Black Slave Roleplay

I had a sexy role play call with Master Sam. He asked me about my bloodline. He was a bit disappointed I wasn’t a “full negro” as he called it but it gave him an idea. Master Sam said the days of slavery were much simpler days. He could just do as he pleased with his house niggers and no one would think twice about it. Of course some of those masters liked to play with their slaves. He told me that’s where “my kind” came from… mixed babies. Mr Sam said just cuz the slaves had a little white in them didn’t make free them from slavery. They just got treated to the nicer duties. He said if I was his little nigger whore my soul purpose in life would be to worship his cock. To cast my heathen gods aside and let his body be my new religion. I would promise to wear his mark (collar) and fall on my knees for him when he entered the room so he could promptly fuck face. After a while it would just become the way things were and I would want it and enjoy it so much. As Master Sam shared this fantasy with me my pussy got so dripping wet and I begged to serve his cock. Please Master, please use me, please let me have your glorious big load and wash away my sins!

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