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Thanks Coach!

Hardcore Ass FuckingI got into a whole lot of trouble today in gym class trying to avoid having to run the mile. Couch Jessica was so pissed
off with me after she caught me hiding in the dugout smoking cigarettes that she demanded I come to her office after my last class.
As soon as I walked in, I noticed the paddle she normally kept behind her desk wasn’t hanging in its normal spot.
That’s when she walked up behind me from the door and just said, “Drop em!” I knew that meant my panties and shorts but I
still stood there dumbfounded as to how to handle situation. Was she a lesbian or just one for punishment. Before I could
wrap my brain around any further conceptions of the play by play, she had pulled my bottoms off me and flung me over the side of
her desk. Coach Jessica gave me the bare bottom spanking of my god damn life, going so far as to even stick her fingers
inside my dripping wet pussy while she paddled away. After she was done, she handed me a sharpie and made me sign the paddle.
Now I know how all those names got on there. Hey wait, isn’t that your little girl’s name beside mine?

Naughty Neighbor

Naughty Neighbor Phone SexMy bedroom window is right across from my neighbor’s window. I like to leave my blinds up and my light on because I like to tease my neighbor with my sexy body. I get completely naked and seductively dance around my room. I pretend like I don’t know that he’s watching my every move. If I’m feeling really devilish I lay down on my bed. spread my legs, and finger fuck myself to orgasm. It makes me so wet knowing that he’s watching with his dick in his hand. I can see him stroking his cock like a madman as I pleasure myself. I put three fingers in my wet pussy and I swear I can hear him groan. It feels really good to stretch my pussy with three fingers it rushes a sexual current through my body. I cum so hard that my pussy squirts across my satin sheets.

Hot squirting pussy fun

hot squirting pussyhot squirting pussy fun is what I need. I love having cocks all the time but the ones that can make me squirt are my absolute fave. I just love feeling the rush my little cunny feels as you tease so well. I just need you to take my tight teen pussy whenever you want to be a little rough with me because it makes me so fucking wet to feel your cock in me deep. I just love having my pussy explode and burst hard, love being pounded hard and rough, That’s what gets me so excited, I love having guys who know how to listen to pussy and give it what I need. I love going out and feeding my pussy all types of cocks in my little pussy, I like having you pounce me. I need that cum I need that load,  I need to cover me and fill me because of thats the little slut that I am. I just want it so bad because it makes my pussy feel so good, my pussy squirting and being filled are my favorite.

Biggest cum shot on my cute face

Biggest cum shot on my cute face pretty please. I love having a cock to suck, but theres something i love more than sucking or fucking, before you roll your eyes and finish thinking I’m a crazy bitch, just hear me out, I think the best part of fucking or sucking is the suprise at the end, I know it sounds insane but my favorite part is just have a huge load sprayed on my cute face. The bigger the better with me,  this girl just loves facial especially creamy ones that cover my face entirely, I want it to be so big that I get a lot right in my mouth, its a win, win. Not only do I get a facial but I get a snack too *GIGGLES* I love wearing and tasting cum, Like a good little slut I don’t mind wearing it for long periods, then when you are ready spray me a new batch right on my cute coed face.Biggest cum shot

Hardcore ass fucking

Hardcore ass fucking Hardcore ass fucking with my best friends boyfriend makes me cum extra hard. I have never been a loyal friend because I have always liked all the guys to rally around me and lust over me. So I have had all my friends boyfriends. I like being able to take a guy that’s in any sort of relationship and I like to ruin what they have. Its evil but its hot and gets me off. Having a good fuck fest with someone you aren’t supposedd to be boning is such an exciting feeling.


I have even fucked my mom’s fiance while she’s been in the same room. I snuck in my moms room while she was sleeping next to her was her very young fiance, my mom is a total cougar and she’s  hot but I liked her young fiance and when I got home from college I was so attracted to him and had to have him while my mom was in deep sleep I fucked my soon to be stepdad.


I have fucked my friend’s boyfriends while they were in the same house. Last year during a summer vacation my best friend was downstairs and dozing off, I made her boyfriend follow me upstairs and made him give me some good anal, and cum shots to my mouth.

Guided masturbation with Cody

Guided masturbationGuided masturbation is something I began doing early on. I liked being able to be with someone and help them get off. It started from having so much freedom early on. I remember being a couple years ago after my 18th birthday I was given a shit load of freedom. I was a finishing school and getting ready to go off to college and I was driving and so independent. I also had the advantage of having parents that both were incredible workaholics. They were barely ever around and I had the chance to do whatever I pleased and I sure took advantage of that. I would sneak in a couple cute guys preferably ones that were some sort of athletes whether it was a foot back quarter back or one of the baseball players from our school, they were invited over to help me get off. I was scared to get knocked up like my cousin Terra so I was strictly a blowjob princess and totally into mutual masturbation. I  liked seeing the guys I was with blow their loads and just be in total satisfaction. It was good for my ego and it made me cum that much harder. There’s something hot about watching someone reaching their big O.Guided masturbation

Potty Training with Dada

toilet slave phone sexDada said I am a big girl now and it was time for me to be potty trained! He took my diaper off and smacked my little bare ass it felt so good my little tight pussy started to get wet! Dada says a good girl will listen and do whatever he says, I love to please my dada so I climb into his lap so he could cradle me. I love when dada touches my body it tickles and makes me giggle and dada love that I could feel his cock getting hard it felt so big under my little butt I swirled my tiny hips back and forth, hearing daddy moans lets me know I am doing it right and I giggle again, grabbing his face with my little hands to kiss him. I didn’t know what potty training was but I like it! dada told me to sit on the small potty and pee, I giggle and told dada I couldn’t go pee pee so he reached down and massaged my pink clit and the tingling sensation began to grow and I thought I was peeing but it was my sweet little girl cum this made dada happy and he kissed my little lips, I can’t wait until next time to potty train with daddy.

Naked Teen Pictures For My Teacher

Naked Teen Pictures

I sent some naked teen pictures to my teacher and finally got him to fuck me. We had been playing a flirtatious little teasing game for months and I was ready to go all the way. The pictures I sent to his email were going to be enough to ensure that his dick ended up inside me before the end of the day. I showed up at his classroom door at the end of the day. Everyone had left for the day and I was ready to play. I walked over to him sitting in his chair and asked him if he got my naughty pictures. He had and he was eager to see my sweet young pussy in the flesh. I pulled my panties down from under my skirt and sat up on his desk, spreading my wet cunt for him. He buried his face into my sweet honey pot. Then he stood up, pulled his cock out and fucked me right there on his desk. When he said he wanted to cum in my mouth, I got on my knees and took his load down my throat, drinking up every last drop of his creamy delicious cum.

Hot squirting pussy for Mr. D

hot squirting pussyHot squirting pussy was what he wanted to see from me. Mr. D has been making sure I pay my dues for all the problems I have caused him from stealing from the register. I have told him time after time that I am truly sorry for what I have done and I believe that I have more than enough paid the price for what I did. I have been an obedient sex slave for him. Sometimes his task are cruel and brutal so I try to shy away from it. Last night he made me play with my pussy for hours. I had to play with my pussy until I squirted that was the deal. I couldn’t leave until I squirted all over. I worked my pussy out hard, I tried my hardest to make it squirt fast but it took some time. When I finally squirted it was so huge it was everywhere. I couldn’t believe I did it. I was amazed that my pussy could do such a thing.

Party Girls in a Daisy Chain

Party Girls Phone Sex

My sorority is full of really sweet and beautiful girls, I love them all. I really love it when we have our “bi” monthly meetings to discuss the business of the house. The last 3 meetings we have all discovered that we love to all get naked and relieve some stress. I mean, yes that’s kind of an obvious thing to do but we never really did it before. Each girl stood at the end of the conference table and took their clothes off, then she can point at another girl and they go have fun. Once everyone was naked we went to town. Not one pussy was left un-licked, un-orgasmic, or un-wet! We all started in a daisy chain but it just turned into one big pile of pussy and tits and cum. I had a great time licking and getting licked and finger fucked. My girl picked me and we got really adventurous, I sucked on her nice big nipples and gently played with her clit, a few other girls around us joined in to make her cum. She seemed nervous and not relaxed… new pledge. So a girl on each tit, one kissing her another lightly rubbing her clit and I was fucking her with a dildo. When she finally came she had been holding it back for so long that her entire body started to shake and she couldn’t seem to control the sounds she was making. When she came back down to earth, she sat up and said: “Where can we get some cock too?” Everyone heard her and started laughing. If you can find me in the pic, call me, tell me where I am and I will email or snail mail you an autographed pic of me!

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