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He Got On His Knees To Suck Him

black cock phone sexHe is my husband and I love him, but he is a cuck. His tiny little shriveled up dick does nothing for me. The thought of it in my mouth makes me gag. I keep him around because he looks good in sissy panties and he knows how to use his tongue. He doesn’t mind that I have other men. In fact, I think he actually enjoys it. The other night he came running with my phone to show me a text message I received. It was just a picture, no words. But that picture, damn, it was a rock-hard 12-inch BBC with a head covered in pre-cum. My panties were wet just looking at it and when I looked down his were too. I kissed his cheek and told him we were going to have some fun tonight. We prepared together. Taking a nice warm bubble bath and him shaving my legs and washing my hair. Then we applied some sweet-smelling lotion, made my cunt perfect and waited. The doorbell rang and he went running to get it. Dressed in a sweet little red dress and matching thong. His eyes twinkled and he practically skipped as he brought that beast of a man to my room. I was waiting for that beast and my sissy husband already was on his knees ready to suck him to full erection.

Babysitter Fucks A Whore

Adult Phone Chat

Being a whore is just like a full-time job when I give out my pussy but I don’t do it for the money! I do it for the pleasure that it gives me! I love the feeling of a nice, thick cock just slowly filling me up and then ramming me against the kitchen island of my daddy’s house! I invited my old babysitter over to fuck me while my parents were away and I’m enjoying every last orgasm I give and get. He has his cock deep in my pussy and when he’s done using it, I lick it clean and turn over for him to use my ass as he sees fit! Cum and take care of this slut!

Blasphemy Phone Sex Goddess

blasphemy phone sex

Some people might wonder how the fuck blasphemy phone sex is something that would even turn anyone on. Meanwhile, I’m over here wondering why it wouldn’t!!! If you think about it, Christianity is the ultimate in controlling other people. So, if you’ve always gone to church on Sundays and worshiped God, you’re exactly the kind of person who needs to call me for religious blasphemy.  You have been controlled for so long and you need to just get it all out of your system.  So, what you need to do is get on the phone and give me a call.

See, you know that the Dark Lord is going to give you better orgasms than that so-called Christian God. That God doesn’t even want you to have them in the first place. Just imagine what nutting is going to feel like once you start to worship the one who cares about your cum. I don’t think you’ll ever go back to the other way of doing things. Once you have your first blasphemous orgasm, you will never want to have a watered-down experience ever again. All you have to do to get everything you’ve dreamed of is call me and I’ll help you see the light. There’s no greater orgasm than the ones possessed by Beelzebub himself.

Sissy phone sex with the hottest princess around

sissy phone sex

I know you have a thing for sissy tendencies. I see how much you love to look at my clothes and you think you are fooling someone. You aren’t. I can spot a sissy, and I know you want to be a cum slut sissy. You want to be able to enjoy yourself as a sexy sissy who goes around and fucks and sucks all kinds of cocks till you can no longer take it anymore.

I want to see you get fucked so well. Don’t deny yourself how much of a whore you can be. You need to admit it and live your truth. I will take you shopping and make you so obsessed with making guys cum all over you and in you. You’re going to be the best bottom beta bitch ever.

Playing with My Wet Bald Pussy

wet bald pussyI love playing with my wet bald pussy. Because I am such an exhibitionist slut. I took a ride on my motorcycle this weekend. One of my married lovers gave it to me as a gift. Usually, I am with him when I ride it, but I am getting more confident in my riding skills. It was a beautiful day for a motorcycle ride, so I drove into the country. I got horny. The vibration on my pussy makes me wet. I pulled off in some cornfields, stripped naked and played with my wet cunt. I thought I was alone. I mean, I was in a corn field diddling my kitty. A farmer happened upon me. I thought he might bust me, but he pulled out his cock and enjoyed the show. It was a hot show too. I love masturbating for men. I love watching men masturbate for me too. He was a lot older than me. I do love older men, but this guy was like grandpa age. A silver fox. His cock was not huge, but it was hard. My guess was he had not stroked his snake in quiet sometime. Maybe he just needed the right motivation? I mean I am good motivation for any man old or young. I am a sexy bbw phone sex slut. Big tits, round ass and a pretty face. Who would not want to get off with me? I would have fucked him. I do not care if the cock is average, if a man is getting a boner for the first time with me in ions, I will fuck him to celebrate the occasion. He wanted to fuck me, but he was married. He been married longer than I have been alive and never cheated on his wife. It was so romantic; I did not push him. I just enjoyed the mutual masturbation and got back on my motorcycle after a good hard cum.

You Need Me To Jerky You?

fantasy phone sexHe come in for the special. You know the special. The special with the happy ending. He always requests me, and I love to please him. He pays extra and I give him massage naked. My soft tight body rubbing up against him as I give him massage. I put oil on his body and make him nice and soft and slick. My hand reaches under the towel, and I rub his ass. Sticking my finger inside his tight asshole and giving him a little finger play. He tightens his ass and makes a moan. I tell him to turn over. I can see his cock is very hard and the towel is sticking up, like a teepee. He tells me to come closer to his mouth. My tiny perky tits rubbing against his chest as he whispers into my ear that he wants me to jerky jerky him. I smile and tell him of yes, I will jerky jerky him. I rub and stroke his cock until I feel the precum. I then whisper if he would like to upgrade? I let him cum in my mouth for more money. He shakes his head yes and I take his dick deep in my mouth and swallow all his warm salty cum. I have an appointment available. Would you like me to jerky jerky you too baby?

Hit Me with your biggest cum shot

biggest cum shotFire away! Hit me with your biggest cum shot to my face or inside of me any where your cock pleases!

Never a shy whore when it cums to talking about the filthy perverted deranged topics hat make you hard. No need to skirt around you taboo freak for all fetish. I’m a cock sucker to some pretty brutal guys in real life. Men who would fuck up a cunny and take money for her little body on the black market. Sold like a side of beef if you will. That’s where the term fuck meat originated! That’s right I will suck you dry while you have the virgin blood of a little fuck doll all over it! Men who are known serial killers and force fuckers get me off so hard when I suck that evil dick!

I’m non discriminatory to I love little boys cocks too! I will even bring you one of my little boys and be a snuff mommy for you! I will let you live out all your murder and rape fantasies of any fuck doll or victim you bring me! I’m all about the evil, bloody and dark side of humanity! Always down to your accomplice phone sex slut for the twisted shit that makes you hard as hell!

Age Play Anal

BDSM Phone Sex
My sweet asshole is stretching out more and more with every push of your fist. It took hours to finally get my little fuck hole to open up to you, but we’ve done it and now I’m at my happiest. My tight teen body is tiny, and you made my young daughters watch as you used first just your fingers, but now your whole fist to stretch me my a rubber band. You tell my girls an important lesson. “Your submissive young Mommy is juss a fuck toy here for my pleasure. As you both will be when I decide your blooming little pocket pussies are ready for me.” My girls are smart and smiled real big with an angelic little “Yes Master!” before handing him the O ring that was going to keep my anal fuck hole gaped. He made my sweet girls come up and shove their little fists deep inside my shit chute. I was so stretched out they didn’t even tough the sides, but he made them rub the walls of my wet fudge factory just to watch me squirm. Then, he bent them over next to me and started lubing up their assholes so they could match with Mommy.

Age Play Phone Sex

I Want To Please You

fantasy phone sexSee my little cotton black panties? You want to sniff them? Smell my sweet Asian cunt? You want to pull them off with your teeth and unwrap my wet bald tight pussy? Don’t be shy baby, I know you do. You have heard all the tales of Asian girls. The tightness, the sweet asses and their unbelievable desire to please you. So come play with me let me show you exactly how those rumors are true. Make me your little Asian whore. A slut to your every desire. A never say no girl. Watch as my ass gapes for you. That heart shaped ass in your face as my tight asshole gapes in anticipation of your big thick cock. You can’t resist my petite little body. You must have it. Ram your cock deep inside my ass and hold my tiny hips in your hand. Fill me with your warm cum. Stick your cock in my mouth and let me clean you, make you hard again so that you can turn me over and pound my tight little bald pussy. I am here for your gratification baby, so come on and use my body. I will be here waiting for you.

Hot Ass Sex in Da Club

hot ass sexI put the ass in hot ass sex. Guys always notice my ample ass. They notice my boobs first then their eyes go right to my rump shaker. I have two things going for me. My tits and my ass. I was propositioned at the club last night and it was not my usual proposition either. Most guys want a hand job or a head in the VIP room. He wanted to eat my ass. He did not even want to fuck me either. Unlike most men, he realized he was too small to please a goddess like me. He wanted to lick my ass and worship my feet too. He was willing to pay for the honor. He got the VIP room. First thing he did was show me his worthless clitty. He had it caged like a good boy. He did not need me to tell him he was worthless. Someone beat me to that.  I let him lick my swampy ass.  I always sweat when I am dancing under those hot lights. I am a clean girl but like anyone I sweat in places like under my boobs and in my ass crack. This pathetic loser loved it though. I never seen a man go so crazy for my boob sweat before. He would have drank my dirty bath water. He gave me a tongue bath. Been awhile since I had a man clean me up like that. He even licked the cum out of my cunt. I had fucked an hour before I took the stage, so I still had some black cock spunk inside me even after a shower. This little loser paid a few grand not to cum. He just wanted to worship my dirty holes. Hey, you want to worship my holes and pay for the privilege, I will not stop you.


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