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Let’s Party All Weekend

fantasy phone sexYou know what is better than a big thick rock-hard cock on a Friday night? Let me answer that for you. The answer is two. Two big cocks violating all of my holes tonight and all weekend long. A little blow or some x or some other candy and we can party all night long. My pussy is already wet thinking about taking one in my mouth while the other is shoved deep inside my wet cunt. But I am a slut and have one more hole just waiting to be taken. That is right baby, watch as my tight ass starts to gap in anticipation of you ramming your cock inside me. Let me roll over on my side and I can take one in my ass and the other in my pussy. No better feeling that having two cocks inside my holes. Thrusting and pounding. So, take a hit, maybe a shot and get your ass on the phone with me. I have my panties off and a gigantic dildo just waiting to be used. I will sit here licking my nipples and grinding on this dildo while I wait baby. I know you want it too. Talk soon baby.

Drugs Phone Sex Fun With Tranny & Slut

The best fun was the other night when I was out partying and enjoying Drugs Phone Sex. I was wasted and met up with sexy t-girl Raina. She was a freak! We made out and got hot on the dance floor. I whispered that I had the tastiest little idea for a real party, back at my place. I knew she was packing a great cock and I wanted little Emily to be intoxicated and fucked by that big tranny dick.

Drugs phone sex

We got back to my place I prepped some special drinks. I cranked on the music and Emily came out wide eyed and sleepy. Raina thought she was adores and I laughed. Jasmine Emily was so confused!  I just gave her some of the special cocktail and a little bit of blow. She loves blow! Hahahah… My little druggy slut, just like me! Little Emily started waking up and getting woozy at the same time. I made out with Raina as Emily sat between us. I pulled that tranny cock out and boy did Emily’s eyes get big! She has never really seen a sexy t-girl before, in person!

I had little Emily sucking that big tranny dick with me and it was hot. I invited Raina to take that sweet little cunt hole of Emily’s and fuck her good while I got down and licked her little clitty and butthole. I worked my tongue from Emily’s bum to Raina’s. I sucked her big balls in my mouth and had her jizzing in my little sluts hole! Little Emily was so intoxicated and filled with cum it was amazingly fun!

Forced Intoxication Phone Sex

Sex Bar and Huge Bbc with Mistress!

bdsm phone sexMy slutty friend had us dressed up in mini skirts and crop tops that only covered our nipples and dragged us to this insane and kinky sex bar! There were girls tied up to poles, benches, beds and even the bar itself! She pulled me around and we met a big naked man with the hugest cock I have ever seen! Big, black, veins all over! A sexy curve to it to his all the right spots if it didn’t tear you up first! I was grabbed by rough strong hand and was quickly tied up in front of my dominant mistress friend. She shoved her bald wet pussy with a sexy landing strip right in my face! I started licking and was taking cock after cock down my throat ready to swallow and lick up loads while other men and women were toying with my tied up body. The man with the huge dick and balls hanging almost down low to half way down his thighs! I looked up scared as fuck and he forced it down my throat, I nearly threw up as he used my mouth to get it all wet. He rammed and forced harder and harder into my pussy. Everyone watched as he tore into my hole stretching me out as wide as a soda can with his thick dick. When he was through making me scream and cry with that cock I had loads covered all over my tits and dripping down my legs! My friend is so good to me, I love the sex bar!

Cum plat with my hot squirting pussy

hot squirting pussy

Whenever it’s the weekend, my friends and I become bad girls and begin to party. We love to have people over, throw massive parties, and stop till the sun shines out. I never thought I’d be such a college whore, but I am. I love guys who want to fuck a college slut like me. I want this hot squirting pussy to go wild.

I like to drink a little something and do some weed and maybe a little pill here and there because it truly makes my pussy puff up and wet. I want rock-hard cock deep in me. So I lure the guy who I think can handle the job and whisk him away to my room and begin to tease him. I want to feel that cock in my mouth too. I love to give blowjobs. Most girls are such bores. I’m nothing like that. I love the taste of cum and like to feel it everywhere in me.

My Daddy Used To Fuck Me When I Was Only

Breeding Phone Sex
My Daddy used to fuck me when I was only a young honey with peach fuzz curling so silky over my pretty pussy. Daddy used to force my door open late at night after he’d been drinking, and then force my legs apart.

I would cry, and beg for him to stop. That didn’t matter to Daddy. He was dead set on slamming his massive cock into my innocent cunt and nothing I ever did ever made him stop. By the time Daddy was blowing a sticky load into his young daughter’s unwilling pussy, I was wet from the sheer process of getting force fucked by my Daddy.

Even though he snuck into my room all the time, it was always as shocking to me as it had been the very first time. Sometimes, Daddy wanted to use my throat as his cum dumpster but other times he preferred me to be his anal cock sleeve.

Now that I’m all grown up, I can’t help but masturbate and rub my pathetic submissive PMommy pussy while thinking about the way Daddy’s massive incest fuck felt when he forced every fucking inch of himself into my fuck holes. I get soaked, and then I want to play.

Either I force my young offspring to devour my pussy and lick up all the juices, or the four legged son I keep around will help me clean my mess.
Adult Phone Chat

Hot Phonesex / Taboo Fuckdreams

hot phonesexHow could you ever handle a hot phonesex sadistic like me? I’m mixed, bitch. That means hispanic and black pussy juices drip from my cunt. I’ve been whoring this pussy around for fucking years doing all sorts of nasty fucked up shit. If you could handle me, you’d know I’m the best fuck you’ll never have. I know I’d be a good step mommy to all your young fuck dolls. I know how to whore out little bodies and turn those tears into coke rolling dollar bills. We have to drag them down to the street corner and let all the Johns have their pick of these little million dollar bitches. I love to get this pussy stuffed while listening to my sluts cry and beg for me to help them, for me to make it stop. “Don’t let him hurt us Mommy!” They scream, but the white man pays top dollar for my slutty mixed pussy and my little broadway productions. You know they put on quite a show with all that whimpering nonsense. I slap the shit out of those bitches and tell them to “man up” and take it, just like I do. My legs get spread and I get bred from time to time. How fucking hot is that?

Romantic Phone Sex with a Sexy Shemale

romantic phone sexI may be a dominant shemale, but I still love romantic phone sex. Of course, for romance to bloom you need a big cock and a big wallet. Love never blooms for beta bitches, and sadly, my world is full of them. Not that beta sissy boys do not serve a purpose. They do. They are entertaining and great cum receptacles. But a sexy girl needs to be wined and dined too. I love to be spoiled and pampered like a princess. Most guys want to spoil me, but they lack the means to accomplish it, so they end up being my bitches. Sometimes, I assume a man is a beta boy and I get surprised. Pleasantly surprised like you when you realize I have a ten-inch cock in my panties. This handsome man bought me a drink at my neighborhood bar last night and his card declined. My heart sunk because he was so handsome. He was embarrassed, so I bought the drinks. He said he was going through a Lifetime movie divorce, and I burst out laughing. I had never heard it put that way before. He explained that his gold digging wife is cutting off his cards and wreaking havoc on his world. I felt for him. I did not think he was lying, and he was so handsome. I went to his hotel suite with him, and he was in the best suite with a beautiful view. He was not a poser. He just had a bitch wife. And the best revenge is cheating phone sex with a sexy shemale. He did not know I was special until I came out of the bathroom naked. He was not disappointed. Neither was I because he had a cock bigger than mine. That was a nice change. We fucked all night. I gave and took. He spoiled me and I spoiled him. The best way to get over a gold digger wife, is to get under a sexy big dick shemale.

He Could Not Give Me a Hot Squirting Pussy

hot squirting pussyHe wanted to know how to give me a hot squirting pussy. I told him a big dick. He looked like a lost puppy dog. He did not have a big dick. There was no way he could make me cum, let alone make me squirt. He rented the VIP room for us expecting me to fuck his tiny dick. He was rich, but he had a Tic Tac dick. That is like the smallest kind of dick. It is the kind of dick I do not wish on my worst enemy. I was pretty sure he would have fallen out of my pussy anyway. I mean the Ken doll I played with as a girl had a bigger package than Tyler. He laid a stack of thousands on the table and asked me if that would change my stance. I do like money, but I could not fake a squirting pussy with a dick THAT small. No woman could. I offered to refund the VIP room because I was not fucking him. He made me a different offer. An offer no other man has ever made me before. He wanted to pay me $5,000 to find a man with a big cock who could make me squirt and fuck him in front of him. Not only did he want to watch me fuck a big cock, but he also wanted small cock humiliation phone sex. This was a deal to sweet to pass up, so I went back out to the club area and got one of the bouncers. I have fucked him before, and he made me squirt. I rode his cock for twenty minutes, squirted on his dick and made easy money. I wish all men with small dicks would give up fucking a woman out of their league as easily as he did.

More Than What I Wanted

Rough Sex Phone Sex

All I want to do tonight is drink and get fucked but my usual playmates were not in town or free to see me. I decided to get dressed really slutty looking like a hooker prostitute and go to the bar. At the bar I had many men staring at me, I loved the attention it made my pussy wet. When I came back from the bathroom a hot sexy black man offered to buy me a drink. As I drank my drink, he asked me how much it would take fuck me. He thought I was a prostitute so I used that to my advantage. I told him lets go to his car in his car he pulled out a few hundred dollars and I took it. Right away I pulled his cock out and sucked it. He leaked in my mouth as he reached to feel under my skirt. He told me to bend over and I did, my pussy wanted it bad. With one shove his cock was deep in my ass I had not done anal in a while so my ass was not ready for it. As I yelp out, he shoved my head down and fucked me harder. Moaning how he knew my ass was going to feel good from the moment he saw me. He didn’t stop until he filled my ass up. I got more than I bargained for.  

Sissy Phone Sex for Black Cock Faggots

sissy phone sexI love sissy training black cock faggots. It is one of the perks of being a cuckolding mistress and size queen. I had to supplement my income this past year. Not that I need to work. My husband makes great money for us both. I just like to have some of my own money. Most women do. The phone business was booming through the pandemic with black cock sissies and faggots.It made me think I should be doing it in real time too. I put an add out on Fet Life for sissy training because I had several black bulls that were happy to help me train some white boys to be black cock sissies. I have about a dozen white men who come to my place for black cock sissy training. I use erotic hypnosis and subliminal messaging videos to make white men black cock sissies. After a few sessions, those white boys are ready to suck big black dicks. That is something I am an expert on. I can teach white boys the art of sucking and fucking those superior black cocks. Now, not every white boy wants to suck on a big black cock, but most white men with tiny dicks do. You would be surprised how many black cock phone sex faggots exist. Some of these white boys are just closet faggots. Others are sissies turned into black cock faggots because that is what I do. Look at my husband. He is a rich and educated man. He is the best husband. He is just a tiny dick loser. He was willing to take a back seat to my black lovers, but you can only be around all that black cock before you see them for their beauty. My husband went from my cuckolding phone sex partner to my black cock faggot after a few years of marriage. A few phone calls or sessions with me, and you go from small dick wonder to black cock sissy faggot too.

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