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The Gift Of A Gangbang

Gang bang Phone SexMaster came to play with me last night. I’ve been so lonely during this quarantine, so He came with three of his friends to remind me I’m his little fuck toy. Master spread me out, and chained me to the bed. I was helpless; I couldn’t move. Before I could object, I had a cock forced into my mouth. I was choking, but no one gave a fuck. My ass and cunt were violently stuffed with their fat pricks. It hurt so good, I was sobbing. Master stood in the corner, stroking his cock, a grin on his face. He loved putting me in my place, and I loved this forced gangbang; my dripping cunt said so. I am nothing, just his property. My body screams in pain, my cunt begs for more and more. I know what Master wants will happen. I know I am helpless, I know I am his.

Sexy Shemale Phone Sex

shemale phone sexShemale phone sex is better with 2 sexy shemales. We no longer have as many hung T-girls working here as we once did, so I am trying to recruit some of my friends. Many of my shemale friends are escorts. Since the virus hit however, they have had more free time on their hands and less money. I am trying to convince Lila to work here with me. She is a T-girl escort. Her cock is not as big as mine, which makes her naturally submissive. I decided to see if she could handle my world. I made her my bitch. We started with her worshiping my ass. I am bootylicious. Thanks to Pilates and yoga, I have a curvy frame. I pride myself on being feminine looking. Lila prides herself on making her partner feel like royalty. I demanded to be worshiped like a queen. She licked my ass and sucked my cock better than any of you could. I have ten inches of cock meat when I am fully erect. That is more than a mouthful, but Lila could chug me down like a pro. Not her first time sucking cock. She has been all over the world as a sexy GFE. I have only done sexy gfe phone sex calls. She made me cum a few dozen times. Maybe if she had been one of my callers, I would have denied her the right to cum. But I love her. She is one of my besties. I fucked her tight ass and jacked her shaved cock at the same time. She had a huge cum. She said I was a better lay than any man she has ever had. That is just because I am a sexy shemale and two sexy shemales are always hotter than just one. If you want two shemales on a call with you, check out my pretty and dominant tranny friends, Mariana and Josie.

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Stripper Whore Phone Sex

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The drugs were flowing for this slut and my phone sex tale took on sadistic qualities. I had a very interesting stripper show this past weekend. The bosses required dirty south side bitches with big tits and asses to perform and we can’t say no. Saying no would have me in a ditch with a metal pole sticking out my ass as a warning to the others. Plus I love a good bump, and some fat rails. The bosses play cards as the music pulsates through me and the coke flows through my blood. “Are You getting all worked up Alanza? Is that pussy wet?” I have been performing for these old men for years, and I am not that old. Wink, wink! “Those tits finally grew in huh? I think you need to cum spend some time with Uncle Joey,” I knew he would pick me out, he was one of the first to fuck me. In his club house room He has a terrified girl. I recognized her as one of the rival gang members’ little sisters. Oh this was going to be fun. A little whore in training.

She screamed as she recognized me. Her brother had shot a brother of mine and I was going to make her pay for his misdoings. I grabbed a knife from the dresser and cut her clothes off revealing a flat chest and sweet soft pussy. I do love a bald cunt. I gave Uncle Joey a nice show as my dark darling was forced fucked by my fist in her ass. I left her cunny for him to force fuck. My hands around her throat until she turned blue, made him cum so hard inside her. I respectfully asked if any other Uncles wanted a turn before I killed her. He said no one knew we had her. Cut her head off and her fingers and dispose of her body, he was going to send a message Latin King Style! But after he fucked me, because he was still addicted to my ass and pussy! 

This is why I love party girls phone sex, I can be as nasty and fucked up as I want!




Cum slut phone sex whore Janie

cum slut phone sex

I have been looking for someone to help me with something. I need someone who will let me record them fucking me. I’ve always dreamt of being a porn star and the only way to make it big is to post videos online and hope they get lots of views. That means that these videos have to be really nasty and raw! A cum slut phone sex whore like me would be the perfect porn slut because I know how to get really freaky! Anyway, I put an ad online, looking for an open minded co-star with a huge, hard fuck stick! Lots of guys answered my ad. I let each of them fuck me. I slobbed on their cocks and swallowed fat cum shots from each of them. I even let a few of them use me as a piss slut and shower my face with their warm golden streams! My pussy is still packed full of cum and tingling!  I’m still not sure if I’ve found the perfect dick to be my co-star though. I need someone who can really keep up with me and fuck me for hours. All of the guys that have answered my ad so far, can only cum a few times and they are ready to give in. I’m still searching for a fat, hard cock to fuck me. I need someone who can cum over and over, all night and still want more of this hot, wet pussy!


Toy Story

adult phone chatAdult phone chat is a lot of fun! I get so turned on when I get a good call that I have to join in!
I have a pretty big selection of toys. I have double headed dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, nipple clamps, I even have a pussy sucker!
But I have been bored and was looking for something new!
So I headed to the local adult store. This is my favorite store because they also have movie place where you can go in a room and watch porn….but we all know what really happens in those rooms!
I walked in and was instantly drawn to this ribbed red vibrator, It was so thick! I was so excited that I wanted to get a room and try it out! But the place was packed and all the rooms were occupied.
I am a regular there so the guy behind the counter helped me out. He said I could go out the back door where he takes his breaks and no one will see me.
It was risky but I was already squishy. So I go out and start playing with my shiny new red toy! I slipped the fat head inside my slippery kitty and turn the vibrator on. It was so powerful I almost fell off the chair!
I pushed it deeper and deeper until I couldn’t take any more and then I started slamming that fuck toy in my twitching cunt!
I came so hard that I didn’t even notice the clerk watching me through the crack of the door.
I just smiled and put my clothes on and left.
When I got home, I pulled out the laptop to check out some of my favorite sites and I saw this picture all over the internet! I was shocked but I had to laugh! He takes a pretty good picture, don’t ya think!

What a fuckin loser

cuckolding phone sexYesterday I met the biggest fucking loser in the world. You should have seen him because he is the most pathetic guy I have ever seen. He’s a short chubby loser with a shitty job and no girlfriend or love life in any kind of way. I am 100% certain that he has never touched a pussy that he didn’t pay for and this is the guy that came up to a perfect Goddess of a woman like me and thought that I would want to pay attention to him. Can you believe that nonsense? Look at me, I am beautiful, much to beautiful to have to settle for a wimpy little bitch boy with a  tiny dick like him. He begged me to dominate him but I refused. He gave me money and gifts and begged for my attention but I just took his money and ignored him. Honestly it is pathetic how bad he wants me all I can do is laugh because I know that I will never settle for a loser like that.

Mommy Phone Sex: Fun in the Sun

mommy phone sexNeed mommy phone sex? I am not your typical mom. I am a party mom. I like to get high and seduce my sons and their friends. With Covid still affecting our local school system, my sons are missing their friends. I decided to throw them a pool party. They each invited a few friends. It was as much a party for me too. When everyone arrived, I told them masks were not necessary. I was in a little bikini and high heels. I wanted to see if the boys were paying attention. I was drinking fruity cocktails and getting high. I was just enjoying watching the young boys play in the pool. Young hairless bodies turn me on the most. I laid down on a lawn chair, pulled my bikini bottoms to the side and played with my wet bald pussy. Now, I really had those boys’ attention. The boys got out of the pool with hard dicks in their swim trunks. I spread my legs, removed my bikini and told them to get some mommy pussy. A poolside boy bang was we all needed. The best way to get some sunshine. I have some interesting tan lines, and a cum filled cunt, but it was just the kind of fun in the sun I needed.

He was smitten

tranny phone sexHe couldn’t take his eyes off me all night long at the bar and when I offered to take him back to my place he acted like he won the lottery. He was so excited to get me naked until he pulled down my panties and saw my massive cock, after that he just stood there in shock. He was on his knees already and his cock was still hard but he didn’t move at all, he just sat there staring at me like he had never seen a dick on a woman before. Well, I just grabbed a hold of my cock and gently rubbed it against his lips. That was all he needed, he swallowed my cock like he as a starving man and my cock was dinner. He clearly had sucked dick before because he had me cumming in minutes it was amazing. Then I fucked the shit out of him and he begged me for more. He’ll be coming back tonight too, I can’t wait!

Married Men Need Love Too

married men phone sex

I have been with a lot of the dads in my neighborhood, or at the very least, was lucky enough to suck their scrumptious cocks.
But there is this one dad that I want so bad! Most of the time, my opportunity comes when I babysit their rugrats but his little ones are a bit to old to need a sitter. His wife is so mean to him. He works so hard and all she does is whine and spend all his money. Then when he isn’t at work, she has this list of things for him to fix around the house. He never gets to have any fun!
Then one day, they put an ad out for a tutor for their son. That was perfect! I immediately applied and had my first session last Saturday.
His bitch wife was off with her girlfriends shopping and left her list of things for him to do.She was even making him clean the house!
I finished up with the boy and sent him out to play and started helping the dad. He told me I didn’t have to but I insisted.
I made sure he had a good view every time I bent over in my (way to short) cut offs. And I caught him staring as I scrubbed the floor on all fours with my ass high in the air just begging for him to plow it!
He was definitely getting hard but I knew, if this was going to happen, I was going to have to take over!
I sat him down in a chair and brought him a drink. I slipped my skimpy top off and rubbed my tits in his face. The poor thing acted like he hadn’t seen tits in years!
I knew what I head to do. So I dropped to my knees and pulled that fat cock out! It was so big and felt so good in my mouth! How could that bitch not want to hop on this everyday!
She must have had him trained because he didn’t realize that I wanted him t ram that meat down my throat! So I stood up and put one leg on the back of his chair so he could see my pussy. ‘Yes baby, this cunt is all yours. And is dripping wet just for you!’
I slide my hips down letting that fuck stick go deep inside my snatch! I was grinding down on him so hard, I tough the chair would give out!
Oh my God he was so good! He was slamming my young cunt with everything he had! I wanted him to cum! I wanted to taste all that yummy cock candy! I got up to stuff that bulging sausage back in my mouth and there was so much that half of it shot up and hit the ceiling before I could slurp it up!
Just then, the evil witch came home and we hurried and put our clothes back on. She dropped all her bags on the table and plopped her ass in our little fuck chair. Just then, some of his wad dropped from the ceiling and landed in her gourmet frozen coffee. The dad and I just looked at each other and thought hell was going to break loose but she never even saw it! She just took a sip and said, “ahhh, that is so good!’
We both almost laughed out loud!
I grabbed my back pack and said good bye. I can’t wait until next Saturday! I am kind of glad she isn’t fucking her man. That leaves all that creamy goodness for me!

My Phone Sex Fetish is Exhibitionism

phone sex fetishWhat is your phone sex fetish? I have a lot of them. One of my primary fetishes is exhibitionism. I am a sexy BBW and I am proud of my curves. I like to show off my beautiful naked body too. There is a lake with a beach about 30 minutes from where I live, so I decided to visit it yesterday. The sun was out, and it was a gorgeous day to show off my big tits and smoking body. I found an out of the way area, off the beaten path to masturbate and get some sunshine. I knew someone would happen by eventually. My first gawker was a teen boy. He may have been 18, but I am not sure. I did not card the boy. I like attention from anyone. I do not care about age. I was playing with my wet bald pussy, and I encouraged him to masturbate with me. I never even got his name. All I cared about was his young hard cock. I spread my legs as he got closer to me. He was stroking his dick with fervor. I was rubbing my swollen clit in the same fashion. We came together. His nut sauce landed on my big tits. He was just the first gawker I had that day. By the time I headed home, I had a few more loads of cum on my big tits.

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