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Sexy Time With My Lesbian Teacher



School Girl Phone Sex

Miss Morris is like totally the hottest teacher at my school. She has these giant tits that you can totally tell are fake, super sexy full lips and a nice round ass. She’s seriously like a total Betty! I’ve masturbated a lot at home thinking about her super sexy bod and generally very flirtatious manor but today when she asked if I wanted to stay after class to help her put up Christmas decorations, I hoped that maybe this could be my chance to at least get a little closer to her. She welcomed me in right after the last bell and we got started. She asked if I would climb up on to her desk and hang some snowflakes up on the ceiling. Miss Morris helped brace me by holding my legs but that’s when I started to feel her fingers wandering up my skirt inch by inch. I looked down and he had already removed her blouse, exposing those beautiful juicy MILF-y titties to me just like I had always fantasized while finger fucking myself. I leaned down as she pulled me toward her and we started hard making out, tongues and everything! She helped me take off my uniform and we sprawled out on the desk so that she could eat my bald pussy like she had obviously been craving to do as well. We scissored each other on the desk, using a large marker as a double-ended phallic toy and came over and over again. She made me swear not to tell anybody about what we did. Obviously I’ll be keeping me and Miss Morris’s fuck fests all to myself. Well..except I guess it’s okay with her if I tell you. 😉

Naked Teen Pictures Get Me Into Trouble

naked teen pictures

Taking naked teen pictures got me into a lot of trouble with the principal at my school. I was sitting in class one day and I get called into his office. He takes out his phone and shows me a picture of myself completely naked and spreading bald little pussy apart. I couldn’t help but giggle, I knew that naughty perverted old man had been checking me out and wishing he could get inside my tight little pussy. He started talking about telling my parents about the nude pictures of me that were going around the school and I begged him not to. I told him I would do anything if he could just keep it to himself. He told me to come over to him and kneel in front of him at his desk. He told me to pull out his cock and I did as I was told, I could see where this was going. He forced my head onto his cock and made me suck his cock for him to keep quiet. I swallowed his load and he told me that soon he was going to fuck my pussy and dump a load into my wet little cunt too.

Family Fun with Demi

Family Fun Phone Sex

We are a second-generation incest family.  I have four offspring sired by my father.  I love talking about my incest family and the fun and naughty things we do together.  I teach my Rugrats many things about sexuality, sensuality, and life in general and sometimes they teach me lessons too.  My son, Robbie loves to come into my bedroom in the wee hours of the morning to wake me up with his cock pressed against my ass.  He loves to fuck me in the morning to start his day off the right way.  He has a voracious appetite for all things sexual and never seems to get enough.  There are some mornings where Robbie makes the rounds to me and then his three sisters.  Everyone should always start their day with an orgasm.

Robbie and his twin Rachel often share a bed a night.  They enjoy each other’s company and love fucking each other.  They have been together since the womb, theirs is a pretty close, unbreakable connection.  I love watching Robbie and Rachel fuck each other.  They are always trying new positions and lots of tantric sex.  They can stay in their room for hours of teasing and pleasing each other.

I let all my little ones watch pornography.  It gives them an education.  Sometimes they make their own home movies.  For obvious reasons, we cannot put those on the sites that post homemade porn, but we all enjoy watching each other fuck.

We love new friends.  Why don’t you come join my little brood for a while?

Accomplice Demi

Accomplice Phone Sex

My daughter Rainey and I went to the mall on Black Friday hoping to score some deals.  We were having so much fun playing, “Who I wanna fuck” when this hot 30 something guy walked up to me and Rainey.  He said we looked just like twins and were both so cute.  He asked us to lunch in the food court when I noticed his attention was not all on me.  He was looking at Rainey.  Looking her up and down.  I can’t blame him, she was really starting to develop and has a certain sex appeal.  I knew what he wanted and lucky for him, I love to share.  My little Rainey had learned so much in the past few years and was quite an accomplished seductress.  We went into the family bathroom in the food court and I told our new friend to meet us in there.  He came in, breathing hard with excitement.  I told him that he can fuck Rainey if he wanted to.  She was always willing to fuck a new friend, especially one as cute as he is.  The only thing is – I get to watch.  He came over to Rainey, cornered her and kissed her.  She responded to him.  Her hand moved to his already swelling cock.  She started rubbing him.  Our new friend seemed shocked that Rainey was so willing to have sex with such an older man but she has been groomed for a long time.  He lifted her to the counter, moving her to the edge and moving her panties to the side.  His fingers delved deep into her pussy, bringing out her wetness.  He unzipped his pants, taking his cock and pushing it into her wetness.  She at once unfolded like a flower responding to his touch, to him fucking her little hairless, tight cunny.  Her legs spread further apart as he went closer to her in and out of her tight little snatch.  He spilled his seed inside of her as he shook with desire.  She came with him, moaning.  He thanked us, embarrassed and left the bathroom.  Rainey and I smiled at each other, 1 point for you, Rainey on our “Who I wanna fuck” game.

Panties and Socks

foot fetish phone sex


I know how much you love kissing and licking my pretty and perfectly manicured little feet. You’ve been especially interested in my dirty little panties but I decided an extra surprise should come into your package this time. I have included my cute cheerleading socks that I have worn for days on end in addition to a pair of pantyhose and even the standard cute panties you love. I wish I were there to see you hold the socks and panties up to your nose while you play with your cock, thinking of my sweet little smile while you suck and lick on me. The way your big cock swells up right before we lube up my feet as you slip that juicy dick between them and allow me to give you a blissful foot job. Looking down at your right before you’re about to spill that cum all over my cute little hot pink toes. I reach down, gathering your yummy cummies up and sucking the juices off of my fingers while you clean my feet up for me, I’ve been soaking wet so you have your own personal dirty panties now too that are full of my scent that you caused. When is our next session and when should I mail your next package out?

Hardcore ass fucking with my step-bro

Hardcore ass fucking with my step-brother! This family is getting much closer to the minute. I have been having so much fun with my new stepsister. I was loving fucking her and just bonding with her up until I got a text message from an Unavailable number. The person that sent me pictures of me fucking my sister was someone close to us and someone in the same house. We were freaking out it could have been anyone who found out about our dirty secrets, we all have a ton of friends that come over to the house to hang out. The worst-case scenario was having one of our parents find out so we really tried to figure it out before we replied. It wasn’t long before the person revealed himself, It was my stepbrother he told me he knew what we were up to and he wanted in on fucking me. he made his big reveal a day when everyone was out the house and I was in the shower. He walked in completely naked and told me it was his time to fuck my pretty pussy my ass right there in the shower.  Hardcore ass fucking

Naked teen pictures equals trouble

Naked teen picturesNaked teen pictures equal trouble. It started it out with me giving you a ton of naked photos. We had lots of fun fucking but of course you had to freak out and bail on me time and time again. Even though I know your weakness and know that you can’t resist me. I got pretty upset you had been ignoring me but its alright because something I have begun liking way more than forbidden sins is revenge. I have been the sweet side piece for a while giving you everything you need all that you desire. I know how much your wife neglects you and I tried to be an escape but I am done trying I am ready to get even, so I have done something you are probably going to hate but I am pretty pleased about, I have fucked your best friend and made sure you have all the evidence. I can’t wait to see how upset and hurt you get when you see me riding your best friend live on video. I wanted you to see what you are missing and boy did I waste time with you, He had such a nice cock and was the best fuck I have had in a while. Who knew something so beautiful could have such an evil side. Roses have thorns too baby doll.

Obey Me

Hot Ass Sex Paris


I’m glad I’ve got your attention finally, slave-boy. It’s been strangely awkward lately and I am thinking there may be some unanswered questions, although I’m not sure why. You are to obey me. And tonight I have brought a very sweet and cute little friend with me. It’s my sister’s son and he is beautiful, right? I know you’ve always been so scared you might be attracted to boys and I think it’s time we face the fear. Get down on your knees and pull his young and pretty uncut cock out of his gym shots. Smell that fresh penis- doesn’t it seem like it would just taste so yummy. I want you to give him his first orgasm and you don’t have a single say in it. You have to obey me. Suck harder, take your hand and finger his sweet tight ass. Look at his fresh little face. He’s never even been kissed. Now- get down on all fours. We are going to teach this cutie how to fuck and I can’t think of anyone better to have him learn on than you. Spread your ass cheeks apart and take that young cock straight into your rectum. Don’t be afraid to squeal, I want to hear you in pain and pleasure. He grabs your hips and blows his entire load into your asshole. I know you didn’t really want to do it but that’s where all the fun lies in the game for me. I bet you’ll behave from now on, right?

Hardcore ass fucking with my best friend

Hardcore ass fuckingHardcore ass fucking with my best friend and her boyfriend was an experience for the books for sure. It started out a couple weeks back when my best friend lynsi was just throwing out hints and little clues about how bad her boyfriend wanted both of us at the same time. I laughed it off and thought okay she is totally pulling my leg, besides me and Lynsi are known to have lots of fun together we make out and fuck here and there. I know how territorial she is over not just me but her boyfriend too. I reminded her how insane of a plan it was but she still wanted it just as bad as her boyfriend James. This past weekend It finally happened! We were all hanging out and I and Lyns started to play with each other like we always do and James took his chance and decided to participate. I can’t lie the best feeling in the world is getting fucked while you are eating a nice tight pussy. After a long fuck session that included us getting all our holes filled and maximum orgasms we decided this was an activity we needed to participate in a lot more.

2 Girl Phone Sex with my new step sister

2 Girl Phone Sex2 Girl phone sex with my new stepsister is a whole lot of fun. Honestly, I really hated having new step-siblings, but once I saw how cute Ava was I was just excited to get acquainted. Ava is in her last year in high school and is the cutest barely legal babe ever. I like how excited I get watching her and seeing how eager she is to please me. The best part of giving up my old room is that I can sleep in the same bed with her and do all kinds of freaky things with her. Love how she likes to please me and we call my fuck buddy and we both phones fuck him together. He likes hearing me eat her out and just have a hot fuck fest. Who says you can’t get along with new step-siblings. I really think that’s a big myth. I absolutely adore my new step sister. I love teaching her things.

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