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Mommy Phone Sex Whore Gets Drunk and Fucked

mommy phone sexWhat does this mommy phone sex slut do on Thanksgiving and Black Friday? She parties. Wednesday, I had to get drunk on wine because I was out of blow. My dealer had a covid scare and I could not see him for two weeks. He trades me coke for pussy. Other dealers are in town, but they want cash, not my married pussy. I went through a few bottles of wine until I could see Marcus. I was drunk when Marcus arrived yesterday morning with blow for me. I am a sloppy drunk too. Coke is more my speed. My boys were home because school has not resumed yet, plus it was a holiday break. Marcus and I go way back. He has been my dealer since before I got married and moved to the burbs. He loves a dirty mommy, so the fact that my boys had a front row seat to the hot escapades, made it better for him. He loves to give my horny boys a show. Marcus is black. He has the biggest cock I have ever fucked. He gives me the biggest cum shot too. Bigger than my husband and sons combined can give me. It started with a skull fuck. It shifted into an ass fucking and it ended with a gang bang. Marcus wanted my boys to join the fun. Normally, he is not into sharing me with white guys, but since he always wished he could have fucked his mother, he thought this was hot. It made him feel like he was my son, and he was sharing his mommy whore with his brothers. I was drunk and getting 3 cocks in me at once. Now, Marcus calls me the three-hole mommy whore wonder. I took black cock in my ass. I had white boy dick in my pussy and mouth. And I had cum oozing out of all three holes. I do not remember much, but Marcus filmed me for his spank bank, and so we all have something to remember the night mommy got drunk.

Squirting Phone Sex with BBC

squirting phone sexI love squirting phone sex calls. I take it two ways. One a big squirting cock in my face or me squirting on a big cock. I have had it both ways. I like both ways. Last night, I got it bot ways with the same guy. Jerome is one of my favorite and oldest black lovers. He was the person I did my first interracial photo shoot with almost 30 years ago. We hit it off then. We hook up two times a year. We are both married.  My husband knows all about him. His wife is clueless about me. She is also clueless about his interracial porn days. He married a black woman. Gorgeous lady, but church going lady too. A traditionalist. The kind of woman who does not appreciate white women taking good black men away from her race. So, when he comes to town twice a year for a fraternity conference, he pays me and my husband a visit. Jerome has a 13-inch cut cock. A big black cock. My favorite cock to fuck because he gives me a hot squirting pussy with one thrust. And, when he comes, he coats my face and tits. My husband jokes that it looks like I was doused in a jug of milk after he cums. It feels like it too. My husband loves watching Jerome fuck me. For one, Jerome fucks me better than an army of men. Two, Jerome loves involving my husband. Jerome cucks him. I mean he will skull fuck my husband. He will shame my husband for his inability to please me sexually. And he will fuck my husband’s back door too. Few of my black lovers will do that. My husband loves it when Jerome visits, but like me, he wishes it was more like twice a week instead of twice a year.

Cum Slut Phone Sex Whore

cum slut phone sex

Some women might not, but I love being a cum slut phone sex girl. That being said, I don’t see WHY there are women who don’t love being dirty whores. It’s so much fun to please men (and women!) and to be fucked anytime you want. Sure, over the phone I’m the one fucking myself while you tell me what a nasty slut pig I am, but it still feels like you’re right there doing all kinds of naughty things to me. Tell me how you’re going to turn me into a whore every night in the bedroom. I’m here for it.

But what I would love even more is hearing how much it would turn you on to have me as a cum slut during a guys weekend. You could take me with you, knowing that nobody will ever be striking out when it comes to getting laid while you’re away. You guys won’t even have to go out and look for pussy. I’ll be right there to service any and all of you whenever you need it. In return, I know you’ll fill me up with cum and when I’m full, you’ll shoot it all over me. Mmmm.

Biggest Cum Shot Techniques

What do you do to make the biggest fucking nut? Really, I want to know your process for making a fat gooey load. Is there a diet you follow, or hold off on cumming? Are you one to play with controlling your ejaculation? I am so curious! I had a couple of lovers I was getting double penetrated when they decided to tag team me. They went forever before cumming and damn it was tons! They would fuck me hard and crazy then pull out and go down on my juicy fucked cunt and make me squirt before ramming his hard rod back in. He just pile drove me for another good 30 minutes and they were hot the way they switched off. I was getting pounded and oral at the same time and two massive loads as the final 3 hours later!.

Biggest Cum Shot

Brian Gave Me a Hardcore Ass Fucking

hadcore ass fuckingYou know, sometimes a white boy can give a hardcore ass fucking. Brian has a 13-inch beer can thick white mamba snake. He likes women with curves. Look at me? I have an apple bottom ass. It is perfect for ass fucking. Now, it is no secret I am a black cock whore, but the truth is I just like big dick. Black, white or brown, if your cock is big, my fuck holes are yours for however long you can last. Brian is younger than me, but I am a total cougar. Younger guys have stamina and what seems like an unlimited amount of cum in their balls. I went down like the Titanic on Brian’s big white cock. Gagged. Slobbered. Drooled. Choked. Yep. Even a seasoned whore like me can meet her match on occasion. That is my test. I mean if you can make this old whore gag, slobber, drool or choke, then you have a cock I want to fuck  regardless of the color of your skin. For me, it is not about your character or race, it is about the content of that cock. Brian has enough cock for more than one woman, but I do not like to share a big cock like his. Call me selfish. Call me ambitious. I want it all for me. All for my mouth. All for my pussy. And yes. All for my ass. Brian fucked my ass so hard, I walked funny for a few days and that should be telling. Brian has set the bar HIGH for white guys. Thirteen thick inches and always the biggest cum shot for my fuck holes and face. Do not even sniff around thinking I will let you in my back door unless you can measure up to Brian’s beer can cock.

Mutual Masturbation Porn on a Friday Night

mutual masturbation porn I made a mutual masturbation porn last night. It was a social distancing hook-up. I have a married lover benched from my sexy tranny cock because he is overseas. Getting flights to the US is difficult and involve more effort and cost than before COVID-19 reared its annoying head. He has been missing my cock and I have been missing him. This lover possesses a big cock. Not like many of my phone sissies. He has a cock worthy of watching and taking in the ass. I let very few men top me. I am a big dick shemale and a dominant one too. But even a shemale domination porn star will worship a 13-inch cock. I am only 10-inches. I mean that is big next to your cock, not so big against a cock over a foot long. We got on Face time last night and masturbated together. Even just seeing his worthy cock got me wet. Looking at his cock got me hard too. I love edging and jerk off instructions. I told him how to stroke every inch. Even big cocks like to be told how to jerk off. They can benefit from guided jerk off sessions too, so they do not coat their camera with cum too soon. We edged for hours last night. His family was out doing some early holiday shopping and it was our first alone time in months. I want this election over so people can go back to focusing on how to end this plague. I need to travel. I need my lovers to come visit so I can be spoiled. This sexy tranny loves attention. She loves cumming too. I gave him the biggest cum shot as he did me too. We both came on our camera phones after edging and jacking off for hours. Not the way I like to spend a Friday night, but better than being alone.

Cum Slut Phone Sex Addict

cum slut phone sexI am a cum slut phone sex addict. I love cum. Of course, that black spunk is full of healthy protein to do my mature body good. I can never get enough. When I cannot get any, however, sometimes I ask this white neighbor to come over and give me a deposit. He is 25 and hung. White men like him are few and far between. When I find a man like that, I use them as back up. Emergency cock. I placed a 911 text to him last night and he knew what I needed. He services several married ladies on my block. The stud of the neighborhood. He rushed to see me last night because I am his favorite milf. I am in shape and I look good for a 50 year old woman. When I kissed him, he tasted like pussy. He saw my look and apologized. I assured him no apologies were necessary. He left a woman to come fuck me. He was in between a woman’s thighs and left her hanging to give me his cum. He had the biggest cum shot for me too. I sucked his cock dry. I can polish a knob. It is because I am a greedy jizz whore. Black spunk, white spunk, I love cum. My young stud unleashed a huge load for this sexy milf too. I guess I did interrupt his nut earlier. They way I saw it. Some other woman did all the work and I got all the benefit.

Dirty Bitch

2 girl phone sex

Nothing like doing to a bitch what she deserves. Making that bitch strip naked in front of all the guys. Letting them see her big titties, fat ass and of course that nice juicy wet bald pussy. She kept saying she was a nasty little whore that was down for anything and I wanted to put that to the test. I wanted her to prove to me how fucking slutty she was. I wanted to see what she was willing to do and even what she wasn’t. Because that is what I would definitely make her do, if you know what I mean. So, she started by sucking all of their dicks and one was eating her pussy and ass. Once she was wet enough he started shoving his fat hard cock deep in her wet tight pussy. She was laying flat on her back being fucked so hard, that she didn’t notice all the guys starting to piss all over her. She seemed to be into it. She liked him men pissing all over her face and body while being fucked. I wanted to push her more, so I made one stand over her and start shitting all over her. She tried to get away but the other one held her hips and kept fucking. The more she fought the harder he fucked her and the faster those standing over her, jacked their dicks. Right as he was cumming in her bald pussy, they started shooting their loads all over her shit covered tits and face.

Hot Ass Sex in a Glory Hole

hot ass sexI love hot ass sex, even in the most unexpected places. I have decided to get some exercise out of the bedroom. My pussy gets a good work out daily, even my mouth and ass too. But the rest of me needs exercise also. Gyms are still closed in Chicago, so I have been walking along the lake when the sun is shining. Yesterday, I stopped at this little park bathroom. I had to pee badly. The bathroom was dingy. Almost like the bathroom out of a horror film like Saw. As I was hovering over the toilet to pee, I realized I was in a glory hole. I saw holes in the wall that faced the lake. I imagined this was a nighttime hangout. I flushed, was washing my hands and suddenly the light that was shining through the hole was gone. I looked and there was a big cock pushed through it. I guess someone saw me go in. It was a unisex bathroom, so I had no clue if this was a gay glory hole, or a straight one. It might have just been a anyone can suck this cock kind of glory hole too. When in Rome, right? I sanitized my hands and sucked on the big black cock poking through. I fight like such a dirty slut. I had no idea about age or sexual orientation. I just knew it was black, my favorite flavor. I wanted to fuck that cock. I backed my ass against the wall. I could not believe I was fucking a stranger in the Saw bathroom with no protection. I really am a whore for big black dicks. I never saw who that beautiful cock belong to, but I took my cum filled ass back home to my husband to clean up for me. My husband had no clue what a dirty slut his wife had been to get that biggest cum shot in my ass.

I Have Been Giving Hot PhoneSex Since I Was Jailbait

hot phonesexHot phonesex needs a hot babe. I have been in the adult industry in some form or another since I was a teen girl. I am 34 now, so I only know sex. I am not book smart, but I am sex smart. I know what men want and I know what they need. My first job I was not even old enough to have, but I looked older and I had a fake ID. I stole the purse of an older girl who looked like me hoping she would have a license that would have a picture that looked enough like me to use. I hit the jackpot. She was a truck stop hooker. When she got high in the bathroom, I stole her purse. She was 22 and a tall blonde. No one questioned me when I applied for a job at a truck stop dirty bookstore. I just wanted to sell DVDS and sex toys, but the owner thought I was hot and looked even younger than I was. He thought that I should dance in a cage. He had these booths in the back where girls danced naked in cages while men beat off. Customers would pay to keep the curtain open. They got 5 minutes for $5. I guess it was my first stripping job. I had run away from an abusive daddy and hooking on the street was dangerous. I just wanted to make some money daily so I could stay in a hotel until I saved up enough money to rent an apartment. I learned early on how to make men feel special. I learned how to suck cock and fuck like a much older girl. I have come a long way from those roadside attraction days, but I still make men feel good. I still make men have the biggest cum shot all over my sexy body.

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