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Black Cock Phone Sex Cuckolding

black cock phone sexBlack cock phone sex never gets old for me. I will be 80 and still taking big black cocks in all my fuck holes. With the colder weather, it is hard to just walk around the neighborhood or go to Millennium Park and pick up black men. There are many interracial dating sex sites, however. I am on a few, and my husband is on several cuckold sites that advertise for black bulls to satisfy their white wives. Last night, my husband had a hit from a Black Bull named Sammy. He lives on the South Side and owns a cigar shop. The funny thing is we have been to his store. My husband loves a good cigar on sporting days. We recognized him when he arrived. He recognized me from a football game last year. We stopped in, had drinks and stogies before the Bears played. He said he never forgets a fine ass white woman. That made me feel good. I like it when a hot black stud remembers me with my clothes on. I know I am unforgettable once we fuck. Sammy enjoyed mocking my husband. My husband is a good cuckolding phone sex partner. He fluffed Sammy’s monster cock like a pro. I have helped him become the black cock faggot that he is today. He can chug cock almost as well as me now. Sammy skull fucked my hubby, shaming his little shrimp dick the entire time. His little clitty was super hard. While Sammy’s hard bull cock was penetrating my married pussy, my husband’s face was right next to his big black balls. My bull lover pushed my husband’s face between my legs for a creamy treat as soon as he nutted. I could feel my nutter boy licking fast to clean up the mess in my pussy. Sammy brought some fine Cuban cigars too, so after a hot cuckold session from my husband and hot ass sex with me, we all puffed on some premium stogies bigger than my husband’s loser dick.

Cum Shots On Tits Among an Orgy

cum shots on titsYou have a wife? I don’t fucking care! Otherwise I wouldn’t have asked for cum shots on tits. Your load all over these bouncy big tits were the highlight of the bath house orgy. That big dick attracted several of my girls that night. A beautiful cock and its load is currency to whores like me. Slutty cock whores who only think in loads and holes being fucked. When this cock slut saw the opportunity to get you alone amid the other hot whores, I took it! I saw the way you looked at my tits and my dick sucking lips. I was the one to make you blow your first load. I never turn down a hot creamy man shot! I was right to pick you, because you produced some ecstasy and told me to find three of my home girls!hot phonesex

I gulped it down with the rest of your load and you followed me to my girls. They were each in training to be my second in command, and they would do anything for me. Including spending the rest of the night being your personal harem. No matter how much the water poured down on us, we only sought to serve that dick that just wouldn’t get soft. You must have had weeks of cum saved for this occasion. Your sluts were at your command and we were beautiful in our whoreness. Our only payment was that you fucked our brains out mercilessly! Your wife is a stupid bitch not to take care of your cock, but you can always count on hot phonesex to receive that pent up jizz load! gang bang phone sex

Small Dick Cuckolding Lover

cuckolding phone sexYour dick can not ever compare to compare to my other lovers. You think that I want anything to do with that Vienna sized thing between your legs. You should be locked in chastity and never be able to cum again! My Ex boyfriend knew that his dick would never be good enough for me. I made him love the taste of cum from my pussy after I had cheated on him. At first I was afraid to tell him I had been fucking his assistant at the law firm. I mean I am one hot lady, that big dick was too much for me to deny. His whole office knew we had been fucking before I told on myself. He was so mad and hurt, but he knew it was because he could never penetrate my pussy well enough to make me cum. His mouth was always so good though. They called him Mr. Pussy for a reason in college. He could eat pussy better than a Dyke, but fucking was not his strong suite. It’s a shame to a man like him just didn’t have the length or girth to pleasure with his dick. The night I told him, he asked f we had fucked that day. I said yes and he begged to clean and worship my pussy. I let him and we had many months of fun that way until I just decided to run away with his assistant. That was a few years ago and now I am looking for more men to cuckold and humiliate!

Modeling my hot squirting pussy

hot squirting pussy

I modeled for an adult art class this week. The ad said they were paying a good chunk of cash for an attractive, young woman to pose nude for a few hours a day. I’m a sexy slut with a hot squirting pussy. This may not be porn but it is a way to get my name and body more well known. The teacher was hot as fuck and I needed the extra cash anyway so I signed up. The class was boring at first so I decided to make it exciting. I wanted to get that sexy teacher’s attention so I teased his cock the entire time that I was sitting up on that stage, posing for the class. I would pose in the most naughty positions just to tease him. I knew that he would come up on stage to reposition me. I would make him force my legs farther open and make me arch my back. He said that the class needed to see every curve on me. The whole time I could see his rock hard cock, bulging in his pants. Today was the last day of the class. He asked me to stay after to help him clean up. I knew that I was finally going to get to ride that hard dick! As soon as the last student left the classroom, he snatched my skirt up and forced his cock into my soaked cunnie! I let him back me up and fuck me up against the wall! I spent the entire week getting paid to tease a hard dick and finally got fucked as a hot treat at the end of the week!  Art class is my new favorite thing to do!

Forced Bisexuality phone sex

Forced Bisexuality Phone Sex


So, she wanted to fuck my man? She thinks she can fuck him and get away with it? I read his text; I knew where they were going to be meeting at. I know just what he likes too. He was going to want to use her, tie her up and fuck her silly. That’s his favorite thing to do. To make a bitch feel helpless and used while he fucks the shit out of her pussy. When I walked in, I seen she was blindfolded and tied to the bed. I gave him one look and he knew not to mess with me. I started stripping down and made sure to rub my bald pussy a little bit to get it nice and wet. I stood over here and lowered my pussy to her mouth. I just started rubbing my pussy all over her face and mouth. It didn’t take her long to realize it was a pussy and not his cock. But she couldn’t go nowhere. She could only struggle, only fight and try to say she didn’t want to, but all you could hear was muffled sounds through my pussy smothering her. I grabbed her head and pushed her face further into my pussy as I was grinding it on her face. I looked over and my boyfriend was stroking his cock. I knew he would like some shit like this. I rode her face faster and faster. I was going to cum all over her face and there wasn’t going to be a thing she could do about it except drink up all my juices. And that’s just what I did. I came all over her face and mouth. Once I was satisfied, I got off and sat to the side. Giving my man the all clear to fuck his bitch while I watched.

Trapped Fuck Bandit

If this didn’t happen, even I would never believe it!

I was playing in my new sex room the other day and I had a girl friend over.

We were having a little too much fun with one of the toys I boPhone sexught (but fyi…it works really well).

I was fucking her cunt really hard and she was twitching and twisting so much that her pussy actually pushed the toy so hard that she projected it across the floor!

That is one powerful cunt!

So we both had crawled under the sex machine platform to try to get it out when suddenly it collapsed on us and we were stuck!

We screamed for help for what seemed like hours and then we heard someone come in.

Thank god!

But as it turns out, who ever it was, had no intention of helping us!

I felt his hands latch onto my shorts and pull them off.

Roleplay phone sexMy ass was just sticking up in the air completely exposed and fuckable!

I felt his strong fingers slide inside my wet cunt!

Not that I minded…I was already excited from earlier…but I had no idea who this was or what he had in mind!!

His intentions became very clear when I felt his thick hard head splitting my ass apart!

He rubbed that fat head against the outside of my soaked pussy lips, teasing me and himself, before forcing his meat deep in my cunt!

The heavy platform restricted my movement! I had no choice but to take every inch of his cock!

He fucked me until he squirted his load all over my pretty lacy panties!

He must have nutted really hard cus he laid there with his cock stuffed in my cunt for a solid minute before zipping up, sliding my cell under the bed and taking off!

So, to the trapped fuck bandit…my number is 800 219-3930 ext 828…

You were fucking amazing and I can’t stop thinking about that hard cock!

Incest Phone Sex with My Niece

incest phone sexIncest phone sex is what I was born to do. My mother taught me about family fun when I was a young girl. She was fucking my brother when he was a teen boy under my dad’s nose. It was under my nose too until I heard them one night. My mother groomed me to be the P mom I am today. She is so proud of me. These are different times now. I married a man who knew I was a nasty freak in the sheets. He has no problem with me molesting our sons. In fact, he brought me his niece this week because he thinks she is old enough to be brought into the family fun. She is a cute young thing. His sister is a train wreck. I know I am a party mom, but she is just strung out. She is hooked on pills. She had a car accident last year and got hooked on those pain pills quickly. She is in rehab now. Court ordered for 3 months. If she completes the program, successfully, she will do no jail time and not lose custody of her daughter. She is a widow, so we are her only family. The court awarded guardianship of the girl to us, so she is with us for a while. I broke her in on day one. I had her help me suck my sons’ cocks. I made her a kissing cousin. A fucking cousin too. Her mom is not a fun druggy whore like me. My freak flag flies when I am high. Just like mother. I guided my oldest son’s throbbing teen cock into his cousin’s virgin young bald pussy. He came inside her, and his baby brother took the sloppy seconds. I never had a daughter, but if I did, I would have her fucking her brothers for my entertainment daily.

Daddy’s poker game

daddys girl phone sex

Daddys girl phone sex rocks! Daddy was having his usual weekly poker game with a bunch of guys from his old army unit and he told me to dress up in a sexy red, white and blue teddy and keep the snacks and drinks coming. Pretty soon the focus was all on me and not on the hands of poker. It was decided while I was refilling drinks that I should do my civic duty and serve them all. When I walked back in there were 5 sets of hands all over my tits, ass, pussy and some fingers in my mouth! My teddy was ripped away and thrown to the side while I was thrown onto the poker table. For the next couple of hours I was pounded hard in my pussy, fucked fast in my ass and made the rockets explode in my mouth. It was a very patriotic night! I was nothing but a puddle of used tissue and cum by the end. After Daddy showed everyone he told me that I had done a great job and then pulled his cock out so he could cum all over me one last time before bed. He got me a towel and a blanket and told me that all the mess better be cleaned up by morning. I can’t wait to “serve” again!!!

Hardcore ass Fucking Accomplice Version

hardcore ass fuckingHardcore ass fucking when your an accomplice can get a crazy and cum filled. I love my ass fucked as much as the next whore. But what I love even more is fucking teen ass. So, if by chance I get a sweet little lady who needs a good rip, and you want to fuck both of us.. This Crazy bitch is so down. I know that you will do anything for me. Including by me that donkey dick strap that I can fuck up a tight ass, Including yours. Oh don’t act like you don’t know.

I need to fuck your bottom Cunt Just as much as you need to fuck my tight little Hispanic ass. You will be a slobbering mess, saying yes mistress and please I can’t take anymore. Remember this my faggot want a be, you are my accomplice in thirteen fuck session. You can have her holes but i get yours as well. Don’t be a sniveling bitch take it like a man. It’s that Pelvic thrust of a woman you can’t do without. Come on, I just want to bottom you out a little bit! And it’s that little whore under you that makes me pump faster. If this whore didn’t love dick in my own ass so much, I would spend my time fucking girls and sissy fags, but you just need a big fat mother fucking bull dick in your pussy and ass sometimes.

Cum and Jack it with my hot phonesex, and bring that dildo for you ass! 

Make sure you suck it clean after you clean up you cum!

Cum slut for BBC

black cock phone sexCan we talk about how much I love big black cock? BBC is what makes my cunt a sloppy, wet mess. White guys are okay, Asian fellahs are super attentive, Native gents are so good at oral, and Latinx men are excellent lovers, but there is just something about that dark chocolate prick slamming in and out of my fuck holes that really gets my cunny nice and creamy. I love those massive hands wrapping around my waist, and lifting me up off of the bed, then down onto his thick as fuck cock. What can I say? Black guys get me off, and really just fuck better than anyone else. I even take those big black cocks in my tiny little asshole. That’s right! I let them stretch me open, and have their way with me. If he wants me to choke while he throat fucks me, pull out and slam his sloppy cock into my hot ass, cum deep inside of my young naughty spot, and then make me suck his cock nice and clean then that is exactly what I am going to do. I think you underestimate my absolute love and favoritism for sexy ass, hung black dudes and their huge horse cocks!

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