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GFE Phone Sex Babe Prefers Older Men

gfe phone sexGFE phone sex with a sexy bbw should be top of your list for things to do. I love older men. I do not really have daddy issues. I just find older men sexier, more experienced, more sophisticated and much better lovers. I know I am not so young any more in my 30s, but there are plenty of men in their 40s, 50s and even 60s who love a girl like me. I am uncomplicated. I do not want commitment. I do not want to be a mother. I just want to suck their cocks and feel them enter my pussy. Some guys are skeptical of my motives. I get it. There are a bunch of fraudsters and catfishers in this world. But honestly men, I am just hear for some cock worshiping phone sex. I love feeling a big cock grow in my mouth, only getting bigger with every suck. When I met Dave, I did not initially think much about it. He was in my house to fix my AC. My landlord’s husband hired him. And he is a married lover of mine. Dave was in my basement working his magic while I was upstairs discreetly taking calls. He came and left. I thought he was handsome, but he is a friend of a lover. That could be dangerous for me.  Dave found me on social media and told me I was the hottest woman he had ever seen. He is recently divorced. I prefer married men because they do not tend to micromanage my time or who I spend it with. He was fresh off a bad marriage and just looking for fun. I went out with him last night for drinks and I am in trouble. This sexy DILF has a huge cock, and he knows how to give a woman a hot squirting pussy. He is taking me out on a proper date, Friday night. I do not get to go out on dates much when I date married men. I am excited, but I know I am in trouble with this single DILF. But I think it is good to shake things up a bit sometimes, right?

Hot Squirting Pussy by the Fireplace with a Bisexual Slut

hot squirting pussyI am not saying a guy cannot give me a hot squirting pussy, because the big ones can. I am just saying that another woman can make my pussy squirt just using her tongue and her fingers. My friend Selma spent the weekend with me. We have had some nasty weather and I did not want her driving back home in it. We had been at a holiday party together, so we were drunk. No way she could have driven in the snow intoxicated. I made us a fire and we drank some wine while watching Elf. We were horny. The winter storm that came out of nowhere, ruined our chances of getting laid. We looked cute in our sexy Mrs. Claus outfits too. I am a phone sex whore. That means when it comes to getting laid, I am resilient. I broke out the sex toys and Selma and I took care of each other. She is a new bestie. I met her last year in a yoga class, and we have been tight ever since. She knows just how to make my pussy purr and squirt. She is bisexual. So am I, but she has dated women. I have just played with women. I have played with a lot of sexy girls, but never dated one. I guess that makes me a drunk lesbian, LOL. Anyway, the fire was rolling. We were drunk and smoking pot.  Pot always makes me horny. We had a strain called pussy weed too, LOL. That is because one hit and a woman’s panties fall to the ground. I thought I was a good cunt licker, but she had amazing skill. Her long, lean fingers snaked their way in and out of my wet bald pussy making me squirt all over her face and my rug. We fell asleep in each other’s arms, exhausted and drunk. No men around? Not a problem with me.

Black Cock Phone Sex is What This Slut Wife Always Needs

black cock phone sexI love black cock phone sex so much I have a huge black dildo I often use with my callers and my husband. I cannot get enough BBC; even my sex toys are big and black. I was riding my big rubber black dong a lot this weekend. My husband and I took a romantic weekend getaway up to Lake Michigan for our anniversary. We have been married 27 years. Almost thirty years of marriage and I have never fucked my husband. Not in the traditional sense that men and women fuck. I have used a strap-on with him many times in the past. This weekend was no exception. We thought for sure I would find some big black cock, but we were in a white resort area. Plus, a huge storm came through trapping us in the cabin. It was our anniversary. Of course, he was going to get some cuckolding phone sex.  I never go a day without big black cock. I can count a handful of times I had to pass on BBC for a day and except for my car accident twenty years ago, all days without big black cock have been weather related. I so wanted some BBC on my anniversary and my husband wanted me to have it too. He was prepared to watch, but several trees were down on the road and there was some flooding of roads too. I had my big black dildo with me though. I made my husband watch me as I shamed his little dick for never being able to please my milf pussy. That toy gives me more pleasure than his pathetic shrimp dick ever could. I had a hot squirting pussy from a big black rubber toy. My husband was between my legs getting juiced as I hurled small dick lampoons at him. I fucked his tight little ass too with the toy covered in my sweet nectar. Was not the anniversary fuck either of us wanted, but we are back in Chicago now and I am back to getting all the big black cock I want.

Strap-On Phone Sex

Strap-On Phone Sex

Strap-on phone sex really makes me lose all of my inhibitions. Vanilla isn’t my style at all. I need to get fucked and used like the filthy cum-guzzling whore I truly am. All that’s important to me is my next screw. I have a friend that I’ve been playing a lot with lately. She fucks me harder than any man I’ve ever been with using her gigantic 10-inch strap-on cock. She has made me squirt all over her strap-on toy and she goes absolutely fucking crazy when I get on my knees afterward and lick myself off of it. After she’s done making me her little cumslut, we use a double-sided dildo and grind back and forth until the bed is soaking wet with our cum. Watching her tits bounce up and down as we fuck makes me so fucking horny! It would make it even better if we had an audience watching us.

How to Give Me a Hot Squirting Pussy

hot squirting pussyDo you want to know what it takes to give me a hot squirting pussy? A big dick. It is that simple. I have had 100s of average dicked guys spend hours between my legs thinking they just have to find the right spot or the right angle to make my pussy squirt. There is a spot but a man with less than ten inches will never find it. I was with this man who had an 8-inch cock. It was an okay cock. It was an above average cock. I was with him more for the money than the desire, however. He was a sugar daddy. He knew my reputation as a stripper and black cock sugar baby. I do not know if it was racism or what, but he started in saying black cocks are not that big. He was talking like it was urban legend. My thoughts? That is what white men tell themselves to sleep at night. I think racism and slavery stem from fear. Fear of the big black cock taking white women away from white men. This guy I was fucking was underwhelming in the bedroom.  He was spending too much time trying to find the magic spot that he could never find because he lacked the inches to properly explore. I had to tell him the problem was that he was looking for something he lacked the equipment to search for. He was not happy with my honesty. I was not happy with his lackluster performance in bed. He took his money back. I took my dignity back and told him I would fuck myself with a big black dildo because at least it can find my G-spot. Some men are just pissed that white women do not want their average or little dicks. Not when we can have big black cocks.