I woke up dazed and all I knew was Adult phone chat

Adult phone chatMy adult phone chat lips wrapped around his shaft felt like they belonged there. My head was spinning, my tongue was too. I didn’t know where I was, didn’t care, but the cock in my mouth was very important. There’s a divine grace that takes you over when you single-mindedly attack a goal. When you throw every other burden to the side and embrace what you’re meant to do in that moment, you can do amazing things. At this moment, lost in time and stuck with my throat deeply impaled on an iron shaft, I had a singular purpose that shined through my entire being. Deepthroat this man, whoever he is, and drink his cum until he’s dry and my thirst is quenched. Like a succubus waking up in the middle of the night with her latest victim trying to push her away while he eagerly pulls her in, I found myself acting on instinct alone and slurping up his glory. An iron rod for cock worshiping phone sex is all a girl like me needs. I was raised to worship what’s in front of me, to not take what I have for granted, and I can’t help but feel blessed as I drink up his precum and get myself ready to take in all he has to give. To call it a religious experience might be a special sort of blasphemy, but that’s what it felt like. Hard, long, soft on my tongue but probing to my throat. My cheeks gave a massage while I slurped down everything I could. I gave my best, and I was rewarded for my devotion with a massive glob that painted my throat and coated my tongue mid-buck and thrust. Random dick, now with the biggest cum shot and a grand satisfaction guaranteed.

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