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Submissive Phone Sex is For Tiny Dick Losers

submissive phone sexIt is true that I enjoy submissive phone sex, but I am only submissive to real men. I have no clue why small dick losers try to dominate me. It is not like I keep my love for big dicks a secret. Yet every day some guy packing less than 5 inches in his Fruit of the Loom whitey tidy drawers tries to make me worship his cock. News flash men, I cannot worship something that is not there. Also, you cannot use worship in the same breath as, “I am 4-inches big baby.” Well, you can, but I will laugh. I will laugh and take the money from your wallet. I have this stalker. Well, I have a few actually, but this one is loaded and thinks that entitles him to treat women as his submissive toys. Maybe take all that money and buy yourself a dick worthy of worshiping. All you are going to get from me with a tiny dick is small cock humiliation phone sex. If you read my blogs, you know I have some hung lovers. If you read my blogs, you know I am a cock size queen and only submissive to worthy men.

small cock humiliation phone sexThis rich tiny dick loser is out of his league trying to make me his bitch, so I made him my bitch instead. When he showed up at my place last night talking shit about me needing slave training, I put on my ass kicking stilettos and my strap-on cock. I fucked him. I made him squeal like a pig. I laughed at his tiny cock and thrust him into submission with a hardcore ass fucking. I made sure he knew he was the one getting slave trained not me. I only answer to men with big cocks AND big wallets. Turned out he enjoyed being fucked in the ass so much, he paid me. Now that is how you turn a bastard into your bitch.

P man accomplice phone sex

accomplice phone sexI see you over there just aching for accomplice phone sex with a brown skinned slut. I know what deranged and demented men need. I had a man call me a cunt the other day in the most endearing way. Get over here cunt, I know where prime pussy is when I see it. When he pointed her out I laughed at his face and said honey that’s not pussy, that’s cunny. There is a difference between a sweet and little tiny cunny and a tight little teen whore pussy. Any p man can tell you the difference straight away. Sometimes you don’t realize that you’re a p man and that what you like is very taboo and forbidden. You’ve always bordered on that gray edge of the girls and women you like to fuck. It’s only illegal to go just a tiny bit down the scale. Dear Lord we will never be able to take you to a nude beach a sweet little rug rats and innocence faced young whores. A cock would be constantly standing attention. Everyone would know what you were. I know what you are. A p daddy who needs his fix. Even to go as far as calling me from your little girl’s room. You are stealing her dirty panties just to smell them and jack off. So when my client told me that he wanted this little whore in the making I knew I had to get her for him. And I wanted to be the one to help get this girl get her first daddy fuck in that Young bald pussy (cunny)!

Gang Bang Phone Sex Druggy Fun

gang bang phone sexSometimes a mommy needs gang bang phone sex fun. I am a dirty mommy. I get high and need more than two cocks. Most women only need one cock if they even need that. Sound like your wife, LOL? I have two boys and they often entertain me at once, but when I am high, that is still not even enough for me.  Last night, I just needed more. So, I asked my boys to text some friends to come over and before long this mommy whore had a boy bang. What mature woman would say no to many teen dicks in her fuck holes at once? Not a smart one if you ask me. I love to be filled to the brim. Double stuffed, tag teamed, gang banged and passed around like candy are all things I enjoy, especially when high. I was high as a fucking kite too last night. Both boys invited over a couple friends telling them that their mom was in one of her moods again. My sons’ closest friends all understand what that means. I am a mommy whore and a milf slut. I have never cared that boys were young. I think the young boys fuck better. They are just about getting their young dicks off. They do not want to spoon or date. They want to nut and fall asleep. I want to be filled with cum and fall asleep. I entertained four horny boys for hours last night and guess what? We all slept soundly. They got to burn off some steam. I got to take some cum. It was a win win situation. The boys woke up for school this morning and pumped me full of cum again. This weekend is starting off perfectly for a drugs phone sex mommy.

More Than Just a Phone Sex Shemale

phone sexI am not just a phone sex shemale. I am a real shemale. I have a sexy tranny cock measuring 10-inches when fully erect. Life is getting back to normal for me. Many of my pickup places are back in business. I am fully vaccinated so I can travel again. Plus, my out of state and overseas lovers can travel to see me again too. I have this one wealthy Greek lover who has been benched from seeing his special mistress for over a year. Finally, he could travel. I made it worth the wait, and he made it worth mine. His cock has been jonesing for some shemale action. He was in town this week. His first business trip since Covid. He made it a pleasure trip too. He put me up in his hotel suite for a few days. In the day while he was in meetings, I was swimming and getting spa treatments at the swank hotel spa. At night, we were out on the town passing as a normal couple. No one knows I am a sexy shemale. After dinner, dancing and drinks, we would end up back in his hotel. We would drink some more in the hot tub, then fuck. I may be his gfe but I am still a shemale domination porn star. That means I am a top, but my Greek T-girl lover would not have it any other way. He loves that I am sexy and passable for the public outings and that I am hung and dominant for the private moments. His ass felt like a virgin ass again. It was tight from zero action this past year. That is okay by me. I love a tight ass. Plus, after 3 nights of getting ass fucked by my ten-inch cock, his ass is back to normal just like my love life.

Perfect Horny slut

GFE Phone SexI’m such a horny slut, but I am perfect for phone sex fantasies. I love hearing all the kinky things you like to do or want to do to me. When I see your cock bulging from your pants it just makes me want to get on my knees and just start sucking your throbbing cock. Hearing about how you would use me wherever we are gets my pussy wet, I just want you to bend me over and stick your cock in my willing pussy. That is not where you have to end it if you want to pound my ass, ill open it and spread my ass for you to be able to shove your cock in my asshole. I want you to use it up and fill it up with cum, make me your anal whore I like it knowing my body pleases you is what I want. I was built to be a whore and it only turns me on even more when you make me that.  

Sensual Domination Phone Sex for Men with Small Dicks

sensual domination phone sexI love sensual domination phone sex. I am a cock size queen and always in control. I do not do small dicks and I am never a submissive whore. What kind of domination you get from me is determined by you. If you have a small dick and big ego, you will see my bad ass dominatrix side. If you have a small dick and understand that you cannot pleasure a sexy woman, you get more sensual domination. I went for a massage yesterday. I was not there for a dirty massage. I do not need to have a random stranger work the kinks out when I have many black men at my disposal. The dude assumed I wanted the full-frontal kind of massage. I was willing to go with it until his little monster reared its small head and I laughed and passed. He was okay with that though. He said he gets that a lot and tucked the little guy back in his towel just like that. He went back to rubbing oil on my body and I decided he deserved a treat for not being the typical small guy dickhead. Most white men do not take rejection well. I flipped the tables on him. I was not going to fuck him. But I was going to give him the honor of worshiping my wet bald pussy. I sat on his face and oiled his body up as he licked me to a couple good cums. My experience has been that men who know they have small dicks will compensate in other ways like eating pussy. He sure did enjoy making me cum.  I let him rub his little monster as I came a third time on his face. I thanked him for not being a dick and he thanked me for giving him a chance to please me. If you are not a douche with a small dick, I may still give you a chance to please me.

Hot Phone Sex Fetish

phone sex fetish

Hey there. I have a question for you. Don’t worry, it’s not a hard one. I want to know what your favorite phone sex fetish is. Everyone is so different, and I just love hearing what makes your dick hard. I am pretty freaking kinky myself, so this is a safe space baby. Get down and dirty with me. Maybe we will even find that we have a favorite fetish in common. And if we don’t, maybe we will find a new one. But I am happy to talk about anything you want. I am in no limits kind of girl. 

Do you get turned on by incest role plays? That can be really fun and sexy. Or maybe you have a tiny little dick and it gets hard what a pretty girl laughs at you. That sounds like so much fun to me. Perhaps you like getting dressed up in lingerie. I hope so, since I really love sissies. As you can see, I am here for any fetish that really gets you going. So go ahead and pick up the phone and give me a call. Don’t worry, the more fucked up your fetish is, the more I’m gonna love it.

Cocksucking Phone Sex Turns Demonic

Cocksucking Phone Sex

Dark skinned whores have the best mouth for cocksucking phone sex. My mouth drools for a cock.  It’s instant when I see a cock bulge, I want to taste that warm cock milk flowing down my throat! If you have never sucked a cock, and many men I talk too have, then you do not know the satisfaction of making a cock pulsate and jump in your mouth as he is spurting his shot! If I was a man I would be gay, or at the very least bisexuals’, because GOD is cock good. If there is a heaven it better be filled with 10 inch hard cocks for me to suck off for eternity! Better yet let me reign in hell, and suck Satan’s cock! I bet he is the big dick man who can tear a throat out in 5 seconds flat! Then fuck my whore ass and it keep repairing!  I bet his shit covered cock tastes so nasty! I have done enough work for him that he should let me suck every cock I want for eternity! Just call me the cocksucking brown skinned demon whore! 


P.S. I love blasmephy phone sex so much I couldn’t let a cock sucking blog deny you of my fuckery!

I Love Cheating Phone Sex

cheating phone sexInto cheating phone sex? I am happy to be your dirty little secret. I have been a secret mistress for many married men over the years. Any given day, I am juggling a couple married men. I collect married lovers. Guys ask me all the time if I am married and if I have any rug rats yet. I am in my early 30s and I guess I should be married with 2.5 brats and a house in the suburbs, but that is never a life I wanted. I am a free spirit who does not like to be tied down. I do not like to have just one lover for the rest of my life. Men may say they are cool with an open marriage but the first time you fuck a black guy or some guy with a huge cock, that man gets all possessive. I decided many years ago that marriage and a family was not for me. Maybe it is selfish, but I want to fuck and party and enjoy life with few responsibilities as long as I can. Last night, I had it scheduled perfectly. Four lovers came to visit me during the night after their wives crashed for the night. I could not be a night owl lover if I had a husband and a few brats in the house. Sometimes juggling married men is stressful because a flat tire can through a monkey wrench in the plan, but most nights, it gets me the number of cocks I need in a day. I have a high libido. The more cock I get, the more I want. I am a sexy bbw phone sex slut. Luckily, married men love me because I give them everything their wives will not. Plus, I love to fuck. I will never just lie there like a dead fish.

We Partied And Fucked

fantasy phone sexWhat did you do this weekend? I hope you had as much fun as I did. I had scored some blow and called up a hot ass freak who is always down to fuck. I told him to pack a weekend bag and get his horny ass over here. I had already had a few lines when he arrived, and I was horny as hell. My cunt was wet and begging to be pounded. As soon as he walked in, I grabbed him and pushed him down on the bed. I took all his clothes off and hovered over his face jerking his cock. He laughed when he saw how wet I already was and with just a few strokes of his tongue I was creaming his face. He then threw me off and put my head on his cock. He grabbed my hair and held my face while he rammed his hips up, fucking my face as I gagged and choked. I fucking loved it. When he started to cum and fill my throat with his load, I sucked him dry. I raised my head and licked my lips and passed him the tray. Want to get fucked up and play baby?

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