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Bisexual Phone Sex Is So Fucking Hot

bisexual phone sex

Being a bisexual phone sex girl is a lot of fun! I basically get to fuck whoever I want, whenever I want. If I’m attracted to a guy, I’ll spread my legs for him. If I’m attracted to a girl, I might tell her to spread her legs for me. But when I get really lucky, I get to have both of those things at the same time. If you’ve ever had a threesome, you know just how fucking hot they can be. I love being bent over with a dick in my cunt and a cunt in my face.

And you know, one of the best things about the whole experience is when the dude shoots a creamy load balls deep inside me and then I get to climb right up on her face and she eats the cum out of me. That always makes me cum all over her face and then there’s double the cum for her to slurp up. Do you have a bisexual fantasy or would you like to hear more about my experiences? Either way, I’m here – ready and waiting to get your cock hard. All you have to do is grab your phone and lube and call me!

MILF Phone Sex: I Love Young Men Too

milf phone sexMilf phone sex is something else I do, and I enjoy as a mature woman. I know I am known as a black cock whore. Size is important, but the older I get, the more I enjoy a young cock too. Younger boys are teachable. Sometimes I get frustrated with even the biggest of black cocks because some men think they can just shove it in my pussy, and I will spontaneously cum. And because they have huge cocks, some black men refuse to take direction on how to make me cum. Sorry guys. A big cock alone does not make any mature woman spontaneously cum. Listening to what a woman says in bed is important regardless of how big or small your cock may be. That is where younger men come in handy. They listen. They want to please you. They ask questions. They take direction. I love a young stud, black or white. My neighbor boy is doing virtual learning. I went by to check on him yesterday when we lost power from a storm. He opened the door in his boxers. What a hunk is what I said to myself. Young, buff and handsome. I should have been on good behavior. I started to say something naughty and he pushed me out the door. He shut the door behind us and whispered in my ear, “cameras.” He came over 10 minutes later, and I sucked his young teen cock in my living room. He saved me. Seriously, he did because his parents would have had me arrested if they saw me molesting their teen son. In my house, we were safe from hidden cameras. I bobbed up and down on his sizeable teen dick until he gave me the biggest cum shot to my face. Ten minutes later, I was riding that surprisingly big dick as he rubbed my clit. That time we came together. Every sexy MILF should get herself a boy toy. They take direction so well.

Double Trouble

2 girl phone sex


I love having fun with some dicks but even more fun with another bitch. I was hanging with my slutty friend Tiffany and we both were talking about how we needed some dick. We both thought why not go to the local night club and stalk our prey. We wanted them drunk but not too drunk. I wanted them rough around the edges and she wanted them with big dicks. We found two victims and they were easily lead astray. They noticed our tits first. I made sure they saw us dancing together and making out. Having our tits rub together as my hand went down her pants. She leaned her head back and let out a slight moan as I rubbed her wet tight pussy. We saw both their cocks trying to bulge out their pants as they started walking towards us. We lead them to the back-VIP room and both instantly got to our knees to pull out their cocks. They were hard and waiting for us. We both started sucking those big dicks like they were dinner and we hadn’t eaten in days. Shoving those big hard cocks deep down our throats, fucking our mouths. All you could hear was gagging and slurping and sucking sounds. Wasn’t long after I was having my head grabbed and shoved down on his dick. I felt his hot load stream down my throat. I kept swallowing load after load. As I was wiping my mouth I looked over and see Tiffany getting the same fate. She rubs her hand across her lips and thanked him. I think we will be going to this club more often.

Rim Jobs Phone Sex: You Will Worship My Ass

rim jobs phone sexRim jobs phone sex is something you will experience when you call me. I am a dominant tranny. Rimming my ass is foreplay for me. I like to face sit because I can. If a man will eat a woman’s pussy, he can eat my ass too. I have a pretty puckered asshole and everything is smooth and clean. I am waxed head to toe and everywhere in between. I had a date Saturday night with a new guy I met through a friend. He did not strike me as the sexy shemale type. In fact, I thought he might be the kind of man who would put up a fight at the notion of eating my ass. He knew I was a tranny before we went out. Our mutual friend prepared him for that. Our mutual friend also told him I was an in-charge kind of woman. We had a lovely dinner date, but I still got no bottom vibe from him. I have over a decade of experience with tranny lovers and he did not seem like one. Turns out our mutual friend simply told him I was a special girl assuming he would know what that meant. He was shocked when he saw my sexy tranny cock. He was not scared. He was not angry either. He was just stunned that a woman as beautiful as me had a cock bigger than his. He was easy to get to worship my ass. I bent over and his tongue explored my body. Over my cock, under my balls and into my ass his tongue went. He was tossing my ass so well, I shot the biggest cum shot from my big cock with just a tongue in my ass. He loved rimming my ass. He loved worshiping my cock more. He was so far up my ass, he knew what I had for breakfast. Are you willing to be my ass servant too?

Phone Sex Roleplay

phone sexI love erotic roleplaying. It is not just for phone sex either! I think couples should do sexy roleplays to spice up their love lives. Too many couples stuck in a rut, doing the same thing over and over. BORING. Even though I change men like I change panties, I still like variety in the bedroom. This older man I see from time to time loves naughty little role plays too. He asked me if I could find a playmate for us. He had this fantasy of punishing two schoolgirls. He asked if I could be a naughty little school.  I may be in my 30s, but the beauty of roleplaying is you can be any age. I was happy to pretend to be much younger. So was my bestie Lynn. When I suggested he whack our bottoms, he got hard. Lynn and I put on naughty Catholic school girl outfits, put our hair in ponytails, and gave him the fantasy phone sex experience he wanted. He pretended to be the dean of an all girls school who had to discipline us for not wearing the standard uniform to school. He threw me over his knees first, yanked my panties down and smacked my bare bottom with his hand. I got so wet as he paddled me. I squirmed around on his lap to tease his hard cock some more. I played with my pussy as he spanked my equally naughty schoolgirl BFF. He ended up bending us over his desk and punishing our tight cunnies with his big hard stick. He pounded my pink sweet schoolgirl pussy. I even moaned and giggle like I did when I was a schoolgirl. He made a huge mess of our faces as he wrapped our ponytails around his wrists like handlebars and skull fucked us. The result was his biggest cum shot over our faces.

Party Girls Phone Sex with a Horny Milf

party girls phone sexDo you enjoy party girls phone sex calls? My sons do. They love it when I am high. I was alone yesterday as my husband took the boys hiking. I got high on coke and took some sexy pictures. I am always taking pictures of my boobs and pussy and texting them to my sons. Young boys need a constant supply of spank material. I didn’t realize that my oldest son left his phone at his friend’s house. About an hour after I had sent a picture of me with a big dildo in my cunt and said, “Mommy misses you,” there was a knock on the door. It was my son’s best friend with a hard cock in his pants. I was high, horny and alone. I pulled him inside, unzipped his pants and gasped. Here was a teen boy with about a 10-inch cock. I told him he had a future in porn. I wasted no time sucking his young big dick. I struggled getting it all down my throat, but years of cock sucking and lots of cocaine have helped me learn how to swallow even the biggest cocks. I did gag though. I gagged on a teen boy’s cock and I am a seasoned mommy whore. He slid his rock hard cock between my tits and plenty came out to suck. I love freaks of nature.  This boy had a freak of nature cock and his cock is still growing. We fucked on my living room floor for hours before I got a big ass cum bath. Coated my face. I think some cum even hit the wall behind my head. I looked like someone had doused me in milk. It was the biggest cum shot I had ever seen. Being a cum whore, I licked it all up. He gave me enough protein to satisfy me for days. I missed my sons, but I had coke and young hard cock to keep me company.

My Wet Bald Pussy Is Dripping With Anticipation

wet bald pussy

I bet you’re dying to get ahold of this wet bald pussy, aren’t you? I might be young, but I know how to please you and I’ll make sure I do a damn good job of it. I learned how to use my pussy to make men happy at a young age and I’ve only gotten better at it with time. I’ve been fucked a lot, but my pussy is still so tight that it will fit your cock like it was made just for you. It’ll squeeze your cock and make you cum so hard. I hope you’ll shoot your load deep inside my pussy because I really love that.

So what are you waiting for? Aren’t you excited to hear all about the nasty things I’ve done to men? Don’t you want to know about the first time a man put his big cock in my tight bald pussy? I can’t wait to tell you every dirty detail about that night. He told me I was so tight he could barely even get his cock inside me. But he did and it was magical. So grab your lube and call me. I want to get dirty with you, baby!

Interracial Cuckolding Phone Sex with Big Daddy King

cuckolding phone sexSome losers were born for cuckolding phone sex. And if you are going to cuck a small dicked loser, make it interracial cuckolding with the one and only Big Daddy King. I have this stalker at the club. He will not get the hint. I mean he cannot afford me. He cannot satisfy me, and I have told him countless times to leave me alone. It was time to give Big Daddy King a call and plead for help. Being his sugar baby OG, he was happy to help get rid of my stalker. My beloved King is as brilliant as he is handsome and hung. He devised a perfect plan to lure my stalker into his ultimate humiliation. The Living Legend has a monstrous 13-inch extremely thick cock. Porn stars struggle with the anaconda. My stalker is just some shameful wannabe. A Splenda daddy! I lured my strip club stalker to Big Daddy King’s Mansion. The loser drove up in an old Prius and parked his shameful car next to BDK’s Bentley. The audacity of that loser. He thought I would cheat on the Sugar Daddy of the Century in his mansion with him. There was no way he was bigger than 5-inches. I have given him numerous lap dances over the year, and I cannot even see a bulge. Pathetic. I took my stalker into the Throne room and he sat on the throne. As if. He was living in La La land if he thought his broke white ass was worthy of any throne. Right as I was laughing at my wannabe king, the Real King made his appearance. He pushed my stalker out of the way like an inconsequential bug. Cannot run with the big dogs, need to stay on the porch. I showed my loser what a real cock looked like. Black cock matters to white sexy sugar baby pussy.  As I undid Big Daddy’s King’s Gucci belt, out rolled the anaconda in its white compression sleeve that said “Superior” in bedazzled diamonds. Superior is an understatement when talking about the anaconda. And just like that my sugar daddy helped me interracially cuckold my strip club stalker. I could hear the loser wining like a little bitch as I screamed, “Big Daddy King owns my baby girl white pussy.” I begged to be anointed in the biggest cum shot from the biggest cock. Big Daddy King cums more in one load than that poser loser could in a lifetime. I fucked the Living Legend in front of my stalker teasing him the entire time. I knew my King would come to my rescue. He is my everything. I know Big Daddy King will always help his Sugar Baby OG with any pest problem she may have. He is the King of my world and owner of my sexy body and tight pussy forever. Let this be a lesson to you posers.

biggest cum shot

A Happy Ending

cocksucking phone sex


I did a working interview today. I really did not have any intentions of working for them, but I wanted to see what it was all about. I always hear about the fine pieces of meats that go to these spa resorts to relax and get away. I found it to be the perfect opportunity to have my way with some of the local dick and even some from out of town. Nothing turns me on more than having sex with strangers. This interview consisted of me giving my first massage. I was excited because this man on the table was so sexy. I could see all his muscles outlined. It seemed like the more I rubbed him the harder his cock was getting. I couldn’t help myself. I needed to feel it in my mouth. It was growing for me, it needed me as much as I needed it. I reached down and started stroking his hard cock. He seemed shocked at first but just laid there. He reached over and started taking my skirt off. I went a head and pulled off my shirt and bra. I wanted to give him something good to look at. I started sucking his cock and was given his pre cum instantly. Oh, how I love tasting pre cum. The further I went down his cock, the louder he moaned. He kept saying he loved having my young mouth wrapped around his cock. I was dripping wet by now, so I crawled on top of him and sat my hot young wet pussy right on his face. I needed him to be a good boy and eat my pussy and make me cum. Just like I planned to do with him. I rode his face hard while I sucked his cock deep. I went faster and faster the closer I got to cumming. I wanted us to cum together. I wanted him to shoot his hot load in my mouth as I was cumming all over his face and mouth. Just as I started licking and sucking on his tip, he started shooting that hot semen on face and tits. I kept sucking to make sure I drained him dry. That was all I needed to feel before I was cumming for him. Now I see why as these men like coming him. Who doesn’t love a happy ending?


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Bbc cum slut

adult phone chat


I am normally used to getting what I want. I mean who would not want to suck, fuck, and taste me?  I have all the right curves and all the right skills. I love sucking and fuck anyone with a big fat cock. I saw a big chocolate man in the neighborhood and I just had to have him. I tried my usual flirty self but that did not seem to catch his attention. I just knew I had to have that big black cock deep inside my tight wet pussy. So, I made sure I dressed up and let him see just how hot this body is. I managed to get his attention and I do not regret it at all. From the minute that big black cock was in my mouth, I just knew that it was going stretch my holes. This is what I wanted, I wanted to feel that cock stretching me. I made sure I got his cock nice and wet and slippery for this tight little white pussy. I felt him stretching me from just the head. I needed more and I needed it all. I may hurt at first but I just know I was going to cum over and over on his cock. I rode that dick till I couldn’t cum anymore.  I wanted his hot load deep inside of me but he really wanted to paint my face with that jizz. I got down on my knees like the good girl I am and sucked his dick till he was about to blow his load. I let him cum all over my face. I bet he won’t ignore me again.  


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