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Cock Control Whore

cock control

I adore being in control. When I was younger, people used to call me bossy and it really got on my nerves. Now, I know that I’m just a control freak and I’m totally okay with that. And the things I love to control most are cocks. Cock control phone sex has opened up a whole new world for me. I used to just control dicks by deciding what to do with them in person. But now, men call me and I get to control them over the phone. You’re going to end up being one of those guys, aren’t you? You need me to tell you what to do and what not to do to your cock, don’t you?

Do you always jerk off too quickly? Maybe you need help with guided masturbation to slow you down. How are you ever going to expect to please a woman sexually if you cum too fast? You might not want to give up control to a woman, but trust me, it really is the best thing you can do for yourself and your sex life. And once I teach you to really please a woman, you’ll be the hottest commodity in your town!

Cheating Phone Sex BBC Whore

cheating phone sexYou will never meet a better cheating phone sex whore than me. Trust me. I have been married to my husband since 1994. I was in my early 20s. I have cheated on him every day of our marriage with the exception of 5 days. I made up for those five days by doing multiple guys in a day on numerous occasions. My husband has watched me be a cheating whore my guess would be at least half the time. He knew when he married me who I was. I think that was why he married me. My husband is submissive and now he is my cuckold. He is a good cuckold too. Now my husband is a black cock faggot. He will suck black cock and guzzle black cock cum right next to me. He does not like getting fucked in the ass though. It is not always up to him, however. It is not always up to me either. Last night was one of those times. Harry is an old school bull. When he fucks a white whore, if she is married, he fucks the husband too. His cock is thick and that is what does damage to tight holes. Using my cunt juice as lube, he gave my husband the biggest cum shot up his ass that is now gaping. We both got fucked last night. Just I enjoyed it more.

Anal Slut Alanza

anal phone sex

Anal sluts love when they can retell a dirty ass fucking! They don’t call me anal phone sex Alanza around here for nothing. My favorite caller enjoys me going back to the days when I needed a fake ID to get into the Rave. Blue dread locks in my hair, freshly tattooed by my homie and looking to get in trouble. My attitude was bad back then, still is  😋, but I have finessed my anger into sexual activities because of one very well hung, sadistic mother fucker! This dude had like a ten inch cock and wore more eyeliner than I did. He didn’t like me starting fist fights in the pit. He grabbed me by my hair and cold cocked me. I was drug into the mens room with fifty people clapping and egging him on. How was this stupid young whore supposed to know he owned the club. My face hit the mirror as he pulled up my tiny skirt and ripped my little white panties off. Grunts and growls as he dry fucked my ass and bit my shoulder. The harder he fucked me the more I screamed “give me more!” It was angry sex at the peak of my young adult hood. Choked out and ass fucked, I still managed to cum hard!  We must have spent two hours in that bathroom, me cleaning my shit off his cock and him feeding me ecstasy like it was candy. Oh, baby it doesn’t stop there, I have many more Ass To Mouth Phone Sex stories that will make your cock explode! 

ass to mouth


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Blowjobs Phone Sex Cum Whores

My slutkin has loved cock since an early age and mommy daughter blowjobs phone sex are hot calls with us. I love to just shove her little face down on that big daddy dick. Make the little whore gag on your dick and lube it up with all of her throat juices. The strings of saliva as I pull her little face off of your cock, they just linger between your dick and her whore mouth. Its sexy. The sexiest part though, is the strands of oozing cum after you shoot in that whore face of hers. She is jailbait. I can’t post images of her because she is just so fucking illegal and hot. I made a mini me to be all I wish I was when I was so impressionably young. She can’t talk on the phone either, but I assure you we get really naughty still. I am young myself. I obviously haven’t been very innocent when I got pregnant shortly after having my first cycle. I was a fertile teen… erm… well maybe I wasn’t quite a teen yet. *wink* Can you imagine? I was hot and horny while preggers and loved to fuck. I am a damned pothead coke whore fuckable Milf that is barely legal. My fuck trophy is not legal and that is even hotter, no?

Blowjobs Phone Sex

GFE Phone Sex Sexy BBW

gfe phone sexI was born for gfe phone sex. Look at me? Pretty face and big tits. A friend of mine who is much slimmer than me is jealous. She thinks I only get all these men because I am a blonde. So, I changed my hair color to see if I can still snag rich sugar daddy types. I think it is my tits, but Kelsey swears it is my blonde lockes. I put on a normal dress, downplayed my looks. I thought I looked frumpy. I sat outside this building known for having lots of rich guys working in it. The office building has lawyers, stockbrokers and other white-collar workers. I was not outside the building long before I had a couple men vying for my attention. It is the tits. Guys see my jugs and think about cum on tits. I love getting dirty with older men too. I went with Vince, a lawyer. My guess is he was in his 50s. Married, but that never has stopped me. He said I was stunning even in my frumpy dress. We hooked up that night and he is no stranger to sugar babies. He came over with flowers and some sweet gift cards to a few of my favorite places. He knew what I was looking for. He fucked me like I need to be fucked too. He slammed his cock in and out of my ass and cunt. Filled me up with cum several times. He said his balls never get drained at home unless he is jacking off in the shower. I do not know why guys marry women who once that ring is on their finger, their legs close forever. If I were your woman, it would be hot ass sex all day long and head whenever you wanted. You take care of me; I will take care of you.

Coed phone sex slut

coed phone sex

What man hasn’t wanted to have hot coed phone sex? Having a sexy college girl out for sexual exploration find your hard cock waiting. Maybe you meet this little slut at the bar and she is grinding on you all night while you are on the dance floor. Starts whispering how hard your cock is and how she cannot wait to get you back so she can see it in the light. Licking your lips when you bend down to tell her that you are ready to take her back to your place to finally lay claim to that tight twat of hers. Get to your place and she immediately falls to her knees and takes your cock out and slurps all over your pocket rocket as she starts rubbing her own sweet slit while swallowing you. You get tired of waiting and grab her by the arm, throw her over the arm of your couch, yank her g-string off and start pounding her cunt. Slapping her ass, grabbing her hair and fucking her until you finally cum inside of that hot, wet meat socket of hers. She turns around and cleans your cock of both juices and smiles up at you while she is swallowing it all down. I am looking for my next victim- wanna play?

I Give a Hardcore Ass Fucking

hardcore ass fuckingIf you want a hardcore ass fucking, I will give you one. I am a dominant tranny. Do not let my pretty face and sexy body fool you. I am a bitch in charge NOT a bitch. This little loser called me last night talking smack about if I had tits, I was a bitch. I think he thought our call was going to go very differently. I give guys warnings periodically, consider this the warning for 2021. I do not care if you are paying for a service. You are on my time and I will not submit to you. I do not submit to anyone. Period. Even a man with a cock bigger than mine cannot make me his bitch. You are the bitch. And I will treat you like one if you try to dominate me. This is not a the client is always right or the client gets what he wants type of situation. I have blog after blog talking about MY dick in asses and mouths. That is because I have yet to meet an ass I did not want to fuck. Even though I only had phone sex with this little bitch last night, I have no doubt his ass is sore today. I can fuck you better on the phone than you could ever fuck me in person. Not that you would ever fuck me if we met. I am a 100% top. Even if you are a top too, you will not be with me. I do not have to fuck your tight back door pussy, but I sure as fuck need to fuck your pretty mouth. My cum must go somewhere, right? I am a sexy shemale. I am a dominant tranny. I have a sexy shemale dick. I am not a bitch. Make sure you understand who I am before you call because I do not do what you want. You do what I want.

Prostitution Phone Sex: Coke is Not Cheap

Prostitution Phone SexProstitution phone sex? I am a phone whore for sure. Sometimes, I am whore in real life too hustling for drug money. I live a complex life. I am a soccer mom, but I have such deep dark needs that being a soccer mom cannot fulfill. I fuck my boys, but I have a monkey on my back. My husband loves me, but he knows me too. He knows I can go overboard on coke. He likes me a little high, but super high I am a train wreck. He gives me a very small amount of fun money a week. So, I hook sometimes when I cannot trade pussy for coke. My regular guy Marcus is out of town getting some supply for his demand. I cannot trade my old pussy anymore with any other dealers. I went to the truck stop and hustled. A girl has to do what a girl has to do. I was in competition with some sweet young flesh, but even the youngest whore cannot compete with my skill set and experience. I can take a hardcore ass fucking better than an anal sex whore. I lowered my prices and did more guys than I normally do. But I got my fun money. I was in the back of an empty semi giving head and taking dick in the ass. Some of the truckers shared their blow with me. The guys were rough. Hair pulling, tit squeezing and ass slapping as well as hardcore fucking. I came home covered in cum. Some bruises were forming on my arms. I smelled like the whore I was that day. I just wanted to go shower and sleep, but my horny sons love using me after other men have used me too. You know me. I am a whore and I never say no to cock. I had my coke and that was all that mattered to a drugs phone sex mommy.

Submissive Pain Slut Ass Fuck

Anal Phone Sex

My ass was on fucking fire. It had been three days they’d been at it; brutally stretching, stuffing, filling, and rimming my once tight anal fuck hole. I was in the most intense agony I think I had ever experienced, not that you’d ever know considering my cunt was drooling a pool of grool on the floor. My juices were pouring, my cunt begging for attention.I was suspended above the floor, the anal hook buried deep inside my shit box. It hurt so fucking badly. it hurt so fucking good.

With every thing they did to me, every slap, every kiss of the whip or caress of the flogger, I grew wetter and wetter. They burned me, and my pussy leaked. They cut me, slicing my skin, and my sweet slit gushed. I am the world’s sluttiest pain whore, it would seem, or at least my cunt was. She was a hungry bitch, demanding attention too. They noticed, and grabbed the taser. She was in for a shock. They hit her with it, and I squirted all the fuck over the floor, the pain consuming my soul.

Nasty Babysitter Phone Sex

babysitter phone sex

Of course I love to fuck the hot dads when I babysit, but that’s not the only person I like to fuck. Sometimes these younger boys need to be taught how to treat a girl, and I am always more than ready to teach them. I know that these boys are already thinking naughty thoughts about me. I’ve walked in on several younger boys masturbating. Instead of shaming them, I always tell them that what they’re feeling is totally okay and to not stop on my account. Usually I’ll go sit next to them and encourage them to keep going. It doesn’t ever take long for the boys to ask if they can see me naked. I always say yes, because that’s just a natural thing. They always cum so fast when they see their first naked pussy up close, but luckily they have the ability to bounce back quickly at that age. Then I give them a taste of my pussy literally and figuratively. It’s always so satisfying to be the first woman their cocks are ever inside.  And needless to say, they always beg their parents to hire me to come back the next time they need a babysitter. If you want to hear more, you know how to reach me!

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