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Big tit fucking

big tit fuckingBig tit fucking is exactly what I love I love seeing you so turned by my body. The other day I seduced my professor. He was just staring so hard at them I had to show him exactly what I was working with. I had my professor fucking me hard and long right in the middle of the same classroom where he does all his lessons. Now he was giving me a hands on a lesson . He was rubbing on my clit so hard that I was wet everywhere. I couldn’t believe how quickly things were escalating one minute I am just asking for my make up work and figuring out my new schedule the next minute my professor is fucking me like the little slut that I am. I definitely enjoy being the professor’s little helpers. I am so excited to make up all kinds of work, Especially if the payback will be this great. I loved feeling him deep in me and teaching me how to take it.

Cum In My Panty Drawer

Cyber Sex Phone SexYou have a filthy, dirty little secret, don’t you?! I’ve caught on to your naughty ways and I know exactly what’s going on now! You see, my panty drawers keep getting filled up with cum, lots and lots of cum! My panties get all dried up and crusty and when I go to wear them, they are too hard, stiff and dirty for me to even attempt to try on and wear out! i know you have quite the nasty fetish of spraying your cock cream all over my tiny little panties but maybe next time you can wash them when you’re done so that I have clean ones to wear, hehe! They get so gross and moldy over time, they definitely need to be tossed in the hamper to be washed in the next laundry load! At the same time, I am so turned on by how much you enjoy smearing your gooey jizz all over my sexy undergarments. They taste so good, I want to see you shove them in your mouth while you lick and suck all over them! Make sure to clean them up perfectly, I am so horny while I watch you eat your cum!

I Love To Share My Young Bald Pussy

Young Bald PussySharing my young bald pussy with married men is fun to me. I love being the teen whore of their fantasies. When I was a school girl slut, I used to babysit just so I could fuck all the Dad’s in the neighborhood. It was always so easy, all I had to do was wear a short skirt with no panties and flash my wet bald pussy at them when their wife wasn’t looking. I know they would spend days stroking their cock to the thought of me.

There was one married man I used to babysit for that made me work for it. I tried all my tricks and he still hadn’t tried to fuck me. So I took things another step further. I stole his cell phone when he was about to go out to dinner with his wife. Then I spent the night taking very dirty naked pictures. When they came home, I asked him for a ride just like every other time I had babysat. When we were outside my house, I told him that no one was home, inviting him inside to fuck me. He didn’t take the offer, so I pulled his cell out and showed him my naughty naked teen pictures I had taken. I told him that he was going to make me cum or I was going to show them to his wife or maybe even his kids.

He had no choice but to give me his dick like I wanted. We went inside and I took him up to my room. The sex was amazing, he had an even bigger cock than I had been imagining. He filled and stretched my tight young bald pussy until exploded. His cum showering my entire body. He loved fucking me so much that I don’t think I’ll have to force him into it anymore!

World’s Best Babysitter

Babysitter Phone SexI’m a really popular babysitter in our trailer park. I’m really good with lil’rugrats, but that’s not why my schedule is full of babysitting gigs. I give great blowjobs and the father’s really appreciate my skills. I put the lil’ones down for a nap then it’s time to please their Daddies. I get on my knees and wrap my lips around their hard cocks. I have no gag reflex and they can put their cocks into my throat. I’m really good at keeping secrets, no one will know that they come home early every day to fuck the babysitter. Bend me over and fuck me from behind, I want to feel your balls slapping my bald wet pussy. I’m young so all of my holes are tight. And the fathers aren’t the only ones that want a taste of my sweet pussy, some of the mommies love to put their faces between my thighs, too.

Hot Gang Bang and A Cum Shower

gang bang phone sexI’ve always wanted to be in a gang bang and I finally got my wish! Some friends invited me to a college fraternity party and I had some naughty fun. Everyone was downstairs drinking, partying, and dancing. I was talking to one of the boys in the fraternity and I let it slip that I had always had a fantasy about being fucked by an entire Frat house. He took me upstairs to his room and texted all the guys to come up there. By the time they all walked in I was completely naked, sitting on his bed, and rubbing my tight pussy. They all looked surprised but they wanted to fuck me and seeing how badly they wanted to, turned me on even more. They all took turns fucking every one of my holes. I had a cock in my mouth, ass, pussy, and both hands the entire time! Then when it was time for them to finish, I got on my knees on the floor and they each walked up and squirted their load all over me. I was covered in cum! There was cum in my hair, my mouth, on my tits, running down my belly, and I could feel it reaching all the down to my pussy and dripping onto the floor. It was amazing! I’m sure I’ll be invited back to their next party and I can’t wait. I want to be a part of their gang bang fun again as soon as I can!

I’m Your Not So Innocent Little Cum Slut!

phone sexI’m a cum slut. I’ll admit it! I love that everyone thinks I’m so sweet and innocent but, I can suck cock better than anyone. I love taking giant loads of cum anywhere and everywhere on body. I just want you to fill me up. I want to suck every drop of your cum down my throat and let you pound my pussy until you explode that wet hot load inside me! I want to be your dirty little cum slut. Want to cum in my ass? Or maybe on my face and tits. I want your warm cum all over me, put me on my knees and give me a cum shower! I just can’t get enough. All day long I watch porn of girls taking load after load and I can’t wait until it’s my turn to let you and all our friends cover every inch of my tight young body with their cum. We can make it party and I’ll be the entertainment while you make me your naughty little cum slut!

Slutty In The Shower

Phone sex fetishThere’s something so fucking hott about having wild shower sex, getting dirty while getting clean at the same damn time! The water makes every curve and hole dripping wet from my head to toe, what could really be better?! Being pushed up against the shower door and walls while getting fucked like the kinky cum slut that I am makes me feel like such a sexy girl! Naughty as fuck with that warm water cascading down on to us feels amazing! My tight little pussy lips stretch open wide while getting fucked hard, pull my long hair and yank my head back and give me a sloppy kiss while you’re deep inside of my guts! I love feeling the water splash all over us and gush as you pump your boner in and out of my sweet fuck holes. So yummy! My wet bald pussy is tight as fuck as I grip on to your pulsating cock. When you’re ready to blow your load for me, you pull out and make it ooze out on to my bubble but, painting a perfect cum shot all over my skin! It’s so sexy to be a naughty cum slut! Once we’re done, let’s hop out and jump into the bed, we can dry off in the sheets and keep our sex romp going, no towels needed!


 Naked teen picturesLets have a little fun hun! Let me tell you a little bit of what I like. Then call me and tell me if you are down to fuck with this sexy fine ass Latina! First I want you to know that I love pain, giving ans receiving. Its so fucking hot! I love to get you all naked in my living room then grab you by the balls and pull you to my room of course pulling you by your fucking balls. I will tie you up on my bed next, and yes blind fold your fucking ass. Bullseye mother fucker I just hit you with a bowling ball and I got those balls fuck yeah. Next I will start cutting those balls with my butterfly knife shove them up your ass and start to fuck you with my strap on. Then I will fuck your man pussy with this knife. Let me know if your down to fuck. We will play baseball next!


 Cum shots on titsHey big boy lets go back to my house and have a couple of tekila shots with me and get all crazy up in this bitch. I want you to start man handling me rough and tell me how hot I am. Oh yeah my dick is getting fucking hard for you. I just imagine you sucking my big fat dick. Grabbing you by the back of your head and pushing your mouth all the way down making you deep throat this dick. Suck it honey suck it. Suck me off till you make me squirt this juice in your deep deep throat. Massage my balls and stick your finger up my ass while you are sucking me. Then I will drop on my knees and start sucking you so fucking good sticking my long fingers up your ass till I make you cum in my pretty little mouth. Yum!

Training and Knocking up the fresh meat

Impregnation Phone SexTime for some cum dumping  Impregnation Phone Sex at my massage parlor. I have a fresh batch of meat in and they need some serious cock training. I bounced happily on your shaft as I told you about my new girls. You had the perfect cock. Thick with a mushroom head but not too long. A juicy, pre cum oozing fuck stick that would look amazing thrusting in and out of a little Asian yummy box. You were close to orgasm when I popped the questions. “Will you fuck and break my little whores?” You blasted my cunt so full of cum. I knew you got excited about the idea of tight bald pussy.

First, my slaves had to be sorted. The ugly ones would become breeders. The pretty ones that looked like China Dolls would be sold to the highest bidders. The average girls who were enthusiastic would work for me. Many times a homely obedient whore would be one of my best money makers. Men liked a girl that they could abuse. The strong willed ones would wear strap ons and service panty boys. Nothing is wasted in this business. I liked having a variety of worthless whores for my clients.

Stop by anytime and tell me your wicked desires. I’m sure I have just the piece of gook fuck meat to please your cock.


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