didn’t see the way she eye fucked you earlier. I knew she wanted to put that tiny little pussy on you! She wore extra short shorts the denim basically floss and doesn’t even cover her plump hairless pussy lips. She might as well be wearing crotch less panties! And her top is tight, and skimpy! It is hugging her flat chest perfectly. You’re her father you need to teach her. Punish her and show her what it takes to be a whore. She wants you so badly, why don’t you give her what she wants?! You come up behind her and lift her up so her little legs are over your shoulders and you lick her fat little wet pussy. It so sweet, and juicy for you and you gobble up every drop besides the little that soaked in the string that stands between you and all of her.! I laying back enjoying the show knowing I’m next after you get your fill of her and I can’t wait till you fill up my cunt! You impatiently plop down in the couch and rip the denim with little effort. You then lower her slowly down on your already exposed cock. I had taken it out for you while you were enjoying your snack Now it’s time for the main course! She squeals as you girth stretches her and your length probes her deep. He tiny little hole barely able to fit the entirety of your huge rock-hard cock. It’s a tight fit, really, really tight. You go wild and grab her hips forcing her up and down on your cock! Yes, use that little cunny! Make her jerk your cock! That’s your pussy! you made it now take advantage of the fruits of your labor! Breed her! You know she is ripe and ready baby! Bread that bread whore and fill her up with her brothers and sisters! She is a cum whore! Your cum whore, and you know what they say, every whore has her day. Well, today is hers! Now make her taste herself off your cock baby! She is daddy’s little whore!

After all, milk does the body good!

Fantasy Phone Sex There is nothing like a nice young, hard, veiny cock in my mouth in the morning! I love to wake my “boy” up with your cock in my mouth! You like it too, of course, how could you not?! Your cock jumps with excitement when I wrap my plum lips around it slightly tightening up my lips to cause a bit more friction. My wet, warm mouth engulfs the whole shaft. I stick my tongue out and lick your balls while still deep throating your now growing cock. My throat squeezes tightly on the head of your big dick, and I feel you lift your hips closer to get more. My greedy little sissy! You told me you had a dream that I woke you up just like this and you seemed so happy, so I decided to make your dreams come true! I’m already the woman of your dreams why not make it reality?! I love to make your dreams cum true baby! I know just what my baby likes. “Now you already know what happens next! Roll over and assume the position!” I demand! You get on all four, and I waste no time diving tongue first into your tight little boy pussy! you moan loudly as I press past the surface deep into your tight, dirty little ass! I taste so good! Your ass starts to open up for me and I spit in your asshole. I then take three finger and start finger fucking you hard and fast! I’m milking your prostate and stroking your cock at the same time. You let out a loud moan as cum shoots out across the room! You came for so long I thought it would never stop! Good thing the next part involves him face fucking my tight little holes, that gives him time to get his balls nice and heavy! I think to myself. I’m not done milking yet! And I want it in my mouth, after all, milk does the body good!

Good, now I have dessert all ready for my brat when I get home!

Hot phonesexMost people hate parent teacher conferences. I love them! Your cock is so big, and veiny! I just love fucking and sucking it! You never disappoint and will fuck me on every surface of your classroom. You should teach sex Ed. because baby you’re the master of this class! You push everything off your desk, and shove my face down on the desk, hard! My wet cunt is throbbing, and you shove four fingers, knuckles deep inside my tight, wet, pussy!  “You’re so fucking wet you slut!” You whisper in my ear before forcing those same four fingers down my throat hard! “Yeah, bitch gag for me!” You hiss as tears start to well up. I love how nasty you are when no one is around! How much of a depraved pervert you turn into! “I’m going to fuck you just like I fucked your brat earlier today!” You always get to enjoy her, and I know she enjoys you right back! Every time you use her as a cock sleeve, I know because she walks a little funny. You punish her just right and never show mercy on her, or me! I’m so ready for you to punish my holes and take out the frustration on watching these little brats all day! “Your hole isn’t as tight as your beautiful little brat’s so I’m going to have to use this one!” You say as you shove your cock deep into my asshole, dry! I squeal out for mercy to no avail. You flip me so I’m ridding your cock with my ass, and I try to go slow, but you pound my dirty little hole so deep, and so hard, I swear you’re making me make me gag for you! I love that you use me and make me your cum dumpster! “Yes Mr. Smith! Pound out my fuck hole! Make me your slut and cum deep inside my fucking ass!” I moan as I feel you release your seed deep in my asshole. Good, now I have dessert all ready for my brat when I get home! I hope she is ready for round two with mommy!

Now for the main attraction

Step right up we got a good one for you fellas! My cute little spawns are going to put on a show for you! My “boy” and his sister are one stage naked, then are kissing and petting each other when my girl drops to a full fledge split and starts sucking her brother rock hard dick. The have played on stage before, but this performance is for her brother alone! She loves playing with him, and she knows his favorite part is when she looks into his eyes while she is sucking him off!  You can tell she is a good whore and loves his dick deep down her throat! She gags and pulls away, but he slams her head back down tears streaming down her tiny face. She is committed to her role and tries to stay as long as she can and as her eyes start to roll in the back of her head he rips her head back by her long blond hair, and she gasps for air. He pushes her over, so she is on her back, legs still spread wide open in her split and he thrusts inside of her. He is going hard and fast and pulls out and cums all over her flat chest. He then started licking it all up, holding it in his mouth and swishing it around before he swallows.  He is such a good sissy in training! My little cum whores! I couldn’t be prouder! He goes in for more and licks up every drop and then my little cum whore bent over and his sister started licking his dirty little ass hole! Now for the main attraction! His little cock started to grow and jump as she face fucked him. That’s my cue I’m going to get the double-sided dildo so she can punish his little boy pussy and pleasure herself, while milking him just right! then tag me in so I can take the load on my face! Cocksucking Phone Sex

Good girl! Now clean daddy up we have a party to get ready for!

Anal Phone SexHappy birthday daddy! I love you so much! I didn’t know what to get you, so I guess I’ll just have to be your gift this year. Fuck me in all my holes and punish me just right! You know it’s been a hell of a year daddy and you deserve this! Fuck my tight little ass first! Rip me wide open! Make me gapping for you! My tight little asshole jerking your cock just right! I was made for this daddy! I am your little whore and have been since birth! I know just what you like daddy! You trained me well! I love the way you shove every inch of your dick deep inside of my asshole making me scream out in pleasurable pain! “Oh daddy yes fuck my pussy! I scream as you rip through me like I personally was responsible for everything wrong in this world. You are taking it out of me and slamming it back in, fucking me harder than I knew was possible! Damn daddy, you still got it! I feel your dick growing and starting to throb and you slow down the pace taking your dick out to see me gap just to shove it balls deep back in, hard. Teasing me ripping me! Well, it’s your day daddy, and I’m here all night, so I know this is just round one of the day; and Daaaddddyyy was it a good round! “Turn around and suck my balls dry! Then clean this shit off my dick and balls!” you order and you flip me around and ram your cock down my throat. You face fuck me hard and I’m gagging so much I can barely breath and you shoot your nut deep down my throat I almost chocked it was so much! “Good girl! Now clean daddy up we have a party to get ready for, but before that I need a round with your cunt!”

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